Genesis - Deployment
Genesis - Deployment
Summary: Pilots, Marines, Engineers, and Medics ship out to the Pandora.
Date: 18 BCH (26 October 2008)
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Hangar Bay B Genesis - Deck 7
18 BCH 2085 Souls

The hangar deck is where the Genesis' Viper squadron, and its Raptor detachment are stored, repaired and maintained between missions. Ships land on the flight deck, one level above, and are brought down via massive elevators. Tow vehicles move the ships around the deck, their shrill alert beeps causing an almost constant cacophony of noise. The floor itself is a light gray in color, but wear and tear has left marks and scratches everywhere. Numbered sections are marked off with paint to house the various spacecraft.
The place is surprisingly tidy, with tool chests, machine parts, diagnostic equipment, and even the occasional spare engine or chassis scattered all in their appropriate place. Stairs lead up to other parts of the ship. The fourth side has a large sliding door leading to the flight deck elevators. On the port wall, Vipers are loaded into the launch tubes to be catapulted into space. Raptors take off from the flight deck.

Dazzler, Reeves ECO, look out from the Hatch of the Raptor. As she notices the CAG she makes a quick salute and then coughs to alert Reeves.

Reeves, sitting there in his flightsuit looks up towards Dazzler and then over towards Rue. The paintbrush still in his hand and the half naked woman painted on his Raptor still wet. "Wrongway…Heh…" He puts the brush into one of the buckets of paint and stands up to offer a quick salute aswell. "M'am."

Skip comes in from Aft Stairwell.
Skip has arrived.

Zaharis strides up to the hangar deck, emergency response teams in tow from Sickbay. They know their protocol, staying out of the way of the heavier machinery and moving objects to get their intake area set up, quick and efficient. The CMO tosses Rue a salute when he spots her.

Hurrying out from the fore stairway, Warwick looks around rather carefully as he starts heading further out onto the deck. Looking a bit lost in thought as he moves along.

"Rabbit," Rue says with a warm smile, "You know, it's good to see you being proactive about painting your bird. I'm a stickler for proper maintenance." She scratches her cheek with her thumbnail before straightening up and moving on, "Have fun. But I don't want to see anything on that bird that your mother would be ashamed of."

Rhea comes in from Aft Stairwell.
Rhea has arrived.

Rue also tosses a quick salute Zaharis' way. "Morning, Doc."

Someone mentioned the Marines? One of them comes hurrying down to the deck now, looking around for the other Marines. It's SSgt Scipio, better known as Skip, one of the newer arrivals aboard the ship.

Reeves curls his lips into a wide grin and chuckles. "You got it M'am…Mi mami did not raise a son to shame her..But I'd be more worried about Mi Papi." He starts to stove the painting gear away. "Is it true, that we need to raise the ground pounders M'am?"

"Morning, Rue." Zaharis keeps a close eye on the triage setup around the hangar deck, occasionally calling over some last minute instructions. He's suited up to go along with two NPC medics. Complete with sidearm, and the fully equipped medical kit that's probably more deadly than the gun if used wrong.

Gaelan comes in from Shuttle Transfer.
Gaelan has arrived.

Warwick makes his way further onto the deck, pausing as he sees the flying artwork. "Can you fly that thing with all that artwork?" he remarks lightly in Reeves' direction.

Rhea comes striding briskly onto the hangar deck, along with her snipes. An eager young engineering officer who doesn't look a day over twenty jogs at her heels, and a collection of far less wide-eyed techs follow him. They're all carrying engineering kits and look generally ready to fiddle with things.

Reeves keeps the grin on his lips as he looks over towards Warwick. "Hound, Art is what I do when I fly…this just makes sure you all can see it is me doing the fancy rescuing." he says with a chuckle. He offers a little nod towards Dazzler, who takes over the clean up duty, as Reeves slips down from the wing of his Raptor to adjust his suit and look more ready then he may be.

Skip pauses a little as he looks around at the various people gathered at the deck, waiting to see what orders might come.

Zaharis watches his medics get themselves readied up, with similar red-cross brassards as his, and similar medical packs, though the full doctor's is larger and carrying some more advanced supplies. He rolls his shoulders as they wait, conferring with the Lieutenant he's leaving in charge on the flight deck.

