Hands On
Hands On
Summary: Adelaide meets Leandros and Rebecca. A washing machine gets an organ transplant.
Date: 103 ACH
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Laundry Room Genesis - Deck 9
103 ACH 23787 Souls

The laundry facilites here are 'do it yourself' with rows of machines. This is mainly for extra clothing the crew and officers may have. All uniforms are sent through the dry cleaning area near the front of the hatch. Fans pull out the heated air from this room, so it doesn't get stifling. Rows of chairs and a couple tables are placed here for the convienence of those doing their clothing.

Adelaide comes in from Corridor 9C.
Adelaide has arrived.

A dryer is rolling clothes and rumbling somewhere on the right side of this ugly room. Leandros is sitting in a chair near said dryer, his feet up on the sorting table in front of him. He's fiddling with something on his legs, something blue. And small. With wheels.

Adelaide wonders into teh laundary room, not her most favourite in the fleet but it certainly beats having dirty clothes, even in this day and age the comfort of something clean can be great. "Hey." She says nodding at Lean. "Still fiddling with the watch." She comments going to pass her dry cleaning to the crewman handling it today, there's a basket of unmentionables she kicks infront of a washer. The door is pulled open and she's quickly shoves the small pile in there before closing it again and setting it. She's then perching on a table fleet dangling.

"If this looks like a watch to you, Crewman, then we're in trouble." Leandros pops off the cover to a compartment in the black underside of the thing. Those four wheels have silver spokes, and axels. The blue is a smooth plastic chassis, a few decals painted on the sides and spoiler.

Adelaide pauses her lips and glances over towards him. "Well I was asuming you was still tinkering with the thing, so what is it then." She asks, her eyes going back to the rolling mass infront of her, so pretty.

"Toy car." Leandros tosses the plastic bit on the table and inspects the fraying wires inside the car's body. The end of a blue one's brushed out with his fingertips and looked over before his green eyes glance at her. "Who are you, kid?"

Adelaide raises an eyebrow at his words, is it the toy car or the kid part isn't clear. "Who am I indeed." She says in a pondering tone. "Who is anyone." She adds, going to jump up and wonder to the washer, time to place in the bleach, she grabs the very small container and places in just enough. "Rashioning bites." She mutters then turns back towards the senior enlisted. "I'm Adelaide Yama, crewman." She says with misplaced pride.

Leandros pats his fingertips around the table until he finds the screwdriver he wanted, turning his attention back to the underside of the car. "Deck crew."

Adelaide nods her head up and down. "Yep, I get to play on the flightline." She says going to take her place back at the table. "I must say your rather, cheerful and upbeat today." She says. "Or is this just an off day." She says tilting her head at him.

Leandros glances at her from under his brows. "Judgmental, aren't you." He looks back at the screws, spinning the screwdriver carefully to loosen one. "I take it you enjoy the flightline."

Adelaide nods her head. "Its a personality flaw." She says not really bothered at all. "They tried to scrub it out of me at boot, but I just wasn't trainable." Sufferable sigh. "So I just have to live with it, poor me." Or rather poor everyone else. "So whom are you?" She asks, going to leans across and offer a hand.

Leandros continues messing with the toy while she talks. He tucks the screwdriver into his palm and twists the screw the rest of the way out with his fingers, depositing it on the table. "Who I am is Chief Petty Officer Jacob Leandros." He wipes a calloused right hand against a clean section of fatigue trousers before shaking her hand. Then it's back to the object he was holding. "Engineering. You look like you haven't been out of bootcamp a week."

Adelaide gives a throaty chuckle and shakes her head. "Would you believe I've been in the fleet eighteen months now." She says shaking the hand. "And it's a pleasure Chief Petty officer, Leandros."

"Wouldn't believe it, no." Leandros answers, a little too deadpan to be completely serious. "How old are you, ten?"

