Generate My Liberty
Generate My Liberty - Vipers
Summary: Rue saves Crow from the Brig. Shortly afterwards there is a briefing on the big op of the day: the Air Wing is given the task of destroying any and all Cylon presence in the vicinity of the Taurus Space Complex. Supplies must be had and booms be done to obtain them. Big Badda Booms.
Date: 10 ACH - 11/22/2008
Related Logs: Marines side.

Rue has a word with the Marine guards. They don't look happy, but nod and one of them goes to open the door to Micah's cell, leaving it that way as he heads back to the security station. The CAG follows after, but remains at the open cell door, eyeing Micah through the bars. She doesn't exactly look pleased, but she's doing her best to keep it neutral here. "Get up."

Micah shifts his gaze slowly sidelong, so he can regard the visitor from the very corners of his eyes. When he sees who it is, he lifts his head smoothly and unfurls his body from the cot; there's a -thump- as each booted foot comes down and the empty cup is narrowly missed. "Sir," he murmurs as he rises to his full height, as if between gritted teeth. Which would be because his jaw's been wired shut, a fact he looks none too happy about.

"Here's how it's gonna go. This is your warning. The next time you decide to get into a fight with an MP, I'm not going to save your ass," Rue says as quietly as she can manage, so the convo stays between the two pilots. "Now get back to your bunk, clean yourself up and be ready for duty. We have an op."

Micah isn't quite snapping to attention, but at least he's standing, and at least he's focused on the woman doing the speaking. "Next time, if the sarge doesn't want a fight, he shouldn't start one," mutters the pilot, crouching to collect the cards and the coffee cup.

"He strike you first?" is Rue's rather terse question.

Micah shoves the cards into a pocket of his fatigues, followed by a scrap of folded paper beneath the pillow. "Nope. I shoved by him, an' he sucker punched me." There's a smirk, and a brief flash of his teeth. "Guess that makes me a sucker, doesn't it, Major. Didn't like the way he was standing around watching me, an' taking potshots from the wings. So I shoved by him, aye." The jacket's tugged over his broad shoulders, and shrugged into.

"My concern isn't who shoved who first, to be honest. You look like hell. Your jaw is frakked up to hell and back. And this MP hasn't been brought to call for his own actions. I'll be taking that up with Captain Gaelan," Rue states, before adding, "C'mon. We need you for this op." This last is considerably warmer than her previous.

Micah meets her eyes briefly as he's tugging the jacket on, then ducks his gaze again while he straightens the collar and cuffs and briefly pats the thing down. "I'll be fine," he mumbles, and is that a tinge of colour when the word 'need' is mentioned? "I've hurt worse, and at least I got a few nights of sleep without listening to Slipstream's frakking snoring from across the room." A pause, as he drifts closer to the open door. "Thanks, Major." It's spoken sincerely, if a bit warily, like he's afraid of someone overhearing him.

"Heh. Yeah, I imagine you slept pretty soundly," Rue claps Micah on the shoulder before leading the way out, sobering her expression as she passes the Marine MPs. "Let's go blow up some tin cans."

Micah might normally wisecrack the Marines as they pass them by, but he keeps his mouth blessedly shut for once — not that he has much of an option there, technically speaking. "Are you telling me we're going out looking for trouble, sir?" he asks once they're out of earshot.

"Absofrakkinglutely," Rue fires back at the injured pilot. "Get your flight suit on and head on up to the Ready Room. Briefing in ten minutes and in the tubes fifteen after that. Go." Then she heads off in the other direction down the corridor, heading for the stairs.

There -is- a grin at that, no matter how much it hurts. "You got it." Veering away, he hoofs it for the main stairwell that leads up to the squadron's berthings.


[Intercom] All pilots not designated for fleet defense, report to the Ready Room. I repeat, all pilots not already designated for fleet defense, report to the Ready Room for a briefing.

Cav strolls in and heads right for the front, plopping herself down in the chair at the edge - her normal spot. She unzips an arm pocket and removes a small pencil and notepad. Legs cross and she leans back into the chair, waiting for things to begin.

Warwick makes his way into the room, and over for one of the middle seats on the front row, dropping into it a bit thoughtfully. Glancing around the room for a couple of moments.

Roz wanders into the Ready room like all the rest. A stick of gum is half hanging out of her mouth as she works on chewing it down. Heading to a chair, she sinks into it and raises one booted foot to rest over her knee, hand laying on her shin as she awaits the briefing.

Micah saunters in, flight suited and damp-haired from a very recent shower, and for once he doesn't claim his spot in the sleeper's row — ie the back of the room. Nope, it's a chair three over from Novella's in the nosebleed section that he slumps into, before digging his notepad out from a pocket of his flight suit.

Rue strides in after a good chunk of the pilots do, heading straight for the podium. A sheath of papers is pulled from underneath one arm and she starts placing them up on the whiteboard in front. "I'm going to get right to it, people. We've been authorized to conduct a resource gathering mission to the Taurus Space Complex." Pausing, she adds, "Before y'all roll your eyes, this isn't expected to be a cakewalk. In fact, preliminary reports from two of our Pandora Raptor pilots point to the Complex being in enemy hands. That means the only advantage we will have is that of surprise. That means we have to kill them, fast. None of them can be allowed to escape. Because if they do…" And now she raises a very blurry high-gloss picture displaying a star-shaped ship, "One of these will be on us before you can blink."

Alister steps in through the hatchway right behind Rue, taking a half-seat somewhere in the middle, almost more in the aisle than the chair itself. Like a good little JIG, he just listens intently, and the edge of his lips actually curl upwards at the sight of the blurry photo. "Good times then, Sir."

Cav flips open the mini notebook and begins jotting down the important points, though when Rue offers the picture of the pointy thing, the blonde double-takes. "What the.." she murmurs, tilting her head a bit while peering up to it. But she goes back to writing.

Addie drops into a seat with little regard for her neighbors. She kicks her legs crossed and affects a little slouch in her seat, eyes forward as she reaches up to pop a coupe of pins into her hair to hold curls from her eyes. The rest is pulled into a tail. She crosses her arms, then stares at Rue as she gives a briefing.

Roz has her nav sheet out on her leg and a pen in hand as she looks up to the board and the blurry thing. She doesn't say much, but her head tilts as she chews on the gum and makes a note here and there.

Warwick sits up a bit straighter in his seat as he sees that picture, studying it intently. "That would be… bad." he mutters, mostly to himself, :sits up a bit straighter in his seat as he sees that picture, studying it intently. "That would be… bad." he mutters, mostly to himself, his gaze on that picture for the moment.

