Summary: Cav comes looking for a drink. Finds Reed on her way to the Taproom. And Reed's lovely new guest.
Date: 12 ACH
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Docking Bay Support Station PAS - Docking
12 ACH 6735 Souls

The docking area on the Support Station is large enough to handle four raptors. Fairly spacious, the area is elongated where the raptors are landing and then pulled down the center landing dock. Off the landing circles, a grated walkway stretches out on either side. From that point, the stairs go up to an open deck that handles the monitoring of shuttles or raptors arriving or leaving.

A bulkhead corridor stretches out from the landing areas toward center of the station and at that point, corridors branch off going in a circle to the inner parts of the station itself. A set of stairs also lead up to the decks above. Aft, a set of large, metal doors sit open for the repairing of shuttles if needed.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Novella Reed SHUTTLE_230 Sula_337 Wireless 1733

Exits: [D] Down [SR] Shuttle Repair
[SH] Shuttle Transfer [U] Up

Special: +lhelp - Local Help Available

Reed is at a shuttle that's just landing as the personnel transfer shuttle arrives. There's crews at the other shuttle, getting things unloaded as Reed, looks over a clipboard, "Alright, get them to the Bio labs." As the men move, there's a cry of "'The FRAK IS THAT?!" Reed looks in the back of the shuttle. "Well, bring it out here, it's caged, and secured in it's bio cell." He moves back as the men start straining to unload something. Something that makes a 'GROOOONK' sound.

When that personel shuttle's hatch opens, Novella steps out and hops onto the PAS deck floor. At the, ahem, question.. the blond looks back towards the call and stares. 'The frak..?', indeed. She moves over towards Reed. "That.. uhm.. is that normal, sir? I'm guessing not."

Reed looks to Novella, and opens his mouth as a bio cage, some six feet long by four feet wide by four feet tall is wheeled out, and in the clear, sealed cage is a large.. thing. It's what you'd get if you took a lungfish, gave it more buldgy eyes, webbed, clawed paws, and a huge mouth. It's in about a foot of muddy water and looks, to say the least, upset at being in this situation. Reed holds out his clipboard to the side, in front of the Ensign and takes a step back, clearly encouraging her to do the same as the crew start wheeling the thing down from the shuttle. "That.. is a pissed off amphibian, Ensign."


"Holy shit, Major. That's not a lie." Her eyes bulge a bit, feet taking her in careful and small steps away beside the PAS CO. She tucks a chunk of blond behind an ear and is about finished with the quick movement when the.. thing.. -HONKS!- She squeaks and jumps a solid two inches into the air vertically. "GODS!" She looks so flustered and might threaten red when she makes a frustrated growl and makes like she would like to take a swing at it.

Reed looks at his clipboard, "One hundred fifty three pounds, of pissed off.. um, creature. I need to cross reference it with the Muskeg ecological data." He gestures to the crews, "Get it into the elevator and to the labs, it can go into environment Cell.." He looks at his clipboard, "Fifty One." He watches as the crews move it toward the elevator. "We'll let it try to get a little more relaxed in the new environment, and-" GROOONK! Reed nods, and waves at the elevator, "Just.. Fifty One.. move." Now's not the time to outline the process of study. The crew wheel the thing off and Reed turns to the pilot who is walking toward him. The pilot salutes, which Reed returns. "Sir, permission to speak freely?" Reed nods, "Granted." The pilot looks a little shaken, "That frakking thing has been making that godsawful noise since it got in the shuttle and all the-" GROOONK! The pilot winces, "-ALL the way up here, sir. I deeply was tempted to eject it." Reed nods, and in a soothing tone, "Well done, thank you. You've earned some downtime. Log your flight and, relax a bit." He salutes and the pilot just.. stalks off.

"Well at least she carries the weight well?" The Ensign seems to do a combination of wince and shrug as she looks at the.. animal-thing. Amphibian-Thing? Amphibithing? But the sound catches her once more and the jump isn't quite as high. "Lords. I feel bad for whoever has to test that thing." A curious gaze is leveled towards Reed as she turns to face him. "You think it might taste like one-hundred fifty pounds of chicken? I heard once that if you cook any reptile, it can taste like heavily salted chicken.. if you have enough salt for the reptile." Survival School must have been like a camping trip for this one. But she says quiet as the pilot reports, Novella snickering a touch as he stalks off. "That happening a lot for you? Crotchety pilots complaining about malcontented Muskegvites?" That's what you call these denizens of Muskeg, right?

