Good Taste
Good Taste
Summary: Chione comes by to see Nicholas for the first time since she left the Destiny. Fashion ensues.
Date: 81 ACH
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Apartment C Carina - Main Level
81 ACH 23817 Souls

The apartment has three bedrooms and a nice sized kitchen. It is able to hold four people comfortably as it also has two bathrooms, a large livingroom, stackable washer and dryer, dishwasher, double sink, stove and microwave. The furniture is comfortable and in dark, brown tones. The carpeting is beige with blue and brown flecks throughout. A sliding door leads off to an outdoor patio.

Company. It at least warrants getting out bed. Nicholas is hanging about his kitchen by the time the scheduled Chione visit is supposed to roll around, searching through his ration-ravaged cabinets for something visually appealing to throw on a plate.

*Ding-Dong* The Wicked Witch is here! Oh, wait, it's just Chione. The mildly annoying step-daughter to the wicked witch has arrived. And she's not even red-headed. And the woman is not even late. Over-dressed, perhaps, but not late. But then, what is a woman to do when all of her civilian clothing is trapped behind seals and your cousin is out on CAP.

Crackers will have to do. Nicholas sets a plate down on his coffee table between two glasses he'd put down earlier, and heads for the apartment door. Peephole check out of reflex, then he pulls the door open. The little fisheye lens only showed him a bulging closeup of Chione's right eyebrow, and so as he gets the full picture he takes a step back. "Oh my goodness, look at /you/."


Rounded face lends itself towards an air of innocence. Straight blond hair, light glistening towards white rests top Chione's heart-shaped face, framing her features. Azure eyes are outlined with dark lashes and arching brows rest overtop expressively. Lips tend to quirk one-side upwards in a half-smile. From there, Chione's form continues into the sculpted and well cared for feminine curves of the former model turned military young woman. Light-weight chiffon is pleated from the shoulders where it falls to cover the curves of the chest before dipping low in a 'V', the fabric dyed to gradiate from a soft yellow into a tropical blue - sunlight splashing and playing upon water, under woven with a shimmering thread two tones deeper to emulate shadows and highlights with each subtle movement. The waist is held by a woven cord of gold, before it flows airily to hover mid-thigh. Crystals of clear and turquoise are worn as bracelets on the wrist, while one rich tropical gem hangs from gold chain plunging from the throat. Blonde hair is worn in curls, loose and free, just obscuring the large gold hoops of earrings. Strapped heels of gold are worn on the feet with blue gems sliding up over the top of the foot complementing the jewelry.

A smirk comes to life on Chione's features as she glances over Nicholas before waving a hand in the air. "Oh hush," she offers. "It's all I had clean, and all I was able to get to," she states, reaching out in an attempt to grab the man's hands, before trying to kiss him on each cheek. "And how are you doing, mmm?" she asks curiously. "I've been neglecting you, I know. You'll have to forgive me for that, Nick."

Nicholas returns the small cheek kisses and gives her hands a gentle squeeze, raising them and moving them apart so he can see the whole dress. "Oh, this is just gorgeous. Turn." He lets go of one of her hands, making a circle motion with his finger pointed downwards. "Don't you worry about me, you know us roaches in this business. We survive. And I can't stay mad at a dress like this."

"You can't stay mad at the dress, but what about the one inside it?" teases Chione as she dutifully twirls the dress to the best effect that she can, laughing lightly. "Besides, I am new to the Genesis, I need to make certain to get a lot of face time in, for good or for ill. You taught me that, Nick," she notes, lightly waggling a finger at the man. "You're not a roach, you have far more fashion sense than that, besides."

"Thank you, it's beautiful to know that what really separates me from a large sewer insect is my collection of scarves." Nicholas smirks, letting go of her hand and shooing her towards the couch. "Well come and sit down, sit, sit. Do you want some coffee or tea or something? Blue Light Ration Special."

"Anything is likely better than what has aptly been confused as gunpowder onboard the battlestar, Nicholas," offers Chione as she glides over to the coach, settling easily into a seated position before crossing one leg over the other. "Coffee would be delightful. Black, so I could actually taste it and not choke on it, if you would be a doll. And how are things going over here?"

"What a question." Nicholas moves across the decidedly outdated carpet and into the kitchen. A half-wall counter separates the two rooms, letting him talk to her as he fills a mug up with coffee. "There is nothing that can kill business, Chione. Ever. We continue to thrive, albeit on the pockets of pathos. But tell me all about this military gig, now. I was half hoping I'd get to see your uniform. What did you end up going into over there?"

