Goodnight, Moon
Goodnight, Moon
Summary: What Naval Officers chat about before bed.
Date: 1/2/09
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Naval Officer Berthings Genesis - Deck 12

51 ACH 6285 Souls

Naval Officer berthings are setup with bunks on either side of the area. Each bunk holds two Officers and lockers are between the bunks for their personal items. A table sits in the center of the room with six chairs around it for use in recreation or studying. There is also a shower and changing room off this area.

----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-

Contents: Pepper Reed Navy Bunks Wireless 1426

Exits: [O] Corridor


Reed is in his bunk, curtain open, one hand behind his head on the pillow, other hand holding a handheld computer, reading something.

Pepper slips in, quite a few hours after she slipped out, early in the morning. In her arms is a small stack of file folders. Down the aisle of bunks she wanders until she gets to hers, the last one.

Reed looks out as someone passes by, "Peters," He greets, "How's it going?"

Pepper glances over and smiles as she sees who it is. "Evening, Major," she calls, hoisting herself and her files up onto the bunk, then slipping out of the jacket. "It goes well. I had a wonderful time watching two members of the Engineering department fixing something in hall. It was nothing more than a blown fuse, but in a bad place."

Reed smiles, "We have excellent Engineering staff. Anything interesting happen with it?" He asks, shutting down his handheld and setting it on a bunk over his head.

"Not a thing," she says, stripping down to her tank and tee just out of sight. "I believe it was Major Zimmerman and Senior Chief Sargoa. They were nice enough to put up with me peering over their shoulders while they discussed work. For once, my curiosity didn't get me into trouble."

Reed grins, nodding, "Sounds like you had fun getting into the technical aspects of the work they were doing." He nods, "That's good."

There's the sound of movement as she gets settled in her rack, then files are opened. "How about you, Sir? How's your evening been?"

Reed nods, "Relatively interesting, after shift in CIC I had a most unusual dinner, with a lot of things different people. It was eventful."

Pepper laughs softly. "That doesn't sound like a -bad- thing," she says quietly. "What made the dinner interesting?"

Reed smiles a little, "Well, a Corporal getting blanket punishment on the whole of the Genesis Marines for one, that was a bit of an interesting point." He tilts his head, "Best keep on your toes at 0500 and 1700 in case you don't want to get run over."

Pepper shudders delicately and makes a quiet noise at the back of her throat when he mentions Marines. It's almost a whimper. Almost. "Chances are very good that I'll either be restricted to quarters or so busy in the office that I won't be anywhere near the halls."

Reed blinks, "Restricted to quarters, Peters? Whyever for?" He furrows his brows, looking up in the general direction of Peppers bunk.

Pepper leans down over the side of her bunk to look at Reed, smile a touch wry. "The Commander doesn't want me anywhere near Marines, Major," she says, voice quiet. "Marines are a little too rough and tumble for his little girl." There's a dry sort of humor in her voice.

Reeds brows go up. "The Commander is protective of you, Peters. He cares, and wants what's best for you." He shrugs, "That's his motivation as I understand it. Something to keep in mind.

She nods, watching him for a moment, smiling softly. "Oh, I agree, Sir. I'm quite well aware of that fact and, to be honest with you, the fact that he's been here for me during all of his, with everything he has going on, has made the difference in my life. I loved him before the attacks and I love him even more now. It's just a tiny bit uncomfortable, once in awhile. I was told to stay away from deck 14 unless ordered down there by the S2."

Reed nods, "And I know you appreciate it. It's good that you have his support, and it's plain how dedicated you are to him. It's plain to everyone on this ship. It can get uncomfortable, yes I would imagine so. Not really an easy solution to the discomfort."

She stretches out on her bunk on her stomach, leaning slightly over the side. "It's difficult in that any person I talk to immediately comes under suspicion."

Reed nods, "Protective suspicion, I know. I can imagine it's like the protective father."

