Going Forward
Log Title
Summary: Lex and Ramiro figure some things out.
Date: 80 ACH
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Roosters Nest (Obs Deck) Genesis - Deck 9
80 ACH 23817 Souls

The observation deck is at the fore of the ship. The viewport allows those who come here to relax and enjoy a little quiet time with opposite sex. When the ship is under Alert levels, the viewport has a steel shutter that automatically comes down over the viewport for protection of the glass. The seats here are single and double and set up like a theater. They are cushioned and some recline back for those quick naps.
-----< Condition Three - Public Area >----

The Obs deck is empty save for one person near the back. Dane Ramiro is seated in the corner on a sofa by himself and has dimmed the light. Quietly, arms folded, he's watching the starfield in silence.

The hatch opens, and Lex walks in. She has left her customary manuals and textbooks behind, and carries wth her only a single cup of coffee. The blonde marine turns to head back to the back of the Obs Deck. When Ramiro's presence is confirmed, she changes course to join him. Nico takes the seat just next to him on the small sofa.

Looking to Nico, Ramiro turns a little and rests his arm behind her so that she can get comfortable with him. "So…" Ramiro says quietly, looking to her. "You didn't tell me how the meeting at Sickbay went.." He pauses, watching her closely.

Lex mutters something behind her coffee that sounds like, "I didn't go," before she takes a sip. "Busy." She does lean in, however, and then offers him her coffee. It's hot.

Ramiro takes the coffee and sips a little bit, offering it back to her. "Didn't go?" He blinks. "Nico if you're possibly pregnant you need to find out as soon as possible. You don't want to breathe in the wrong chemicals or something that could hurt a baby."

"…" Lex's mouth opens, and then it closes. She takes a slow breath, then replies, "Dane. I know how this works. I know how to do my job, and I'm always careful. Throwing up once doesn't mean I'm mommy tracking."

"But throwing up and being late?" Ramiro asks, giving her hip a little squeeze as he turns his attention back to the viewport. "How late are you?" He asks. "Are we talking days or months?"

Conversations Lex never thought she'd be having with an officer on a battlestar? This one. Yep. "Almost two weeks. I don't know why I told you. It just… you wanted to know where I was when you were playing." She shakes her head slightly.

"Well…I mean it's a slightly more important fact if that's why you weren't at the game." Ramiro replies, looking sidelong to her. "I mean, if you are pregnant that this means we have a child coming. Why didn't you tell me when you first suspected?"

"I wasn't going to say anything until there was something to say." Lex tips her head back against his arm. "I was camping the Head while you were playing. I think most people pefer their cheering without splash damage. Then I went to sleep. It's probably fine."

Dane leans against her a little bit. "Have you been sick since then after waking?" He asks quietly, relaxing against her. He's got tense shoulders, but he seems to be making an effort to calm himself. His lip, no longer fat, moves slowly as he talks. "…what would you want to do if you are?"

Nico is silent for a moment before she turns her head, cheek against his shoulder. She glances up. "Do my job until I'm ordered off the lines. I'm good, and we need it. I can teach. Best thing about demo is if you suck at it, you end up dead, so the there's a learning curve."

Ramiro nods softly, something's clearly bothering him, but he's managing. She's seen that look on his face before. "Well, you're clearly good at what you do. Hell of a fireworks show you put on the other day." He smiles quietly, then he sighs. He reclines back a little bit and draws a blanket over them.

Lex tugs the blanket up, and moves in closer to him. She rests against his body, and finally decides to say something, her lips almost against his neck. "Tell me what you're not saying."

Ramiro takes in a slow breath and then releases it. "I'm feeling lost." He pauses, looking towards his feet that are up on the footrest. "I guess this might not come as a surprise but this is all new to me. I never thought I'd get so attached to a girl that didn't have strong faith. Where I come from…it's simply unheard of. Since I've been here in the fleet my faith's grown strong and I wear it like a shield. So…you're a test for me. It's like navigating without a compass because it's not so simple."

