And god created Manny.
Summary: Manny and Desusa get comfy. Reed delivers news.
Date: 8 ACH
Related Logs: None

Locale: PAS Recreation Room

Desusa is sitting over one of the many tables in here. The CO is having some sort of chat with a male contractor. "Well, thank you for your time," he says to the man before the contractor stands up. "I'll ask around just in case, Mr. Desusa." He shakes the marine's hand and moves away.

Manny enters the area, she's not all in black as she has been lately, but she's not alone either. A young girl who's about 11 or 12 following beside her and…she's just about Manny's clone. Just smaller and more baby faced and heading for a game machine as Manny just sighs softly and makes towards a chair, slumping down into it and running her fingers through her hair.

Desusa pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs a bit, "What a waste," he mutters to himself and pushes off the table. He makes for the nearby coffee urn and is in the process of serving himself some when… Alas! A Twelve-year old girl bumps into the man's side and coffee is sprayed over his nicely pressed tunic. Raul jerks to a side and drops the cup on deck, cursing to no one in particular, "Mutherfrakke…!" The girl just freezes on the spot. Manny's brat 1 - Desusa 0.

"Sierra wat-" Manny cringes when there is the coffee accident, quickly making her way over to where the girl is looking like this: O_O. "Oh gods, so sorry, her balance is still off and there with the gah and the wagh and the…" Frazzled Manny moves to find some napkins and bring them over, shoving them at Desusa. Sierra? Is still just /starring/.

Desusa continues to curse, but luckily, it's so darn soft that no one will probably hear it. The CO quickly unbuttons his tunic, just as Manny has reached their spot and begins shoving napkins to him. "It's okay…" he says with a frowny face, "It's o…" Raul realizes it's Manny pushing the paper towards him. "Oh! Mrs. Reyes," he slowly pans to the terrified gal now and gives her a small smirk before he shakes his head. His tunic slides off, "I'm sorry for the outburst, little lady."

"De Los Reyes, or uh…just Manny. And um, just Miss and err…" Manny works on getting her thoughts back together. "This is Sierra." - And Sierra just nods slowly and goes back towards the game machines as her mother tucks a hand into a back pocket. "I'm glad you're…okay. By the way, good to see um. You."

Desusa nods to Sierra before she skirts off to video arcade land. "Pleasure." He then look over to his tunic and shakes it off a bit, "Yeah, Miss De los Reye… Manny, the tunic got the worst part, it seems," he looks down his grey inner shirts and there a bit of dampness on them, "He tugs it briefly and smiles, "Raul Desusa, Manny." Lords, that's gonna leave a stain.

Manny looks over Desusa's tunic and she fidgets with the napkins she has left and she chuckles softly. "Do you prefer Raul or Desusa?" She finally asks softly, shoulders slumping. "DO I need to pay for anything or anything…?"

Desusa sets the tunic over the back of a chair and says, "I am already referring to you as Manny, so, I'll return the favor and ask you to call me Raul." He then winks back to her and begins serving himself some more coffee, "I never did ask you what you did here, Manny." He picks up the mug and gestures with his head towards the table he was previously sitting on. Now that the tunic is off, the public can enjoy the scars over his left arm.

Manny is quiet for a few moments as she shifts her weight from foot to foot. "Hm? OH. I'm a communications specialist. I help with…or I used to help with the communications things around the station. Installing, testing, listening, and recording all that good stuff." A weak smile as she casually follows behind the man. "Nothing too special."

Desusa sips from the cup and sits, "Comms, eh?" He shifts a few folders he's got lying over the table and nods, "I've been conducting some interviews for folks interested in working in the Pandora," he looks back to her, this time giving her a good look before and if she decides to sit. "Not much luck, thus far." Her tatts seem to catch his attention. The visible ones at least.

Manny ahhs softly, idly rubbing the tat on her forearm as she just arches an eyebrow. "Working how?" She finally asks, looking around. "I mean I had a pretty good Comms job here but gods only know what's goin' to be happenin' now." She grumbles and shakes her head. "Everything has been frakked to hades now…so I'm gonna be wishin' you luck, much as I can."

Yes, Raul takes a good look at Manny. Nothing on his face hits to what he might think after the scrutiny, he just gestures her to take a seat and he flips open a folder. "Standard Comm protocols. Probably making sure the equipment is working properly with the engineering folks." He reaches into the side of his boot and takes out a small cylinder, which he twists open from the top.