"Worse," she says softly. "Much worse. My father didn't have so many lives in his hands. He couldn't ruin careers. It's gotten to the point where I'm afraid to talk to anyone, save for officers I need to talk with."

Reed nods, "You talked to him about that? Not as Officers, but as his ward?"

"Not yet, no," Pepper says quietly, consideringly. "I haven't wanted to take up his time with it, not with everything else that's going on. How can I be so selfish when he has needs of Fleet to see to?"

Reed nods, "It'll be easier on him if you set things on the path that you're a young lady coming into your womanhood, and he doesn't need to shelter you from everything. If you can find the time, and I think you can, you run his life. You can talk to him. Just handle it gently, and always keep in the conversation, that you're coming to him with all the love that you have for him. never let him forget that you love him in the way that you do."

Pepper reaches up to absently wrap her fingers around the ring dangling from a chain, the one that had been hidden under her uniform. "Perhaps," she says, mulling that for a long moment. "I'll have to figure out just how to bring it to him, though. It's…delicate."

Reed nods, "Take your time, Peters. No need to rush into it, just remember, do it from love."

Pepper chuckles softly at that and nods. "I couldn't fuss at him if I tried," she admits, voice soft and quiet. "I love him too much for that." So, is that "love" or "Love?" Hard to tell.

Reed couldn't care, honestly, it's obvious. "Settle it in yourself, first, Peters, I can't give you any more advise than that. If you need anything, I have perfectly working ears, and can listen."

Pepper smiles at that and nods. "Thanks, Major," she says quietly. "It's odd, he's been another father figure most of my life. He's a good bit of the reason I chose the path I did. I'm learning quite a bit working for him." She looks down, finally, peering at the Major. "How've you been doing, Sir? How're you feeling?"

Reed nods, "Oh and you should be, Peters, it's a learning time for you." He smirks, "I'm doing quite better, honestly, staples are out, I'm in final PT, still light duty, but things are coming back together."

A smile tilts her lips upward and she nods. "Congratulations, Sir. I can imagine you'll be quite happy when the PT is done and you're back on full duty."

Reed smiles, "Of course. Feels good to be in a CIC again. Even just in the Watch rotation."

"I'm glad to hear that, Sir," she says softly, and he can hear the sincerity in her voice. "Is there anything I can grab for you before I turn in?"

Reed shakes his head, "No, thank you though, have a good night."

"You too, Major," comes the quiet reply. Then she's back in her own bunk, stretching out again. Apparently Pepper and Reed have just concluded a conversation. She's in her upper bunk with some files, stretched out.

Reed settles back in his own bunk, yep, talking all done.

Making his way into the berthings, Salin immediately heads over towards his bunk and when he reaches it, he's tossing his armload of papers and books upon it before slipping out of his jacket and tossing it to the foot of the bed. Then, he's crawling up into it with a soft grunt.

Pepper glances over as she catches movement out of the corner of her eye. "Evening Major," she calls to Salin quietly.

Reed looks over, and smiles, "Hi Salin, how's it going with you?" Seems all he needs to ask these days.

"Peters. Carter." Salin offers before he's claiming a book, flipping it open to a page and then grabbing his attache folder and opening it as well, withdrawing the pen from within it. It's only then that he's looking over towards Reed, "It's going. Need to come up with some points why the Marines and MP's shouldn't be acting as a Police force on the civilian ships and how a Civilian Fleet Police would benefit the civilians moreso."

Pepper falls silent while the pair talk. Apparently she's talked out for the evening.

Reed nods, listening, "What was it. 'The police force serves the people, the military fights the enemies of the state. When the Military becomes the police, the enemies of the state become the people.' I think that's how it went."

Everone's in their respective bunks it would seem and for once, Pepper is quiet! Salin gives a slight nod towards Reed, followed by a quick chuckle, "Yes, that's exactly how it goes." Then, he's holding up a book titled Civilian Law versus Military Law, "Thankfully, I did a book on this back on Caprica. Had a conversation with the Old Man and got permission to get Fleet Police formed, as well as a Naval Security Force to help JAG on investigations and what not. Just need to provide him some logical reasoning behind each portion. So .. if either of you have idea's, spit 'em out."

