Good Coffee
Good Coffee
Summary: A little interdepartmental friction is resolved by a visit from the acting CAG to Marine HQ, and the S2's desk. OR IS IT?
Date: 27 ACH (10 December 2008)
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Battlestar Genesis - Deck 14, Marine Offices: 27 ACH

This room serves as an all-purpose command post for the Genesis detachment of the Colonial Marines, and is manned round-the-clock by HQ staff. Drab desks, replete with office supplies, computer terminals, and headsets take up the majority of the space. White boards with hasty scribbles denoting the day's duty shifts dominate an entire wall. There's a small arms locker at the far corner of the room, furthest away from the hatch, blending into a row of filing cabinets. A wireless panel is close to the hatch, sitting below a draped Colonial Marines flag.

[Intercom] Now hear this. Lieutenant Jang Shem please report to the Marine Offices. Lieutenant Jang Shem to the Marine Offices. Pass the word.

The Marine Offices are empty save two personnel—a slightly uncomfortable looking Desk Sergeant at the proper seating, and a pilot. Captain Addison Nikos seats herself behind Lieutenant Shem's desk, behind his name plate, behind his little officer of the watch magnet, in his chair. With a cup of coffee. A marine mug of marine coffee. It explains the look that passes over the Desk Sergeant's face, briefly. Addie waits. And sips.

Addie is a 5'6" woman with a slightly curvy athletic build. Her long, deep brown hair is usually worn in a knot at the nape of her neck. She has warm brown skin, dark lashed, ebony brown eyes, and full, slightly down-turned lips. Dark, expressive brows arch over her eyes. Three tiny metal studs pierce her earlobes.

Addie is wearing an olive green flight suit. Designed to protect the pilot against the hard vaccuum of space, the flight suit is made out of a rugged, almost plastic-like material. Hard padding, resembling a vest, protects the chest and buckles in front. Reinforced cuffs on the ankles and wrists are designed to lock into the boots and gloves to provide an airtight seal. There are various zippered pockets on the arms and legs, and a clear plastic sleeve on the left thigh can be used to store flight notes. The suit status monitor on the left forearm emits a soft glow. On her left sleeve is the black, gold and white Genesis patch, and the right sleeve sports the black and gold patch of Gold Squadron. Her flight qualification wings are affixed to the left chest, and the pins on her collars show a rank of Captain.

Shem comes in in due time. He looks at the desk sergeant. Then at his desk. He squints his eyes, not recognizing the pilot, and carefully approaches. "Uhh, sir?"

A man with distinctly Saggitaron features standing 5'11 tall. Shem has a sharp chin, subtle nose, and singly-creased brown eyes that seem perpetually narrowed. His black hair is cut to a medium length. Well-toned but not overly built.

Shem is dressed in Colonial Marine fatigues. The light brown shirt is tucked into matching trousers, with a subdued black web belt around the waist. The trousers are in turn bloused into black combat boots. A softer, darker brown fabric decorates the shoulders of the shirt, and the buttons up the center are hidden by a flap. Black quick clips, rather than buttons, secure two large pockets on the front of the shirt. On his left sleeve is the black, gold and white Genesis patch. The pins on his collars show a rank of Lieutenant.

His wide, matte black gunbelt holsters a M58 pistol with explosive round launcher.

Addie takes another sip of the coffee. She glances over as a marine LT enters the Offices. "Shem?"

Shem's eyes fall to his coffee mug, then up to her eyes. "Yes," he answers carefully, perplexed. "And you are?"

"Captain Nikos." Addie sips. "Captain Addison Nikos, acting CAG in the absence of our beloved Major Savannah Rue." Conversational. "Are you familiar with standard procedure when it comes to interdepartmental cooperation, Lieutenant?"

Shem opens his mouth a touch. His eyebrows furrow, and he nods at his desk. "Are you, sir?"

Dark eyes study the S2's expression as the neighborly chat progresses. "Good coffee." She smiles, reaches over, and sets the mug in the direct center of the desk. "You requisitioned Air Wing assets for a ground mission. Though I am not one to insist upon paperwork in the event of an extended need, communication is in order. I like to know where my birds are, Lieutenant." She rises. "Four additional hours?"