Manny slips into the seat when it is offered, crossing her legs and sighing softly. "Yeah…but that's only going to last so long." She waves a hand vaguely. "So you're gonna need alot of engineers I'm thinkin', should be able to find a frakload of contractors looking to give back to uh everything wanting to run up to you and drop to their knees helping, eh?"

Desusa shrugs lightly as he slides a cigar out, plucking it into his mouth and patting his pockets for the matches, "People are still skittish about boarding a military vessel, Manny." He lights the cigar and puffs a few times, "I guess they still adjusting."

Manny slips her lighter (it is red) out of a pocket, offering it to Desusa distractedly. "Skittish?" She snorts and sighs. "Adjusting can be hard when you might be the only people left alive of your family."

Desusa looks at the lighter offered and shakes his little match box, winking. He pushes back on the chair and gets himself nice and comfy. His gaze trails over Manny's arm to finally focus on Sierra playing her arcade in the back, "Well, she doesn't seem to much taken aback from all this." His eyes glance back to the woman sitting with him, "I take it she has all she needs with you still around?" Puff. Smoke cloud goes up.

Manny slips her own lighter away quickly, taking a deep breath and staring over at Sierra before looking back to Desusa. "Who Sierra? She blames me." The woman shrugs easily enough. "I mean…she uh, she won't walk about it yet but she was with my Mother. On the ship." She sucks her front teeth and lowers her eyes. "But whatever. She hates me but I'm all she's got now."

Desusa keeps a steady eye on Manny as she details her current state of affairs. "I can cope with teenagers, but I never learned to deal with kids." He takes a long drag from his cigar and exhales, "She'll adapt soon enough, I guess." He passes a hand over his bald head and asks, "But what about you, Manny, how are you dealing with it?"

The question makes the little DJ woman look away for a few moment, tugging her pack of cigs out of a pocket, tapping on the pack and closing her eyes. "My mama's dead and…everything in life I was expecting to get back to is uh, gone so." She shrugs. "Iunno, papi…I really don't know."

Desusa lofts a brow and smirks a bit, "Papi?" There's a lingering smile for Manny to enjoy before it is hidden by the cigar. "I am afraid I have no clue as to what that means," says the marine seemingly amused by her choice of words.

Manny's eyebrows shoot up and her eyes widen as she pauses in mid tugging a cigarette free and her lips form a tiny 'o' in shock. "…aha…um, I'm sorry! Lo siento and I just get caught up sometimes and forget. It is like um…" She trails off and tries to find a reason. "Well it just means like father only slightly more ghetto so entering into daddy territory and err…well…I so didn't mean to say that out loud."

Desusa chuckles, "It’s alright, Manny. I get it." He lets a smile linger for a while as he puffs away. "It sounded cute. Thanks." The marine studies the gal a bit further and says, "You know, I find your body art very interesting," he points his cigar to the stars on her wrist and asks, "A star for every heart you've broken?" He tries to stray away from the 'current situation' talk now.

Manny looks relieved, shoulders slumping, tucking her cigarette behind an ear as she coughs. "You're welcome." She winks and then glances to the tat on her forearm, blinking several times. "For every-hah! Actually, that would've been an awesome reason. I think I got this one to remind myself that I had no limits in how far I could go in life. Ya know, all the galaxies I was gonna see, stars I was gonna see…there was this whole deep reason behind it."

"I am sure there is," comments the marine as he eyes the contractor. His eyes remain fixed on the tatt for a while longer and he sighs a bit, "You know, I wish /I/ had art over my body to reflect my dreams," he glances over to his shoulder and says, "All I get is burnt and scarred tissue from some awful engagement I keep trying to forget."

Manny blinks. "I just deal with things like this, I get inked." She blinks. "You do realize chicks dig scars right? Like having proof that the guy they are with isn't a total weakass loser. Can go a couple of rounds with hardship and come out of it alive." She gestures towards her body. "The scars I have aren't from military stuff. Didn't get that far."

Desusa smiles simply to Manny when she begins talking about gals loving scars, "I'll take your word on it." When she gestures to her body, Desusa's coughs a bit into his fist, "Well, that's a pretty enough frame, Miss De los Reyes, would hate to see it decorated with something as nasty as a scar." Nice complement thrown out there for good measure.