Top button undone after a long shift, Zaharis heads through the hatch into berthings. His booted steps muted on the hard floor, he heads for his bunk with his laptop bag over his shoulder, the strap crossing his chest.

It's apparently old home week in the bunks tonight. Pepper's curled up in her bunk, file folders open around her. She's quiet.

Reed considers, then points to the book Salin has, "I think the best ideas will come from there." He looks to Zaharis, "Doctor, how's your evening going?"

There's a laugh now and Salin is giving his head a little shake, "Unfortunately, this is the book I wrote. And well it has some justifications, it's my views on things. I'd like some objective views if you have them, especially since your of the Command-type inclination." He's leaning out of his bunk a little and when he spots Zaharis, he's nodding, "You too, Doc. Could use your opinions. And yours, Peters." Then, there's a pause, "If any of you are interested, wouldn't mind meeting with you later to discuss it." Then, he's returning his attention to his notepad, beginning to jot a few things down.

Zaharis taps a two-fingered salute towards the three lounging about. He pulls the strap of his bag over his head, letting the black case bounce lightly on his mattress, and sits down where he can see all three. "All's well." He raises an eyebrow at Salin. "Opinion on what?"

Pepper leans out of her bunk, ring dangling. "Sure, Major," she tells Salin quietly. "As soon as people have the time."

Reed looks at Salin, "Get something by Adama, he was a preeminant legal mind wasn't he? Joseph Adama?" He considers, "Take some thought." He looks to Zaharis, "Well, glad nothing terrible happened to draw you off your dinner hour."

"Providing I can find a copy. Unfortunately, my legal texts never arrived and the JAG Offices weren't exactly flowing with books. I'll have to see if anyone had a copy." Salin offers quickly. Then, he's pausing and turning his attention towards Zaharis, "Oh, sorry. Opinions on why MP's and Marines shouldn't be law enforcement on civilian vessels and why a Civilian Fleet Police would be more beneficial."

Zaharis squints at Salin for a little while. "Because the military is the military, and civilians are civilians. Unless Regas is prepared to declare full martial law, there is absolutely no reason military police should be anywhere near civilian affairs. It's not the same rulebook at all. Besides, command's so sputtered about stretching our manpower too thinly. Security shouldn't be on the list of things to stretch, not in wartime."

And Pepper simply listens to the senior officers talk.

Reed nods, considering, "Logisticly.. there's problems, but they're not insurmountable. I don't know enough of the Civilians on the Carina to say for certain.

Salin clucks his tongue lightly at Zaharis's statement, giving a firm nod of his head, "Agreed, Jesse. Unfortunately, even after Pietr flailed about and told me he didn't have the manpower to properly maintain watches and rotations on the Genesis, he's now issued orders that MP's and Marines will be pulling rotations on the Carina as enforcement agents. Hence, the request for opinions." He's turning his attention towards Reed then, "The Carina set out with a full security force. That force is still there. With some additional training and legal advisement, they'd make a suitable police force. Hopefully, one that never has to be used. But, I know better."

Zaharis nods slightly to Reed and then looks back at Salin. "If they have a police force then let them police. Politically it earns us trust points if we leave them alone with the option of support from us if things get out of hand. And realistically, it's something we have to concede. We can't set our Marines on two fronts."

Reed nods, "Little training, turn rentacops into real cops, Simple, elegant solution." He shrugs, "I like it."

There's a slight blink and Salin's giving a soft laugh, "Excellent points, Doc. I'm going to include those, if you don't mind." Then, it's back to Reed and he's giving a nod, "Now, let's hope it's that easy to convience both Pietr and the Old Man." A pause and he's shaking his head, "Sorry, suppose the berthing's isn't exactly the place to be discussing work related matters. Bad habit."