A soft kiss is pressed into the side of Ramiro's neck, just a brush of lips, though it lingers. "I'm sorry." She kisses him a little hiher on his neck, his jaw, and sits up to press a kiss to his lips. "But then I'm not, because…" Her eyes rise to his, and she falls silent, sitting back just a little to she can look comfortably at him, her hands coming to rest on his shoulders.

Ramiro locks eyes with her, now he's getting really honest, but they're talking. "It's driving me batshit, Nico." He admits. "I know you probably think it's crazy but I like going to the gospel readings, taking part in rites, going to service. It calms me. I makes me feel closer to my ancestors. I know I can still do these things, but my kneejerk reaction is that I'd do these things with my wife. I don't want to push it on you, make you who you're not, but it's like…" He pauses. "…it's the soul of who I am. I've seen so much in the last two months alone that it's maddening for me to even consider not believing." He presses his forehead to hers. "So now that we're calm. I'm afraid that I'm making the wrong decision because of how much they've shown me that I should honor that, and I want you on board for that. But you aren't. It's important to me, but you're imporant to me too. But it feels like I'm having to choose between my conviction and the girl that I love. It's made me rethink us. Then I see you and I think the other way again. I swear, you keep putting things in my drink." He says, a little smile.

"… I kept asking. I warned you that wouldn't be me. I have a history with religion, and it makes me uncomfortable being in a chapel, in a temple." Lex pauses for a long moment, as if trying to choose words. "Here, just us. I'm ok. You center me. I don't have to drug you, Dane. If anything's sacred to me, it's this."

Ramiro smiles a little. "I guess I just figured with all of the evidence…" He pauses. "Allright, let me paint my boundaries to you and I need you to tell me if you're okay with this." He kisses her forehead. "I ask you not to blaspheme the lords, not mistreat my idols, and never ask me to back out of a ritual especially if it's for the better of someone else. I ask you to not look down on me for what I believe, and if ever you feel the desire to come to chapel with me, you ask." He pauses. "I know you're angry, baby, but you're dealing with a man who believes that we could be literally punished for it."

"I have a problem with a system of fear. If it makes you happy, fine. But the thought that being with me could…" Lex shakes her head. "The sister didn't seem offended by anything I had to say, so why are you? I don't know what's going to offend your sensibilities, and this just keeps coming up for you. I can't make you that promise, but I can tell you that while I don't understand the depth of your dedication to the temple, I don't look down on you for it. I do not believe in the gods. I believe in wrong and right. If that isn't enough for you, say it. If I'm not enough for you, say it." Lex slides her hands over his neck, and her palms cup his cheeks. "Say it."

Ramiro stares into her eyes for a long time before he finally speaks. "I've been thinking, too…" He admits. "…with translating the voice, the vision, the site, that I was being reached for. Touched, because I have a role to fulfill. It's made me feel…overimportant. Frak it. Arrogance. I'm getting a large dose of humble pie lately and…" He breathes out, this is hard for him. "…I was worried that if I'm being so touched that my every action is important. It's made me cruel to you, overdemanding. You've got a point…I'm being oversensetive." He pauses, squaring his jaw, wrapping his arms around her hips. "No, deep inside I know you're it. I'm happy with that. I should probably stop pretending that I'm balancing so many plates and responsibilities and tend better to the ones I've got, huh?"

Lex brushes her fingers through Ramiro's hair, combing it back from his face. She smiles a little. "I would agree with that, but I can't really fault you for it. We lost everything, and we cling to what gives us comfort. If we didn't, we'd be terrified all the time." Understanding from Nico? That's the closest thing to girlfriendly non bedroom talk she's ever spoken in his presence. Her eyes fall closed with an intake of breath, and Lex pulls in close to wrap him in an embrace, her body moving across his lap.

Hugging with her, damn what everyone would say, Ramiro holds her tight. Kissing her softly, he pulls the embrace into a heavy hearted hug. "I know we're not going to be one of those perfect sitcom couples…" He says quietly. "…that would be boring. It wouldn't be us. I was afraid that you didn't understand how deeply I'm committing to you, because I want to do it in the eyes of the Lords. And…" He kisses her shoulder. "…I thought that since you weren't interested in doing that…" He lets the thought trail.

