Guitars and Old Maids
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Summary: Lunch conversation turns to music, fun, breeding stock, and possible concerts, oh, and Mawwaige
Date: 83 ACH
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Mess Hall Genesis - Deck 9

83 ACH 23817 Souls

The Mess Hall on the Genesis is quite large and able to hold over 300 personnel at a time. Tables are staggered in some areas and set against the wall in others. The mess hall begins near the hatch with an area for trays and silverware, then moves through the line for the cooks to dish up whatever is on the menu for the day. There are also snack machines at the end of the line, past the huge coffee urns and water dispensers.

-----< Condition Three — Public Area >----

Nothing like a good workout, and beat-down, to give a person an appetite. So after a shower, and the requisite quite preening, Ensign Chione Dike makes her way to the Mess Hall, an absent hand reaching just before she steps through the door to make certain her hair is all in order. One foot then the other makes its way over the threshold as blue eyes scan the social setting where people congregate over a meal and she makes her way towards the end of the line, taking a tray and favoring one arm in particular. Yup, it's sore and likely will be for a day or so.

Seated at one of the tables, near the wall, Warwick has a notebook in front of him as well as his food, although most of his attention seems to be on the notebook and not the food for now. Shaking his head once in a while, it seems.

It's not a grimace, honest, it's not, when Chione takes a salad, of the green variety, something vaguely sweet of the desert variety, and some water, and shifts the tray to one arm and moves away trying to find herself a seat. She's come late, and alone, so finding a seat is a bit difficult, and not exactly feeling like wandering aimlessly with her now throbbing elbow, Chione makes a line for an open chair at the table occupied by Warwick. The tray smacks down with a snap, louder than Chione intended and the woman winces faintly. "Sorry," she notes with a pursing of her lips, her arm hanging limply at her side. "Got caught in a very uncomfortable lock in training, and now my elbow is making it's unpleasant opinion of me known loud and clear. Mind if I have a seat?" she asks with a sheepish smile.

Warwick looks up as he hears that sound, shaking his head a little bit, "No, no. Have a seat," he offers, with a bit of a smile, looking to his notebook for a few moments, then back to the woman. "Such things can happen in training, unfortunately."

Holding out her arm, and then bending the elbow a few times in testing, Chione wrinkles her nose to hide the grimace at it protests. "Definitely some aspirin tonight," she says with a hint of a sigh before sliding into her chair, and flashing a smile over at Warwick. "Thank you," she offers with a nod of her head. "Ensign Chione Dike, CIC," she offers by way of introductions, after all, she doesn't know who she's sitting with, it's only polite. "If I am bothering, you can tell me to move. I'm just a wimp when it comes to pain," is offered with a hint of laughter in her voice.

Warwick smiles, "A pleasure to meet you, Ensign. I'm Lieutenant JB Warwick, Viper pilot Gold Squadron." Name might sound familiar from music, a few years back. One glance to the notebook again, and he closes it, before he reaches for his food. "What happened in the training, then?" he asks, after a few moments.

An eyebrow shoots up, a curious look on Chione's face, and she considers, studying the Lieutenant a moment. "JB Warwick? Not the same from Vicious Hounds, Warwick? My manager got me a box suite to their concert about six years back when I was the hot up and coming thing," she notes, leaning back a moment. A faint chuckle and Chione leans forward for her drink, "Oh, I asked a Marine, Lance Corporal Mirin to train me in unarmed combat, because, frankly, I'm a candy-ass. She got me in an elbow lock. We got talking a little on tactics and how you can't get out of said lock then realized she was still holding me in the elbow-lock. It's a little over-extended but nothing a little rest won't heal." That said, Chione picks up her fork and scoops up a bite of salad. Hey, at least this model eats!

"I was the same last time I checked, at least," Warwick replies a bit lightly, before he nods a little bit. Eating some of his own food. "Those Marines can be hard when it comes to the unarmed combat, yes," he offers.