"Good luck. Really." Zaharis says to Salin. He leans over, starting to unlace his boots. "And, eh. Don't worry about it. They're things that need to be talked about, and let's face it. When we're on duty we never see each other."

Pepper laughs quietly and shakes her head. "I think we talk about duty matters whenever we see each other," comes the disembodied voice from the top of the bunk. "It keeps us sane, keeps us focused. Besides, it's as Major Zaharis says - we never see each other."

Reed chuckles, nodding to Zaharis, "No kidding, we're all in different parts of the ship, on duty." He looks up to the voice and nods. "Pretty much, it's good to brainstorm and sometimes it just happens."

To Salin, the voice is behind him, through a bulkhead, and he hasn't quite perfected his JAGVision, so he just looks between Reed and Zaharis. "Good point. And I don't seem to make it out of my office as near as often as I should. Bloody paperwork never stops." He's pausing and lifting a hand to waggle a finger at no one in particular, "We still need to invade the JAG Cave on the Carina and enjoy some real coffee."

"Gods, yes." It's unclear who, exactly, Zaharis is replying too since his eyes are down on the laces he's tugging up. Left boot off.

Pepper falls silent again, though there's the sound of file folders being closed and tucked away from the area of Pepper's bunk.

Reed grins, "Real coffee. That sounds good." He smirks, "Well, I guess there's always something going on these days. Just have to make the best of it."

"It's settled then. I'll find an excuse to drag people over to the Carina to my office there, on promise of real coffee." Salin offers as he makes a couple more notes. Then, he's tossing the notepad aside, as well as the book. "Was nice to see people out and about yesterday for Colonial Day. Good break from things."

"You saw people out and about?" Zaharis gets the right boot off and sits up, his bunk springs creaking. "Why, Major. That means /you/ must have been out and about. Seriously? Is the fabric of the universe coming undone, here?"

There's a cough from one of the upper bunks, as if someone is trying to stifle a laugh.

Reed grins, "We didn't see him, he was in costume, with the cape, clinging to the side of a building away from everything, watching through the JAGscope." He smirks, but then in a quieter voice, "Yeah, it was an excellent day." He says, looking at the top of his bunk, smiling.

There's a groan and a hand extends from Salin's bunk, followed by the extension of the middle finger. Then, it's lowered and his forefinger points towards Pepper's bunk, "I'm afraid Ensign Peter's can attest to my being out and about. She saw me. And out of uniform." Then, he's giving a soft laugh, "I had to get out of the office before I drowned in papers."

Zaharis hahs at the finger. "Got JAG to flip me off, yes." He fistpumps energetically, then pulls his socked feet up onto the bunk. A soft laugh at Reed's description, and he ducks his head enough to scratch his fingers through the side of his hair. "Well, good. Good. Lower blood pressure is always good."

"I think, after having had to spend the time with me, Major Zaharis," Pepper's voice drifts down. "His blood pressure's a bit -higher- than it had been." There's laughter in her voice, though. "How do you think this whole Marines and MPs thing on the Carina got started?"

Reed smiles, "Nice work, Doctor. JAG making obscene finger gestures. Definitely one for the scoreboard. Out of uniform and enjoying the Colonial Day festivities. Nice." He pauses, "Peters, were you picking fights in a bar again? We've talked about you coldcocking Enlisted and rolling them for booze money."

"Jesse .. Reed, you know you're both horrible, don't you?" Then, Salin's laughing slightly and there's the sound of a dull thud, no doubt his head hitting the wall of his bunk, "Nah, I don't think my blood pressure could get much higher, Peters. Not much to worry about in that department." He's falling quiet then, not touching upon the subject of Marines and MP's.

"Major Carter," Pepper says, tone dry. "I don't even need to coldcock them. All I have to do is mention that I can't wait to tell the Commander about my new friend. They're paying me to forget we -are- friends."

Zaharis makes a sound under his breath that, could it be made into words would probably be 'Oh snap'. He raises both brows and tugs his cigarettes out of his front pocket, along with his lighter.