"The only thing I've ever committed to is the CMC." Lex loosens the curl of her arms, but doesn't pull back. She speaks against his ear, voice quiet enough to keep anyone else from hearing. "I just need to do it. I'm barely used to the idea of us being out as a couple. Sharing our private lives with a temple full of onlookers… I'm not used to people watching me when I make promises to a lover."

Ramiro smiles. "You don't have anything to be worried about." He smiles. "Just as long as it's not that you're ashamed." He says softly against her. "You'll have a new last name, you'll live with me in the officer's berthings until we can get our own quarters. We'll be able to fall asleep next to eachother." He pauses. "I told Melia. She's so happy for us."

"I'm not ashamed. Have you seen your ass?" Lex grins againt the side of his neck. "I'd be happy to go over your finer points with you, if you need a little refresher." There's a moment of silence before Lex asks, "She works in Sick Bay, doesn't she?" There's another pause before she says, "Sleeping next to you without having to be sneaky about it would be nice."

"Yeah…she works in sick bay. I'm very, very sure that she would handle a pregnancy test discreetly for us, as long as you promise to tell me the results." He smiles, kissing her shoulder again. "Yeah…but we can't do it again until we're married." He bites his lip a little, a small grin. "We get two days uninterrupted leave to go over all of the fine points…"

"The sooner, the better," Nico murmurs to his ear. She glances briefly around the Deck, then kisses him when it seems no one's looking. "I'll go see Melia." She kisses him again, and this one lingers just a little longer. It's more of a wordless promise.

Dane leans into the kisses, letting the final one press for a long time. Closing his eyes, he breathes deeply and then when he feels the time is right, he pulls back. Brushing a lock of hair away from her face, he smiles. "So…Nico Ramiro…" He trails off. "Do you want to do rings or tattoos?"

Nico smiles. "Let's do both." She considers for a moment, then ass, "Where are we going to find rings? Friends with anybody in the machine shop?" There's a moment before she says, running her fingers through his hair again, "My mother would be so pissed she missed meeting you."

"I still think she will." He grins, nodding at her mention of the machine shop. "If you don't mind a simple band of something shiny but isn't golden." He grins, holding her at her hips. "I think we're ready to do this. I heard there was a tattoo artist on the Carina somewhere. We could do that on day two…"

"Definitely before coming back to duty. I don't want to worry about a fresh tatt when I'm making sure you're fully recovered from catching a bullet." Lex raises her brows slightly. "I think this is one case where you might be screwed by your faith. My momma isn't a walk in the park. You think I'm a trial…"

"Hey, goes the same way on the flipside for my folks." Ramiro says. "Do you have any idea what my folks would say about marrying a girl that didn't regularly attend worship?" He says. "I'll get some shit for it afterwards, but I'm pretty sure they can tell how I feel about you. That should say enough."

"Parents love me, Dane. I'm sure they'd… warm up after a month or two. But you should know." Lex leans in again, as if to impart a secret. "I can't cook." She sits back a little. "You think they'd hold that against me?" Pause. "Can you cook?"

"Believe it or not, I can cook a little." Ramiro replies with a grin. "I had a dorm on New Caprica and I didn't want to eat fast food or mess food so I had this hot plate." He grins. "Nothing fancy, but I can barbecue a bit too." He smiles up at her, taking her hand in his and kissing her ring finger. "We should stop before we get caught in here like this. We're not married yet."

The blonde processes this information. She nods, at length. "OK, you get to do the cooking. I'll … wire the yard with mines." Lex smirks a little and resumes her seat next to Ramiro. "Fine, I'll drink my coffee and think about you naked from here."

Ramiro grumbles, running a hand through his hair. "Allright…final point." He says. "Are we doing this fast and then getting the blessings, or are we going to arrange for the full ceremony?" He pauses. "I'm…oddly fine with either at the moment. We should probably do what's more us…" He says, strangely comfortable with it.

Lex watches Ramiro over the rim of her mug of cooled coffee as she takes a sip. She considers for a long moment. "Ok, so what if we do a wedding with witnesses, and… take the blessings privately. I really don't know what the ceremony entails, but if you need it, I'll do it. Provided there are no oaths that involve anything other than you."

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