Micah starts by trying to actually take some notes, but it devolves rather quickly into doodling. Which could be considered a /kind/ of note-taking in itself, because he's sketching a picture of something star-shaped, and then little crescent-moons spilling out of it while Rue speaks. No questions from him today, though it's probably no surprise he isn't trying to draw attention to himself; he has an ugly bruise mottling the left side of his face, and what looks like wire keeping his jaw shut.

Located one seat shy of the aisle somewhere toward the middle of the pack, Jocasta keeps her comments about the basestar to herself, choosing instead to look scowling and studious.

"We have very little information on it's capabilities, but as it isn't Colonial and from the size of it, we're guessing it to be a capital ship of some sort. It is a Cylon Basestar and it's exactly what we don't need to be testing our mettle against today," Rue continues. "For this operation, we'll be using the Assaultstar Pandora. It'll jump us into close proximity to the Complex. Provided there isn't a Basestar present, we will launch all Vipers and Raptors. Vipers will engage the Raiders that will no doubt be in the area. Ares Squadron will be transporting Marines into the Complex to secure it. If Cylon presence inside is light and we can keep them for signaling for help, we'll dock Pandora and transfer as much ordinance as we can grab before we get company. In this case, all vipers will fly patrol over Pandora and the Complex, until Pandy is ready to leave. If things go less well, our orders will change."

A cruel smile crosses Cav's face. Her lips curl at the edges into something crooked and mean. There's blood in the air suddenly. Novella just nods her head a few times and continues scribbling down the main points. Pandora. Munitions. Raiders. Top Cover.

If Alister thinks this is a big operation, it's not showing at all on his face. Jotting down the occasional note, a little extra scribbling to one side of the pad. With the general gist of it written down, he just focuses back on the briefing. Just another job.

Roz glances around the room at the other pilots and then back to the front of the room where the CAG is standing. Using the end of her pen, she scratches the side of her jaw. "Sounds like a rockin' good time."

Scratchscratchscratch. Crow's still making his 'notes' on the pad of paper, only glancing up now and then when the CAG punctuates one of her words. There's a brief glance crosswise to Novella, then the end of his pen is chewed on as he inspects his artwork.

Warwick nods a little as he hears that, frowning momentarily, before he is unable to hold back a bit of a smile. "Will be good to at least see the area near home," he mutters, mostly to himself.

Jocasta is doing a profound amount of not writing. Note-taking must not be her bag; she's opting instead to commit the game plan to memory. Marine transport. Got it. Ironically, while this won't be her first transport and retrieval mission, it will be the first one she's been on where she doesn't leave the belly of the bird.

Addie's arms remain crossed, her dark eyes on Rue. She barely moves, though the wheels are undoubtedly turning.

"I shouldn't have to tell you this, but… no mercy or quarter will be shown our enemy. We want no prisoners," Rue finishes. "Get to your ships. I want all vipers and raptors involved in the op on Pandora within the next fifteen minutes. Once we're all aboard, the op begins. Dismissed."

With Rue's wrap, Cav rises from her chair and heads towards the door. The notebook is flipped closed and stuffed back into the arm pocket, nodding to a few as she heads out.

Roz tucks her nav chart away and rises up. She then starts heading out with the rest of the group to make her way down to hangar deck.

Warwick gets to his feet as he hears that, moving for the doors, to get ready for bringing the Charon over to the Pandora now. Humming a bit as he walks.

When in Rome… Alister stands too, following the others out at a slower pace, hand resting on his abdomen for a large amount of the journey.

Micah closes his notebook and shoves it back into a pocket of his flight jacket, ambling to his feet smoothly as he trails the others out.

Jocasta quietly sweeps her gaze around the room as the gaggle of pilots exits en route to the hangar deck. Looks like it's gonna be hard out there for an ECO, as the selection of Raptor pilots present has waned thin. But… there's gotta be someone she can play backseat driver with, right?


[Wrongway_101: Rue] Less than 30 minutes after their briefing, the pilots of Battlestar Genesis find themselves far away from fleet. After moving to Pandora and jumping within a few clicks of the Taurus Space Complex, they are now confronted with a sizeable Cylon force. Raiders, glinting in the light of the system's star, swoop in deadly curves around their target. As they spot the incoming vipers, they spread apart and throttle towards them, intent on exterminating these humans and wiping them off the face of the galaxy. All, but one that is. That last one makes a break for it as fast as it can. Pesky Raider3.

[Tac1] Fireater screams out of the hangar bay, just like that once the ship has jumped to the area. Engines firing as Roz gets into formation with the rest of the group and waits to see who she is paired up with for this. Upon seeing those raiders coming in, she has to smile, "Let's dance!" and the rocking music fills her cockpit.

[RAPTOR-G_354: Novella] The engines on the Raptor-G heat up and it banks directly towards the station after rocking its wings.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "CAG, 354. We're on our way to deliver our Marines."

[Wrongway_101: Rue] The other Raptors in the op move after the Raptor-G, transporting Marines to smack some Toasters up.

[Tac1] "PAS Actual" Reed says, "\Pandora brings up her large cannons, swiveling around before locking into position by order of the targeting computers, ready for the battle ahead."

[Charon_840: Warwick] Rolling around as soon as it gets clear from the Pandora, the Charon fires its thrusters to get into place with the rest of the Vipers, as Hound looks around carefully to see the incoming enemies.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "I'm running interference for you, 354. Steady as she goes."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "CAG, 354 copies. Watch out for our guns as well. Good Hunting, Screamers."

[Tac1] "Crow" Micah says, "Fire eater, Crow, I'll take your six."

<COMBAT> Addie aims at Raider3.

[Tac1] "Fender" Addie says, "Fire, take Hound's wing, Slipstream with me. Crow, best behavior, because you're with Wrongway today. Drop the hammer, and try not to die. You damage those birds, and the Deck will have your ass. I hope your ribs are better today, Slip."

[Fender_211: Addie] Viper 211, Fender's viper, shoots into space and angles directly for the hostiles, on an intercept course to make their day a little worse before they can sniff out the raptor full of sweet and crunchy marines. As is typical for the pilot, she puts the proverbial pedal to the metal and shoots toward the incoming.

[Tac1] "Crow" Micah says, "Copy that, Fender."

[Tac1] "Fireeater" Roz says, "Copy that, on Hound's wing."

[VIPER_1741: Alister] Following below and behind Fender's Viper by about thirty feet is Slipstream's own, engines flaring as they both burn towards the targets.

[Tac1] "Slipstream" Alister says, "Time to catch the runner, Captain?"

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah's bird begins to angle toward 702's wing, then veers off at Fender's message over the comm, swooping in to cover Rue instead.

