Geeks' Night Out - 25 BCH
Geeks' Night Out
Summary: The post-manuever party turns into science geek heaven.
Date: 25 BCH (19 October 2008)
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Taproom Support Station PAS - Deck 1
26 BCH 2085 Souls

This large, open area was once a secondary observation platform. It has been taken over by quasi official forces and made into a drinking establishment known as the Taproom. A bar running along the inner wall is stocked with bottles and a solar cell has been taken apart, giving the back of the wall a high mirror finish, reflecting the bottles and the rest of the room. The outer wall is transparent, and unless a Condition status requires the lowering of the shielding, the glow of the stars and TER-745 is visible through the windows. Several tables and chairs are about the area and hidden speakers play music from some player hidden away.

Reed is sitting at a table by the observation window. Backlit by TER-745, he is reading a book quietly as the Taproom seems prepared for customers. A drink sits at the table by his side.

Medical left to their own devices, Zaharis comes wandering down to the taproom to see what this place is about. The interior of the establishment gets a brief check-out all around as he walks in, briefly appraising. Hmm.

Reed turns the page on his book, continuing to read as the bartender looks alert for customers. The planet turns slowly through the window.

Zaharis glances at Reed, then around again. Mmmhmm. Well, there's a bar and so that's where he heads, natural progression of steps. Resting his hands down on the counter and a bit of weight on his arms, he skims the rows of bottles behind the bar and seems to select one at random, placing an order off the top of his head.

Reed glances up as the bartender fills the order, sliding a small menu plaque in front of Zaharis. Simple foodstuffs to be eaten while drinking, popcorn, potato skins and the like.

Zaharis glances over the menu without much interest, waving it off. He waits for his drink instead, looking over his shoulder again at the bar. As he turns back around he folds his arms on the counter, asking the tender in a slightly exaggerated whisper, "Is it always so quiet?"

The bartender shakes his head, "Just opened. We're all prepped and ready, so naturally, no one shows up at once. We're ready though. We're fully stocked and set up for pilots.

Taylor comes in from Passageway.
Taylor has arrived.

Reed sits at a table near the observation windows, backlit by the planet as he reads a book in front of him, drink on the table by his side.

Zaharis half-smiles. "They'll come. I've never seen a bar go long without the pilots discovering where it is." Whether that's good or bad, hard to tell from his tone. He makes a slight gesture towards Reed with with his head. "The CO?"

Zaharis is at the bar, having just ordered, having a brief chat with the tender.

The bartender nods, "Yeah, the CO wanted to be here when we opened. Guess he wanted to see if we were going to work out."

"Good to know. What's his name?" Zaharis reaches over to set a hand on his glass once it's slid into range.

The Chief walks in wearing his off-duty duds.. plus a wild Hawaiian shirt with bananas and palm trees swirled in waves. Its rediculous and out of regs, but then this isn't a military platform, now is it?? He walks with all the confidence of a man who could receive nothing but admiring looks for his bravery. Yep, Taylor walks right up to the bar and sets his military ID down on the counter. "Barkeep, sir?" he asks in his own quiet way. He'll wait for the man's attention before finishing the rest: "From what I've been told, you are serving intoxication. I'd like a glass of Tauran Rum." No soda. No ice. Just the rum.

The bartender straightens, "Captain Reed Carter. Used to be a scientist before he got put in the CO spot." The barkeep looks to Taylor and moves down, looking at the ID. "Yes, indeed." He tells Taylor, "And orders are first one's free for you, Chief." He says once he looks at the name. The Barkeep turns and, pulling a bottle of high quality Tauran Rum from the shelf, gets a glass and pours. Niiice.

"Hey, Chief." Zaharis picks up his glass of amber whiskey with its cubes clinking. He looks over past Taylor towards the observation area, raising his voice to a well-practised level that carries. "Captain Reed Carter. Paging a Captain Reed Carter to the bar, please."

Reed looks up from the book he's reading to the bar, before sliding an octagional piece of card in the page he has and closing the book, rising from his chair and taking his drink, to walk toward the bar with some curiosity.

Rue wanders in, dressed in off duty garb. The bar is her aim, though she takes her time moving in that direction, eyeing those present.

The Chief nods to Zah. "Captain." He lifts the drink to the man in a sketchy cheers and sips at it. Ahhhhhhbliss. He sits back against the bar and watches the man 'page' someone who is apparently the CO of the station. Well, he's not about to go doing that. But Rue saves the day. "CAG! They have Tauran Rum!!" he grins holding up his glass.

"Captain." Zaharis turns around, leaning back against the bar as Reed approaches and sliding his free hand into his pocket. "Didn't mean to pull you out of a good book, just wanted to meet the host. Can't open a bar without a toast made to the man paying the first round."

"Reckon that's what I'll be having then," Rue says, smiling at the Chief. "Sirs, I trust you're all having a good evening." That's more in general to everyone now at the bar as she settles into a spot next to Taylor. The bartender gets a friendly grin. "I'll have what the Chief is having."

Reed comes to a stop by the bar, smiling and inclining his head, setting his book on the bar, "Not at all, Captain, thank you. It's good to have the Taproom open successfully." He looks to Taylor, then Rue, "Welcome." He says as Rues drink is poured for her, and he lifts his glass taking a sip from it, ice cubes tinking away as he swallows.

"Good decision, Captain….Rue." Gotta make it more specific when there's three of them hanging around. Even if it is an afterthought. He looks to the pilot with a grin. "So how goes your knew batch of flybabies? I hear you've got some near-rooks coming aboard. Barely out the Ensign formula." Taylor's smirk is classicly him. He knows what she's going through and has been through before with new JG's. Just can't help it. But he settles on Reed and nods appreciatively to the man. "This is great, sir. Thank you! For opening it to us and also for the free drinks. To Captain Reed," he allows, lifting to glass slightly in the air. Hey, first toast of the bar.. might as well be to the station's CO.

