Give No Quarter - Engineering
Give No Quarter - Engineering
Summary: Engineering Analyzes the Data the Raptor brought in
Date: 52 ACH
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Main Engineering (#1153RXF) Genesis - Deck 8
52 ACH 6285 Souls

Main Engineering is staffed by the Chief Engineer and his or her crew. There are enough monitors, flashing lights, back-up generators, consoles and various other areas to man the battlestar and keep it in top form at all times. Storage areas, locked areas, pipes, machinery and tools are all around the area. The desk of the ChEng sits in an area where it is the quietest so work can be done.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: IC_Builder Magic 8 Ball Marker_Four Whiteboard Wireless

Exits: [O] Corridor

Special: +detail - Details available
[Intercom] Major Zimmermann, 1319, Zimmermann, 1319

The wireless receiver (#1319) starts buzzing. Use +com/answer to answer it.
You answer the call. Use the 'private' wireless channel to talk to them.

[Private] Engineering, CPO Rogers.

[Private] Rhea says, "Zimmermann here, Rogers. What's the sich?"

[Private] Rogers says, "Sir, we have a datapacket here, just brought in from a Recon. Stamped urgent analysis."

[Private] Rhea says, "Recon? They've been out nosing for fuel. Maybe they found us some. I'll be right in. Zimm out."

[Private] Rhea hangs up the wireless and ends the call.
Rhea comes in from Corridor 8D.
Rhea has arrived.

Rogers is at a back table, looking at a small sealed envelope marked 'Urgent analysis'. Seems he's not willing to do anything with it till the boss gets here.

Darius is adjusting his chair, seating himself into what is quickly becoming 'his console'. "Darius' console" is slightly older than the others and comes pre coffee-stained, which means someone has thoughtfully broken it in for him. An arm reaches overhead to flick several switches, making the station glow.

There are likely coffee stains on all the consoles here. It's Rhea's shop, after all. And the ChEng clomps back into it not far behind Darius. Briskly. All of technical anticipation. "Rogers." She heads directly to the back table. "What've we got?"

Rogers looks at Rhea, and nods, knowing the slapping he'll get if he salutes. "Sir." He says, then nods to the Envelope O Doom. "Just came in off a Recon, some sort of download off a signal." He looks to her, "Stamped urgent, but.. All I know is the tech who brought it up said something about survivors."

Darius stops in mid-routine at the mention of survivors. He doesn't move a muscle.

"Survivors?" Rhea takes the envelope, opening it without any delay. "Well. Let's not waste any time with this, then. The commander'll need to act quickly if there are still people out there."

Rogers nods, and looks at the Envelope as it spills out a datachip, and analysis slip. Slip reads, 'Voice/data signal. Voice signal compromised, data packet download complete, encrypted. Analysis of encrypted data priority.'

Darius returns to his console, starting up an analysis of some electrical system or another, but his keypresses are light. He's listening.

Rhea notes Darius listening, snorting and raising her hand. She even snaps her fingers. "Sagona, come over here," she orders crisply. "You've been doing this almost as long as I have. Maybe you'll notice something." And he's clearly interested. He can play with it, too. She takes the chip and, without further ado, slots it in. "Rogers, run it through the basic diagnostics. Let's see what turns up."

<Trait Roll> Darius rolls Engineering and achieves a degree of Good (4).
<Trait Roll> Rhea rolls Engineering and achieves a degree of Good (4).

<Trait Roll> Darius rolls Mathematics and achieves a degree of Great (5).

"Some people have eyes in the back of their head. You've got eyes -in- mine, Major. I don't know whether to be impressed or mortified." Darius gets up, locks his terminal, and moves to where Rhea and Rogers are standing. He gives Rogers a quick smile, "Good to see you again, Rogers. Heard the Cylons got a real charge out of meeting you. Huh." He glances down at the screen and turns to Rhea, "Looks like a standard non-standard encryption method right there, doesn't it? Intact headers… modular?"

"I know my snipes, Sagona," Rhea says mildly. Content to let him fear her. It makes her smile. She leans in, to work over the data, slim frown of concentration coming to her face. "Looks like…It's times like this I wish I'd paid more attention in computer programming class. You parsing anything from that?"

Rogers nods, "Sir." Looking at Darius he grins, "It was fun showing the Cylon the light, the REAL bright light." He turns and types. Type type. He then straightens and turns to Rhea, "That-" BEEEP Rogers turns and looks at the diagnostics. "Just compressed, but it looks manual." He shakes his head, the screen showing a compression format the diagnostics came up with but can't quite work out.

