Roy Scheider
Roy Scheider as Guy Zama

Name: Guy Zama
Callsign: NA
AKA: Zama
Age: 44
Branch: Civilian
Faction: Civilian
Organization: Freelancer
Department: Civilian
Position: Pilot
Rank: NA
Ship: Carina
Homeworld: Aerelon
Actor: Roy Scheider

Pre-PC History

You wanna know about me? That's a laugh. What's your angle? You a cop? Okay, whatever rocks your boat. You wanna know about me, I got nothing to hide. Alright, I'll start with Mommy and Daddy. Fine with you?

Oh wait, I never knew Daddy, the old man took up and left my Mom to rot when I was born. I did know a Stepdad though. He was a pain in the ass, but not that bad a guy really. Mom would get so frakkin' frustrated with me because I wouldn't try to be his 'son'. Yeah, I was a bastard back then. The guy was just trying to do what he thought was right, and I stuck it to him. And Mom.

Oh yeah, this was all on Aerelon till I was 18 years old. After that I left home. Didn't say 'goodbye', nothing. Wait, I did leave a note to my Mom. Told her I'd be back. Yeah, told her I would …


No. I never went back. Nope. I was a real bastard back then…

Anyway, I sucked at school, and thought I should try the military. Went to Picon. Fail. Enlisted but got into a couple fights in Basic and ended up with a dishonorable. Scraped what money I could and tried to get a flight back to Aerelon, crewing on a liner. No, really, I did. We stopped in Sagittaron and I was let loose from the gig, apparently because they didn't like my attitude. Like I said before, they were probably right. Ended up on Saggie for about 20 years. Picked up a job as a courier for this delivery company. It was working both sides of the fence, but who wasn't, huh? We're talking Sagittaron, the most corrupt planet in the Colonies. As it turned the company did alright, I got in good with the owners and finally kept my nose clean. Got to learn a lot of things there. You could say I was even part of upper management, heh.

They had this old guy by the name of Maldos. He kept me under his wing at first, showed me how to play the ropes, underworld or above, didn't matter. I guess if anyone was like a Dad to me, it would be him. Yeah, he taught me everything I know pretty much. And all he'd ask for in return was a little beer at the bar. He just liked chatting really, so I was his ear. A good guy, Maldos.

What, what happened to him?

He … was shot, died. A bad deal went down and he ended up collateral damage. Was in the wrong place at the right time. A frakkin' shame. Anyway.

After Sagittaron, I had a few skills under my belt and knew how to use them well. No, it wasn't due to anything nutty. I left because I wanted to move on. Just told the boss I was done and leaving in a few weeks. He understood. Hey, even Saggie wasn't all bad. A damn sight better in a lotta ways than Capricka, and I emphasize the 'prick' in that word.

Naw, I didn't go to Caprica next. Never been there actually. I went to Aquaria. A nice place, not too far from Sagittaron. Got a job there as a pilot, shuttling equipment between Aquaria and Sagittaron, but it was all legit—and safe. Doing illegit jobs is usually very profitable, but it also has its risks. Staying on the sunny side of the Law was a nice change, let's just say.

Anyway, I was doing a run from Sagittaron back to Aquaria, when the toasters hit. Actually dodged one of them flying cans until a viper took it out. Made an emergency dock with the mining ship, Hiri-matu, and stayed there until the Genesis formed up with everyone. I landed a job in Carina as a rent-a-cop and moved there. Been on Carina since.

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