"I think I know a /lil/ bit of what gals like. So good." Manny examines her nails distractedly before quirking an eyebrow and just peering at Desusa at the compliment. "Unfortunately in this life, we ain't real lucky to get out of it without any marks on us." She looks over towards Sierra before looking back to Desusa. "And thank ya kindly sir, I do try to work out."

"Yeah, it shows." Raul gets a beep on his timepiece, but he just shuts the thing off and continues to smoke. He looks at Sierra as he blows some smoke out and prompts, "You know, for some reason, the gods spared that little girl's life and decided to bring her back to you." He leans over the table with one of his elbows and opens a folder, "If I would have bought the farm last time out, my body bag would have been delivered to an over-weight cat." Puff. Puff.

Manny chuckles softly, resting an elbow against the table and glancing back over to Sierra when she becomes the center of attention again and her jaw sets. "Yeah. I…don't really know what I'm going to do with her now." A weary smile. She looks to Raul sharply. "Oh my god, your cat!" Another pause. "I um. This is where my lack of social graces show cuz I don't know what the frak to say."

Desusa looks to Manny and winks, "Nothing." He says that deadpan and looks down to the hexagonal pages in the file, "Me and the rest of my battalion are… expendable." He looks back up and smokes some more. "Very few of us have what you call /families/, Manny." He stares at her some, taking in more of her features before he looks back down to the file, "It's easier to control a group of soldiers on secret mission, if they have no strings attached to make them second guess their actions, Manny." Cigar smoke slowly makes its way towards the ceiling.

"That's…a shitty word, by the way, expendable. Human life is precious is it not? Somebody sheds a tear every time a marine doesn't come home. Even if they don't admit it." Manny offers quietly. "But I get the secret…mission thing, heh, and the lack of strings." She clears her throat. "Even though it sounds pretty damn lonely."

Desusa continues his smoking as he turns the page. He seems to know the contents perfectly, but his looking for a particular page. "Well, there's a strong bond in the marines under me, Manny. Stronger than in any of the other battalions I have worked with." He looks back up to her saying with a small smirk, "Knowing you have a brother in arms helps with the lonely aspect, in my opinion," tilting his head a bit to the side he adds, "Unless you are talking about the feeling of a warm body besides you in a bunk." There's a nice grin flashed to Manny now.

Manny just stares for a few seconds. "…well brotherhoods uh, help." Stare stare stare. "Even moreso now. With the loneli-oh, so ya'll aren't spooning! Okies." She blinks some. "I wasn't sure with the…marines under and the, I am! Talking about the warm body and the bunk thing which would probably be challenging if everybody and their bunk partners could see and hear you as well."

Desusa chuckles as Manny points out the marines in the Pandora keep to themselves. "Well, I suppose to a civilian it would be somewhat amusing to figure out how the berthing spooning works, but thrust me, there are other ways to… bump uglies in a combat vessel," he leans closer to Manny and whispers into her ear, "Just be careful when you walk around storage rooms in a battlestar." Once the whispering is over, Raul moves back to his previous position and smiles amply as he puffs away. The things Manny has been subjected to hear. Oh Boy!

Manny arches an eyebrow. "…I've done it in the cockpit of a viper so uh. There are always /ways/." She's not going to elaborate or draw a picture like last time she explained this, thankfully, she just holds still to hear the whisper and then grins. "Oh my…" She laughs and shakes her head. "That's classic, and kinda typical but…now you make me want to go investigate."

Desusa shakes his head and smiles, "Yes, classic. Not 'viper pilot' creative it seems, but it gets the job done." The cigar on his hand is almost gone, so he takes a final drag before stashing it out on the ashtray, "Before you go spelunking in the storage rooms," he snickers and pushes a sheet of paper towards her, "I have something I want you to look at." The paper in front of Manny is a Comms Officer posting sheet. It details the various tasks and accommodations offered, as well as the required knowledge to fill the position. He now works on finishing his coffee, as lets Manny read that.

Manny smirks and tilts her head to the side but is distracted by that piece of of paper, scanning it over quickly and her eyes widen almost comically. She's just very very quiet as she just rests a hand on the piece of paper and looks at Desusa. "…annnnnnnnd why the frak did you want me to look at this? I'm asking because sometimes I'm a bit slow on the uptake."