<COMBAT> Pandora (NPC) aims at Raider1. (Reed)

[Fender_211: Addie] As the lone raider makes a break to run for it, viper 211 turns like an angry hornet that just got smacked in the ass. No escapey lil Raider.

[Tac1] "Fender" Addie says, "You got it, Slip. Nobody leaves this party without our permission."

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Obviously, weapons are all free. Blast the frakkers."

[Wrongway_101: Rue] Wrongway's viper flies after the Raptor group, aiming for one of the Raiders that's coming towards the Raptor group. Her guns light up, hoping to peg her target.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Got it. Ready to join the fun, Fire Eater?"

<COMBAT> Alister aims at Raider3.
<COMBAT> Rue aims at Raider5.
<COMBAT> Rue changes stance to Banzai.
<COMBAT> Warwick aims at Raider2.
<COMBAT> Roz aims at Raider2.
<COMBAT> Micah changes stance to Banzai.
<COMBAT> Novella changes stance to Cower.
<COMBAT> Alister changes stance to Banzai.
<COMBAT> Novella changes stance to Normal.

[Tac1] "Fireeater" Roz says, "On it like you wouldn't believe, let's take that piece of crap out, Hound."

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah comes in hot after the CAG, and rolls to port for a quick compensate before laying out a spread of fire.

<COMBAT> Micah aims at Raider5.

[Tac1] Pandoras guns focus on the raiders approaching the Raptors, locking onto them in order to cover the delivery of the Marines to their destination.

[Charon_840: Warwick] Flying forward towards Raider2, Hound opens up with his guns, hoping to give the piece of flying scrapmetal a good hit now.

<COMBAT> Jocasta aims at Raider5.
<COMBAT> Novella aims at Raider5.
<COMBAT> Pandora attacks Raider1 with Pandora and barely misses!
<COMBAT> Rue attacks Raider5 with Viper and misses horribly!
<COMBAT> Novella has passed.
<COMBAT> Warwick attacks Raider2 with Viper and misses completely!
<COMBAT> Roz attacks Raider2 with Viper and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to RightWing)
<COMBAT> Jocasta jams Raider5.
<COMBAT> Alister attacks Raider3 with Viper and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Tail)
<COMBAT> Addie attacks Raider3 with Viper and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to Cockpit) !!KO!!
<COMBAT> Raider1 (NPC) aims at Raider4. (Addie)
<COMBAT> Raider2 (NPC) aims at Raider2. (Addie)
<COMBAT> Raider2 (NPC) aims at Adrastos. (Addie)
<COMBAT> Raider2 (NPC) aims at Adrastos. (Addie)
<COMBAT> Raider4 (NPC) aims at Warwick. (Addie)
<COMBAT> Raider5 (NPC) aims at Addie. (Addie)
<COMBAT> Raider1 (NPC) aims at Adrastos. (Addie)
<COMBAT> Raider1 (NPC) aims at Warwick. (Addie)
<COMBAT> Adrastos aims at Raider1.
<COMBAT> Raider4 (NPC) aims at Novella. (Addie)
<COMBAT> Novella aims at Raider4.
<COMBAT> Raider1 attacks Warwick with Raider and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Body)
<COMBAT> Raider2 attacks Adrastos with Raider and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Controls)
<COMBAT> Raider4 attacks Novella with Raider and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Tail)
<COMBAT> Raider5 attacks Addie with Raider and misses completely!
<COMBAT> Adrastos attacks Raider1 with Viper and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Body)
<COMBAT> Novella changes stance to Cower.

[Tac1] Fireater rocks and rolls as it darts out and comes up in a crazy eight and catches that Raider on it's wing as her guns fire. Doing the turn and burn, she puts herself back to where she should be just as Hound gets a swiping.

<COMBAT> Raider3 has been removed from combat.
<COMBAT> From Rue: TURN 1. Pose and aim.

[Tac1] Pandoras guns unleash a volley, projectiles flying between the Raptors and the Raiders. And don't come no closer or the next time, you'll get hit!

[Tac1] "Fender" Addie says, "Splash 1."

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Shots sweeping wide as the Raider spins away at the last moment, Micah throttles his bird back a touch in order to keep apace with the Raptor they're guarding. Briefly turning his head to make sure Wrongway is still in his sights, he prepares to take her lead once again.

<COMBAT> Rue aims at Raider4.
<COMBAT> Micah aims at Raider4.
<COMBAT> Jocasta changes stance to Cower.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Nice, Fender. Getting a little thick over here."

[Charon_840: Warwick] Firing off his shots on Raider2, Hound glances around quickly as the Charon gets hit, frowning as he sees Raider1. Turning slightly, he keeps his Viper on course for R2, although not flying as aggressively now.

<COMBAT> Warwick changes stance to Cower.
<COMBAT> Jocasta aims at Raider4.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Frak. That was a bit too close."

[Wrongway_101: Rue] Staying on target, Wrongway's viper barrel rolls while turning to orient her upside as she guns after Raider4.

[VIPER_1741: Alister] Slip follows Fender in on the attack, firing far too early but managing to glance a few hits onto the Raider's tail before Fender finishes it off in destructive fashion. Staying in line, as always, he swivels to keep an eye around.

[Fender_211: Addie] The fleeing raider is greeted by the guns of Fender and Slipstream, and heralded to an early grave. That had to sting. 211 comes around to take another pass at the wave of Raiders headed for the viper squadron, pursuing those closest.

[Tac1] "Fender" Addie says, "Coming around. Try not to have too much fun without us. Slip, make friends."

[VIPER_210: Adrastos] Adrastos has been studiously silent on this little expedition. But he's dogged in pursuit of Raider 1, though impetuously so, with little regard for the one targeting him.

[Tac1] "Slipstream" Alister says, "Meet and greet it is then, Fender."

<COMBAT> Alister aims at Raider5.
<COMBAT> Addie aims at Raider5.
<COMBAT> Pandora attacks Raider1 with Pandora and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Body) !!KO!!
<COMBAT> Rue attacks Raider4 with Viper and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Body)
<COMBAT> Jocasta jams Raider4.
<COMBAT> Micah attacks Raider4 with Viper and barely misses!
<COMBAT> Addie attacks Raider5 with Viper and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Body)
<COMBAT> Roz attacks Raider2 with Viper and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Body) !!KO!!
<COMBAT> Warwick attacks Raider2 with Viper and misses horribly!
<COMBAT> Alister attacks Raider5 with Viper and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Tail) !!KO!!
<COMBAT> Novella tries to shake off Raider4 but FAILS.
<COMBAT> Raider1 attacks Warwick with Raider and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Engine)
<COMBAT> Raider2 attacks Adrastos with Raider and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Tail)
<COMBAT> Raider4 attacks Novella with Raider and hits! (SERIOUS* DAMAGE to Tail)
<COMBAT> Raider5 attacks Addie with Raider and barely misses!
<COMBAT> Raider1 has been removed from combat.
<COMBAT> Raider2 has been removed from combat.
<COMBAT> Raider5 has been removed from combat.
<COMBAT> From Rue: TURN 2. Pose and aim.