Darius narrows his eyes at the screen, "Somewhat. It's a non-standard system, but it's still within protocol. See that?" He points to the screen, "This sort of encryption doesn't use a one time pad. it's a procedurally generated system and our computers are going to have -most- of the key. It's a matter of… well, wait a second." He starts typing something out, basically performing the encryption routines as pure math on the computer system, "That… should give us about eight thousand possible solutions, and about eight thousand minus one will be pure jibberish. So…" He hits a few more keys and stabs enter.

"So." Rhea gives Darius room to work, watching with some admiration as he parses the thing mathematically. She waits, eyes narrowed diagnostics as she tries to make sense of them. Through sheer force of will. She will *order* them to make sense. And possibly kick them if they don't comply.

The computer sits there, starts flashing through possibilities, storing them, until at length, a computer program comes up. It's the Data packet. It's a computer program. Someone went through this to send a program. A simple one too. Looking at the program, it makes calculations, stores them on the hard drive, accesses them from the hard drive, the same calculations, makes more calculations, stores them, accesses them again. All sprinkled with commands telling the computer to do nothing more than wait. Wait, calculate, wait access wait calculate, and store, wait. At the end of the program it goes about, removing all the numbers it stored on the hard drive, cleaning up after itself and ends. Bizarre.

Darius narrows his eyes as the message materializes, "What the -frak- is that?" He glances to Rhea as if to say 'What??'. "Major, do you believe in Voodoo?" This is said to Rhea with a bitter smile, "Call me superstitious… I don't think I'm terribly eager to run this program on any system within ten million kilometers of -anything- with a gun. Rogers… where exactly did this thing come from?"
Lily comes in from Corridor 8D.
Lily has arrived.

Rhea's frown just deepens. Bizarre indeed. "Frak. Sagona, Rogers, keep that thing isolated. I don't know what the frak it's doing to that computer, but I don't want it spreading. I'm going to call Lieutenant Stephanos down here to have a look at this. She seems to fancy herself the programming equivalent of a Caprican Four Limb Ninja. Time for her to earn her keep." She gets on the wireless and does just that. In as barky a manner as possible.

Rogers shrugs, "Raptor Recon that just came in, Senior Chief. This is the data part of of a two part signal." He shrugs, looking at the program. "Really, I don't know what this is supposed to be." He nods, and checks the computer, "To the computer, it's just a datafile, the program's not active."

Lily was up near CIC, fixing some system that had hacked up a code lung. She answers the comm and is down to Engineering within a few minutes, pulling her hair back in a messy bun as she heads towards Rhea and stops to salute. "I'm here, sir."

Darius salutes Lily when she steps in the room, eyes a little wide, "A code lung sounds like a particularly bad software engineering problem." And then deadpan, "Hopefully they can breathe easily now, sir." Oh god. Did he really say that? He sounded so serious right there. He glances back down at the code on the screen, "That's got to be some sort of Cylon trick. Why would we send out a signal like this? They're trying to backdoor our systems."

"Excellent. Get over here," Rhea says when Lily enters, acknowledging the salute, then turning it into a jerk of her thumb back toward the computer console they're gathered around. A summons. "The Raptor Recon brought us back a data chip to analyze. It's spitting out some damned bizarre code. See if you can parse what it is we're dealing with." She doesn't disagree with Darius' assessment, though she waits. Glaring at the screen.

<Trait Roll> Lily rolls Programming and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

Lily combs tendrils of hair back behind her ear. She gives Darius a nod and a bright smile, then slips between them and peers at the screen. "Data chip, huh. What do you mean we're sending out a signal?" She glances at Darius again, raising an eyebrow. She's a little behind on what's going on, here. Looking back at the screen she sets her skinny hands to the keys and starts typing, fingers skittling over the keyboard.

Darius introduces himself rather quickly, "Senior Chief Sagona, sir. This is the decrypted signal one of our raptors picked up. It apparently evaluates down to this unlikely bit of code." The man narrows his eyes and scowls a bit. If anything, he scowls very, very well. "We obviously didn't send it ourselves. If it's from survivors, then they have some very, very suspect theories on human communication. We're not running this on our systems. Not in a billion years."

"At this point, we don't know *who* sent it," Rhea says firmly, eyes flicking between the screen and Lily's skittering fingers. "A Raptor Recon team out scouting for fuel picked up a voice and data signal. Voice signal was compromised, but we have the data her, encrypted. The tech who brought it in said it might point to survivors out there." Or killer robots. Not that she feels the need to add that. It's sort of implied in every facet of their lives now.

