Happy Birthday Brawl
Happy Birthday Brawl
Summary: Kalypso gets drunk for her birthday and Sloane becomes her impromptu chaperone and gets in a fight.
Date: 73 ACH
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Carina, Pyr Hotel, Spotlights, 73 ACH

In the sea of sports, there is a small island of non sports related propaganda. That is Spotlights. Hearkening back to bygone days of flatscreen projected images as entertainment, Spotlights is a dim place, the intimate tables never holding more than four people. The low lighting is broken from time to time by its namesake, occasionally a cone of light sweeping slowly through the area, though the effect on the air, laden with a harmless mist generator is more of the beam of the light visible than shining harshly on anyone. The air is quiet, with the occasional lone piano music heard drifting through the air. The bar is polished glass and chrome, catching and reflecting the light when the two meet, otherwise the subdued offset lights give the place a sensual glow. One wall holds a low curtained stage, which at times draws back, and the spotlights fade, and a classic film plays at scheduled times. The bar serves drinks and food, though the emphasis is on the drinks, and the food is limited. All the glassware is sparkling clean and of crystal. Martini glasses, whiskey tumblers, daiquiri glasses and Brandy Snifters, Spotlights has it all.

Here on the Carina, separated from the military-minded way of life that makes the Genesis tick… a person could almost forget what's happened. Almost. There will always be things that will make it impossible to really escape the reality in a double-edged sword kind of way.

Such as celebrating a birthday alone.

Kalypso sits at a table near the piano, listening to the music and swirling a glass of amber colored liquid so that the ice clinks against the sides. She looks a lot different dressed like she is now, than the harder-faced Raptor pilot she is elsewhere. It's more like the life she had before all of that and it's somewhere in between the two worlds that she lived. One might wonder why a girl dressed like she is, is sitting alone at a table, until some poor bloke demonstrates. He comes over with a few well-intended lines and walks away with wounded pride from the cold glare that she gives him.

Sloane managed to secure some more leave time, despite the ones he's been saving for his never-ending stream of dates that don't happen. He doesn't seem upset by it at all as he steps into the restaurant. Dressed in the best he has, he shakes the hand of the greeter and shares a quiet conversation for a few moments. Looking out across the room to see who's there, he spies Kalypso and simply blinks. That is Wide-Load, correct? He looks again. Yes it is. Smiling, he rounds around the tables towards hers and stops to look at her. "Hey you…" He says, looking to the empty table. "…waiting for someone?"

Mis-matched eyes turn from where she was watching the piano player to fall on Sloane. The drink is swirled again, lifted to her lips and sipped. In the mean time those eyes are let to wander over the Viper pilot before she says a word. "Hey yourself," she returns, easily, "And no. Not anyone that's going to walk through those doors, anyway." Kalypso's head tips to one of the empty seats and ever so casually she stretches her legs to cross them the other way. "Wouldn't say no to your company."

Poor, poor guy who just tried to join her. He casts a semi-annoyed look over at them as Kalypso actually gives Sloane the time of day. He's clearly not the only guy that Kaly gave the cold shoulder to this evening.

Sloane pulls out a chair and sits beside her. Leaning back a little to a passing waitress, he motions to Kalypso's drink, requesting one for himself. She nods at him, and thusly Sloane turns back to her. Looking back to her, he straightens his shirt to look at her. "So what's the occasion? You just getting dolled up for some leave and attracting wolves?" He asks.

"You clean up nice, Cornbread," Kalypso comments, not immediately answering his question. Her foot swings lightly and she look off towards the piano player. A shake of her head sends golden curls bouncing. "Nothing special and I can handle them," she says. Nope, no mention of her birthday. "How 'bout you? Just getting away from some R and R?"

"Thanks, so do you…" Sloane replies to her, giving her a little smile as his drink is delivered. He pays for it then and there. Bringing up his glass to tap against hers, he looks to her. "Basically, yes. I won't bother you with the details of why I'm here by myself but I actually just wanted a nice dinner so I hopped over. Cheers?"

Kalypso smiles, clinking her glass against his as well. "Cheers," she says. Her glass is tipped back, amber liquid consumed. Whiskey of some type, no doubt. She holds it up to look at it. "I used to be more of a wine drinker, but somehow, this just suits a pilot better." She takes another drink of it before setting it down. "And thanks. Just… needed to get away for the evening. The last two weeks have been a lot to take in all at once."