[Tac1] Pandora fires again, volley sending shots sweeping between the Raptors and Raiders. One shell goes into a Raider in the midsection, sending it up in a fireball as the guns reorient and focus on the remaining enemies. Tracking.. tracking.. tracking..

[Tac1] "Fireeater" Roz says, "Splash One! Take that you metal frakker! Hound! You alright?"

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah swerves his viper hard to starboard, and leads the wing edge of the raider with a burst of shot that still doesn't quite find its target. He's not off by much, but it's just enough to let the machine scrape by with a few hits from his wingman.

[RAPTOR-G_354: Novella] With Raider4 still on the ass of the Raptors, they start turning. But the Raider is still focused on Novella and blows a huge chunk out of the tail. Alarms can be imagined blaring in the cockpit.

<COMBAT> Pandora (NPC) aims at Raider4. (Reed)

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "354, hang in there, we'll peel this one off."

[Charon_840: Warwick] Still trying to get the good shot off at Raider2, the Charon shakes as it's hit by enemy gunfire in the engine area. But it's still heading for the remaining target, with Hound silently thanking both the competence of his wingman, and the guns of the Big Panda.

<COMBAT> Warwick aims at Raider4.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Haven't gotten to the stage where I have to get off and run yet. It'll probably happen as sure as I hit the deck back home, I'm guessing."

[RAPTOR-G_354: Jocasta] Believe it or not, there really is a conscious and lucid ECO inside the belly of that Raptor-G, though it seems their skills are either subpar or they're preoccupied with a pick-up game of Triad that their cargo of Marines have engaged in. Jocasta spits out a healthy smattering of canon-appropriate curse words and tries to initiate, ELECTRONIC COUNTERMEASURES.

[Wrongway_101: Rue] Wrongway, still oriented upside down compared to the Raider, plays follow the leader, firing some more gun blasts at (and hopefully into) it's rear.

[Tac1] "Crow" Micah says, "Cav and Jo've been smoked pretty hard, I'll try to keep the flak off them."

[Tac1] laughs. "Hang in there Hound, we've got them on the run."

[Tac1] Roz laughs. "Hang in there Hound, we've got them on the run."

[Tac1] Jocasta says, "They fried half my frakkin' board back here!"

[Fender_211: Addie] It looks like things are getting a little heated in the expanse of space. Luckily it's the enemy fighters that seem to be eating the bad luck face first. Addie pulls a strafe of a raider, shooting past it as her wingman kicks it in the proverbial balls.

[Tac1] "Fender" Addie says, "Nice, Slip."

[VIPER_1741: Alister] Slipstream carries out his name as soon as Fender's shots soften up the raider. Snapping into a full burn and roll, he seemingly ignores the lack of gravity and drops in scant feet behind the enemy craft, resulting in some interesting stains across the very tip of his Viper. After firing an extended burst, he's quickly flying through wreckage as opposed to a Raider and rushing back to rejoin Fender.

<COMBAT> Rue attacks Raider4 with Viper and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to LeftWing)
<COMBAT> Micah attacks Raider4 with Viper and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Guns) !!KO!!
<COMBAT> Roz has passed.
<COMBAT> Novella tries to shake off Raider4 but FAILS.
<COMBAT> Pandora attacks Raider4 with Pandora and misses horribly!
<COMBAT> Addie has passed.
<COMBAT> Alister has passed.
<COMBAT> Jocasta has passed.
<COMBAT> Warwick attacks Raider4 with Viper and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to Tail)
<COMBAT> Raider4 has been removed from combat.
<COMBAT> From Rue: TURN 3. Pose and aim.

[Tac1] Pandora fires a few more rounds before losing its target and continues back into sweeping the theatre of battle for more hostiles to fire at. Tracking.. tracking.. tracking..

[Wrongway_101: Rue] As the last Raider goes up, it looks like this part of the battle is over with.

[Wrongway_101: Rue] A second later, the space a few clicks to port of the Complex distorts and then flashes, leaving it suddenly filled with a Cylon Basestar that immediately starts firing it's weapons on Pandora. Dozens of raiders belch from the capital ship, gunning for the vipers in the field.

[Tac1] Roz keeps moving, taking flank of Hound's poor bird as they watch the skies for anything else. Then when that Basestar shows its face, hoo-boy! "Frak.. we've got big company now."

<COMBAT> Basestar (NPC) aims at Pandora. (Addie)
<COMBAT> Raider6 (NPC) aims at Roz. (Addie)
<COMBAT> Raider7 (NPC) aims at Warwick. (Addie)
<COMBAT> Raider8 (NPC) aims at Alister. (Addie)
<COMBAT> Raider9 (NPC) aims at Roz. (Addie)

[Charon_840: Warwick] Rolling into position to fire off a burst at the last Raider of the old ones, Hound only hits the tail of the Raider, before rolling around again.

<COMBAT> Raider9 (NPC) aims at Rue. (Addie)
<COMBAT> Pandora (NPC) aims at Basestar. (Reed)

[RAPTOR-G_354: Novella] As the basestar appears, the Raptor-G, already shot to shit, has had enough. It turns back with its full load of Marines.

<COMBAT> Alister changes stance to Normal.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Oh those things sure look ugly, don't they?"

[RAPTOR-G_354: Jocasta] Oh… frak. The sudden inundation of DRADIS contacts has Jocasta sounding the alarm, just in case anybody missed it.

<COMBAT> Roz aims at Raider6.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Nice shot Crow… I think I- FRAK! Game is changing folks, Raptors back to the Pandora. Vipers, we're rear guard. Go go go!"

<COMBAT> Alister aims at Raider8.
<COMBAT> Addie aims at Raider7.
<COMBAT> Addie changes stance to Banzai.
<COMBAT> Warwick aims at Raider7.

[Tac1] Pandora finds targets. Oh boy does she, locking weapons on the base star, she sets up a full enemy suppression barrage on the large base star capital ship, guns coming to bare directly at the center mass of the ship.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Wrongway to Pandora Actual, recommend a nuclear strike on that enemy target, immediately."