"Just make sure you're ready to fly," is what Rue calls back to Reeves and his ECO. "This is a big one." Nodding once to Warwick in passing, she makes her way to a raptor and boards, starting her pre-flight.

Gaelan steps through the Hatchway from the stairwell. The Captain is not going to don the inspirational duty dress for this show, that's a Marine vessel out there and he is going on this ride. In full battle dress he keeps his helmet tucked under his arm, the rifle at a ready across his chest. Eyes slide around the hangar as he notes the 1st Squad starting to assemble and finally he notices Rue and immediately starts heading in the CAG's direction. The thudded steps of the boots are clear and staccato amongst the bustle of the Hangar as he moves at a determined pace.

Warwick just snickers at Reeves. "Sure, sure. Sayu that when you've hit something," he remarks, before heading to one of the other Raptors, a bit absently. "Let's hope we don't crash all these minivans." That said mostly to himself.

Reeves glances over towards Rue and nods his head. "I was born ready Wrongway.." he calls after the CAG and then turns to look at Dazzler, a few quiet words is exchanged between the two before she nods her head and heads back into the Raptor. As Warwick replies, Reeves looks over and chuckles. "Hound, I've see you Star Screamers fly…I'm just glad I'm not the chief, I just have to haul you back here..He gets to repair all the damages you do."

Rhea a quick, visual double-check of her people, counting heads and making sure the engineers are properly suited up and equipped. The snipe NCOs already checked them back in main engineering, so she just nods in satisfaction. Offering a grin to her eager ensign. "Ready, Mercer? Relax. You've drilled for this. Everyone knows their jobs." That's as close as she gets to an inspirational speech. It's over now.

Skip stands with the rest of the squad, looking over at Captain Gaelan for a few moments. Otherwise he just keeps silent, listening to what's being said.

Zaharis casts a last look at sickbay's hangar deck setup, giving a satisfied nod to the Lieutenant, and he waves over his medics to hustle on over as he heads down closer to the Raptor groupings. "Let's this show on the road. Stay alert, listen to your instructions, and don't get injured." He jerks a thumb towards the rest of the folks on the deck. "That's their job."

Rooster comes in from Fore Stairwell.
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With crossed arms, Reeves is standing by the Doreen (raptor 1122). He looks towards Zaharis and quirks an eyebrow, but after a moment he nods his head slowly and moves up upon the Raptor's wing by the hatch. "To all passangers, The Majestic Doreen is preping for departure, so please ensure your bagage is at minimal, take only what you need and line up." That done, he then looks towards Rue and gives a thumbs up.

Rue goes quietly about her pre-flight in one of the Raptors. Her ECO officer, a youngish looking brunette, for the flight steps onboard not too long after. A greeting is offered along with a smile, "Hey Shiva."

Gaelan steps up to the CAG and gives a quick salute as he keeps pace with her as she wanders around. Casting a glance back to the forming squad of Marines he flatly states, "Captain. I will be going on this mission with my squad. We are assembled and ready, just need to know who our driver is going to be." Reaching his hand up he settles it on the grip of the rifle to steady it from bouncing around against his chest.

Effie comes in from Hangar Bay A.
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Rhea gets her people assembled around the Raptors and ready to board, inclining her head to Reeves. "Lieutenant. I hope you won't mind carting around my snipes again." Another nod is given to Zaharis when she spots him. "Doctor. Looks like we're all getting out of the rear echelon for awhile today."

Warwick boards his chosen Raptor, and goes through a quick checkup. "This'll be fun," he mutters to himself, while his ECO for the ride, a young man with aubrun hair, offers a bit of a smile. "Just make sure everyone's fastened properly and it'll be okay," he offers.

Rue nods to Gaelan and hands off her checklist to Shiva as she steps out of the raptor. "Alright Captain. Any objection to me using your marines to get our collective butts in gear?" She glances down the line of still as yet unlaunched rescue ships.

Zaharis smirks at Rhea. "Just here to make sure everyone's limbs stay on." He glances at the ship rows, making a light popping sound with his lips. "Someone give Raptor assignments or something? Screw it." He calls to the medics. "Come on move, let's go."

