Genesis Station


The following policies apply to civilian contractors working on board military vessels.
* Must be approved by the CO.
* Must file a non-disclosure agreement (handled by JAG office)
* Must receive training in shipboard emergency procedures.
* Must be escorted at all times in Restricted Areas of the ship (noted in the room descs) unless a special pass is granted for a specific work area (must be approved by the appropriate Department Head and Master at Arms).
* Must report to the nearest safe area (berthing, mess hall, rec room, etc.) if the ship goes to Condition Two or One.


Type: Valkyrie Class Battlestar
Registry: Military
Initial Census: 1300 military (1200 enlisted, 100 officers)
Joined: 6 BCH

Ship Info

Two Double turrets. Four under alligator hull. Twenty double dual-Purpose guns capable of cannon fire and conventional missiles. Four heavy, bow-mounted forward guns. Numerous point defense, dual rapid-fire guns for fighter defense and defense against incoming missiles. Special Ops Information is Classified.

Genesis was part of the BSG-41 Battlegroup. Commander Adama had this ship under his command before he was moved to the Galactica. This ship has capabilities that only the military are aware of at this time. They currently are on watch patrol at the Support Station PAS.

Battlestar Genesis

Image of the Colonies and the station info. Also, much thanks to those at Scifi-Meshes for the pics I found.


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