Adelaide looks down at herself then back up at the man. "With this rack I don't think so Chief." She says almost as deadpan. "And I'm going to be twenty in around." She counts on her fingers. "I'm ninteen." She finally says twenty is too far away to be counted.

Leandros loosens another screw, holding it up to check how stripped it is. Satisfied, he tosses it on the table with the others. "Signed up young, did you. That's the way to do it."

Adelaide nods her head. "Pretty much, parentd were proud, and it seemed the right thing to do." She loosk around sobering for a moment. "Was a handful, and good with my hands." She tells him.

"Worked out, then." Leandros pops the back wheels and their axel off the car and extends it to her. "Hold that."

Just then the washer stops and Ade is torn between holding the car and going to see to her washing. "Aye Chief." She says going to obey the senior man, she must be learning, last year she would have said bite me. "Do you have a child then, is this his or her car your fixing?" She asks, curious and curiouers.

"Not the car we're fixing." Leandros gets his thumbs into the crack between two of the car's other plastic plates, and pulls them apart with a loud snapping sound. He sits up, laying the gutted car out on the table, and then stands up. He's quite tall, at least 6'1" when he's on his feet. "There's a busted washer over there. We're recycling."

Adelaide nods her head slowly. "Lost your family?" She asks, softly not wishing to bring up hurtful memories it was more statment then a question. "And yeah seems we're doing that alot lately." She comments going to place the axes down and see to her washing.

Leandros picks through the toy parts and collects a couple, along with two screwdrivers, and slides around the table towards one of the silent washing machines. "Folks would be surprised at what can be re-used. The resourceful shall inherit the battlestar."

Adelaide hmms softly going to flick out one of her tanktops, she throws it into the washing she repeats this for all the underware in teh washer. "Lets hope there's one for them to inherit." She comments, going to shut the dryer and program it.

Rebecca has arrived.

"My job to make sure of." Leandros kneels down at the back of the ailing washing machine and pulls the power cord from the wall, then pulls the water hoses off. They dribble a little and he tosses them towards one of the safety floor drains. "So far so good."

Adelaide wonders over towards the chief and glances at teh washer. "Need an extra pair of hands?" She asks. "Can't be much more complicated then a Viper." She says going to peer at the back of it. "At least I can pass you tools."

Rebecca steps through the hatch of the laundry room, her stride rather determined as she angles towards one of the lone attendants. She catches the familiar figure crouched down behind a washer along the way, but keeps her feet on the same path. "Hey," she says, leaning into the counter. "Did anyone turn in a t-shirt that said 'semiautomatic' across the front?" Her tone is dire.

Leandros runs his dirty fingertips over the edge of the control panel. "Need an Allen wrench. Look on the table over there." From where he is he can't see Rebecca quite yet. Or hear her ask after her poor missing things, which might be for the best.

Adelaide hearing the voice of the someone else looks up from behind the washer, she peers at the woman her face and name not familar. "Hello." She says walking past her to the table. "Might wanna check the washers or Dryer I found a few pieces in mine a few days ago." She comments helpfully.

The attendant is not helpful in the least. He hardly even checks the bin of lost items, simultaneously shrugging and shaking his head. Rebecca gives him a put-upon look, then turns at the sound of someone passing. "Yeah, good idea," she says with a tip of her chin in the woman's direction. "Or maybe that guy," she jabs a thumb towards Leandros' crouching figure, "stole it. He looks like a thief."

"Allen wrench," Leandros calls up again, since his assistant seems to have gone MIA. He lets a knee rest down on the floor, sitting back on one heel and bracing his hand against the washer's back. He notes Rebecca now as he looks up. "Shirt's a hostage. I want my voltmeter back, missy."

Adelaide turns to look at Leandros with a frown. "I'm not sure it would fit him." She says taking a minutes to think about this. "He's a little broad here." She motions to the chest area. "So I wouldn't look at him, unless he like em a little tight." She sticks her hand out to the woman. "Crewman Adelaide Yama, deck." She supplies, then glances back at the Chief. "Right…Sorry." She says going to leave the hand shake for after she grabs the wench.