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] As Wrongway's viper rolls onto its back to snap off a few rounds of cover fire, Crow tucks out of the raptor's wing and places some scattershot where he anticipates the raider will try to swoop in and finish off the stockier bird. Managing to clip the machine right in the weapons array, the explosion takes it out before it can even attack. Time isn't wasted in watching the fireworks; he guides his bird back into formation with his wingmate, head ducking as he checks and double-checks systems readouts

[Fender_211: Addie] 211 comes around for another pass at the field of fire, though it's been cleared by her Squaddies. 211 heads deeper to intercept a new influx of raiders.

<COMBAT> Jocasta aims at Raider9.
<COMBAT> Rue aims at Raider9.
<COMBAT> Micah aims at Raider9.
<COMBAT> From Rue: TURN 4. Pose and aim.

[Tac1] Roz does another turn and burn, coming to a swift stop and firing before she decides to give those little metal moons a run for their money.

[Wrongway_101: Rue] As Raider9 settles it's sights on Wrongway, Wrongway's viper aims right on back, thrustering right at the offending Cylon.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Vipers, clear the road and keep the skies around the Pandy free and open. This isn't over yet."

[RAPTOR-G_354: Novella] The G just limps back towards the Pandora trailing smoke.

[Tac1] Pandora continues to fire at the Basestar, readying itself for going toe to toe with the large Cylon capital.

[VIPER_1741: Alister] Slipstream just does his job. Letting Fender chase Warwick's tail, he checks to make sure she's clear and heads directly for a raider, apparently doing the same thing right back at him.

[Charon_840: Warwick] Heading for one of those new Raiders, Hound heads for the one that seems to be heading in his own direction. Not going to let someone targetting himself while he's busy with someone else.

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah guns his viper after Wrongway, afterburners spitting blue smoke as he tries to line up a few shots on her target with a steady stick.

<COMBAT> Addie attacks Raider7 with Viper and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Body)
<COMBAT> Jocasta jams Raider9.
<COMBAT> Warwick attacks Raider7 with Viper and misses horribly!
<COMBAT> Pandora attacks Basestar with Pandora and misses completely!
<COMBAT> Rue attacks Raider9 with Viper and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to LeftWing)
<COMBAT> Micah attacks Raider9 with Viper and barely misses!
<COMBAT> Alister attacks Raider8 with Viper and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Tail)
<COMBAT> Novella has passed.
<COMBAT> Roz attacks Raider6 with Viper and misses horribly!
<COMBAT> Basestar attacks Pandora with Capital and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Hull)
<COMBAT> Raider6 attacks Roz with Raider and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to LeftWing)
<COMBAT> Raider7 attacks Warwick with Raider and barely misses!
<COMBAT> Raider8 attacks Alister with Raider and misses horribly!
<COMBAT> Raider9 attacks Rue with Raider and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Tail)
<COMBAT> From Rue: TURN 5. Pose and aim.

[Tac1] Pandoras pattern of fire changes as the shots focus into a cone of fire, a shell around a central space, creating a protected tube of space between itself and the hull of the Basestar as Radiological alarms go off, and from the Pandora, a missile launches inside the cone of fire of the barrage. Missile Defense barrage. Different from the Missile suppression barrage which is used to knock down incoming nukes, the Defensive barrage is used to deliver a nuke to its target. The Colonial nuclear weapon starts picking up speed as it races, surrounded by the Pandoras fire, speeding at the basestar.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Okay, ow. Geez. These guys don't take rejection very well. You dump any of these guys recently Fender?"

[Tac1] Roz seems to have ticked one off as she works on cover for that smoking Raptor too. Taking the hit and staying out of the way of those Pandy guns, she puts herself back into the fight.

[Fender_211: Addie] 211 plays a little tag with a raider in her line of fire, giving it but a little love tap only impressive enough to blow out a little chunk. She puts the speed on, in hot pursuit of her target. The next shot wont be as friendly.

[Tac1] "Fender" Addie says, "I was drunk, I don't remember."

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] No dice, but perhaps Micah's erratic fire has at least drawn some aggro off the raptor they're escorting. Trottling the stick, Crow guides his viper into a sharp belly-up glide, snapping off a few bursts of fire as he twists and rolls out of the way of Pandora's barrage.

[Charon_840: Warwick] Firing off a burst that misses the Raider, Hound rolls a bit again, and barely avoids another shot from the enemy. Pilot glancing around, before going for another pass.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Sounds a bit like one of those guys from my days at school. Guy never knew when to quit."

[Wrongway_101: Rue] Raider9 chews up Wrongway's viper tail. Poor viper. Twisting as best it can, the viper tries to get a bead on it's dogfight dance partner. At the very least maybe it'll give someone else a shot at killing the damned thing.

<COMBAT> Rue changes stance to Normal.

[Tac1] Jocasta says, "You went to school with Crow, too, huh?"

[Tac1] "Crow" Micah says, "I'll try to keep this arsewipe off your tail, Wrongway. Jo, that's what we call wishful thinking- <a grunt as he guns the viper's engines> -in the real world."

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Sorry, Jo. School wasn't combined with kindergarten."

[VIPER_1741: Alister] 1741 loses nearly loses some paint as he darts right towards the oncoming raider. It's so quick that he's closer to the raider than whatever the tincan's weapons converge at, so instead of burning up in a fireball, Slipstream gets a lightshow on both sides of his canopy. Then he drops, cuts engines and rotates to quickly catch onto it's tail, firing a few shots.

[RAPTOR-G_354: Jocasta] At the rear of the Raptor, Jo's doing what she can in order to keep the oncoming barrage of Raiders out of her hair as well as fight a small electrical fire with the help of some incredibly inspired (to live) Marines. Not that you can tell from her comm chatter.

<COMBAT> Micah attacks Raider9 with Viper and barely misses!
<COMBAT> Rue attacks Raider9 with Viper and misses completely!
<COMBAT> Addie attacks Raider7 with Viper and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Tail) !!KO!!
<COMBAT> Novella has passed.
<COMBAT> Pandora attacks Basestar with Pandora and hits! (SERIOUS* DAMAGE to Hull)
<COMBAT> Jocasta jams Raider9.
<COMBAT> Roz attacks Raider6 with Viper and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to RightWing)
<COMBAT> Warwick attacks Raider7 with Viper and misses horribly!
<COMBAT> Alister attacks Raider8 with Viper and misses completely!
<COMBAT> Basestar attacks Pandora with Capital and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Hull)
<COMBAT> Raider6 attacks Roz with Raider and misses horribly!
<COMBAT> Raider7 attacks Warwick with Raider and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to RightWing)
<COMBAT> Raider8 attacks Alister with Raider and barely misses!
<COMBAT> Raider9 attacks Rue with Raider and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to RightWing)
<COMBAT> Raider7 has been removed from combat.
<COMBAT> From Rue: TURN 6. Pose and aim.

