Get Your Coat
Get Your Coat
Summary: Major Gaelan comes to let the brigged pilots go.
Date: 74 ACH
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Battlestar Genesis, Deck 14, Main Brig, 74 ACH

The Main Brig is for the enlisted personnel that are in lock-up. A guard and a desk is here along with three cells. Each cell has steel bars across the front. There is a single bunk, a toilet and a light above. Security camera's are also in place here and the guard rotates out every four hours.

Kalypso has been in here, sobering up for a little while now. Not long, but certainly long enough for word of her incarceration to spread. Meanwhile, Sloane her partner-in-crime got his head stitched up down in Sick Bay before being sent to 'sleep it off' in a cell. The female Raptor pilot is laying on a cot in one of the cells, one bare foot and leg hanging off the side, her arms curled under her head. Someone's uniform jacket is draped over her upper body, a little big for her, but enough to give her some decency in that dress she's wearing. Not that the leg hanging off the bunk helps with the image. One could almost feel sorry for the brigged birthday girl. Almost.

Gaelan steps into the Brig, file in his hand. The MP quickly comes to a salute not expecting the Major to come down to the brig as the MP stutters out, "M..Major, Sir!" Gaelan slides a glance at the MP and returns the salute as his rasped tone comments, "As you were Corporal. I am here to see the pilot." The MP lowers his salute and nods quickly and points to the brig where Kalypso resides. The Major takes the few short steps to the occupied cell and stares into the cell a moment before kicking the cell's bars with his booted foot.

Clang. The sound of boot hitting the bars jars the young woman back awake. Yes, she's still a little on the drunk side, but at least most of the alcohol has worked it's way out of her system. She rubs a along the side of her face and blinks as she looks toward the bars. "Mmmnf. Hmm?" Kalypso pushes herself up to a mostly sitting position. The one foot hanging off the end of the bed and the other curled slightly under her. Blink. Oh. Uh oh. "Uh… hi, sir."

Gaelan simply stares as he waits on her to finally get some form of bearings. Then finally looking to the file he lifts it up to show her as he comments in his rasped tone, "So. A shoe? Care to explain what exactly happened before I contact your CO to explain to her why two of her pilots are in my brig?"

"Sloane gonna be okay?" Kalypso asks. She's still rubbing at her face as she tries to work some of the fog out of her brain. Of course, she does have enough sense to look abashed. And she does answer the question. "I was just out to have some drinks," she says, "Get good and trashed. Sloane showed up, was gonna make sure I got back okay, watch out for me. We were gonna go feed the ducks and finish our bottle of booze, when this asshole comes and punches 'im in the face. POW!" She demonstrates by swinging one of her fists. It sends silver bracelets jangling along her wrist. "He was just tryin' to be a gentleman and this dickhead couldn't get it through his brain that I wasn't interested."

Gaelan looks to the file and the brow stitches together as he looks back to Kaly pulling the file behind his back as he comments, "So what was the occassion Ensign?" Oh yes. It's at the rank level of the relationship between the two. The Major obviously looks displeased as he stares at her, watching her actions carefully as she still recovers.

Oh, that's not good. He's using rank. And a frowny face. Kalypso lowers her hand from her face, plucking at the fabric of her dress. Mis-matched eyes are averted, looking instead at the skirt of her dress and her bare feet. She mumbles the response to that question, but it's still understandable if one is paying attention. "…my birthday."

Gaelan silently stands there, the faint sounds of fingers rapping on the files binder as the Major assess the Ensign. Taking a step back he looks up towards the MP guard and calls out, "Corporal. Open up the cell, the Ensign is released under my order." Looking back to Kaly he just stares disapprovingly, brow knits together tightly as he waits on the MP guard to hurriedly open the cell indicated.