Desusa takes a slow sip of his coffee. Hmm. Damn good. His eyes leave Manny's face just for a bit to look at the paper, "Figured you might be interested in taking some volunteer work over on the Pandora. I am in dire need of a good Comm officer and well… figured I ask you if you saw some future in that spot, now that we are better acquainted."

Manny oooohs softly and just peers at the piece of paper more closely, making a face and sighing. "I." She falls quietly, rubbing a hand over her face. "I make most the senior officers around here cringe or curse my name, honestly Raul I just…I mean, I'm willing to do volunteer work. I like to help out wherever I can, but…" She gestures towards herself. "While I'd gladly kiss /your/ ass and polish your boots, I tend to get tetchy with most folks."

Desusa nods simply as he savors his coffee. "I am used to working with trouble, Manny. And I wouldn’t be asking if I wasn't ready to deal with the crap I might get for bringing you up to that station." He sips some more and adds, "I can work with tetchy, Manny, It's frakups and not doing your best at your position, that gets me acting like the thunder god." He rubs the back of his neck and says, "You don't have to say yes right here and now. Discuss it with the pillow and get back to me with a yay or nay." His pockets his matches, saying, "It's voluntary work, sweetheart, so think of it as if your where gonna work with the reserves." The marine captain's feet come up to the table and he sinks into his chair now, "As far as the kissing of ass and whatnot, I could always throw in a nice commission to sweeten the pot." Bad marine. Bad.

Manny opens her mouth and closes it. "…thunder g-oh with the yelling and the." She swallows and looks away for a moment. "Oh, yes, that's um, bad and don't want that. not at all." Then she nods slowly, looking back to Desusa. "I'll think on it. Seriously like, sleep on it and then get back to you with a yay or nay as you put it." A wry smile. "Would I have to do all the uniformy military sir yes sir stuff?" She finally asks before perking. "Commission? For voluntary work?"

Desusa laughs at Manny, "Yes. I get a little 'on edge' when things are not carried out properly, Manny." The last sip of coffee is taken and he rests the cup down. He scratches the side of his head and says, "Well, I was only partly teasing about the commissions. If you got collage points, then, we certainly need to get you pinned. And from what I've heard, you got previous military background, so, in a nutshell…" he snickers a bit and prompts, "Yes. The whole saluting and yessiring will be required from you." Not sure how uncomfortable that makes Manny feel.

"Do you ever get on edge just for fun?" Manny asks innocently, blinking and peering before ducking her head sheepishly as she listens and then pulls a face. "Yeah yeah…ugh, I've had my pins and all that before." Her lips twist in a wistful smile as she sighs and shrugs. "Then I'll have to sleep on it." She looks down to her chest as she looks thoughtful. "I do look rather cute in a uniform…"

Desusa is very amused by Manny and therefore, she's getting his full attention. "You mean if I go screaming randomly at people just for kicks? No. I don't, Manny dear," he chuckles a bit. He seems content to let her sleep on it, and just continues to prod the petite contractor. "In uniform or out of it, Manny. It takes a real woman to get my marines's attention, that I can tell you." His cheek comes to rest over his fist, as he looks to Manny.

"Oh well. Anytime you want to scream if you ever do at /me/, I grew up in the projects of Tauron…or the slums or whatever you want to call them. I'm used to it!" Manny nods emphatically before she taps the side of her nose and points to Desusa. "Usually cuz they are out of uniform." She blinks and then ducks her head sheepishly, idly scratching her head. "Um, yeah."

Desusa keeps staring at Manny for a good while. "I couldn’t find it in my heart to scream at such beautiful creature," he smiles and points at Sierra, "Besides, I think my lungs would explode if I screamed harder then she probably does." There a piece of paper lying close to his seat and he picks it up. The small sheet is folded.

Manny was going to say something, she was really. Her lips part and everything but it gets stuck and her eyebrows just raise again as she blinks several times. "I…um." She looks behind herself before looking back to Desusa. "You keep talkin' like that, I'm really going to think I can pass as a lady." She smirks and clears her throat several times as she looks back over towards Sierra. "…and you'd probably lose too. Badly. Girl's got some lungs on her…."

