Handling Civilians
Handling Civilians
Summary: Regas speaks to Gaelan
Date: 51 ACH - 01/03/09
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Commanding Officers Quarters Genesis - Deck 12
51 ACH 6285 Souls

The CO's quarters are rather expansive. A large desk, small seating area, head and sleeping quarters are kept neat and tidy.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Gaelan Regas Wireless 1300

Exits: [O] Corridor

Regas is near his desk at the moment. He's opened a small package and it shows a painted picture of the mountains of Leonis. He has a flicker of a smile as he looks at the card and Pepper's name is on it. When the guard on duty opens the door, he looks up.

Gaelan nods to the guard as he steps into the Commanding Officers quarters. A quick salute is snapped off and his heels click subtly. The sudden move puts a wince along the Major's face which he tries to cover into a grimace which does nothing but make him look like something tried to escape out the rear hatch. Lowering the salute slowly he walks towards the Commander's desk and comments in his rasped tone, "You wanted to see me, Commander?"

Regas misses little, like his Officers under him. He returns the salute and eyes the Marine CO, "I realize you don't like it in here," he mentions, probably taking his grimace as it looks. He motions for the CO to sit down as he takes a seat behind the desk. "I wanted to speak to you about a problem that Major Altair brought to me earlier."

Gaelan shakes his head briefly, "Not you sir. Rucksack runs and getting closer to the expiration date never mix well." Yes that's it. Gaelan is getting old. Great excuse. The Marine sits down gingerly and lingers on the edge of the seat his back straight as he stitches his brow together and comments, "An issue with the Major? I am guessing this has something to do with my edict about MP rotations and ship security?"

Regas rests his forearms on the desk and a few folders lay in front of him, "I heard about that. I'll commend you on putting those Marines back to basics," his gaze directs itself, "Not so much as that, but what he witnessed at a place called the Spotlights on Colonial Day. Apparently, Lt. Shem and one of the MP's came into the room and began checking people out. From what I understand, there was no reason to disturb the place like that. They weren't searching for someone. I'd like to not see that kind of observation going on, unless it is warrented. We still have Civilians all over that ship, I don't want them thinking we're taking a heavy hand approach."

Gaelan nods slowly as he listens, "I understand Sir. The MPs are adjusting the best they can, but civilian policing is fairly difficult. Regardless I couldn't let any potential bad breeds start noticing a lack of security and cropping up. I will have a discussion with the El-tee to figure out what exactly happened and why. Very rare something like that happens without good reason, but we are still human." Shifting slightly on the seat he adds, "I also think it may be prudent that Major Altair set a level of expectation he wants from my MPs and maybe guidelines before coming to you and talking about us pushing people down. The order was issued because I saw a need for that void to be filled. Unfortunately JAG appears to have decided to take the sideline approach and wait for us to trip and then run to Daddy and point it out for his good boy pats."

Regas makes his own grimace now, "I'm going to allow JAG to begin working on setting up a Fleet Police force. Something like we had on the colony with the Colonial Forces. If you want to speak to him on it, feel free. This jumping back and forth does little for anyone's growing ulcers." He picks up a pen and taps it along the top of the folders before leaning back in his chair. "I also have had a talk with Lt. Shem over my aide. She is not allowed in Marine Country as I don't feel that environment is good for her. Although, he went to her and asked her some things about working for him when she was available." Another frown, "I've discussed this with him. So I'll let you know too. I've agreed to it, on her off time. But if he fraks up, he's shoveling shit for the rest of his Private life." Ohho…Shem must be on the red list too now.

Gaelan eyes the Commander briefly as he nods, "I think the Fleet Police is a fine idea, if done correctly. I will request that all Civilian Police Chiefs have an indirect report to me. Not my S2. I want them to know they have a direct line to my resources as they need it and not have to worry about going through fifteen signatures of JAG policy. I will also be happy to assist in their training, since my MPs do know the basics they will need to know as they build their forces up." Pausing a moment in the obvious shift of gears his rasped tone picks back up, "As for your aide, I think it's a little restrictive to have the Commander's aide not able to walk around her own Battlestar. If she is not capable of showing personal decisions on avoiding certain Decks, then I do not feel my MPs need to be playing babysitter for her because she decided it was a good idea. With that being said though, I do not want anyone on this ship disrespected. Especially a female and that is one thing I have zero patience on."

"Then you and Major Altair will need to work this out between yourselves," There's the Commander passing the buck! And yes Regas is a little restrictive on his aide and ward. "I never expected anyone to play babysitter. She can take care of herself, for the most part. I just don't want any marines making lewd comments or such. She was raised in an environment for a lady, not the grunt factor we tend to have at times." He straightens up again, "Especially if some of your marines are unable to respect an Officer in their midst."

Gaelan eyes the Commander carefully while he seems to be choosing his words, "Well I am sure the Ensign has had her share of comments while going through boot and the start of her military career. If she receives any comments like that, tell her to immediately report them to me. I will handle them personally. If my Marines are incapable of respect to an Officer then they have another. Me." Glancing around the room briefly he looks back to the Commander and comments, "I am not here to draw lines in the sand with the JAG office, Commander. My MPs have had a whole level of new shit dumped on their laps which they are not necessarily familiar with. They are smart people though and fully capable of adapting quickly. Unfortunately we are Marines. We follows orders and regulations. If we do not have regulations to work within, we tend to go off grid. I will attempt to bring this up with JAG, but if there is an issue with my MPs on Civilian vessels then I highly recommend Major Altair institute some guidelines based on his efforts as the civilian law liason to myself and the MPs on what he expects to do and not to do during our rotations. If those are not presented we go by the only law we know. Colonial Navy Law."

Regas simply nods, "I have no problem with you and Altair coming to terms on those details. We know they have a small security force there as all ships have too. It just needs to be expanded on. The last thing I want to see is someone starting up another hate group like we saw on the Persius. So they need to know how to deal with any type of terrorism, that could come their way."

Gaelan nods slowly, "I understand completely Commander. I have plenty of trigger happy Marines ready to take on any form terrorism uprising if it should crop up. And they will solve that problem with the quickness. Is that everything Commander?"

Regas nods to the Major, "Yes, I think that will do it. You can pass on to Lt. Shem also that I realize he is working hard to keep security tight. Just be a bit more careful around the civilians."

Gaelan goes to stand slowly, "Certainly, Sir. And the next time the Major Altair has an issue with my men, I request that he comes to their CO. Not the Commander of this fleet. I do know how to handle my people when I know of an issue, but I am not a frakkin' seer who can see all."

Regas rises up also, "Yes, I understand this also," he watches the Major for a moment longer, "I hope you are taking care of whatever is making you move slowly."

Gaelan nods to the Commander, "I will see Medical after our run tonight. I can suck up pain to remind my men I am in the thick of it with them until the end. On a personal note, never challenge a Pyramid player and get tackled on pavement." Raising his hand a little slower this time to a salute, "Commander."

Regas has to chuckle, "I'm sorry I missed the game over there also. I heard it was a good one." He returns the salute, letting the Major go on his way.

Gaelan nods and lowers the salute heading out the hatch.
Gaelan leaves for Corridor 12E [O].

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