Rebecca lifts a hand to her mouth, leaning towards Rebecca to stage-whisper, "He stuffs." She gestures to her own slender chest, then jerks her head in an acknowledgement of the handshake gone awry. "Chief Rebecca Leandros," she returns, heading over towards the engineer. "I am sure I do not know to what you refer," she answers the man robotically.

Adelaide grins a little at the woman, and gives a mock bow. "Then it is a pleasure, I'm assuming Wife, because lets me honest your alot prettier then he is so I wouldn't assume sister." She grins a little being her usual blunt self.

"Too bad, was a nice shirt. Look nicer wrapped around a sewage pipe deal on 14. Marines love their pink accents." Leandros holds up a hand for the wrench, assuming Adelaide got it. "My wife, correct assumption. Prettiest woman on the battlestar, or so says all the spam I send out daily."

Rebecca makes a face at Leandros, leaning lightly up against the washer he is fixing, folding her arms across her chest. "Fine. I was just piddling with it in my bunk, it's under my pillow. And the shirt doesn't have pink on it, dammit. It's just faded red." She glances at Adelaide and smirks. "He's just saying that to fill his quota for the week. He gets extra points if he says it in front of other women."

Adelaide grins a little between the two of em. "Been married awhile I hear." She says going to lean the other side of the washer, she does indeed hand teh wrench over and watches idly as the male chief begins his repairs. "Pink's not a bad color in fact it's one I'm rather fond of."

Leandros fits the hooked 'wrench' into the panel, twisting it in that careful, rather awkward fashion that one has to employ with Allen wrenches. Screws fall one by one until he can pop the panel off, revealing the delicate innards of the appliance. Which look like they haven't been cleaned since this ship was commissioned. Dust flies out almost immediately, probably seethed with mold. "Takes a real woman to marry someone who plays in this much dirt daily." His light green eyes flick up. "Shirt's in your clothes box, babe. Washed it for you, since you cleverly snuck it into my bag last week and nearly dyed my socks."

"I'm just trying to teach you the importance of separating," Rebecca lies with a slow nod. She couldn't properly launder something to save her life. "Been nine years and four months," she tells Adelaide with a grin. "The dirtiest years of my life. Wouldn't trade 'em for the world." She reaches out with a booted toe and nudges at Leandros' calf.

Adelaide smirks a little not sure how to react to this pair, she's almost embaressed at their genuine affection for one another. "Dirty." She comments waving a hand infront of her nose as the dust and mold come wafting her way. "I'd love to see behind my bunk." She mutters absently.

Leandros reaches into the bowels of the washer and starts fiddling with things. They bang and clank, and he disappears into the machine up to the shoulders. Then past, as he sticks his head all the way in, leaning forward until his knee rests on the bottom lip of the panel opening. This isn't going to end well. "The hell. Yama, where's that axel I told you to hold?"

Rebecca watches Leandros's head and neck disappear into the washer's innards, giving Adelaide a 'yikes' sort of look. She rights herself from the leaning position and meanders over to a table to watch the action from a safer distance.

Adelaide turns her body at the waist and goes to take it off the table where she was sat fifteen minutes or so before. "Right here Chief." She says displaying the little axel. "Right as rain." she tells him with a little wiggle. "Does he always play with toy cars?" She asks the Mrs Leandros, as the pair go off to the table.

A hand slides out from inside the washer, caked over with damp lint and grime. Leandros' fingers feel around the air until he grabs the axel and it disappears into the void with his head and shoulders. Something makes a loud cracking noise.

"He plays with everything," Rebecca replies, watching the male Leandros work his wiles on the machine. "You deck crew?" she asks, shifting her gaze to Adelaide's coveralls.