[Tac1] Pandoras guns score deeply into the Basestar, tearing into hull plating and striking into the workings of the ship. Fine hits, but not the mission of the barrage as the missile increases speed faster and faster, heading straight for the chewed up hull of the Cylon war machine.

<COMBAT> Alister changes stance to Banzai.

[Fender_211: Addie] 211 bears down on the nasty raider that's making Hound's day a little less bright and shiny. Fender treats it to its own destruction with a little pull of the trigger finger and a personal introduction to the great beyond. A barrel roll pulls the viper off from the frey, and Fender searches for a new target to molest.

[Tac1] "Fender" Addie says, "Splash 2."

[Tac1] "Fireeater" Roz says, "Go go, screamers, kick some frakkin' ass out here!"

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "HOOOO RAAAAH suck it, you FRAKKING TIN CANS!"

[Tac1] "Fender" Addie says, "You've got some catching up to do, Slip."

[Charon_840: Warwick] Charon shaking with the enemy fire again, but it looks like the Viper's still in one piece. Firing done, Hound steers it over to the next enemy, while he still can.

[Wrongway_101: Rue] Paint job dinged by an errant bullet from her foe, Wrongway's viper continues it's struggle with Raider9. Thankfully, Crow and Wrongway make two on one.

<COMBAT> Warwick aims at Raider6.

[VIPER_1741: Alister] Slip is actually suprised when the raider he's chasing does a full 360 turn, letting inertia carry it onwards as it fires back at him. It's only a barrel from them both that make the shots miss.

<COMBAT> Roz aims at Raider6.

[Tac1] "Slipstream" Alister says, "That's… new."

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Thanks there. These shots are coming in a bit too close, these days."

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Again, Micah's shots skim close but don't quite score the hull of the ship he's after. With a soft growl that's not heard over the comm, he throttles back sharply before cutting the engines and firing a sharp burst to swing him back to Wrongway's six.

<COMBAT> Jocasta aims at Raider8.
<COMBAT> Addie aims at Raider6.

[RAPTOR-G_354: Jocasta] Confident that the CAG isn't about to be blown to smithereens in the next seven seconds or so, Jocasta switches her target to the sparrow dogging Slipstream.

[Wrongway_101: Rue] As the Pandora opens up with it's big guns, the Basestar ups the ante. A missile flares outward from the star-shaped ship, setting off radiological alarms. Wuh oh.

<COMBAT> Pandora attacks Basestar with Nuke and hits! (SERIOUS* DAMAGE to Hull)
<COMBAT> Addie attacks Raider6 with Viper and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to LeftWing)
<COMBAT> Micah attacks Raider9 with Viper and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to LeftWing) !!KO!!
<COMBAT> Rue attacks Raider9 with Viper and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Body) !!DOUBLE KO!!
<COMBAT> Alister attacks Raider8 with Viper and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to LeftWing) !!KO!!
<COMBAT> Jocasta jams Raider8.
<COMBAT> Roz attacks Raider6 with Viper and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to Body) !!KO!!
<COMBAT> Basestar attacks Pandora with Capital and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Hull) !!DOUBLE KO!!
<COMBAT> You don't have a target!
<COMBAT> Raider6 attacks Roz with Raider and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to Cockpit)
<COMBAT> Raider8 attacks Alister with Raider and barely misses!
<COMBAT> Novella has passed.
<COMBAT> Raider9 attacks Rue with Raider and misses completely!
<COMBAT> Warwick attacks Raider6 with Viper and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Body) !!DOUBLE KO!!

[Tac1] "Crow" Micah says, "Wrongway, Crow, looks like it's coming in hot and heavy on the Pandora, I'm going to take a hard six and chase it."

<COMBAT> Raider6 has been removed from combat.
<COMBAT> Raider8 has been removed from combat.
<COMBAT> Raider9 has been removed from combat.
<COMBAT> From Rue: TURN 7. Pose and aim.
<COMBAT> Jocasta aims at Basestar.
<COMBAT> Micah aims at Evilcylonnukeohnoes.

[VIPER_1741: Alister] Flying backwards only gets you so far. In the raider's case, it's about eighty yards before it explodes in a shard of scrap and flesh. Slip, happy with the kill, turns and burns to reform.

[Tac1] Pandoras gambit pays off, the Missile finds its mark, sinking into the hull of the basestar and detonating. Retina searing explosion vaporizing the lower spines of the base star and sending the upper spines in different directions. the radio call goes out. "Pandora to all Viper elements, incoming Cylon nuke. Target and destroy."

<COMBAT> Addie aims at Nuke.
<COMBAT> Addie aims at Evilcylonnukeohnoes.

[Charon_840: Warwick] Firing off a shot at the target Raider as someone else gets it out, he turns to speed in the direction of the Nuke, picking up speed now.

<COMBAT> Warwick aims at Evilcylonnukeohnoes.
<COMBAT> Warwick changes stance to Banzai.
<COMBAT> Alister aims at Basestar.
<COMBAT> Alister aims at Evilcylonnukeohnoes.
<COMBAT> Rue aims at Evilcylonnukeohnoes.

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] This time, the raider explodes in a one-two punch of Crow's scattershot followed by Rue's. And again, Micah doesn't stick around to watch the detonation; after his message over the comm, he cranks his bird hard to starboard and guns it for the nuke.

<COMBAT> Roz aims at Evilcylonnukeohnoes.
<COMBAT> Addie changes stance to Normal.
<COMBAT> Jocasta changes stance to Normal.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Raptors, you have a path, turn back to the Complex and begin boarding actions. This fight is over. They just don't know it yet."

[Wrongway_101: Rue] Wrongway's viper moves in time with Crow's, gunning after the nuke as well. Time to hedge the Pandora's bets.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "CAG, 354 copies. Following orders."

[RAPTOR-G_354: Novella] The Raptor-G begins a slow arc back towards the complex.

<COMBAT> Addie attacks Evilcylonnukeohnoes with Viper and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Hull) !!KO!!
<COMBAT> Rue attacks Evilcylonnukeohnoes with Viper and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to Hull)
<COMBAT> Warwick attacks Evilcylonnukeohnoes with Viper and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Hull) !!DOUBLE KO!!
<COMBAT> Micah attacks Evilcylonnukeohnoes with Viper and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Hull) !!DOUBLE KO!!
<COMBAT> Pandora attacks Basestar with Capital and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Hull)
<COMBAT> Alister attacks Evilcylonnukeohnoes with Viper and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Hull) !!DOUBLE KO!!
<COMBAT> Roz has passed.
<COMBAT> Jocasta jams Basestar.
<COMBAT> Novella has passed.
<COMBAT> Basestar attacks Pandora with Capital and misses horribly! BOTCH
<COMBAT> From Rue: TURN 8. Pose and aim.