"Navigation and Tactical," notes Chione before chuckling. "I would have come in uniform, except I needed to send it to the cleaners, so I had to take shore leave. This was one of two dresses I had out of storage at the time. The last operation we did had us taking a few hits and the Officer Berthings is current without air, so I can't get to my spare uniform," she notes with a hint of a smirk. "I somehow doubt the rest of CIC wants to smell me while on duty. I'll drop by in uniform, Nick, sometime, I promise. Just for you. Perhaps even bring a few friends by. You want them in uniform, too?" she drawls, the smirk turning into a wide grin. "I do know how you like a man in uniform, after all," she teases good-naturedly.

"Oh honey, I wouldn't be talking." Nicholas looks at her from under his brows, raising a finger. "Of all the times we have gone to dinner together, I never knew you liked…Cornbread." Zing!

Waiting on the couch, Chione looks like a contented cat until the Cornbread comment, then not one, but both eyebrows shoot up curiously. "How in Tartarus do you get your gossip so gods damned fast?" she asks in a smoothe tone. "You are the master, and I am but the humble student," she offers half bowing at the waste before smiling. "Yes, a pilot, Aquarion, even. Simple, I know. Smart though, which is oddly intriguing compared to the other alpha-male dick-waving types in the viper squad. He even knows how to ballroom dance, and is gentlemanly protective. Quite a bit different from your stereotype."

"I met your cousin last night in Spotlights. Kalypso?" Nicholas picks up the two coffee mugs and makes his way back into the living room. Hers is set down in convenient spot on a coaster and he settles gracefully on the couch next to her. "He was with her. Absolutely bristled when I mentioned I knew you. I made an unfortunate comment about you being a lovely girl and he just went off the deep end in the rudest way. I have faith you see something in him, Chione, but I have to say I wasn't impressed with the testosterone display."

A click of the tongue is given, and Chione purses her lips downwards. "Insecure jealousy, perhaps. He knows that my time on the Destiny wasn't the best, because of how I got put there in the first place. Perhaps he jumped to an errant conclusion. I'll just have to set that record straight. You're not like other men, Nick, you aren't warned off by testosterone displays," she offers, leaning forwards to take the mug and gently blowing across the surface. "Most men don't understand that concept, they act on instinct and instinct alone. It is a shame I never got to introduce you to Jared Argos, you two would have just gobbled each other up."

"Oh, I don't think so," Nicholas crosses his legs at the knee and smirks. "There's something wrong when a man can be that far in a closet and still be unable to dress." He picks up one of the crackers, biting off half of it with a soft crunch. "I'll leave defusing your pilot to you, I'm sure you can soothe your savage beast. Your cousin seemed quite nice. And there was another girl with them…Bayless? Didn't talk much. Struck me as two females who could stand to have a night letting their hair down."

"Bayless is the Commanding Officer of Ares, which are the Raptors, and seems to have more than level head on her. I need to go shopping with her, she's got an eye for style, and she's done me at least one favor with Kalypso, I should return it," notes Chione absently, before getting back on topic. "Actually, that's another reason for the visit, besides friendship and decent coffee," drawls Chione taking a sip from the mug and letting out a sigh. "I need some event planning help. We got hit hard, we lost three pilots and several marines recently, I want to do just a Girls Night Out. You know, dancing, drinking, safety in numbers. With the option of some non-alcoholic drinks for those on doctor's orders."

Nicholas eats the other half of the cracker, reaching over to rub some nonexistent crumbs off his fingertips back onto the plate. "Girls' Night Out…hmmm. That's a fantastic idea. You know, I was just talking about throwing something like that, so now I'm validated. You're a sweetheart." He smiles brightly and ahs, reaching over to gently tap her upper arm. "And you know…I just got a little gem you ladies might like. Our first male dancer, and he is a piece of eye candy, let me tell you."

"You do have an eye for such things," notes Chione with an upraised eyebrow, before considering. "You want to host it over at the club on Destiny, though?" she asks, considering a moment. "Well, that would be easier to close off, better crowd control," she notes before nodding. "You should also think about a Triad tournament. There's no need to just single out the girls. Oh, sure, there will be women who will want to get in on the gambling action, but the boys will thing that is their thing and feel all special, too." Another sip of the coffee is taken, before Chione delicately reaches for a cracker and nibbles ever so daintily upon it.

"Triad tournament, I do like it. Yes, I do," Nicholas ponders that for a second, filing that into memory, and smirks. "You don't know how proud I am to see that the military isn't scrubbing the business taste out of your mouth. As for your party, the Destiny does have the poles," he points out, picking up his coffee cup. "Though if you're reluctant to set foot back over there, I wouldn't blame you in the least. Would you rather at Spotlights? I'm sure I could get the place rearranged for an evening."