Reed enters the Recreation area, with a clipboard tucked under one arm. He takes a look around the room and approaches Desusa and Manny, looking around and seeing Sierra, he shifts the clipboard under his arm, "Captain Desusa." He greets with a slight smile, "Our meeting is shamefully overdue." He offers a hand, "Major Carter."

Desusa is happy to just toss the complements around, since he's in a pretty good mood now. A coffee-stained tunic is draped over a chair as Raul and Manny talk. Sierra is at the back doing the arcade thing. "Hmmm, what's this," he starts unfolding the paper just as Reed steps up. The marine quickly comes to his feet and salutes, "Major, sir." He drops the salute and takes the offered hand. "Sorry to greet you so informal, sir, but I had a run-in with a PAS resident." He smiles and gestures Reed over to his table, "I was just in the process of drafting one of your comms contractors." Man! What's in that note?!

Manny looks up in time to see Reed enter and she straightens up a bit more, zipping up some and smoothing down her hair as she looks over towards her daughter again, letting the two do their whole intro thingie as she looks thoughtful.

Reed shakes Desusa’s hand, though he just looks too damn tired to smile at the moment. "Well, Captain, I need that contractor for a moment. If I could intrude." There's a period after that sentence because, while it's phrased as if he were asking permission to break it up, he's really not.

Desusa nods and begins sorting the files he's got over the table, "I'll get these out of the way, sir." He'll let the pair discuss their stuff in private. Once that is done, he sidesteps a bit and heads for the coffee urn with his mug and the note in tow. The captain busies himself with the note now, and begins reading as he serves a mug. His brow frowns a bit, but quickly disappears with a grin. "Oh my," he muses to himself.

Manny sighs and runs her hand over her face before taking a deep breath. "What can I do for you Major?" She asks, quirking an eyebrow.

Reed looks to Desusa, "Nono, you stay, Captain, I'll send her back to you in short order." He looks at Manny, and nods to the door, "Let's go talk. Think you can talk the captain into looking after Sierra for a moment?"

Desusa looks back to Reed and nods. He can hear him pretty well from the urn, "I got it covered, sir." He winks to Manny and focuses back on the note. Reading as he sips.

Sierra seems very occupied with the arcade games. Manny shrugs easily enough before getting to her feet, eyeing Reed warily and then waggling fingers to Desusa. "Thanks!" She chirps and prepares to follow Reed.

Reed nods to Desusa, and turns to Manny, "Let's go." He turns and heads out.

Reed has left.

Manny has left.


Manny has arrived.

Desusa has returned to the table and is still reading that note. Sierra has apparently entered a gossip group with a few other girls on a nearby table.

Manny comes storming into the room, totally different mood than she was in to start with and she scans the room. "Sierra!" She calls out. "Let's go! We need get all our shit together and packed." Sierra looks offended her convo has been interrupted, insert preteen eye rolling and the like.

Desusa looks silently at the contractor screaming at her sibling. Sierra looks shocked for a bit, but then she just shrugs to her friends and waves good-bye to them. The gal gives Manny 'the stare' as she passes by her on her way out. Desusa continues to say nothing, but then his timepiece beeps again. "Hmm. Time for preparations it seems." He picks up his stained tunic and begins picking up his stuff. So much for spending some quiet time with his new acquaintance.

Manny is gentle with her daughter, guiding her out the hatch and turning to just stare at Desusa wistfully for a few moments before sighing and running her hand over her face, turning to follow the girl.

Desusa has gathered all his belongings and placed them on a small briefcase. He slings his over his shoulder and jogs towards the hatchway to try and catch Manny, "Manny," he says as he nears the exit.

Manny slows to a stop, quickly wiping at her eyes. She was not crying! She doesn't cry, nope, not at all. She clears her throat and arches an eyebrow. "Sorry, don't know when uh…well stuff is gonna happen, and she needs her pain meds soon too so I thought it best to just go."

Desusa looks at her with evident concern, "Hey, come on." His empty hand moves to lay over her shoulder, "It's all gonna be alright, Manny," he says in a comforting voice, "Just keep steady and everything is gonna work out, you'll see." The marine captain knows the shit is about to hit the fan, but he knows how to keep his spirits up despite anything.

Manny's jaw sets and she takes a deep breath. "Yeah. Alright." She takes another deep breath, glancing to where Sierra is. "I'm being transferred over to the Carina. Not with work though, just…shipped off with Sierra. Supposed to be better for her there. So we'll see."

