Hail to the Chief.
Hail to the Chief.
Summary: Adelaide and Tauro talk about why it's important to keep your cool.
Date: 115 ACH
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Adelaide is everywhere this evening, like some orange blur on the horizen of what is the hangar deck. She's trying to organise the mess which was started last night. With half the air wing missing on some CAP everyone has been extra edgie and things have been going wrong. Adelaide has been trying to support and encourage where she can, placing herself every where, giving a word or two of support. Even if the incident is weighing heavily on her mind, she's trying to keep a brave face.

Also stomping across the deck is the newly minted Chief Petty Officer, Obelix "Bull" Tauro. Nearly tripping over a set of misplaced power cables, his face shifts from mild annoyance to anger, sweeping his head around to give a mean look at one of his fellow knuckledraggers. "Zachy! Get these cables stowed before I frakkin' break my neck!" He yells in his raspy Aerelon accent. The anger drains from his face, back to his neutral look. He then stops to survey the deck, sighing as he does.

Adelaide is over by Zachy's side within seconds. "Easy there." She mutters going to help her stow the cables. "Hey Chief." She says going to jog over to where he is. "Might wanna take it easy Chief, people are a little edgy." Ade says tactfully. "You know we're pretty close to our pilots…" She hesitates. "Might wanna give em a little brake."

Tauro is already taking in some air and raising his hand to yell at someone else when Adelaide talks to him. He nods a few times at her first comment and slides his hand over his face, letting out a long sigh. "Yeah, I know. Just can't have people getting sloppy, that's when people get hurt," He says resigned. "Can't push, can't let it slide…" He mutters to himself.

Adelaide nods her head slowly and goes to place a comforting hand on the mans arm. "Just take it easy chief, we all respect and like you. We know your the boss down here, might just wanna." She takes her hand off his arm and down down motions with her hands palms down. "Yell at em next week." She says with a grin. "Lords of Kobol knows, some of em are just not shaping up."

Adelaide's hand seems to restrain the Chief's anger a bit and he nods a few times, looking over at Adelaide's face offering a small smile. "Yeah. I'll tone down the tyrant this week." He turns to see a different crewman rolling a cart of supplies rather quickly across the deck. Tauro instinctively draws in some breath to yell, but stops himself and instead calls out just loud enough in a nicer, advisory tone, "Crewman - slow it down."

Adelaide pats the man on the back. "See Chief not so hard is it." She says encouragingly, before going to slip away from him to stop another incident. "We don't know what's going on yet Chief?" She calls going over towards the blackboard. "We have by the looks of it four Vipers and a Raptor still out there."

Seeing a crewman struggling to turn a spanner on a large bolt on a separated engine component, the Chief moves over to him and pats him on the back. "I'll get it, Crewman, why don't you go get some water." He turns to Ade as his arm moves up to grip the wrench and puts some force into it, loosening the bolt as necessary. "Why tell the apes anything, eh? Just let 'em mop up the afters." He calls over to Adelaide with a bit of sarcasm.

Adelaide can't help but grin at that. "And we'll like it because that's what we do." She says going to trace her hand down the Vipers list, Phelan….She worried for him and the others too. "Zachy." She calls to the young man, even if he's a few years older then her. "We got any one due in?" she asks looking across now to the CAP session. "Lords knows we're going to be hard pushed with four birds missing." She shakes her head her eyes going out the port window gazing at the stars.

Chief Tauro nods a few times with a laugh, giving the bolt another pull and then rolling it off with his hands. He sets down the wrench on a work desk and heads over to the whiteboard in the corner, crossing his arms and looking it over with a sigh.

Adelaide turns her head when the Chief joins her at the whiteboard. "Micah, Phelan, Jax, Sloane…" She begins reading off the names as she sees their Vipers as missing in action. "Eve, had to be besides herself." Ade says mentioning Micah's pregnant wife. "I should go check on her when I can."

"Gods send them back…" the Chief says quietly, staring at the board before he turns to Adelaine. "Ade, don't forget in all your shufflin' about takin' care of everyone else to take care of yourself some time." He says in his raspy, folksy Aerelon accent before tapping Adelaine on her back before turning to see a crewman bring him a paper work order. He flips over the paper on the clipboard for a second before he signs the bottom.

Adelaide is a little shocked by the Chief comment and can only nod her smile tight. "Sure Chief, always out for number one you know me." She says her fingers going to hover over the names a hand is balled into a fist and she places it against her lips taking a deep breath. Before turning around and going to go about dragging her knuckles around the flightdeck.

Tauro nods to the crewman who brought him the work order and then starts walking to patrol the deck, his hands on his waist. "How's it goin'?" He says idly to someone walking opposite him. He stares intently at a group working on a damaged Raptor wing, perhaps thinking about something else.

Adelaide stops off at the Raptor the group is repairing and hunches down to begin passing tools to them, always makes quicker work when you have an extra pair of hands. "Hey Chief." She calls waiting for him to look over towards her.

The Chief of the deck stares for a minute more before having a bit of a start as Adelaide speaks to him. "Yeah?" He asks, as if he had been somewhere else.

Adelaide gets up from her place. "We going to get that class for the fly boys going?" She asks, wiping her hands off on her ever present oil rag. "You know give then some basic repairs so if there out." She points. "Out there, and need some quick repairs they can get back…I just can't help wonder if their stranded and without knowledge to get their birds right again. I know Phelan, is coming on well with the lessons we we're giving him." She frowns.

"Oh, yeah." Tauro nods to the crewman. "Just gotta get it settled with the CAG. Anything to keep those frakkin' flyboys from breakin' what few planes I've got." He says with the usual tone a Chief has about pilots. He looks down at the deck for a minute and then adds a bit more sincere, "They'll be fine. They know how the birds work."

Adelaide rubs her hand against her leg nodding her head. "I know Chief I know, you know me and Phelan we're close he's like the brother I never had and…" She faulters not needing to carry on. "It's hard." She whispers, trying to focus on something else. "But yeah. " She says her voice sounding more natural. "We should talk with Bayless."

"We're doing it /when/ they get back," the Chief says with an emphatic insistence on the word 'when.' "Don't feel like having more classes than I need." He jerks his head to a specialist working on the raptor wing, "Make sure you touch the frame before you touch any of the exposed electronics." He turns back to Ade, "I'll make sure to talk to the CAG."

Adelaide nods her head and sighs softly. "Ok Chief my watch is over I'm going to go get some kip." She touches his arm lightly. "No more yelling you hear." She teases, going to pull off her helmet and her ear guards. "Lords I hate these things." She mutters.

"You deserve it. Go hit your rack." The Chief says to her. "We'll see," he says with a smirk at her admonishment. Before she leaves he raises his voice a little to her, "Oh, no you won't. Helmet stays on 'till you are off my deck. Don't want to see your pretty little brains on my floor."

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