"Damn lot of Captains in here." Zaharis comments right along with that, as he then lifts his glass to Rue as well. "Captain." A nod back to Reed as he sips his whiskey along with Taylor's toast. "Well done. This is a good whiskey…" A light sniff of the contents. "Sagittaron, ten year? No, thirteen. Excellent." His attention goes back to Rue. "The CAG. Heard your name, but I don't think I've ever met you up close."

"They're doing alright. Had two of my Lt jigs doing the Search and Rescue raptor flying during today's drill, they held their own," the blonde CAG says, nodding Reed's way before glancing to Zaharis. She smiles and offers, "Savannah Rue, pleased to meet you," along with her hand. "The new CMO, right?"

Reed smiles at the toast, looking slightly bashful at the attention, lowering his face a little, still smiling and scratching his forehead with an index finger, "Well, thank you, please." He looks to the bartender, "Sampler?" He nods as the Bartender sends to the back for one of the sampler platters to be put at the bar between those there. It carries a selection of foods, chicken wings, cheese sticks, fries, some grapes as well. A collection of the menu items available. Reed nods his thanks to the bartender before looking back to the introductions.

Rue adds, since it's toasting time, "To Captain Reed," and raises her newly deposited drink.

The Chief taps his glass to those present, like it or not. Then he takes another, larger sip. Man loves his rum. "Oh yeah?" Taylor asks to Rue. "Well at least they've got a chance to get in on some marginally realistic space problems." He grins. "So how goes everything else? I know your life ain't your pilots ALL the time." The Chief shadows her a wink and looks back to Reed. "Oh, think nothing to it, sir. You offer liquid rewards for a job well-done and I get to wear my snazzy shirt here. That's deserving in itself of a toast. Thanks for the snacks, too!! So did the barkeep here say you used to be a scientist? How'd you take a rank, then?"

Zaharis accepts that handshake from Rue. "Relatively. Transferred from the Odyssey about six months ago…or five. Six. It blurs." He ponders that for all of half a second. "Jesse Zaharis. Looked like a good batch of pilots up there. My criteria being they came back still breathing, of course." The snacks get a glance but the CMO doesn't reach for them. He glances back at reed at taylor's questions.

Reed looks to Taylor, smiling and looking at his shirt with a nod. "That's an impressive shirt, Chief. I think we have some lichens on the planet that grow those colors." He takes a breath, "Well, I came into the military science corps fairly early, and have been undergoing my training and schooling while on the inside, as it were. Once I was transferred here, they put the finger on me to take over command of the PAS once Major Tammeran retired. I suppose they thought I would make a good commanding officer for the PAS."

Smirking Zaharis' way, Rue shakes Zaharis' hand firmly. "Sorry. Outside of regular check ups I don't get in to Medical often." She smiles, too, for some distraction. "It was good practice," she admits to the Chief, before downing some of her rum. "Mmmm. Same old, same old. My life may not be my pilots all the time, but it's awfully close. There's a lot of younglings in the group."

"Get out! Really?" The Chief looks genuinely intrerested. "The same color? Hell I can't even find these colors naturally on planets with atmo." It never occurs to him that maybe theres a reason for that. Like that nature abhors a vacuum and the colors on his shirt suck the color out of anything else and it therefore must be eliminated. Or something. "Impressive record, though. So you came up as a sceintist. What do you specialize in? Or general terraforming expert?" His brow rises with the question before he pokes Rue in the arm. "Ah, c'mon Captain. You can share. I can't bust Fender's chops for the local skinny all the time. Eventually I need a new source of gossip."

Zaharis smiles a bit at Rue. "The less we see of people in Medical, the happier everyone generally is. I'll gladly settle for the bar." Cubes clink in his glass as he lightens the weight of his drink by a bit. Setting a foot behind him on the rail running across the bottom of the bar, he sets an elbow behind on the countertop and rests back on both. The mention of everyone being young makes him mock-wince, and he looks back at Reed. "Impressive. How are you liking it? Worth the paygrade?"

Reed smirks to Taylor, nodding at his observation about the lack of color in most sane things in comparison to his shirt. He lifts a shoulder, "I specialized in planetary ecosystems analysis. Useful on planetary missions, and one of those things that made this terraforming project such a good fit." He looks to Zaharis, "And so far, not so much. Coming into command of a station still under construction, even if it is the last phase of construction makes me more of a foreman than a scientist these days. Hopefully the problems will be worth it, and this whole secret project we're all involved to develop terraforming technologies will help all the colonies. Reverse pollution environmental damage, increase the quality of life for all humanity, really."

"You know I'm not one to help spread gossip," Rue says, nudging the Chief back. "Although I hear tell Fender's got a new fella. You should ask her about that." She listens to Reed's words then and nods, raising her drink, "To the Colonies and this project. May both be fruitful for a long time to come."

Taylor sips at his drink once more. Damn that's amazing rum. He looks to the glass for a moment, locking the goodness off his lips. He looks back to Reed with the man's reply and he dips his head in confirmation. "Sounds pretty valuable for the project, but that makes sense about being more of a foreman at this stage. What percentage of completion are you at? I've been on the Gene for just past two years now so you can imagine my curiosity. Hell, this mission today was my first trip off the girl in eight months." The man knows how to keep busy, that's for sure. But at the CAG's nudge, the man's eyes go wide. "Get out! She got herself a guy?! Who?? Are they actually dating or is this just something juicy I can give her hell about?" Well she's going to catch it anyway. But yes, the secret is safe.