Lily keeps working as she listens, her expression slowly crumpling into a frown. "Okay…give me a second, here." Tappity tap tap tappity. Finally she looks over the lines of code, chewing on her bottom lip. "I'll try and explain. It looks like it's making calculations. Storing them, accessing them, making the same calculations yet again, storing them, accessing them…again and again. Bunch of commands in here just telling the computer to wait. Wait, calculate, store, access, wait. Then at the end, here…" She lifts a slender finger, running it across a few lines of code. "…it removes all the numbers it stored on the drive. Cleaning up after itself. Doesn't seem to be doing anything more than that." She sits back and rubs her chin, glancing at Darius and then up at Rhea. "Sir, you got a laptop or something around? Something unconnected to the mainframe? We could really test it out that way. Load her up, let her run, and if it's malicious then blow it the hell up."

Rogers watches the discussion, He's a builder. He builds things. Big things. That's his forte, and he's the lowest ranked person in this so he's not saying anything.

Darius defers to Rhea, having no idea, "I haven't seen one, but I still just about got here. Major?"

Rhea nods shortly to Lily. "Use my personal laptop at my desk. Makes taking work back to my bunk easier. If you need to fry it, there's nothing there I don't have backed up on my desktop. Except some baby pictures of the Sprocket. Which I *would* prefer not to lose, Lieutenant, so run it with all your delicate programming skill." The ChEng isn't entirely in her element here, either. She's a glorified mechanic, once you strip away the thin veneer of brass.

Lily beams a smile at Rhea that's way too excited. Really. She scoots her chair back and practically sprints over to Rhea's desk, grabbing the machine and bringing it back over. "Okay, I need HF-44 cables…" More babbling to herself as she moves around again, reaching right past Darius' head and grabbing up some long black cords. No doubt smacking him in the back of the head with the connectors. One end here, one end here. Off she goes like a redheaded racehorse.

<Trait Roll> Darius rolls Ship_ops and achieves a degree of Terrible (0). *BOTCH*

<Trait Roll> Rhea rolls Ship_Ops and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<Trait Roll> Lily rolls Ship_ops and achieves a degree of Terrible (0).

Darius blinks twice. The first time comes from Lily's energetic enthusiasm. When she sprints off to Rhea's desk, the older engineer notes, "She's like a damned rocket." There's a quick chuckle there, and then he blinks again when the cables hit the back of his head. "Well… alright. Good to see we're… yeah."

Rhea spends 2 luck points on Bump up Ship_Ops, hopefully not blow up ship.

Lily spends 2 luck points on Not blowing up the ship kthx..

Rhea crooks a grin at Darius, nodding to his characterization of the LTJG. "Her first day on-duty, she hacked into the Genny's security system. Almost past where I had access to. She scares me." Which the ChEng clearly enjoys just now. She just stays out of Lily's way, endeavoring not to get smacked.

Lily has the computers hooked up, now transferring the code from the ship's system to the smaller machine. She'll disconnect before she starts running it on the ChEng's poor laptop. "Hey, just cause they got all lax with the operating system up here…that should be scaring you guys more than I do. You know how many holes this battlestar has just in its security system? It's crazy, I mean if this were all tangible and sitting in front of your face I could probably shove Caprica through the backdoor in the encryption system alone."

Rogers just watches the computer getting prepped to run this thing, frowning, he's not sure about this, he needs a wrench.

Darius frowns, narrowing his eyes even more. The man looks like he needs a cigar, -stat-. "Really." He glances to Rhea. It's technically her job to be the most concerned about this, but the man can't help let his own paternal instincts kicked in. He had to worry about this sort of thing not too long ago, himself. Eyes glance back to Lily, "That's really true? Why haven't the Cylons corrupted our datacores like they did ther est of the fleet?"

Rhea watches Lily work her laptop. Internally bracing herself for the loss of her baby pictures. Well, she still has the plaster handprint on her desk. "Since you seem to have a handle on the holes, Lieutenant, put together a spec on how to improve our walls. I'll run it by command. After we finish this, preferably." To Darius she replies, "Cylons didn't know where the frak we were. The PAS project was as top secret as you can get. We were far off the mainframe." She doesn't dwell on those things right now, though. More interested in what's going on with that computer.