[RAPTOR-G_354: Novella] The other Raptors form a defensive circle around the G and limp with it back towards the station, the maneuvering slow going as they settle to drop off the Marines.

[Tac1] Pandoras weapons continue the assault, firing into the exploding central mass of the Basestar. Not one to leave the job unfinished, Pandora continues pummeling the ship as the BaseStar tries to keep firing, and jams its systems in doing so. The explosions inside the Cylon Capital ship meet the exploding shells of the Colonial assaultstar and more and more pieces fly off the ship until there's nothing but a sparking, glowing mass of former machine pieces, slowly drifting and rapidly spinning away.

[Wrongway_101: Rue] Wrongway's viper peels away as the nuke is prematurely disintegrated, then after the Raptor. When the Basestar kersplodes, it does a fancy roll, flipping on it's horizontal to do a 'moon walk' with it's forward momentum. There may also be wing flapping in celebration at Crow.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Well done!"

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] There's a growl of exhaust as Crow's viper streaks off in after Wrongway's, but no fancy rolls or wing flaps from him. He does bark a laugh into his visor at the celebratory 'dance' from Rue however.

[Fender_211: Addie] Fender, scouting the periphery, catches the nuke in her sights and takes a snap shot at the little bastard. Poor Cylon nuke, never to realize its potential as a phallic projectile. So sad, little radiological baby. Eat failure. Ha. And so on.

[Tac1] "Crow" Micah says, "Nice shooting there, Major."

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Ha ha ha. Shut up."

[VIPER_1741: Alister] In a lazy wing wave to Fender at the sight of the disintergrating nuke, Slipstream reforms and watches the second disintergration, that of the basestar. He almost looks sad.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Or it'll be back to the Brig with your ass."

[Tac1] "Slipstream" Alister says, "That would have been one hell of a marker on the killboard."

[Tac1] "Crow" Micah says, "Only if you're in there with me."

[Charon_840: Warwick] Adding to the fire at the nuke, then rolling to the side as the Basestar turns into a pretty display of fireworks, Hound turns to where the others are now, turning in his cockpit to look around at what he can see at the moment.

[FireEater_702: Roz] The pilot keeps her steady and making sure Hound is doing well, not that her own is in the best of shape either it seems. But when that Basestar goes up, she is shouting a 'Hellyeah!' across the tac.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Sorry. Vertical pars aren't my style."

[RAPTOR-G_354: Novella] The Raptors drop off their cargo and once again form around the G, looking out for their own. They all make their way slowly back to the Pandora.

[RAPTOR-G_354: Jocasta] In the back of the limping and smoke-spewing Raptor-G, there's an ECO pointing at her fritz'd countermeasures station and laughing maniacally. Even if no one realizes that it was probably Jocasta that saved the day, she seems pretty pleased with herself either way. She turns her head to catch the impressive view out the windshield of the Raptor's cockpit.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "The bigger they are, the more spectacular fireworks they turn into."

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "So it would seem. Haven't seen something like that since Armistace Day a few years back. Kind of ironic, when you think about it."

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Alright pilots, move into patrol formations. We're guarding the Pandora's ass til we all bug out of this place."

[Tac1] "Fender" Addie says, "Wilco."

[Tac1] "Slipstream" Alister says, "How're you holding up, Hound?"

[Tac1] "Crow" Micah says, "Copy, Wrongway."

[Tac1] Pandora holds fire, and stays on station, having a few nasty looking scores in its armor, but still functional. the guns start tracking space for targets as she waits.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Got it. And far better than the deck crew will be when we get back, Slipstream. Besides, we have the chance to see home from out here, haven't we?"

[Tac1] "Slipstream" Alister says, "Speak for yourself, man. My nose just needs some buffing and we're good. I think that's soot on there."


[Tac3] Ramiro says, "Boarding party Ramiro reporting safe delivery of wounded and personnel to the Pandora. Mission accomplished."

And so, it's 'whee whee whee, all the way home' for the trio of Raptors; each filled to the brim with piss and vinegar, vim and vigor, and, of course, a pair of Navy flyers. Jocasta's apparently the ECO aboard the nigh-crippled bird, and once the ship comes in for a landing and settles down, the unlucky few who fared along in the bowels of her bird (which smelt almost overwhelmingly of burnt ozone and wiring) and no doubt quick to escape the confines of their smoky escort.

Rue lands with her Viper shortly after the first round of Raptors returns, popping her canopy once she's towed onto the line in the Hangar. Patting the instruments of her finely tuned death dealing machine, she gets up and starts down the ladder, intent on welcoming and/or helping to the Sickbay, any Marines she encounters.

Ramiro exits the Raptor, unstrapping his helmet and pulling it off of his head. Letting his rifle hang on the lanyard, he grins and steps onto the deck, letting out a deep breath of relief. "I love Raptor pilots…" He declares to himself, stretching his arms. "Eight Cylons down…more to come…"

D'Artanion waits until the Raptor has landed. She releases her restraints and moves quickly out of the ship. "I'll call for transport. Even if the hotshot 'Sergeant' thinks he's bitchin' and badass, I don't want him walking all the way to sickbay." Turning, she smiles at Jo, "Good flyin'." Then, she is back to all business. Heading for the nearest wireless, she begins to place the call.

Bell aided Staff Sergeant Gars out of the Raptor, the Sergeant limping along with his left leg heavily bandaged around the thigh; the blood-covered pants evidence of the bullets that had struck him. Struggling somewhat to limp along with one good leg, Gars seems determined to manage without a stretcher. As they exit the Raptor, Gars looks over to Ramiro, "Corporal" he says, "Just so you know; don't call me by name when I'm in this uniform. I'm 'Staff' to you, soldier. Clear?"

Someone answers your wireless call. You can now use the 'private' wireless channel to talk to them.

[Private] Craven says, "This is Lieutenant Craven. Go ahead."

Even though, technically, Jo wasn't the one doing the flying, she'll still take D'Artanion's compliment for what it is. The ensign acknowledges the Marine medic with a lift of her chin and says with a genuine smile, "Thanks, doc." Two seconds later, she's pounding ground over to Rue, spotting the CAG makes for an easy excuse to escape the ensuing ego buffet.

"Will do, Staff…sorry about that." Ramiro's grin is wiped off of his face as he turns to nod to the man being carried off. His hair tousled from the helmet and the sweat, he seems elated to be alive at this point after what they'd been through.

D'Artanion speaks over the wireless, "This is Staff Sergeant D'Artanion. We need a stretcher in the Pandora's Hold, sir. I'd rather Staff Sergeant Gars didn't walk all the way over there." Turning, she glances back at the others, then adds, "We have two others wounded, though only the Staff Sergeant warrants a stretcher."