There is a moment of consideration from Chione, before she shakes her head. "This isn't so much about me, as it is about everyone else. Just don't ask me to get up and dance around a pole," she notes before taking a sip. "I'm likely as bad at that as I am singing. Besides, it wouldn't be an appropriate Girls Night Out if we didn't truly inconvenience the men, now would it?" is drawled with a wry twist to her lips. "And thank you so much for the compliment, Nick. I suppose you can put the uniform on the Dike, but can't get the Dike out of the girl?"

"Destiny it is, then." Nicholas sips his coffee, then her last comment pulls the smirk back onto his face. "Oh Chione, dear heart. If it were only about your name I would have broken out in hives just on meeting you. No, no. Spin fast enough and anything can escape the pull of gravity. Even you."

Mmmmm, one can only hope," notes Chione with the hint of a wink. "I'm not all that partial to lawyering," is added after the obligatory pause. Looking at the mug a moment, Chione sighs, before drinking out of it again. "The Genesis is a strange environment, Nick. I'm not entirely certain what to make of it, and I don't know if you would be able to make any sense of it either. However, moving on, yes, the Destiny it will be. And you work on the Triad Tournament soon, mmm? That might actually be entertaining to watch. Not to mention, think of what it'll make you, not that cubits mean much of anything these days."

"I will," Nicholas replies, as to the triad tournament. "Yes, who knows where the cubit is headed. Perhaps the way of the dodo and stonewashed jeans. Still, there's no harm in stockpiling a few for the day they figure out that market forces can't be ignored." He sips his coffee again, making a languid shrug with one shoulder. "So what about the Genesis, then? I've only seen its envoys, and from those I've seen the place must be a haven for the frowny-faced."

"Well, if the barter system returns, maybe stonewashed will make a comeback. After all, a good pair of jeans does wonders for the lift and curve of the ass," notes Chione with a flash of a smile for Nick, before finishing her coffee and holding her mug in her lap. "Mmmm, the Genesis. Oh, there are a fair share of smiles, honestly. But those in charge, after years of being in the military, and dealing with military structure and protocol and having to then turn around and deal with bureaucrats and politics trying to get rid of your job, can you blame them for having frowning faces? Certainly they need a Public Relations bureau, but I'm not in the right place to suggest it, yet. And if I did, I'd likely get stuck with the job. A good job, certainly, but hardly where any of the action is." Ah, yes, Chione has gotten her taste of battle, and found it infinitely fascinating. "I might have to suggest it though, perhaps through the JAG's office."

Nicholas is so not getting onto the topic of stonewash. It could derail the conversation for days. "Public Relations, my foot." He snorts quietly. "Recruiting office, you mean. A civilised press gang. You wouldn't want to involve yourself in nastiness like that." A slight pause as he looks at her. "So you are at least getting what you want out of this commission? You're happy?"

"Actual Public Relations, Nick. Recruitment they don't need. We're in the middle of a war, and getting plenty of new volunteers," says Chione with a shake of her head. "Besides, it's a viable, and visible career path right now. One of the few. No, they need SOMETHING to smoothe things over with the populace as a whole." Chione then purses her lips and considers for a long moment, "What I want, no, not yet. But that will take time, and I know it. The possibility is there, and I can work into it. At least I believe I can," she notes firmly. "If it doesn't work out, you'll always take me back, right, Nick?" she asks with a smile. "As far as happy? That is a lot closer lately than when I first arrived. The other reason for this Girls Night Out. I want to make friends."

"Take you back? Sweetheart, I never threw you out. You're the one that breaks my heart and doesn't visit." Nicholas smirks, but it's a fond look. He finishes his coffee and puts it down, re-crossing his legs as he settles back again. "Everyone needs friends. You won't have me believe for a second that nobody over there sees how you shine. Besides that slightly pathological young man of yours."

"Slightly? He flies around in a tin-can in the heat of battle, I would think that counts as more than slightly pathological, Nick," laughs Chione brightly. "Besides, the pathological ones are always more exciting, mmm?" is then asked with a flick of her left eyebrow. "No, I don't have them eating out of my hand, Nick. As for how I shine, well, I'm not really allowed to do the runway walk in the lastest Hera Hecate fashions through the halls," she says with a smile. "But I get along with enough folks, yes."

More exciting. Nicholas just smirks, running the tip of his little finger across his eyebrow. "Well that'll do for now. And it will blossom, don't you worry. Just remember you deserve to be happy as much as anyone, and don't you ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Oh, speaking of happy and fashion in the same breath…" His tone changes on a lark, and he raises a finger. "…one of the costumers went and dumped all these clothes on me, and much as I'd like I really don't have the legs for dresses. Would you do a poor man a huge favour and take some off my hands?"