Shem unconsciously straightens when Addie stands. So that's what it's about. "Yes, sir," he answers. "I needed the Raptor."

"Sad to say we all do," The Captain replies with a hint of a smirk. "I need to know where my birds are at all times, Lieutenant. Do you get me?"

Shem touches the inside of his cheek with his tongue. His eyes flicker over Addie's right shoulder. "Yes, sir," he answers, tone cottonballs.

"Good." Addie nudges the chair in with her foot and moves around the desk. "Good talk, Lieutenant."

Shem stays where he is. He mumbles in a montone, "Thank you, sir."

Addie moves around the LT since he's stationary. Her hand comes down on his shoulder. "Cheer up, Lieutenant. I could have done that with a full house." Oh, Addie. "Carry on. Thank you for all that you do."

That tears it. Shem turns his head to face Addie and flashes a frown. "Please take the mug, sir, I won't be using it."

"Piloting isn't contagious, Lieutenant." Addie pauses, and turns to face Shem. Her back remains to the hatch, though she's now only a few feet closer to it.

Shem replies, "Even so."

"Give it a good rinse. Good as new." Addie turns to leave.

Shem doesn't say anything back. He frowns some more.

Addie opens the hatch. "Work it out, Lieutenant. All that frowning isn't good for you." She's not even looking at him. "Perhaps the gym." A small smile curves her lips, hidden from the marines in the office.

"Permission to speak freely, sir?" Shem asks, eyeing her back.

Addie pauses. She turns to the marine at the desk. "Please give us the room." She leaves the hatch open for him to depart.

Once the desk sergeant leaves, Shem asks, frankly, "They teach all of you pilots to act like that, sir?"

"No, just the assholes, Lieutenant." Addie clasps her hands behind her back, and takes a few steps forward once the hatch is shut, and the DS has been dispatched to stand outside of it.
Shem has partially disconnected.

"I didn't think it was going to be a problem," Shem replies, sternly. "We found something down on the LZ that needed extra manpower."

Addison nods. "No doubt. Marines S2s don't waste assets and time. You don't have the luxury." Her brows arch slightly and she continues, "Doesn't change the fact that you will keep me updated when my birds are involved. That goes for Major Rue when she returns to her post."

Shem purses his lips as if sucking on a tooth. "That's my bad, sir, won't happen again. But that doesn't give you the right to come in here and throw your weight around. Especially with my desk." Especially with his desk.

"Oh, Lieutenant." Addie smiles. "Rights?" She steps closer. "I find that with marines, actions speak louder than words. I made a point. I refrained from a wirelo demo for your benefit. Even pilots have limits."

Shem clenches and widens his mouth abruptly, stretching taut the sheet of muscle in the front of his neck. "I find that, with pilots, you have to repeat something twice before they'll understand," he replies, harshly. "Don't mess with my gear. Sir."

"Don't mess with mine, Shem." Addison stands close enough that the inclination might be to look up. She does not lift her chin. "Would you like to repeat that for me? I know it can be tough."

Shem does lower his. "I'm sure you'll manage to remember, sir."

"Will you?" Addie asks.

Shem eyes Addie openly and draws his lips into a half-sneer. He lets out a louder breath through his nose. He slowly raises his eyes ahead to look over her head, and grumbles, "Yes, sir."

"I like that dismissive thing that you do when you refuse to make eye contact. I'm sure it's very effective in some circles." Addie smiles again, and this time her chin does come up. She gives Shem an appraising look. "Not this one." She clears her throat lightly, as if waiting. "Was that all you had for me, Lieutenant?"

"Have a good day, sir," Shem replies dully, refusing eye contact.

Addison leans in ever so slightly, as if offering up a little secret, even though no one else is in the room to overhear. "The stern thing works for me though. Keep it up." She steps back. "Good day, Lieutenant." A turn. "Thanks, again, for the coffee." She reaches for the hatch.

Shem frowns at Addie's back. "Crazy," he mutters underneath his breath.

Addie turns, back to the hatch as it swings open. "Aw, baby, that's what makes me the best shot in the Wing." Hopefully the Desk Sarge didn't hear that. She steps out with a bright grin, and the audacity of a wink.

When the desk sergeant walks back in, all he sees is Shem staring at the hatch, shaking his head.

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