"Stick some of that optimism into your liquor, would you?" Zaharis replies to Reed, with a goodnatured sweep of his long index finger towards the bottles. "Lift everyone's spirits, you know." Not pausing for the imaginary rimshot, he says, "Yes, how far out are they from completion? I admit I know…just about jack about the whole thing, but it's not my area."

Reed lifts his glass to Rue, "Now that is a toast I can get behind." He says, taking a drink from his glass, then looks to Taylor. "Oh, we're into the low nineties as far as construction completion goes. All critical and secondary systems are up and running. Stocks and supplies are logged and in place. We've still got some parts that will need direct help from the Genesis. Some of the last parts to be added are the defensive systems and we're still fine tuning our ECM suite." He looks to the CAG and Deck Chief, "We've gotten some of the new, advanced, hardened electronic countermeasures that if I were a different kind of scientist I could explain far better, but those things take a lot of initial adjustment to get settled. We also have large metal covers over all the station hardpoints that are labeled 'Install defensive cannons here' That need to be filled out, but that is going to fall more into the Commanders lap than mine. The station was designed only for self defense as far as weaponry goes. pretty laughable when there's a battlestar floating nearby."

"It's the scuttlebutt. But I don't know who… no one seems to know," Rue claims, downing a goodly portion of her rum whilst shifting her gaze between Zaharis and Reed. That last bit has Savannah grinning, though. "Install defensive cannons here. You aren't kidding about that, are you. I don't imagine it'll be a bad thing when they're installed. Even with a Battlestar close by, if there ever were a security issue, it'd be good to have multiple options."

"No kidding." He lifts to the toast as well and takes another sip. Nursing the free drink, he is not. But Reed's comments get a very throughtful reaction from the man. He peers past the man to the stars outside the windows and then back to him. "I'm not sure how I feel about pulling weapons systems off the Gene, to be honest. Would you be ammenable to some of my Deck Hands coming over here and checking out your set-up? We're not Engineers or Weps, but I have some of my own curiosities." His free hand gets shoved into his pants pocket. "Fascinating about the station, though. How about the terraforming project?" To the CAG, his attention shifts and the mans expression softens a bit from its playfulness. "I'll poke her about it. See what I can come up with and I'll report back. Maybe I'll see what I can find out about you and your singularity while I'm at it. Word is she knows some good stuff on just about anyone.." He leers towards the Captain with a friendly and firmiliar grin that dares her to spill beans.

Karras comes in from Passageway.
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"Even if they're never used, I'd think they'll make the PAS feel more secure," Zaharis ventures. "Sort of like them giving the JAGs firearms. Not like anyone's about to hit the broad side of a barn, but hey. More pew pew." He takes another sip of his whiskey. A slight shake of his head to Rue when mentions nobody knowing. Don't look at him.

Zaharis is standing with Rue, Taylor, and Reed at the bar, drinking away and snacking down on a platter of cheese and whatnot that the bartender pushed over.

Reed nods to Rue, then looks to Taylor, lifting a hand, "Oh, don't get me wrong, we're not going to pull weapons off Genesis, that's the last thing we'd do. We have orders in for the final constructions phases still coming in. If you'd like to have some of your people come over to have a look at some of the systems, I'd suggest going through your Department head to have a team sent. I wouldn't be opposed. The Station has hangar facilities. We can take and launch Vipers and Raptors, though nothing like the launch facilities of a Battlestar, but.." He nods to Rue once more. "Options are always good." He then looks to Zaharis, "You might be interested in our Medical facilities, they're new, and are designed larger with more priority given to them than a Battlestar. The thinking is that with the terraforming work we do there's the possibility of exotic infection of larger numbers of people. In that regard, we're closer to a hospital than most military installations, given a forseen need to research unusual reactions to unknown environments."

Rue is midsip of her Tauran Rum when Taylor talks to her and sputters a little, cocking an eyebrow at him, "Singularity? Since when do I have a sin— Okay fine. I guess it's time I come clean. I'm asexual. Like an amoeba. You can put it on the record, spread it as much as you want in the rumor mill." Sip.

Zaharis is about to reply to Reed when he pauses, eyeing Rue carefully. "Speaking of exotic infections." He sets his drink down, absently searching his side pockets until he finds his pack of cigarettes. "I'd like that, Captain. Now that the transition over on the Gen is done we'll be putting some extra time into synching up the medical effort with the PAS. Whatever you can bring up, we'll be there to contain. And prod at, and scan, and get all giddy over."

The Chief ventures a glance to Zah. "Well sir, it's not about what makes people /feel/ safer. Its a matter of what is actually safer. What people emotionally want isn't always what they need." For the half consumed drink in his hands, surprisingly a sober observation. With Reeds words though, there is surprise to his expression. "No kidding? I didn't realize you actually had hanger facilities here." How that escaped his knowledge, someone will hear about. "I'll contact the department head sometime in the next few days. I'd like to get a team over there to practice putting Vipers through staging. We've got a good set-up on the Gene but I want my boys and girls to work someplace foreign." That'll be fun…right. Rue's little bit of information gets a chuckle from him. "Uh huh. Sure. We'll see, Captain. I won't go spreading lies like that, though. I like my facts."

Reed looks to Rue, and nods before saying, "Well, Captain, if you're ever interested in reproducing, I'm sure we can set up an approperate area in one of the science labs. Nutrient baths, proper radiation bombardment, everything you'd need to undergo mitosis, and split into two more copies of you, though I don't know if that means we'd have two LT JGs instead of one Captain. I'd have to consult the books regarding that." Delivered deadpan as he then takes another sip of his drink.

