Swim Meet
Swim Meet
Summary: The CAG and the Gunny, history and emotions. Some swimming also features.
Date: 28/10/08
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Pool Genesis - Deck 9
16 BCH 2185 Souls

The pool here is almost olympic-sized. The water is roped at times for those events when the crew have their own type of racing and water sports. There are also lockers, showers and benches around the area.
----—< Condition 3 - Duty Area >-----

Strolling around the pool towards a free lane, Rooster has shed his robe onto a bench and pulled down a pair of swimming goggles (just as well, the busy pool offering a fair amount of distractions for the gunny. Probably better his line of sight is masked.). he turns the corner of the pool, picks himself a lane and, taking a deep breath, dives in.

Rue would be one of those swimmers, lounging in one corner of the pool. The priveledge of rank guarantees she's not getting splashed. So as Rooster passes on through, she's not in the least distracted and follows the man's progress. Once he's goggled and doved into the water, she kicks away from the side of the pool she was on and starts to swim towards his lane.

A decent swimmer, if nothing special, Rooster manages a fair speed down his lane. Powering on in a forward crawl, his face down in the water for most of the time, he doesn't notice Rue as she approaches. He does, however, stop as he gets closer to her, being alerted her movement in the water and what he can see under the surface. The Marine treads water as he raises his head and looks over, some comment about her legs dying on his lips, "Oh, Captain, hello!"

"Rooster," is Rue's response, slipping past the man. She flicks some water into his face for good measure. "Why did you come here? The Genesis, I mean. I refuse to believe this is some weird case of serendipity. You had to have done this."

"Uhh," Rooster replies suavely, flicking water back at the CAG, "Obviously I've missed you and thought we could make a go of it? Is that what you want to hear?" An eyebrow cocked over the goggles, Rooster shakes his head, "I mean, its not like we're soldiers that get assigned frakking anywhere," he adds, taking refuge in the lowest form of wit, "Can we not do this here? I just want to swim."

"I don't buy it. And no, I don't think you missed me. I think you're about as self-centered as they come, Gunny." Rue rolls her eyes at the man, kicking water in place. "What I think is that you did this to screw with my head. Or because you thought I missed you."

"Lets go with that then, Savannah," Rooster says, looking away down the lane, "Always were stubborn as hell, so I don't think you'll accept anything I say." With that, Woosh, off he goes.

True to form, Rue isn't about to let Rooster get away with that. Frowning, she dives after him, trying to catch up to the man, then hip check him out of his swim. Coming up sputtering, she spits out water and then says, in a quiet voice, "Did I matter to you at all?"

Catching the hipcheck and rolling over in the water, the big marine frowning as he spits out a mouthful of water, "Yes, Savannah, yes you did," Rooster says, frustrated by the question, "Hades, I was all for marrying you and settling down. But, like I've said, we're all stupid when we're young, eh?" He treads water over to the side of the pool, reaches up to climb out and turns to add, "You know what, you want to have this conversation, we'll do it in the sparring ring, let you take some frustration out on me with your fists."

"Then why didn't you stop me? Come after me?" Rue insists. No, she's not letting the man just go. She follows him up out of the pool, though she stands a short distance away. "I don't want to hit you."

Grabbing his towel and robe and drying off, Rooster sighs, "Plenty of reasons, Savvy, you want to hear them all or just the main ones?" he asks whilst moving towards the changing rooms, making a point of only looking at Rue's eyes when he looks at her at all, "There was that thing with that other girl, our thing was broken and I couldn't follow you into pilots school because.. get this.. I'm just a dumb marine."

"You aren't dumb," the woman says, blue eyes intent on Rooster, less for the mancandy and more because she's trying to convey that she means what she's saying. Rue pauses a moment and then asks, "You tried to follow me into the pilot's school?" Another pause and an awkward silence. She doesn't follow after the man, but she does say, "I do miss you, you know."

"Your aim will get better, heard that one before," Rooster says as he steps into the changing room, reappearing in short order dressed in his sweats (though still slightly damp, going by the clinging, mancandy, you say?), "You've done well for yourself, but I didn't even get told you were here. All I got was a sheaf of papers with "Top Secret: Your Eyes Only" on the front and orders to report to Captain Gaelan." The big man, clutching his kit bag, takes a moment to clench his hand around the strap, take a deep breath and say, "I missed you too." in a very quiet voice indeed.

There's a pregnant pause there. Quadruplets even. Rue stands there, dripping pool water on the floor with her right held across her body. "If I could have told you where I was, I would have." Then, "There hasn't been anyone since you."

To his eternal regret, thats just the step too far for a man who has spent the last decade around people with the mental age of twelve, "BWAHAHAHA-" Rooster bursts into laughter despite himself, "Thats a great one, ha!" fully knee slapping. "Oh frak, but I've missed that sense of humour," he continues, the moment wrecked, "C'mon and get dressed and we'll go grab something to eat, you can tell me what its like to fly one of those Vipers."

Savannah blinks twice, anger quickly rising and then being shoved under again as she stares at Rooster. "I wasn't joking. Ass." And then she stalks past him, grabbing her towel and heading into the women's locker room. She doesn't come back out immediately.

"You weren't?" Rooster asks, too quietly to be heard in the locker room, shucks. Realising he may as well try to make peace, if not whoopee, the Gunny waits there patiently for Rue to re-emerge, passing a few comments to one of his squaddies that pass by, "Nice work there, Delta, keep it up and we'll see about you outswimming the Navy."

It's a full thirty minutes later when Rue comes back out of the woman's locker room. She's dressed in her full Colonial officer's uniform, complete with rank pins and wings. One word describes her: sharp. Moving right on past Rooster (she didn't think he would have stayed), she heads for the exit.

Just as well, really, Rooster having taken up a bench in those thirty minutes and peoplewatched for the intervening time. When the CAG reappears, the Marine gets to his feet and looks her over as she heads past, "Have a good duty-shift!" he calls after her, adding a "Ma'am!" somewhat caustically.

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