Guts, Garters, Tubes, and Silver
Guts, Garters, Tubes, and Silver
Summary: Regas goes to see Reed.
Date: 34 ACH
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Private Room Genesis - Deck 13
34 ACH 6285 Souls

This is a private room set up with oxygen and power connections, prepared to house special recovery cases. The room itself is unremarkable, meant for patients to be wheeled in, locked into place and connected to monitoring and support systems. Guards at the door are optional, depending on orders, but the equipment here is normally connected to the monitoring stations in Sickbay.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Reed Wireless 760

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Regas comes in from Recovery Ward.
Regas has arrived.

Reed is in bed, the thing adjusted with the back slightly raised so he's reclining. At the moment he is paler than normal, hooked to EKGs, heart monitors, IVs, and all manner of medical survielance equipment, the only thing he's not connected to is the EEG anymore, the wires are off his head. He's sitting there, handheld computer in front of him, fingers moving across the screen, typing away.

Regas steps into the private room and closes the door behind him. Upon seeing the Major sitting up and working on the handheld, he quirks a partial smile. "Private room. And here I thought this was only for people who had real problems."

Reed looks up at the sound of the door opening and he taps his handheld, shutting it down after saving his file he was working on. He sets it aside, "Sir." He says, realizing he can't really do much of anything else to acknowledge the COs status. To his words, he replies, "Welcome to the REMF ward, sir. I just woke up here, I didn't request it."

Regas nods as he steps forward, "Understood, Major. It's good to see you are talking and able to work your brain on that handheld. I can't afford to lose good Officers," he pauses a moment, "You did a hell of a job out there, nice move with that jump. It saved a lot of people."

Reed tilts his head, "Risky move, sir. Never going to be put in the Tactical books as the Carter Maneuver. I was praying that I delineated the FTL field right and didn't catch any of our Vipers in the event horizon. It would have been an awful fate to suffer. And my brain is still under scrutiny by Medical. I suspect I don't at the moment have the legal authority to write a postcard, let alone issue orders at the moment. Thankfully, very few people I've spoken with since waking seem to realize that, and haven't found me to be a drooling idiot."

Regas lets off a small chuckle, "You've had quite a few in here speaking to you though. Working on getting your brain firing back the way it should. They should all be commended and you should be proud to have so many friends."

Reed nods, "I am proud, sir, and grateful to them." He looks at Regas for a moment, "Permission to speak freely, sir?"

"Permission granted, Major, what seems to be on your mind?" Reqas queries.

Reed considers, then says, "Right now, as we speak. I have a tube, shoved up my penis." Well, that trumps Regas' Tick King poster problem, doesn't it? "Thusfar that has been the most comforting, and calming thing I have seen in the current state of the Fleet. There's very little I am able to do at the moment to pull my weight. I can't even offer you some water, as all of my intestinal tract is on leave, and I'm being fed through a hole in my arm, but my thinking seems to be working well and I've been doing exactly that. They removed a meter of my intestines, and I was concerned that when you came in here, you were going to want it for garters. I've lost my vessel, she was three jumps old and was an asset to us of the highest caliber, and she's gone. I've made a list of recommendations for the integration of my crews into the Genesis crews. They're all fine people, sir, and followed my orders. If there is any heat for the loss of the PAS, I want it on me, not them."

Regas raises his thumb and the nail rubs along his left eyebrow, "There are some things even a Commander doesn't need to know, Major." Lowering his hand, he sets his gaze on the man before him, "Recommendations can be sent to my desk and I'll look them over. As for the loss of the Support Station? It wasn't like we were out there teasing the Cylons to come in and attack. They found us and caught us off guard. If anyone is to blame, that is on my shoulders and no one elses. As is every life we do lose in this War." He releases a slow, silent breath. "So, don't worry over what happened. Just get back on your feet."

Reed reaches up with his unIV'd hand and rubs his forehead for a moment. "I'm doing my best to get myself back together and back to duty. I've been told I'll be re-evaluated in a week, and see what happens then. I'll only take issue with your shouldering the butchers bill alone, sir." He looks at Regas levelly, "We're both COs, or I was when this happened. In that regard, my blame is valid as well, I feel. When I'm up, I'll serve in whatever capacity you deem fit. I'm off my feet now, but I'm far from out of this war, sir."

Regas nods, "You did what any CO could in that situation. Your ship was lost and you had people to evac. You made the best decision you could, considering. And you almost went down with your own ship." Regas reaches into his pocket and brings out a small, flat box. Walking over, he opens it and then sets it down on the rolly table and turns it around. "For heroic and meritorious service in the face of heavy enemy bombardment, Major Reed Carter," within the box sits a ribbon and a small silver star. "I heard that Dr. Pike and Sergeant Ramiro along with the CMO were the Gods helping hands in getting those off the ship, as quickly as possible."

Reed reaches out and opens the box, as the Commander speaks. Looking into it, and swallowing, he nods, "So I understand. I would like to put in for Sergeant Ramiro and Major Zaharis to receive decoration for valorous conduct in the battlefield, and Dr. Pike to receive the Colonial Military citation for bravery selflessness in wartime." He says, "They were examples to all the men in uniform."

Regas nods a moment, "When you get on your feet, you can see that it is done," a light smile. "I'll let you get some rest now. Take care of yourself, Major, we've got alot of fighting left to do."

Reed smiles slightly, and nods, "Aye, sir. Thank you." He lifts salute with his free arm.

Regas returns the salute and begins to head for the door. Once there, he lets himself out.

Regas leaves for Recovery Ward [O].
Regas has left.

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