Reed nods, "Yeah, that's actually correct, Muskegvites. Though this is the largest creature that has land dwelling nature on the planet. I'm not sure if it's going to be worth the effort to cultivate them on the station. Be noisy as hell. Don't know if the meat is worth eating, but we're going to find out." He looks at his clipboard, and sighs, "Well, all the other animal samples are still being brought up. We're going to have a lot of work in the next few days." He scratches his cheek, and hands off the clipboard to a crewman. "Assemble the samples according to this listing." He then watches as the elevator closes, GROOO-slam goes the door. "Hopefully it only makes that noise when threatened."

"Sierra Hotel. I was just being facetious. Nice. No kiddin', though, sir? I figured we'd find something bigger than that." Like a giant dinosaur she could riddle with cannon rounds from her Viper!! ..Or a 80 foot man-eating spider that- "So then you do intend to end the misery of the pilot and put it down? Test the meat? If you want to make a happy pilot you might consider letting him do the trigger work. Tie him to a chair and make him listen to the 'gronking' for an hour then give him the gun." She snickers a bit in spite of herself.

Reed looks sidelong at Novella, "We do have Articles of Colonization against the treatment of human beings in such a callous and depraved fashion, Ensign. That's just past cruel." He lets out a breath. "I'll need to do some data checking first, to make sure about what we got here, before I do anything like putting it down and testing the meat." He rubs his head, briefly. "Still, this is relatively a good thing. We have a lot of opportunities to explore the ecosystem." He smirks at the elevator, then looks to Novella, and offers a hand, "Major Carter. You'll have to forgive me, Ensign, your voice is familiar, but I doubt we've been introduced."

The woman just about cackles at Reed's defense of the Articles. "Oh I know but Gyesh.. the finality and satisfaction involved when it finally quits gronking?" She seems like she might gush at the prospect of killing it herself, though. Probably not a fan of being scared like that. "Sounds like a lot of your business, with the testing and all. I'd personally like to get down to the planet but I can't think of a good excuse to stick me on a landing party." She tucks another lock of blond behind the other ear as she takes his hand. The knuckles on her right are beaten pretty raw. "Ah! Glad to finally meet you, sir. Ensign Novella. If I recall, you were in command of the Pandora when we engaged our first Raiders? I was 'Red Lead'. Commanded the intercept from our end." Yes, there's immense pride in that.

Reed shakes the hand, glancing to the hand. Viper pilot with injured hands gets a small mental note, then he releases the hand, "Cav. Right? Yes, simple spin up and FTL test and we engage Cylons for the first time. Yes, I recall, I gave you high marks on that mission, nine out of ten, in fact. Well done. Even got your wounded bird back to the deck still in one piece." He shrugs. "Well, Muskeg is an interesting place, but you're required to go through inoculation before going there. So if you're serious, first stop is sickbay. If you're qualified on a Raptor, we could always use pilots to help ferry."

"Aye, sir. 'Cav'd be correct." Novella hears the rest and seems to blanch a bit at the reminder that she took hits. Oh well. It wouldn't be the last. "Thank you for the praise, Major. Just doing the job." She crosses her arms as he describes the planet, but lifts a hand at the mention of Raptors. "Qualified? Absolutely. But after my last run and almost getting my ride shot out from under me? I'll have to decline any seat-time in a Raptor. And I'm afraid I'm not rated on anything else except Vipers. Apologies, sir. Wish I could be of /some/ help to you all and this operation but I'm not even an amateur scientist. If I said I had a hobby approaching it, I'd have to call my /own/ ass out as a liar." A vaguely apologetic expression accompanies the smile. She'd love to go but its not in the stars for her.

Reed nods, "Well, really, the Raptor piloting.." He looks to where the pilot stalked off to, "I think you just saw an example of the worst danger in that job for this mission, but it's entirely optional. We don't really need Vipers on Muskeg. The insects aren't that big." He smirks, "Don't worry about it, not everyone can help out in this. You're doing your job and it's important, it's just not this job." He looks to the elevator, "But I need to get to the labs and make sure our new guest isn't causing more problems." He lifts a salute, "Dismissed, Ensign." He says, not unkindly.

Novella offers the man a smile that actually approaches warmth. "Aye, well.. I wish. But like you're saying - not everyone can help out. Although if you need an airstrike on a forty ton bipedal or something like that?" A curt nod. "I'm your woman." Her gaze follows his to the elevator and then back with his own. Her hand lifts as well. "Good hunting, sir." The same good humor and well-wishing returned.

Reed drops salute, "I'll ask for you when I need some missiles planted into a city smashing monster." He smiles, and turns, heading for the stairs and the labs.

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