[Private] Craven says, "Acknowledged, Staff Sergeant. There should be a stretcher available just outside the Pandora's Landing Deck, in the hallway on the way to the Passenger's Deck."

Rue squares off a salute to the approaching Jocasta, meeting her halfway to the Raptors. "Looks like mission accomplished. How are you holding up?"

Bell aided Gars over to a crate and sat him down to rest. While Bell headed over to help unload the Raptors, Gars remained by the crate, trying to regain his strength. It was clear however, that the leg caused him some pain.

[Private] Craven says, "Your welcome, Sergeant. I'll see you in Sickbay."

Jocasta gestures to the smoking pile of Raptor-G that managed to somehow survive the engagement both ways. The ensign's flight suit looks a little sooty but she's otherwise no worse for wear. With her helmet tucked up under her right arm, she notes, "Coulda been worse, sir." Her dark eyes then travel back over to survey the damaged Marines, as if to punctuate her statement by comparison.

[Private] Craven hangs up the wireless and ends the call.

D'Artanion speaks quietly into the wireless, "Acknowledged. Thank you, sir." Signing off, she moves across the room to the indicated door. Opening it, she pulls the stretcher into the room. Letting the door close after her, she walks back, pulling the stretcher after her. She nods to Bell in passing, then stops in front of Gars, "Come on, Staff Sergeant. I'll help you up." Facing him, she extends her hand toward him.

Still dressed in his flight suit, sweaty-templed and helmet-headed, Micah draws up shortly behind the approaching CAG. "Nice work out there, Jammer," he offers in a subdued, though oddly sincere tone of voice. Mind, it could be because his jaw's pinned and wired shut, or the painkillers he'd doped up on as soon as the squadron touched back down.

Undamaged, Ramiro starts to help unload the crates with a few grunts. Setting them down one by one, he looks to Jocasta with a nod. "Thanks for the ride, Sir…" He calls out, rather happy as he takes another crate. Giving one of the deck hands a smile, he asks one of them for a secured munitions bag. Being given one, he starts to unload his spare clip and his spent shell casings into it so that they can be recycled. "Staff, you want an escort?" He calls out to D'artanion and Gars.

"Third time this happens, you know" Gars frowns. "Shot in the leg I mean. Its becoming a habit to limp around… Frakking cac." As he hears Ramiro call out to him he looks over to the corporal, "Are you trying to be funny, corporal? If not, then get over here and lend me a hand, soldier."

Aw. Jojo's got fans. Appreciate, adoring fan! Okay. Maybe not really but… a girl can dream, can't she? Jocasta sports a grin that suggests she's exceptionally pleased with herself but remains humble in her acknowledging, "Jammer, huh? I can deal with that."

"Could have been a lot worse. And if our records are accurate, we just hit a nice cache of supplies," Rue says, running a hand through her sweaty blonde mop of hair. Eyeing Micah, then looking back to Jocasta, she notes, "Nice bit of work back there with the Basestar."

D'Artanion remains where she is, hand extended toward Gars. When he calls for someone else to assist him, her expression hardens though she does not look away for a moment. When she does stand aside, she glances toward Ramiro, "If you'd please help the Staff Sergeant onto the stretcher? I'd appreciate it." Turning, she claims the 'driver's seat' at the stretcher's side. Seems she is not going to shirk her duty to the wounded.

Leaving the spare ammo behind to be reappropriated by the fleet, Ramiro hops up and over to Gars. Offering a shoulder for the Staff Sergeant to use for transportation, he gives a little grunt to help settle his weight as he helps Gars onto the stretcher.

"Don't let it go to your head," Micah replies, hoisting the helmet tucked under his arm as he ambles in a little closer. The Marines and their work with crates and injured men are observed for a moment or two, but he's sure to keep well out of their way. "Thanks for watching my wing, too, Major," he adds to Rue, grinning despite the metal in his mouth. It's a little frankensteinish.

In a maneuver that sounds like something akin to modesty shining through, Jocasta replies, "Well, it was just so big, sir…" She tosses a wink over to Micah in a gesture that might be meant as innuendo before she tacks on, "…'lot easier to jam up than a sparrow."

Gars jumps on his good leg as Ramiro aids him to reach the transport-car. "Thanks, corporal… You did good today. Keep it up, soldier." He then adjusts his seating on the transport, grinning some from the pain in his leg. "Right, doc… lets make the Jump."

"Shut up, Crow," Rue says off-handedly, grinning as she tosses Jocasta a nod. "Well, you done did good, Jo. Keep it up." She looks down the line of Vipers and comments, "We have some black eyes, but the supplies should keep us in fighting form for a good long while."

"What heart?" comes Jocasta's lopsided-lipped reply to Micah's inference. She surveys the flight deck along with Rue for a moment and then adds, "Let's hope so, sir." She sounds just a little bit somber, smirk fading. "I don't know about you, sir, but I'm gonna go hit the head. I could use a shower."

"Go ahead. And hit the borrowed racks, we'll be meeting back up with the fleet as soon as Pandora finishes transfer of materiel from the Complex," Rue says, before adding, "I'm going to stay here. We have to maintain the CAP until we're ready to fly out of here."

Rue eyes Micah a moment, eyebrow arching at the exchange between the two, before she starts off down the row of vipers.

It's the first jab that actually seems to hit somewhat close to home, and it causes a little of the humour to vanish from the viper jock's face. "Somewhere, deep down, there's a little black lump of coal, Jo. You know it." One last look is given the emptying flight deck, and then he rakes his fingers through damp hair. "Need me with you on CAP, Major, or..?" Or, can he pop a few more pain meds and try to sleep, most likely.

Jocasta is already a few steps away and running a hand over her head in order to smooth back a few sweat-soaked strands of hair that escaped her ponytail upon helmet removal. She pauses in her flight, however, to turn and wait for the CAG's decision. If Rue decides to be merciful, Micah's just as likely to be headed for the head (ha!) too, right?

The CAG pauses, looks at Micah, looks at Jocasta, looks at Micah again. "Yeah, go grab a shower and some shut eye. I'll keep the fires going."

Micah hesitates a moment. He actually looks like he'd have preferred she told him to shower, suit back up and hop on a viper. Can't notice the pain if you keep moving, after all. "Aye," he murmurs after a lengthy pause, saluting her stiffly before turning and shouldering past Jocasta to depart the flight deck.

Jocasta slings out one last sloppy salute before turning her back on the Major and heading off in earnest to more soapy and sultry environs. Her pace increases to double-time in order to close the small gap between her and Micah and the last words that Rue can probably hear are: "What happened to your face?"

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