Gun Gallery

The Gun Gallery is the name commonly referring to the Point Defense Systems rooms lining a Battlestar. On Genesis, they are located on Deck 6. These rooms are located just beneath the outer hulls of the ship. Battlestar designs differ, some Gun Galleries are located on the flight pods, while others are on the man body of the ship. They contain the PDS cannons which have rough dimensions of two meters(6 feet) tall with barrel length of 2 meters(6 feet). From these rooms, the cannons can be lifted, by elevators into an interlock, then up to the firing positions on outer surface of the ship.
Because of the location and functionality of the Gun Gallery, it is considered a combat, Vac Risk area, as the Gun Gallery often experiences decompression during battle situations. As such, the Weapons personnel working there are trained in the use of VAC suits, emergency Damage Control and Zero-G training. All along the Gallery are VAC closets. Small rooms with independent pressure systems where VAC suits are stored for ease of access. Also at every entrance to the Gallery, there is an interlock area where VAC suits are reachable and decompression events can be contained to prevent them from bleeding the rest of the ships air into space.

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