From behind Rue comes a shocked gasp, melodramatic and despairing, as Karras sidles up behind the CAG and slips an arm around her shoulders. "Why, Captain, I can't believe I just heard you say that," she says with mock injury. "Are you telling me that night we spent together on Leonis meant nothing to you? I always knew you were heartless." Flicking a glance to the others, she smirks and flags down the bartender.

Zaharis shrugs idly at Taylor. "If I were better at what people want versus need, I'd have gone into psychiatry. Or at least logistics." He removes a cigarette from the pack, tossing them onto the bar counter. As Karras enters the picture he glances at the pilot without any recognition, though that's hardly surprising, and then smirks at Reed's response to Rue.

The Chief chuckles to Zah, and nods. "Ah. Touche, sir. Probably a good suggestion." He lifts his glass to the man and looks to Karras as she approaches. "Evenin', Lieutenant," he greets, then nearly snorts at the mention of the two piltos sharing a night. Wow. Hot. "Lords, ladies.. You're going to give this man a heart attack. ..I think I might need another drink after this." He shakes his head.

Reed looks from Karras to Rue, then back, then Taylor and nods, "I agree. Time for a new drink." He turns to the bar, placing his depleted drink on the bar for a refill as he looks to the group once more.

"Lies? But I'm chock full of things like truthiness and victoritude," Rue fires back at Taylor, before grinning Reed's way. "Thank you for your understanding and willingness to indulge my exotic nature." The gasp behind her, accompanied by an arm about her shoulders has her laughing. "I'm sorry? I mean. It meant a lot to me. And stuff. Really. Have some Tauran Rum, Moonshine, it'll make you feel better."

Zaharis shields the end of his cigarette from stray winds as he lights it, match tossed into the closest thing that resembles an ashtray. "Moonshine?" The CMO looks amused at the callsign, giving a slight grin. He lifts his chin towards Rue. "And what's yours?"

With her drink now in hand, Karras turns to glance to Taylor, arching a brow at his remark. "Chief, with all due respect, if anything's going to give you a heart attack, it's going to be that shirt." She raises her glass, tipping it towards him slightly, then takes a gulp. "You know, Captain, I think I will. It's about time I drowned my memories of you in rum."

Taylor scoffs at Rue. "Aw, c'mon! I won't doubt your Sierra Hotel status which seems to go with.. vict- vicker- victoritude? Hell Cap, is that even a word?!" The man laughs and sips his rum down to nearly the bottom. "But like Karras says, you're breakin' hearts. Its not fair to all the menfolk in the Officer Corps." He gives her a big smirk and looks to Moonshine. "Hell no, sir! I'm wearin' it. I don't have to look at it!" His laugh is deep and hearty. "But thanks for helpin' on the Op today, El-Tee. Earned your free booze. Next time I'll ride with you, though. Lieutenant Reeves is a little too in love with my airframes. It makes me jealous."

Reed straightens from the bar with his fresh drink, smirking at Karras, "It's an amazing garment isn't it?" He says, looking at Taylors shirt, but not too long, he needs to protect his corneas. He then just sips his drink, watching the interplay between the Deck Chief and pilots.

A grin crests Rue's face as she replies to Zaharis' question, "Wrongway." She shifts that same grin to Taylor and just shakes her head, "Breaking hearts? Well, all the menfolk -and- the womenfolk too, better get used to it. I love them and leave them. Just ask the jig there." Said with a chin pointing to Karras.

"Wrong way." Zaharis smirks, leaning back against the bar counter to tap ash off the burning cigarette. "And this came from…? Strange accident? Bad habit? Strange kink that shouldn't be discussed in public?"

"Glad to be of service, Chief." Again, Karras tips her glass, though less emphatically this time, and takes a more modest sip of her drink. "You're welcome to fly with me any time. I don't blame you. Lieutenant Reeves is a little too in love with everything." She snickers beneath her breath, then glances sidelong to Rue. "It's true. She didn't even stay for breakfast. I was shattered."

Reed looks to Zaharis, "I suppose it's not 'What happens on Leonis stays on Leonis' then. Well, it's good to get this information straight before it gets through the whole project rumor mill." He looks between Rue and Karras, interestedly sipping his drink.

Taylor looks to Reed and smirks, tilting his glass slightly towards the Captain before setting it lightly on the bar. "Don't hate on the shirt, sir. Its my victory shirt. Only to be worn when things go right." The man's hulking size might say that he probably isn't one to be around when things do go badly. But he snickers at Rue's comments and shakes his head. "Beautiful. CAG, you're my hero. Did I ever tell you that?" Karras gets a sympathetic look. "Poor dear. See, you just didn't try hard enough. Breakfast is a tall order from a woman like Rue. Not like Reeves who.. well.. I won't go there around a bunch of Officers. BUT! Yeah, I'll be going up with you next time. Or Troy. He seems like a good stick. And I like his ECO - she's good people."

"I don't like breakfast," Rue admits, "It wasn't you. Really. It was me. I hate eggs." Then she leans over a little to speak with Zaharis, "An ill-fated, but fortuitous first combat landing when I was a nugget." Pause. "I landed backwards."

Zaharis grins at Reed. "This bar will have the reputation it needs in no time." His dark eyes turn back to Rue as he listens, one eye squinting slightly as he appraises her. "Not as bad as I was imagining," he says, finally. Who knows what that might've been. "You got off light. Better than callsign of 'Ohshit', or…'Fired'."

Reighner comes in from Passageway.
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"Next time, I'll just leave a bottle of rum on the bedside table." She leans back against the bar, sipping at her drink as she listens to Rue tell the tale of her callsign. Zaharis' remark warrants a smirk, and she says, "That's because she didn't crash." Looking to Taylor, Karras adopts a more sober tone. "Don't know much about them, but they're alright."