Chione just gives Nick 'a look'. "Do you even have to ask?" is the woman's return comment. After all, if Nick is willing to pass them onto her, they're bound to be good. The man always did have impeccable taste. "I'll remember that, though, Nick. I promise," she says with a warm smile before rising, setting her mug down. "Now, show me these dresses."

"Now, no promises," Nicholas leans closer and lowers his voice, splaying a hand out palm-down between them. "You know Laura's taste was sometimes…mm. But have at whatever your heart desires." He curls his fingers in and stands, crossing the room to the other side of the living room partition. "Goodness, let me see here. This is mine…ah." He picks up three large plastic bags, bringing them back over to the couch. "Here we are, let's see what we've got."

"Am I going to have any room left on the transport?" asks Chione with the hint of a laugh, as she rises, bending over to pull a long feathered boa out of one bag, before setting it aside. Another piece is pulled out, this is a sequined loincloth, which Chione holds up to her hips, before setting aside as well. Red fabric is pulled out of the bag, and the blond looks it over a moment, sizing it up, considering it. "Not my size but … I know someone this might fit," she offers, tossing it onto the couch before digging skillfully through the bag.

Nicholas eyes the boa, leaning over to pick it up with his fingertips. "I think I remember this show…oh gods, I do. Yes, we'll be burning this." He tosses the boa somewhere on the floor and shudders, looking back at Chione. "Oh, that's a nice one. That shade is to die for, isn't it? I hope this person's a brunette."

"Yes, Lieutenant Bayless, actually. She has a cute little black dress, but red is a far better color for her," she offers, dismissing the first bag after pulling out a chiffon veil, and tossing it at Nick. "That goes with the boa." Then she moves on to the next bag, snagging a pale golden heap of fabric. "Is this one of Corinne's old dresses? I didn't think she threw anything out."

Nicholas laughs at the flying veil, letting it fall to the ground and then giving it a dismissive kick to the 'burn' pile with his foot. He sets his hands on his hips, tilting his chin down as he looks over the gold. "Mmmm, no, that's not Corinne's. Or well, she didn't wear it. It was from that ill-fated time we attempted to have backup singers for her, if you remember that. What a disaster."

"Those poor girls," offers Chione in a conciliatory tone. "Didn't one of them commit suicide?" she continues as she sets the dress on the 'keep' pile and goes digging some more, now pulling out a sage green sequin trimmed number and looking at it. That'll do as she examines the cut, before moving on to the final bag. "And didn't another end up in some psychiatric ward on Caprica? Or am I misremembering?" she drolls with a wink, before plying free a fall of ice-blue chiffon and silver. "Oh, now THIS I like," she notes, holding the fabric up to her own frame consideringly.

"End up in? I think we'd gotten her from there in the first place, from how much medication she was on daily." Nicholas hmpfs, leaning a hip against the back of a chair as she goes for the blue-and-silver. "Oh now that's nice, Chione. That brings your eyes right out, imagine that with the right eyeshadow…that would be fabulous."

"Indeed," notes the young woman, before flashing a smile at Nick. "Okay, I think this will do," she says, before laughing. "Point. If we'd seen her medicine bag before she was hired, well, she wouldn't have been hired in the first place." There is a pause, "Or at least booked her as a comedy act. She was amusing when she was mixing her prescriptions and self-medicating." Gathering up the other dresses, Chione sighs, then smiles at Nick. "I should get back if I want to find out if these fit their intended targets. So, you let me know when I can have the club for myself and a ship full of my closest friends. And then I suggest a media blitz on the Triad Tournament. Get everyone and anyone, the more the better and the more interesting."

The memory of the poor backup singer gets nothing further than Nicholas' eyes briefly crossing. He waves a hand. "You tell me when you and your friends want to come over and we'll make it work. And yes, we'll definitely make the tournament nice and big. It'll be loads of fun." He reaches down to the table and shoves the unwanted things back into one of the bags, tossing it on the floor by a chair, then he waves her towards the door with a smile. "Go on, go on, enjoy your booty. I know you'll make sure it's all put to good use."

Chione flashes one last smile to Nick, before leaning forward and placing a kiss on his cheek. "I'll visit more, I promise, Sweety." Then she hooks the dresses over her arm, gives a wink, and glides towards the door. "And I'll come bearing gifts as well. Though what to give the man who has contacts everywhere is difficult," she notes with a laugh.

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