"Which is exactly why I asked a Marine for the training," notes Chione lifting her fork to motion with it in emphasis of her point. "I need the training, I barely passed quals when I did graduate from Officer School. I had a year off, thanks to outside forces, before luck, the Lords of Kobol, whatever you want to call it, intervened and here I am back in uniform. I'm going to do this right," she notes with a shrug of her shoulders before taking another bite of her food, and chasing it down with a sip of water. "Besides, I could use some toughening up," she states, patting one of her rounded cheeks. "They're just so cute you wanna squeeze 'em," she jokes.

Warwick nods as he hears that, "A year off? How so?" he asks, before he's unable to hold back a comment at that last part. "Can't argue with that." Then back to some of the eating.

There is a pause, as Chione best decides how to continue before she chuckles, "Let's just say, my mother and I did not see … eye to eye how my career should continue. She wanted me to go to law school, and follow in her footsteps into politics. I… didn't. She pulled strings, and I ended up, not only without a commission after graduating, but the only job I could get was on the Pleasure Liner Destiny as it's Cruise Director, I couldn't even get another modeling job, despite having been at the height of my career," she notes, spearing some salad, waving it around to emphasis the point again, before snapping her lips around it with a flick of a knowing eyebrow upwards.

"I see…" Warwick replies, after a few moments of pause, before he adds, "Thankfully, my parents had no such wishes, or strings to pull. Aside from having taken care of important people's dogs. If that's even a good thing." A bit amused as he makes the comment.

"Hey, it's important to the important people who's dogs you were taking care of," notes Chione as she lifts her water. "My friend's mother adored her dog more than my friend, I swear to the gods. She'd buy this thing outfits more expensive then some of the ones I'd wear down the catwalk. Utterly insane, but she genuinely cared and would have been utterly distraught if anything happened to her little Oscerina Tarintina." A shrug of her shoulders is given, and Chione spears some more food, "Me, I couldn't even keep a pet rock alive," she notes, before taking a bite.

Warwick nods a bit as he hears that, "That's probably why my parents managed to earn enough for a family to live," he replies, with a smile. "Only been good with dogs, myself. But that's just because I grew up with them."

"If it was a happy living, it was a good living," offers Chione with a warm smile in response. "Thus, why I didn't want to go to law school, I didn't think I'd be happy there. Mind you, I was more than a touch spoiled and more than a touch rebelling," she states over the rim of her glass, taking a sip before continuing. "Still, better than being good only with rats, I would suppose. Puppies are far more entertaining and adorable than baby rats."

"That's the most important thing, yes," Warwick replies, before he adds, "And law school isn't so bad, really. I never managed to finish it, though."

"Would you go back?" asks Chione as she sits at a table with Warwick, working on her lunch. "To law school, that is? I'm not certain, still, if I would. Oh, sure, I have the great Dike Family Dynasty to live up to … " she offers with a hint of sarcasm in her voice, "if a law-school opens up, that is. I'm just not entirely certain I'd be that interested."

Warwick shrugs a bit. "I tried going back, after the band split up. Didn't succeed." He shakes his head a little bit as he considers. "If we ever get to settle down again, in peace, to rebuild society, though…" He shrugs a little bit, "That's something for whenever that might be happening. If ever."

Blue eyes watch Warwick a moment, just a heartbeat in silence, before Chione speaks, "It will, eventually. We are land-based creatures, not made for extreme prolonged space-faring. Not to mention the logistics of such an endeavor, we'll need to settle down, briefly, if just to build more ships. There is going to be population growth, after all," she states, her tone carefully neutral, despite the faintly and matter-of-factly optimistic bent of her words. "And that means an education system. And society demands laws. And laws demand lawyers. Thus, law school," she notes, motioning the fork at Warwick again. A shrug of her shoulders is given, and Chione seems faintly disinterested, as if not purposefully doing a pep-talk here. Instead she just grabs a scoop of salad and takes another bite. Mmmmm, salad. No, really!