"Yessir," Lily replies smartly. She lets Rhea handle the explanation of why they weren't virused to infinity and back. She's working. Program transferred, she disconnects the cables and lifts her fingers, shaking them out. "Okay, here we go…"

The computer runs. The screen goes blank, the Hard drive light blinks. then blinks again, then again, then a longer blink before it goes off. Blink blink bliiiink bliiink bliiink blink blink blink blink bliiink bliiink blink blink blink. For Lily, it reminds her of the old school boys with their handheld walkie talkies, tapping out beeping messages to each other. Rhea? That's Colonial Signal Light code. The code used by Colonial craft sending messages to each other though long and short flashes of light, that resolve into letters, then words, then sentences. Someone encoded this program so it will only decode on known Colonial computer systems. By the time she's realized this, the program is halfway through running. G-O-D-S stop H-E-L-P Gah, need to do this from the beginning.

Darius just sees the laptop sitting there.

"Color me both intrigued and horrified, Lieutennant Jag." Darius watches the laptop with a mixture of… well, intrigue and horror, though he was probably referring to the state of the battlestar's system. "Bagh. Nothing ever works the first time around, does it? Her laptop going to be okay?" He doesn't get it at all.

Rhea blinks as she watches the screen, leaning in, her gaze sharpening. She's not just a mechanic staring at the scary high tech thingy anymore. She's grokked something out of it. "Lieutenant. Can you back it up? Get it to run again? That's Colonial Signal Light code. Sagona! Get me a pen and paper. I need to take this down. "Gods…help…" she mutters cryptically to herself.

Lily doesn't get it, but getting it isn't really her job. "Yes, sir!" She taps keys again, chewing on the corner of her lip. "Damn…I can't rewind but I'll start it up again from the beginning. Here, you ready?" She glances at Rhea and then goes tappity tap on the keys again. Here comes the blinkies, from the start.

"Colonial Light C…" Darius blinks, "Oh for gods sakes. Why didn't I think of that? It's a distress program. I'll bet that's runoff from a malfunctioning broadcast system's microcode or some frakking thing. Of course, Major." He goes to 'his' console where he's stashed such things. The man goes through more paper than a printing factory. "Here you go, sir."

Rhea grabs the paper none too gently from Darius, clamping it down on the desk, pen gripped tightly between her fingers. Her eyes remain fixed on the screen throughout. "It's definitely a mayday signal, Sagona. Lieutenant! I'm ready. Spool it up again." As Lily does so, her pen begins to fly. Taking down the code in big, legible block letters, rather than the chicken-scratch ChEng-ese she tends to write in. She's absolutely silent as she writes. Concentrating.


Lily lets the code run, more interested in what Rhea's taking down now. Since she can understand that. She draws in a sharp breath through her nose, both her small hands pressing against her mouth. "Oh my gods."

If Darius narrowed his eyes any further, they'd probably be closed. This leaves only one recourse for expressing concern, anger, intrigue, or irritation (which all seem to get brushed with the same feather on this man): He widens them all the way, thus enabling the cycle to begin anew, "Holy frak." He turns to Rhea with wide eyes, then to Lily, then to Rogers. "Seventeen -thousand-."

Rogers looks at the message, and swallows, looking like he's going to be sick. He pants briefly, "Gods.."

"Run it for me one more, Lieutenant. I want to make absolutely sure I have this correct," Rhea orders Lily tersely. Her expression is frozen in a mask of focus. She tries to avoid freaking out in front of her underlings. Though her fingers do some trembling as they hold the pen, when they're not occupied with writing. "When it stops again, save it. I'll run it up to Regas and the XO. Command needs to see this ASAP. Don't breathe a word about this to anyone outside this shop, understood?"

Lily is breathing tensely, each inhale moving her slim shoulders. "Yes, sir…" She swallows hard, looking back at the screen. Instant replay number 3, GO!

"Of course not, sir." Darius stares at the hard drive light, and rereads what Rhea's written down. If he has anything more to say, he's apparently decided to stow it.

Rogers takes a deep breath, and nods, "Ayesir." He breathes out, and once the third check is done, he says, quietly, "That.. that's a ship registry number. No military prefix, CIC can.." He gestures and stops, he composes himself and stops mentioning what everyone already knows. Maybe he's just explaining for the home audience. It's what NPCs do.

Rhea watches the message again but she makes no changes to what's written on her pad. She knows what it says. This time through her eyes do widen at it. Allowing herself to feel the full implication. She takes a breath. Nodding shortly to herself. "Good work," she says simply to the surrounding snipes.

Lily nods dumbly but honestly she barely hears the praise. Her face looks a couple shades paler, if that's possible. She rubs her fingers against her nose and her reddish brows draw together and stay that way as she starts saving the message to a file.

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