Adelaide nods her head an amused expression on her face as the axel is taken, he reminds her a little of her father, a little gruff but with a hint of humor around the edges. "Yeah, I don't have my blinding oh my lord of cobolt it's bright orange jumpsuit on today. Which let me tell you has so many pockets I could fill em."

The washer thumps against the floor as Leandros pushes on something in the back. Some metal scrapes metal, and he tosses a small, dirty screen over his shoulder where it clatters on the floor with a few droplets of gunk. Silence, then a thump. Crick. Crack. No sparks or anything lethal. Yet.

Rebecca grins at Adelaide, keeping a sidelong eye on Leandros as he continues to mess with the washer. "I'm in Weps myself. Work with the big guns." As the dirty screen comes clattering onto the floor, she eyes it, then asks, "Is that washer actually broken, or is he just making improvements?"

Adelaide eyes the gunk turning her nose up. "If not I think he's found an incredible smell." She holds a finger under her nose and sighs, it doesn't smell that bad really. "Weapons now that sounds exciting, I thought about weapons, but." She sighs. "Didn't have the dicipline for it, I don't think the sarge at boot though I could be trusted. I'm a little excitable and I have things thing with protcal."

Leandros sits back on his heels to pick through the little toy car parts. One by one they find themselves part of a washing machine's innards, with the help of the engineer's hands, tools, and some smacking around. He finally re-emerges from the back of the washer with a dirty face, his arms smeared with the same unmentionable washer funk up to the sleeves of his dull gray Navy-issue T-shirt. "There we go. Behave, now." He twists around, picking up one of the water hoses, and leans over the nearby grate in the floor. Reaching up to turn the water on, he lets the water flow through the tube first over one hand and then the other as he holds it.

"I dunno if I've met a Weps who isn't excitable about guns," Rebecca replies honestly, lifting one shoulder in a loose shrug. "But yeah, you can't just go firing things willy-nilly. But they /do/ have simulators if you're feeling like blowing shit up, you know. Well, pretend shit." She cocks a grin, then turns to watch Leandros emerge from behind the washer. His grimy appearance makes that grin widen.

Grinning over at the male enlisted she asks with a laugh. "Is it all fixed chief?" She asks, going to stand up and inspect it. "Could have cleaned it while you was there." She says mockingly shocked at his slopiness. "Oh well, I guess it'll do." She pats the machine and sighs. "If only everything was so easily fixed."

Leandros shakes off his wet hands and shuts off the water flow. Taking both water hoses, he reconnects them to their place on the machine. "I don't clean. Perk of rank." He picks up the service panel door and presses it back into place, picking up the little screws. In they go. "Makes me glad I ain't medical. Be like closing someone up after surgery with scalpels still in 'em."

"I'm sure most of civilized society's glad you're not in medical," Rebecca returns with a saucy quirk of an eyebrow in Leandros' direction.

Adelaide winces alittle at that. "I think awhole ship of people can agree with you there." She says in an aside to Rebecca. "He's bedside manner, would scare most of the people coming in, and the others wouldn't even get that far." She sits back down then suddenly jumps up. "I should get my laundry but before the abssy eat another one of my socks."

Leandros tightens down the last screw and stands up to his impressive full height. He picks up the tools and the gunky screen he eviscerated from the washer's insides. "Aim to please. Becca, I'm going to get a shower before I start glowing over here. Yama." The young enlisted just gets a nod. "Nice…wrench passing."

"Take me to my shirt," Rebecca requests, falling in step with Leandros as he prepares to leave. She grins at Adelaide, lifting her hand in a quick wave. "See you, Crewman."

Adelaide nods her head and waves a hand as she starts to empty the dryer. "Nice meeting you, let me know when you need some help again." She calls with a grin, envious of the loving pair.

Leandros has the decency to wait until they're halfway into the hall before pinching Rebecca's butt. With the wet dirty hand, of course.

You head towards Corridor 9C.

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