Reed nods to Zaharis, "I imagine it will." He says before looking to Rue, "Backwards." He imagines that a moment. "Impressive, really. I can see how that would stick with you." He comments, idily sipping his drink once more.

The Chief kicks a thumb towards Rue as she confirms that she doesn't like breakfast. "See? I kinda told you so. She's just not that kind of person." But spotting those snacks on the bar while his drink is being poured, he snags a chicken finger. Mmmm. He takes a big bite and gives a very approving nod to Reed as to the quality of chewed chicken. The man Captain gets a thumbs up, too. He takes his time eating the rest but its obvious the man wants some more of that Tauran Rum.. I mean, it has a picture of a classic Colonial Fleet Navy Captain posing with a foot up on a treasure chest! How can you /not/ love it?! He looks back to Karras again, though. "Troy's a big health nut. His ECO is a quiet little lady but she's got a cruch on Raptors, which means she's already got two marks up in my book."

"I should have been a smear on Atlantia's Starboard landing pod," Rue states plainly. "Turns out the thruster control system on my viper was late for an overhaul. The gods were looking out for my sorry butt that day." Blinking a little as she finishes, she takes up her rum and polishes it off before setting the empty glass on the counter. "Speaking of rum, why don't you tell us your callsign's story, Moonshine." She smirks a little and looks over to Reed, nodding to the scientist. "I do things in my own way. Might not be some people's notion of right, but it usually works, all the same. Course, I ain't afraid to admit I'm wrong when I actually am. Which… happens a good portion of the time."

Hands in his pockets, Reighner approaches the bar. He looks tired, but then again, that's nothing new. "Could I get a beer, please," he asks the bartender, reaching for his cubits.

Zaharis blows a thin stream of smoke towards the ceiling, the last bit of breath making a single ring of grayish white in the air. He picks up the glass he'd left on the counter and finishes off the amber liquid, making a signal to the bartender to refill it.

"Ah, ah." Taking her time now as she finishes her first drink, Karras returns her attention to Rue, watching her over the edge of her glass. "I prefer to leave my callsign a mystery." She sets the empty glass down on the bar. "Besides, the stories the rest of the pilots come up with are a lot more interesting."

Reed looks to Reighner, then back to Rue, nodding, "I can respect that." He says before lifting a finger and moving around the group to where, Reighner is, "Lieutenant, how are things in the labs?" He asks in a friendly manner, somewhat relaxed.

The Chief takes the glass of rum and drinks about half of it in one go and stops abruptly. He sighs and shakes his head, setting the glass down on the counter. "That's open to you, Wrongway, if you want it." The not-finished glass of Rum, anyway. He mutters under his breath and produces a few cubits onto the bar. "Just remembered I have to fire off a letter home before the mail ship leaves tomorrow. Son of a…" The man's large head shakes and he sketches a loose salute to the group. "Sirs. Enjoy your evening." He heads towards the door, stripping off his shirt. Don't want to be caught wearing that on board the Gene.

A cubit bill on the counter, Reighner looks up at Reed. "A tech screwed up a day-long experiment, lost the entire package." He glances at the bartender as his beer is opened. "Damn thing cost over a thousand cubits." He trails off, aware that he's talking to his source of funding, and shrugs wryly.

"Take care, Chief," Zaharis ashes his cigarette again and picks up his second glass of whiskey. The new arrival to the bunch gets a glance over, yet another unfamiliar face, before he concentrates his efforts on the drink for a moment or two. His finger taps the glass as he looks around the bar, taking in the interior again.

Reed breathes out a sigh through his nose, listening to Reighner, and nods, looking to Taylor, "See you later, Chief." He says before turning back to Reighner, "Unfortunate, but not unexpected in the long term. You've doubtlessly handled the situation and filed the paperwork." He puts a finger on Reighners Cubit note and slides it back to him, looking at the bartender, and nodding as he puts the beer on his account. "Take some rest and start fresh in the morning. As long as it doesn't become chronic, it's not a major setback." He nods to the others in the bar, "Taproom's open to the Genesis crew now, so there's more people to meet." He says, apparently trusting the Lieutenant to handle things under his command.

"Oh now, don't play coy," Rue fires back at Karras, grinning the woman's way. She also nods to the Chief as he decides to head out, "Good night, Berk." Scratching the tip of her nose, she says, "I shouldn't be too much longer anyhow. I have a briefing to give tomorrow."

Reighner slips the bill back into his pocket. He takes the beer and glances at the pair of pilots before lowering his voice and asking Reed conspiratorilly, "How much do they know?"

Zaharis wrinkles his nose subtly at the mention of briefings. He finishes that second whiskey and stubs out the cigarette, brushing off his hands. "Captain Reed. Let me know when you've got some time tomorrow to show off your medical facilities. I'll drop over."

Reed shakes his head slightly to Reighner, then looks to Zaharis, nodding, "Of course, Doctor, I'd be happy to show off our medical bay." He smiles, then looks to Rue, "Captain, before you go, I'd like a word in private. Something the Commander and I discussed during todays drills."

Karras falls silent for a short moment, just shaking her head at Rue's words without responding to them. When Reed speaks, however, she flicks a glance his way briefly, then looks to the CAG. "I should be heading back anyway." As she pushes away from the bar, she nudges Rue with an elbow. "See you at the briefing." Giving them leave to speak privately, Karras winds her way to the exit.

Reighner takes that precious first swig. He glances sidelong at Zaharis, pausing briefly as if assessing something, and tips his head. "Hello."

Zaharis forgot his cigarettes on the bar counter. He turns back to get them, at the same time hearing Reighner's greeting. Pack picked up he gives the other man a nod. "How's it going?"

"Absolutely," Rue tells Reed as she pushes up from the bar. "Is there some place you would prefer?"