Reed grins, "That's much more subtle, Peters, I approve, Moving from assault to extortion. You are learning." He then falls quiet.

"Correction, you're all horrible." Then, there's a soft creak as Salin rolls to the edge of the bunk and pokes his head out, "I wholely approved. Are you sure you three arn't lawyer's in disguise?" There's a quick grin offered, "Though, I want my portion of the proceeds in non-descript bottles to buy my silence to your schemes."

"I'm not a lawyer in training," she says primly, lips pursing - though no one can see it. "I'm a Commander in training. There's a difference."

"You dare ask a doctor that?" Zaharis flicks his lighter shut and smirks, blowing smoke towards Salin's bunk. "You got some balls."

Reed chuckles, "That's the short definition of Lawyer, Doctor." He looks at the top of his bunk, "I'm not cut out for being a Lawyer, too many things to handle."

"I'm not sure which is worse, Peters. It's probably debatable." Salin gives a soft laugh to accompany that and then he's looking towards Zaharis, "I'm innocent. I swear it." It's then that there's a soft beeping from the end of his bunk and the lawyer immediately takes to grumbling as he rolls off of it, to land on his fleet. Grabbing his jacket, he begins to slip it on as he shifts a look to Reed, "Can't be all that much worse then Command. Little less delegating and some more paperwork." With the jacket half buttoned, he leans back up and grabs his file folder, "Time to go see why I'm needed. I'll see you all in another month or so, when I feel he need to dig myself out of my office again."

Pepper peers over the side to watch Salin leave, grinning wryly, then just shakes her head. "I get the distinct feeling that an officer's work is never done," she murmurs, voice low and quiet. "Of course, I wouldn't have all of his job for all the booze in Fleet."

"Sound statement. Being as if you had his job, you wouldn't have time to drink it." Zaharis blows out another lungful of smoke and reaches behind him for his little ashtray.

Reed nods, "Never done. Rarely lets up. And that's not a ringing endorsement for joining the JAG office, I'm afraid."

Pepper sighs softly and settles back onto her bunk. "I'm beginning to wonder if there are jobs in Fleet that aren't quite that high stress. Coming up empty."

Zaharis smirks. "Have pity on the fools that accepted a commission in the hopes of getting some relaxation."

Reed chuckles, "Yeah, that's a real bite, finding out what it's like here now. No, I really can't think of a low stress job at the moment anywhere in the fleet. Just.. different places to worry, and different levels of involvement."

There's quiet from the lowest ranking member of the group, at least for a minute or two. "Well," she murmurs quietly. "I guess we'll just keep going, keep doing what we're doing and hoping for the best."

"Something like that." Zaharis scratches his chin. "Helps to have smaller goals in there, you know? Ones you can achieve bit by bit, feel good about. Like me, I now intend to get flipped off by Altair at least once a week. I think that's reasonable."

Reed chuckles, "I like that goal. It's a good one. We'll see what you come up with for next time."

"Psht," she says quietly. "Leave the poor man alone, you two," she mutters. "He's the only one…" She's quiet for a moment. "Well, he's a better man than most."

"Please, he could use the anger outlet," Zaharis defends his choice of goals with no shame. "I am honoured to provide such a service to a good man. And I'm sticking to it."

Reed grins, "Seriously, Peters. He is a good man, yes, and he needs friends, and guys pick on each other. It's how we work."

Pepper's nose crinkles a little and she laughs softly. "I'm still getting used to that. Dad was the only man in a family of women." She smiles a little at that. "Well, if you're sure it's just friendly."

"Not going to hurt him." Zaharis smirks but seems to be rather done repeating the point, taking another drag off his cigarette.

Reed yawns silently, "Well, that's it for me, time to rack out." He closes his curtain, "Good night, people."

Pepper's voice is soft, quiet. "Good night, Major Carter," she calls quietly.

Zaharis seems content to stretch out as well, smoking till it's gone and then drawing the curtains. Yawn.

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