Kalypso blinks, surprise on her face as she looks up. She's being released? The surprise is quickly replaced by a wince when she sees the look on his face. Her head ducks again, but she pushes off the cot to her feet to await the MP guard. Words are not really going to help make this better, and for the first time tonight she actually holds her tongue. Maybe she is sobering up a little.

Gaelan lifts his hand and points to the jacket being left on the cot and in a very staccato rasped tone, "Get your coat." Watching her a moment his tone softens just slightly, "You have to walk through Marine Country to get back to your side of the ship, Ensign." Looking to the MP he comments to the Corporal, "I will file the report with the Ensign's CO."

Kalypso swallows hard and turns to pad back into her cell. The jacket is picked back up and pulled tightly around her shoulders. "Aye, sir," she says, still keeping her eyes downcast. This would be less humiliating if the security on the Carina had just let her go get her change of clothes. Or if Gaelan wasn't giving her that look. She shuffles out of the cell on bare feet, keeping her head lowered. She stops just in front of Gaelan and lifts her eyes to look at him. "I'm sorry, sir," the young woman says, and then, hitching the coat around herself she goes to make the walk of shame through Marine Country.

Sloane has been asleep all of this time. Wearing a white tee shirt instead of his button up shirt, he smells like whiskey and is in need of a bath. Blinking, he rises from his pillow and favors the newly stitched cut in the side of his scalp.

Gaelan stands in the open cell door that Kaly is just now departing as he looks to the MP, "Lock it up." Reaching up he rubs his face slowly and looks around the Brig to see who else remains and notices the other stirring pilot.

Sloane blinks at Major Gaelan for a moment as his vision locks into place. Wincing a little at the pain in his head, he offers the Major a salute. "Sir…" He says, sitting on the edge of his bunk. At least he got to brush his teeth before he slept. "…how much trouble am I in?"

Gaelan eyes look to the pilot and returns the salute. Stepping over towards the cell he flatly comments, "More than Ensign Leto. I can tell you that much." Pulling the file open he looks at it briefly then looks back up to the pilot and comments, "Tell me what happened."

Sloane takes a deep breath, resisting the urge to run a hand through his hair. "I was having a drink with Ensign Leto for her birthday, there was this civilian eyeballing her. Didn't look too happy. So I decided we'd go feed the ducks and take a walk, he apparently followed us. He took a swing at me. I dodged." Sloane pauses, sitting back a little bit. "I didn't hit back, tried to talk him down. He told me that I was taking a walk and he and Ensign Leto were going to have a talk. You should have seen this guy sir, he was blitzed." Sloane looks to Gaelan. "So I stood between the two of them and told him that I wasn't going anywhere and I wasn't leaving her side, and that we didn't have to fight. You know? Walk away, call it a day. So he started towards me, cracking his knuckles. I told Leto to go get some help and that's when he threw the second first punch…" He pauses. "Wasn't going to risk leaving her with him so I held him off."

Gaelan nods slowly as he listens looking to the MP guard then back to the pilot in the cell, "Medical cleared you for active duty?"

"Yeah they ran a concussion test on me and I passed, so aside from letting the stitches dissolve I'm cleared for anything that needs being done around here." He pauses. "I complied with the security forces over there, didn't give them any trouble sir."

Gaelan nods slowly again as he looks to the Corporal MP and motions to the door, "Open it up." Looking back to the pilot he flatly comments, "I don't need my brig occupied, but your CO will be notified so she can deal with you accordingly. Understood?"

"Understood, sir." Sloane says, standing and putting his hands behind his back. He gives a sheepish nod, seemingly upset about what went down. He maintains a silence, not wanting to speak and shatter the semi-good news that he's being released.

The Corporal looks to the Major and nods, walking up the cell unfastening the locks and pulling the door open. The Major takes a step back and watches the pilot emerge to freedom.

Sloane looks to Major Gaelan as if he's going to possibly get punched as he walks past. Lowering his head, he nods to the Major and then moves out, immediately making a bee-line towards the berthings so that he can shower.

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