The door to the Mess Hall opens and D'Artanion sort of breezes in. While her hair and uniform is regulation perfect, her eyes are bright, her lips turned into a faint smile and the bounce in her gait is undeniable. The line is not that long, so it takes very little time for her to have claimed her food and a mug of coffee. Finally she turns to survey the available places to sit and eat. As her gaze flickers over those nearby, she spots an empty seat at Warwick's table. Turning her attention to the occupants, her smile warms farther and she makes her way there. Reaching the seat, she nods a greeting to the pair, "Hey. Do you mind if I join you?"

"Good point," Warwick offers. "I guess…" he begins, shaking his head, "No, those thoughts for another day." He looks up as he hears D'Artanion, and shakes his head, "I don't mind," he offers.

Another shrug is given to Warwick, then Chione puts on a warm smile for the Gunnery Sergeant. "Hello again, Gunnery Sergeant," she notes with a nod, sliding her tray over to make room for the Marine Medic. The cheerful mood only gets a more broad smile from Chione as she spears the last of her salad and finishes it off. Then she looks back to Warwick, "It's always nice to dream of peace-time, so we don't forget what it's like."

D'Artanion says, "Ensign. Good to see you." Setting her tray down, she claims the seat, then takes up a fork. "Dreams? Oh, no kidding. Those are really important." Looking between them, her smile softens a little, "What are your dreams?" Spearing some of her own salad, she dips it into something resembling dressing and eyes it for an instant before eating it. Chewing slowly, she swallows at last and reaches for her coffee. "Mine's easy…" Her tone turns just a little whistful, "I'd like to open a small practice somewhere and raise a family."

Warwick nods a little bit as he hears that, shrugging a bit. "Dreams…" he begins, shaking his head a little bit, before he takes a sip of whatever he's been drinking to the food. "Oh, those kinds of dreams. I'm not sure. Getting back into the music industry, if such a thing will still exist, perhaps. Or raising dogs. Or both, if possible. Not quite sure yet."

"I think the music industry needs to exist," notes Chione as she now sips at her water. "Especially now. Don't get me wrong, the military is an important thing, but the civilians are of a completely different frame of mind and want a distraction from what is happening outside the hull of their ships. They are scared beyond anything they can imagine, and are looking for any sort of escape. Music would be one outlet," she notes with a roll of her shoulders. "As for my dreams? Oh, I'm a pretty messed up little girl who's just trying to figure out who she is, now that she's free of the tethers Mommy left behind. So I'm not really sure. A family would be nice, but I'm still a little young for that. And I've just started my military career. I think I need to test the waters a bit before I can dream a bit, need to find out who I am."

D'Artanion nods as she listens, brightening a bit at something, "Music? What do you play, Lieutenant? I have my guitar with me and play a fair bit. Probably more than some wish I would," she laughs. Though she is expressing the truth as she sees it, she is not bad. "Dogs? What kind?" Turning to Chione, she nods, "I can understand that. It must be really wierd for the civilians. I sympathize with that outlook, but…" She shrugs, "We can't fix it. They have to step up. Anything we would put in place would probably be seen as interfering. But, I hear you. It's getting dangerous over there. Rumors are flying like mad. When I was on the Carina one of the waitresses asked me if the civilians were going to be used as 'breeding stock'. I was so shocked!" After a moment's reflection on the bizarreness in the civilian world, she nods to Chione, "Oh, you are young. Lots of time to dream, still. And while I say that I would like that, it isn't likely. I really can't quite see leaving the Marines."

"That's true," Warwick replies, nodding a bit at Chione's words. "I was considering holding a concert somewhere at some point in time, actually." He offers a half-grin at D'Artanion, nodding, "Guitar. Played in a band once, although that's many years ago now." Pausing a bit as he hears about that rumor. "Sounds like some kind of civilian system is needed," he offers quietly.