Reed rises from the bar, leaving his drink there, and nods, to Rue, "There is, in fact, care to take a walk?"

"Getting better," Reighner replies, indicating his beer with a tip. "I don't think I've seen you on station."

Zaharis grins slightly. "Haven't been over too often. Captain Reed seems to be aiming to change that, though." His hand makes a gesture to the interior of the taproom. "Only scientists and teachers come into a bar and talk about funding. Which one are you?"

"I wouldn't mind a walk at all." Rue takes a step away from the bar and moves to the side, waiting for Reed to lead the way. "It's been a long day."

Reed nods to Rue, smiling a little as he walks out, "It has, indeed."

Reed leaves for Passageway [O].
Reed has left.

Reighner smiles slightly and extends a hand to Zaharis. "I barely manage with two children. Matt."

Rue leaves for Passageway [O].
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Zaharis smirks at Reighner's answer. "Jesse." He shakes the man's hand, firmly, and fishes another cigarette out. The pack's offered wordlessly, flipped open and left accessible. "So what kind of science do you do?"

Reighner wordlessly declines the offer by wrapping both hands around his beer. "Basic science. Biochem, but seems leaning more towards molecular bio lately." He seems to consider his answer after the fact. "And what do you do?"

Zaharis strikes a match, pausing with the cigarette between his lips. "I'm a doctor." A slightly dry smirk and he lights the end, shaking out the flame and tossing the match into an ashtray. The smoke's blown away from Reighner's face. "Internal medicine, by specialty. Chief medical officer on the Genesis. So a biochem guy…must be some interesting work for you up here."

Reighner glances at the cigarette when Zaharis mentions his profession. "It would be, if I could get any usable data. Two weeks, still nothing." He shrugs. "Such as it is."

The flash of sympathy in Zaharis' expression is the type that can't be feigned. "I know that feeling. What is it your…project's looking for?"

Reighner takes a small drink, using the time to think. He shakes his head. "I can't talk about it." He tilts his head toward the window and asks, ostensibly changing the subject, "How long has the Genesis been here?"

"About two years," Zaharis seems fine with changing the subject, settling his arms on the bar counter. "Something like that. Only been here about five months, myself. What about you?"

"Just the two weeks," Reighner answers. "Far as Reed is concerned, I may very well be incompetent." He chuckles at this likelihood and takes another drink.

Zaharis grins a little. "Science takes time. Reed's a scientist himself, he should know better. Trying to rush data's about as futile as trying to rush a woman getting ready in the bathroom." He takes a drag off the cigarette, smoke curling lazily away.

Reighner carefully replaces his beer on the bartop. "Do you still have an active lab?"

Zaharis nods. "Ours geared towards our own medical research, of course. We aren't heavily lab-oriented, but we've got what we need." He makes an idle motion around them. "Your first time out on a station?"

Reighner nods once. "My main lab is still on Scorpia. I won't give it up." He makes a put-upon noise. "Postdocs up to my ears, one of them should be able to run things for a while."

Zaharis grins. "The scientist's prayer, right? Please gods, don't let these postdocs frak everything up." He taps his cigarette against the ashtray. "So you're from Scorpia. So am I. We're kind of a rare breed up here with the PAS taking so many from the colonies that built her."

"A leader in my field," Reighner remarks wryly. "Or the one with the least number of contacts in the higher echelon. Are most of the Genesis crew from the region, then?"

Zaharis shakes his head. "We're more diverse. Lot of Picon in the officer ranks, but that's to be expected, fleet academy being there and everything. Been that way on most battlestars I've seen. Still, Scorpia doesn't seem represent too well, anywhere."

Reighner nods in agreement. "Easier to recruit from the backyard." He slides his beer a little. "You said you were an internist?"

Zaharis nods, after a drag on his cigarette. "Infectious disease specialist, once upon a time. These days it's closer to 'administrative medicine'." He smirks. "And you? You said molecular bio, any specialty in there?"

Reighner shakes his head. "My dissertation was on signalling pathways. It was for a biochemistry doctorate." He slides his beer to the original place. "And my medical specialization is hematology and oncology."

Reed comes in from Passageway.
Reed has arrived.

Zaharis ahhs, sitting up a bit more now that the conversation's sort of turned to shop. "Fascinating fields. What's your surname, Matt? Maybe I've read one of your papers."

"Reighner," he answers, responding with measurably increased enthusiasm. They're both sitting at the bar. "You might have. We worked out the pathomechanism of O'Keefe's anemia about three years ago."

Reed returns to the Taproom, looking about as he scratches the back of his head, moving towards the bar and for that book he left on the bar way back when.

"Frak, was that -you-?" Zaharis is in medical talk now, cigarette smouldering away forgotten. "I remember that! I was on Picon when that broke. Man, the collective groaning that went up at everyone getting beaten to the punch…it was priceless. Congratulations." He grins, attention flickering to Reed. A hand raises in a distracted welcome-back.

Reighner shakes his head, smiling. "We beat the Agarwal lab to press by three weeks." He puts up three fingers to make it clear that that was the number he was saying. "Three weeks. He was /right down the hall/, that brilliant bastard. Couldn't talk to me for months."

Reed moves to the bar, taking his book and looking to the conversation, smiling as it seems the Doctors have dived straight into shop talk and are getting along well. He leans against the bar, smiling pleasantly, not interrupting.

Zaharis' hand smacks the table, the sort of enthusiasm most men reserve for sports games. "Ah, that must've been great. Just frakking great. I need to go re-read that paper now. Ought to get your autograph or something." He laughs, stubbing out the cigarette and grinning at Reed. "Hey Captain. You've got a celebrity in your midst, here."