Desusa nods slowly and says, "The Major just wants his people to be extra safe, Manny." He is not quite convinced himself with that, but orders are orders. He is not in a position to contradict. "You know, you look a lot sexier when you're pissed," says Raul with a small smirk plastered over his face.

Manny narrows her eyes. "He does what's best for him." She folds her arms under her bosom, grimacing at the compliment. "Then I must look frakkin' gorgeous right now." She mutters. "What the /frak/ am I supposed to do all day?" She sighs. "It doesn't matter…I just…really hate failing my family again."

Desusa looks down to Manny, since he is a lot taller, "Fail your familiy?" The hand still rests over her shoulder, but once he takes notice it's still there, he moves it off.

Manny glances to her shoulder and watches the hand move before she just offers another nod. "Yeah. My mother…she didn't make it, but she was proud of me. My family, don't know who has survived but I was the first woman in my family to make something of themselves and now…" She trails off and shakes her head quickly. "It is just a lot of pressure. Okay?"

Desusa nods to her words, "Manny," he uses two of his fingers to pinch her chin, looking into her eyes, "You are putting a lot of weight on your shoulders. Don't." He smiles softly and says, "You got your life and your girl. That's enough worry if you ask me." Raul is so not your typical marine.

Manny looks up to meet Desusa's eyes, blinking away tears and she just swallows hard. "I'm tryna cope…what if I frak this up too? With my life and my girl?" She swallows again. "I'm being a big girl right now."

"You won't," says Raul in a reassuring way. He sighs softly as the gal's tears continue to roll. "One of our marines died to keep the Carina safe from those tincans, Manny dear, I'll be dammed if I let anything happen to any of you while you are there." His hand wipes off a tear that lingers close to her cheek.

Manny's jaw sets at the mention of a marine dying and she blinks some more, hand coming up to wipe at her eyes some more. "And who's going to make sure you stay okay?" She asks because she can stop herself, biting her bottom lip and looking away. "Ugh, I'm sorry."

Desusa shares a heart-felt smile with Manny and says, "Oh dear, I made the lovely girl feel soft for a marine." His slings his tunic off his shoulder and hands it to Manny, "My uniform is precious to me, sweetie, so…" he pauses a bit and adds, "Knowing I have to get it back from you is certainly gonna make me keep safe." The marine's pins are still attached to it an all. This could get messy, honest.

Manny offers a small smile before blinking and reaching out to take the tunic, folding it over an arm carefully and fingering the pins with a small frown. "Don't you need these?" She has to ask!

Desusa looks down to the pins and says, "I am sure I can find the extra set." He looks back to her, "I don't intend to complicate your life more, Manny, but… Frak!" He sighs deeply and passes a hand over his bald head, "It's been decades since I, you know, expressed affection and well…" He straightens and clears his throat, "I need to be going." Great! He doesn't know how to wrap this situation up. Must be getting rusty.

Manny just smiles and sighs, reaching out to pat Desusa's arm gently, shaking her head. "I'll take good care of them." She promises, continuing to finger the pins with a thoughtful expression on her face. "I should…be goin' too. So you take care big papi, and maybe I'll see you again soon, eh?" She winks and smiles, working on continuing on her way down the corridor.

Desusa gives the woman a two-fingered salute and lets her move to the opposite end of the corridor as he backpedals slowly to the other, "Ah shit! Now I remember," he quick steps back to Manny and places a tiny peck over her lips. A small wink and he's moving away from her. Yep. Not giving her time to kick him in the nuts or something.

Manny stands there for a few moments, eyebrow shooting up as she stares after Desusa, blinking owlishly. Hand moving to her lips and she just smiles slowly. "Well I'll be damned." Then she's turning to continue on her way.

Desusa is smiling to the passersby and then, snaps his fingers. He's not too far from Manny but still, there's a lotta people in the corridor. He puts two fingers in his mouth and whistles loudly. "De los Reyes, tell Sierra her secret is safe with me!" He then proceeds to mimic something back to the contractor that looks like 'Sierra has a crush on some boy named Reece Z'. He waits for her to acknowledge his message. So much for secrets amongst marines and teens.

Manny looks up quickly and her eyes widen as she takes a deep breath. "Okay!" She calls back and then speeds up to catch up with her daughter. This will be an interesting next few days.

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