"Rumor is someone's trying to start one," states Chione. "And no, we shouldn't get invo…" Then the young woman blinks, coughing. "Breeding stock? Fr… that's just … frakkin' INSANE!" she finally lets out with more than a mild curse, staring at D'Artanion. Chione reaches up, rubbing one of her temples with a frown. "I have some friends still on the Destiny, maybe I can ask their help from some damage control on some of the more wild rumors. Nicholas would laugh his head off at that one. Seriously, that's utterly ridiculous. I'll have to talk to him tomorrow at Girls Night." There is a pause, before Chione looks over at D'Artanion again. "It's been pointed out to me that the word hasn't been filtered as much as I would like it to be through Marine Country. A little Girls Night Only to let off some steam, if you have leave and have a shift you can get off tomorrow, 20:00," she notes, before glancing over at Warwick. "If you want to hold a concert, I know just the person who can pull it off for you. Nicholas Luma, events manager from the Destiny. I'm sure he's made connections on the Carina, for a proper venue. I can hook you up, if you want. I think it would be a splendid idea."

D'Artanion nods to Warwick, "Oh, yeah? Do you have your guitar? We could jam. That would be great…" The smile dies and she winces at Chione's tone, though tends to agree with the assessment. "Yeah, it is. But, it also tells how scared they are. Some of 'em, anyway." Blinking a bit at the woman's connections, she half smiles, "Uh. Thanks. I'll pass the word. I am not sure that I can get off, though. I've just gotten back from a long leave." Lifting her mug, she takes a slow swallow, then sets it down again, "But, we'll see. Is it for you single types? Or, can I come even though I just got married?" She looks thoughtful, then winks, "Maybe I can get my husband to cover my shift, if I'm up…"

"That sounds like the person who would know about such things," Warwick replies, before he nods a bit. "Sounds like the person to meet about those kinds of matters." He then nods to D'Artanion, "I have only one these days, sadly." Another brief pause, before he adds, "You got married? Congratulations."

"Pish-posh! Any woman, married-single, dating or not! Come blow off steam, safety in numbers! And congratulations! That would be the reason for the cheerful demeanor, I would assume," is Chione's warm response. "And if you're married, then I'll have someone to talk to during the evening's entertainment. Nick insisted, and I've done enough mixed shows I'm not interested in seeing any more male-divas strip, thank you," she offers with a hint of laughter. "We can be back in a corner pretending to be old maids. Dare I ask who the lucky groom is?" she asks, before turning back to Warwick. "Nick is a master at these things. That's what we've been doing for the last year, working together to plan these events, though, he did most of the work, truth be told."

D'Artanion nods to Warwick, "I only have one as well. But, hades, Lieutenant, that's two between us, yes?" Cheerful. Oh, yes. Turning to Chione, she blushes prettily, though does not deny it, "It is, yes." Back to Warwick as she lifts her coffee, "Yup. Just a few days ago…" A sip is taken and she takes a bite of food. Chewing and swallowing, she nods to Chione, "Joran Craven. He is a doctor under Major Zaharis. But, I've known him since we were both kids. Just frakin' lucky he was aboard as well." Her sigh is soft and her smile fades for a moment before reblooming, "Ah, well, in that case, sure. I'll play old-maid with you, Ensign. Not a problem. Though I'll insist on first names then, if it's okay with you?"

Warwick chuckles as he listens, "Used to own six or seven guitars, but then those Cylons had to destroy that…" he remarks a bit absently, before he nods to Chione, "I'll have to have a chat with him sooner or later, then." And back to D'Artanion, "I hope you both will have a long time of happiness ahead."

Chione nods to Warwick. "Please do. I think it would be nice, and if you'll enjoy it as well," she offers with a wave of her hand, before turning and nodding to D'Artanion. "Chione then," she says with a nod, "If you must insist on first names," she offers dramatically with a laugh before finishing off her water as she is settled in at a table with D'Artanion and Warwick, the remains of lunch in front of her.
That said, Chione rises with a sigh. "However, I should run. I've got a shift in CIC shortly. Both of you, take care, all right?" And with that, Chione gathers up her tray, and slips out of the Mess Hall.

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