Reighner waves his hand, discouraging the attention. "It was luck, more than anything. Luck and caffeine-strung postdocs!" He laughs and takes another drink from his beer, more freely than before. Gesturing to the book, he asks, "What are you reading?"

Reed grins, "Advantage of being in a secret project. You get to work with the best people." He chuckles lightly and turns the book in his hands, "Life through the molecules, higher functions in bio organic chemistry. Gerard Foncetic. Came in on the last shipment. Had this on preorder since news came it was coming out." He shrugs.

Geek trifecta in place. Zaharis grins at Reighner. "A modest medical man. Don't let that get out, you'll ruin our street cred." Then he lifts his chin, squinting a little at the book in Reed's hands as he taps his fingers around for his cigarette pack. "Yeah? How is it? Heard his last work took a lot of flack."

"I've never heard of it," Reighner adds, glancing between the two men. He seems genuinely interested. "By higher functions, does that mean philosophy?"

Reed nods, "It's pretty good, actually. Foncetic is going to come into his own soon with some of the work we've been doing here. A lot of his work is sliding along our own, though we have the resources he only gets in those dreams he has to change his sheets afterwards." He looks to Reighner, "No, he means interactions with systemic organic systems."

Zaharis nods a bit to Reed. He tears another match from the small pack and strikes it, flame flaring up briefly as he lights up. Smoke curls in a thick twist around his his head and up towards the ceiling, match tossed into the ashtray. "Actually make any headway or is he just regurgitating in a particularly brilliant manner?"

Reighner furrows his eyebrows. "Foncetic," he repeats under his breath, committing it to memory.

Reed nods to Zaharis, "Making some headway, actually. I'm only halfway through it so far, but it seems pretty clear he's gotten somewhere with this." Looking to Reighner he says, "I've got all his published work in my quarters, if you're interested in giving it a try."

Zaharis takes a drag off the cigarette and nods. "Sounds like a good one. Trade you some Dandekar when you're done with this latest one, if you're interested in, uh…urban health. You might not be." He smirks.

"Please," Reighner replies to Reed. "I thought that field had been fully researched, at least those without going into the intangibles of philosophy or religion. Systemic interactions, you said?"

Reed nods, "Indeed." He replies to Reighner. He then looks to Zaharis and nods, "I'll be sure to send it over when I'm done." He considers a moment, then looks to Reighner, "You two want to head up, I can get you started on Foncetic and we can give doctor Zaharis here a walking tour of the general station." He lifts his eyebrows, and looks between the two.

Zaharis spreads his hands, glancing at Reighner. "I'm off duty for the next three hours. I could use a walk."

Reighner drains the rest of his beer and stands. "Off we go." He wipes his mouth with a napkin.

Reed rises, snapping the book under one arm, smirking and heads for the door with a grin, "Okay, here we go."

Zaharis stubs out his cigarette, dog tags clinking as he stands up. Follow the yellow brick PAS.

Passageway Support Station PAS - Deck 1

Reed steps out, moving to the stairs, "This is pretty normal, Crew Berthings for the Enlisted, Engineering.." He waves a hand as he moves on up the stairs.

Docking Bay Support Station PAS - Docking

Zaharis slides his hands into the pockets of his olive green trousers, following along. He glances left and right as Reed points things out, politely interested in the mundane stuff. "How personnel total have you got up here?"

Reighner plays the quiet escort.

Reed continues on up the stairs, "Docking level, I'm sure everyone's seen this before, no surprises. it's from here on up that things are interesting." He glances to Zaharis, "Total Personnel, current is about 500." All numbers are subject to change upon reflection with the staff. Good question. "Though we are able to support a much larger number, still being in construction, technicly." And up they go.

Passageway Support Station PAS - Deck 2

Reed announces, "This is Deck 2, our main Science deck. We have two functional Science Labs in use room for more, Medical, which you'll get to have a look at later, Doctor, have no doubts about that." He waves a hand at the Classified door. "Classified.. stuff. But we do still have room for more Lab space should we need to grow into it, which, we will, sooner or later."

Zaharis nods, silent as they keep walking. His interest starts sharpening as they move into the passageway, brow lofting slightly at the 'Classified' area. What-ev. He nods to Reed. "I'm sure you will." His head turns left and right, taking things in.

"I still get lost sometimes," Reighner comments. "The corridors, they have a way of confusing you."

Reed walks right past the pair of Marines standing in front of the Classified door as if everything else in the station were far more interesting than whatever were behind that door. "But up here we get more into the workings of the station proper."

Zaharis continues to follow, strolling along at leisurely pace behind the ship's CO. "Nice digs for 500," he comments lightly. "What's the food like?"

Reed reaches Deck 3, "This is mostly the utility deck, as I think of it. Here we have the Civilian Contractors who are doing the work on the station." He walks past the Head and the Laundry room, gesturing, "Um, yeah. Rec area, not like on the Genesis, but serviceable, and the Security Station where the Marines coordinate security, which has a lot to it that I rarely have to worry about." He looks to Reighner, "You want to give your opinion of the food here?"

"Delicious," Reighner answers dryly. "We get the first dibs of the year's cardboard."

Zaharis cracks a grin at Reighner, rolling his shoulders. "Yeah, that's what I thought."

Reed chuckles, "Well, we try to keep the food in the top percentiles of the cardboard quality." He says, continuing on up.

As they walk, Reighner quietly asides to Zaharis, "It's honestly decent. We're just trying to get him to approve steak imports."

Zaharis smirks at the scientist. "Gods grant you civvies luck. We've been trying that since the Battlestar was first developed."