Regas comes in from Aft Stairwell.
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Gaelan nods as he follows her out of the Raptor, "Tell me what you need done. They will do anything they need to speed up their chances to go to work." Once out of the Raptor he takes a glance to the squad eyes scanning as if looking for someone in particular. The Captain's brow stitches together in frustration before turning back to Rue's attention waiting to see what she needs done.

Reeves looks at Rhea and grins. "They hurl, they clean…Welcome aboard Cap'n…You picked the right Raptor..It takes a Wardog to fly one of these proper…" He then heads inside to finalize the pre-launch procedures. As Reeves enter, Dazzler makes her way out onto the wing. It seems she is keeping check on just who and how many are going to ride in the Doreen.

Rhea gives Zaharis a mild look. "If I shoot myself in the foot I'm confident you're equipped to fix it," she says to the doctor wryly. Her manner's still serious under the light joking, though. To Reeves, she nods. "We always clean up our messes, Lieutenant. Engineers are great to have to parties that way. But we'll try not to muss your craft."

A booming voice comes down the stairway as the Colonel stands in view, "Why the FRAK are my Raptors still sitting here? This isn't some godsdamn vacation! Get those birds in the air, people are dying. Unless you want to spend the rest of your frakking lives in the brig. I mean move it NOW."

Rue pauses, then cups her hands about her mouth, "I don't care what raptor you get on people, just GET ON BOARD. Marines, split into even groups, grab a snipe and a medic and get onboard NOW. PILOTS, get ready to kick the tires and light the fires! You have one minute!"

On cue, Rooster troops in behind a pair of straggling marines weighed down with extra kit. "HUP TWO HUP TWO YOU FRAKKIN' WEAKLINGS! ANY SLOWER AND WE'LL GET YOU TRANSFERRED TO THE NAVY!" poor sods, really, "Don't make me tan your hides!" Rooster himself is equally heavily equipped, in full kit and equipment, rifle slung over his back and cradling a light machine gun, but the bastard keeps up, cracking into a very smart salute, the two unfortunates falling into file. "SIR, Stragglers, sir!" he calls to Gaelan and then barks at the marines to follow Rue's instructions.

Reeves has left.
Reeves climbs into RAPTOR_1122.

[From RAPTOR_1122:]
Reeves has left.

Rue has left.
Rue climbs into RAPTOR_122.

[From RAPTOR_122:]
Rue has left.

Effie shuffles out of the other Hangar Bay, probably fresh from violating the guts of some poor viper or raptor. She has a coil of some sort of electical wiring hanging from one wrist like a bracelet, and a set of heavy duty wire cutters in the other hand. She glances up as she notes the amount of bodies on the flight deck. Something is amiss in the force. "Too many people," she murmurs under her breath.

Gaelan climbs into the ship.

Zaharis dispatches a medic with each Raptor and heads for the CAG's ship, himself. He climbs into the flying bucket and plunks into a seat, medical packs strapped securely to his bag and the side of one leg. "I'll fly with you if you don't mind, Cap." He says to Rue with a slight grin, buckling in.

[RAPTOR_1122: Reeves] Dazzler, awaits the very last minute as she stands there in the hatch with a clip in her hand watches the people move into the various raptors.

[Tac1] "Rabbit" Reeves says, "Wrongway, Rabbit…all lights green. over"

Gaelan steps on behind Zaharis and looks to Rooster as he glances up towards the CAG, "Better not crash Captain, we will have one frakked up rescue op if that happens." Sitting down directly across from Rooster he just looks at the Gunny, pulling on his helmet and strapping it into place. Glancing down to his rifle he flips the safety off and finally looks up to the Gunny and flatly states in his rasped whisper, "Gunny. I expect your squad to never have that happen again. Make up for it when we hit dirt."

"Sir, Yes, Sir," Rooster replies to the whisper, "It won't happen again." he assures Gaelan as he settles in and straps up. "Sir, permission to ask for a briefing sir?" he adds as he stows the machine gun under his legs, "Seems kind of urgent for an exercise, sir."

"I don't mind at all, doc," Rue answers as she flips a few of the instruments on the console in front of her. "I'll try and keep the ride as smooth as possible, but raptors are not my strong suit." She glances back with a crooked grin. "Shiva, close the hatch!" And once it has, she turns face forward again, pressing some more shiny looking buttons.

Rue takes off.
Rue flies the ship to Space.

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