Reed replies, "We can't cut into the livestock from the Bio dome until we have a sizeable population. I'm sorry, that's the rules." He then reaches the top, "And this is the upper deck, our CIC is here as well as our viewing deck, with as opposed to the view from the Taproom, boasts a view of the stations rings, Ward room, Quartering for the Naval Officers." He points at Reighner. "But also has the greatest perk of my position." He walks to the door, "Commanders Quarters." He stops, "Pause for the moment."

"Of course," Reighner replies politely.

Zaharis keeps his hands in his pockets as he come to a slow stop, facing the two men. He smiles a bit at Reed, waiting.

Reed closes his eyes, "Okay took a moment to appreciate this, and." He opens the door, going in, "Please, welcome."

Commanders Quarters Support Station PAS - Deck 4

The Commanders Quarters of the PAS station is a large area, decorated in a subdued style, carrying a sense of quiet antiquity. Shelves of secured textbooks line one of the walls, with titles ranging from quantum mechanics to ecological reference materials. On the walls are a few certificates of accomplishment the commander keeps on display. There is a table with chairs situated in an open area, as well as a few comfortable chairs about a low coffee table. Two locked cabinets are set into the wall that divide a portion of the room off into a sleeping area, complete with a standard wardrobe. One corner is dedicated to the working of the station, with a large wooden desk on which is a computer, wireless and jar of candies. Behind the chair at the desk is a locked file cabinet, while in front of the desk are two chairs where those who are here for 'business' are regularly seated. Things here are kept neat and tidy.

"Now isn't this lovely," Zaharis comments with a faint grin as he follows behind Reed into the quarters. "Over on a battlestar, Captain's bars are worth frak more than your first choice of bunk before the El Tees."

Reighner makes an mmm noise, stopping after the entrance. "Very nice."

Reed walks in, nodding, "Yes, I know that. personally this is the best part of being a commander, though I do have to acknowledge that you have to have your own quarters just to keep all the paperwork that you have to keep track of." He moves to the bookshelves, selects a book and turns to Reighner, "Here, if you find this to your liking I've got three more books before you catch up to the current one."

Zaharis folds his arms loosely, taking a few wandering steps around the place. He glances over the certficates on the walls, then the desk, then moves closer to the bookcase, looking over the titles.

Reighner accepts the book, glancing at the title. He pats the cover before holding it down to his side. "Thanks. I'll let you know what I think of it."

The bookshelf titles are exactly the kind of Geek Chic that someone would collect who was focusing on the various aspects of terraforming and the related sciences. Reed nods to Reighner, "Please do. It's always good to keep trying out new authors and see if they spark any creativity." He looks to Zaharis and smirks, "That's mostly the walking tour of the station, Doctor. Now that the place is not locked down, hopefully there will be more interaction between the Genesis and PAS personnel.

"Now that a bar is open," Zaharis leans over to looks at some of the lower titles. "I'd say you stand a damn good chance of that, Captain."

Prize in hand, Reighner joins Zaharis at Reed's bookshelf. "What kind of research did you say you did before, captain?" he asks over his shoulder, squinting at the titles.

Reed smiles as he moves to the open table, setting his book down, "Before coming here, Planetary system interaction. It really helped in things like base construction and rebuilding. Terraforming was always an interest, and it just took off from there once I got here."

Zaharis bends his knees, crouching down to check the bottom shelf. One of his long fingers skims over the spines of the books as Reed and Reighner talk of terraforming. "Wonder what's down there," he says, in a tone too absent to be talking about the books.

Reighner stops scanning books along the middle shelf and glances down at Zaharis on the question. He straightens and says quickly, "Oh? I suppose I assumed you were involved in the natural sciences."

Reed looks to Zaharis, then Reighner, "I was. First mission I discovered that a bases materials was interacting with a natural deposit of minerals that was causing Flouriscent poisoning of the Marines there." He looks back to Zaharis, "On the planet you mean?" He asks, smiling faintly.

Zaharis glances up at Reed. "Yeah. Keep hoping I'll get down there, but there's just never the time. My job's up here." He smiles, looking back at the bookshelf. One catches his attention and he hooks it with his finger, tugging it off the shelf for a glance at the back cover. "Must be an interesting field. Terraforming."

Reighner clears his throat and quietly consults the inside cover of the book.

Reed glances to Reighner, then back to Zaharis, "You'd likely be dissapointed. Couple of pressurized domes. This planet was chosen because it has the right gravity, right kind of star, the right element composition, oxygen bound in the crust, wrapped in silicon. This planet is useful because it's, from an elemental point of view, nearly a mirror of the colony worlds. We're still looking at the planet, but what we need for this project is a blank slate, a clean canvas as it were. Doesn't make for much adventure."

"I suppose it doesn't, when you've seen it already." Zaharis glances over his shoulder and smirks. "But it's kind of like sex, Captain. Don't care how dull you realise it was later, first time's always the best thing in the world." He replaces the book on the shelf, resting back in his crouch and glancing at the simple black timepiece on his wrist. "Probably shouldn't keep you too much longer."

Reighner closes the book. "This is most interesting," he says agreeably. "Yes, we should be off."

Reed nods, "Alright, gentlemen, it was enjoyable." He smiles, "We'll keep in contact about various literary shuffling. Glad to meet you, Doctor." He offers a hand to Zaharis.

"Likewise." Zaharis stands back up. His right foot stumbles subtly, and he grabs the middle shelf for support. It's a brief lapse, and he reaches to shake Reed's hand as though nothing had happened. "I'm sure we'll be seeing more of each other in the coming months. And Matt." He grins at the scientist. "Been an honour."

Reighner extends his free hand when Zaharis begins to stumble, but retracts it when he stabilizes. He smiles. "You flatter me. I'll walk you out." He gestures toward the door.

Reed shakes with Zaharis, not reacting to the stumble, as the mans recovery was fluid enough. and he nods to Reighner as the two exit.

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