Downing a bit of the drink, Sloane nods and sets his square shaped glass down on the table. "I know what you mean…" He says, looking in her direction. "You know I almost didn't notice you on my way in, took me a few moments. Where in Hades did you find that dress?" He asks, absentmindedly adjusting the lay of his watch on his wrist.

"Just something I had packed from another life," Kalypso says, looking down. She plucks at the fabric where it splits to cascade over her legs. "Figured I might as well get some use out of it." Kalypso signals the waitress as she passes by and points at her glass. Yes, another. "Just bring the bottle." She reaches down to pick up a little purse and pull some money from it to pay. "Hope I can walk out of here in these shoes after a few more drinks."

"Well you know me, I'm the helpful sort. I'll get you where you're going." Sloane replies, leaning back a little in his seat and takes another drink from his glass. Looking back to her, he tilts his head a little bit. "You know, about that night, I didn't mean to cross some sort of boundary…" He sets a pack of cigarettes down, offering her one. "I'm sorry if that was awkward."

"Thanks," Kalypso says, taking the offered smoke. The bottle is brought to the table and subtly set between them before the waitress wanders back off to see to someone else. She leans towards him for a light. Once lit she leans back and puffs on it for a moment, drawing the smoke in and then blowing it out in a long stream. "Don't worry about it. You didn't do anything wrong, I was just a wreck. Not your fault that I let myself get that frakked up."

Pulling back the lighter, he lights his own cigarette and sets the zippo-style lighter down on the table. Dragging off of his cigarette, he shakes his head. "Well you didn't do anything wrong either." He adds, nodding quietly. "So…" He pauses, looking to her, as if trying to figure out the missing piece of the puzzle. "…ran into your cousin a few times recently, traded a few novels."

Kalypso finishes the rest of her first glass and holds her cigarette between her lips as she opens the bottle brought to their table to pour another. That done, the cig is placed back between two fingers and she shakes her head. "No. I did," she purses her lips, and might have almost said more there, but the subject change is welcomed. She jumps on it. "Did you?" Her eyes meet his and she smiles a little, "Novels, huh? Yeah, she always was a reader. I guess I should go try to talk to her and let her know I'm not pissed off at her." She draws in some more smoke, blows it out. "You always take things out the hardest on the people you care about."

"I guess that would explain why I'm so self deprecating." Sloane says, raising his eyes in an obvious joke to try to keep the air cool in the room. "Well I saw her in the laundry, she didn't seem too upset about much, but I can tell she cares a lot about you, girl. I wouldn't take too long to do it, she's family right?" He asks, looking around for a moment before looking back to her. He smiles back at her eyes as they talk.

Kalypso laughs lightly at his joke. Another drink taken and enjoyed with a thoughtful smile. "Chi doing laundry. Now that'd be a sight to see. I know I screwed that one up the first few times I did my own. Dion came home and half the apartment was filled up with suds…" There's a flicker of something in her face and she takes another drink. On to safer subjects, or attempting to take them there. "Chi's the only real family that I'd ever lay claim to."

A few tables away, the blond guy that Kalypso blew off just before Sloane's arrival is staring at the two of them while he drinks his drink.

Sloane smiles. "You know, she almost did the same thing in the laundry. Guess she was lucky Super Cornbread was there." He replies, smirking a little bit as he looks into his glass, taking another drink. "You know…for all this shit I talk, I'm not the raving egomaniac I feel like I am when I say it." He admits, turning his gaze to spot the man staring at them. Tilting his head a little, he looks right at the man and gives him a lifted eyebrow, as if to say 'what gives?'

The guy, caught, just narrows his eyes and turns around apparently back to minding his own. For now, at least.

Kalypso goes on, oblivious, having gazed back at the piano player. She does laugh again when Chione's near disaster is revealed. "Must run in the family. Glad you came to her rescue," the Raptor pilot says. She taps some ash off of her smoke. "You're one of those guys that can pull off talking yourself up. Some guys just look like asses when they do that. You? You do it with charm." A puff of cigarette, followed by more alcohol. She's probably going thorugh it a little faster than she should, but eh, who cares. Kalypso is quiet for a few long moments, just listening to the music. "Thanks, by the way," she says, "For the other night."

Sloane turns back to her when the other guy turns around, avoiding rolling his eyes to make sure Kalypso wouldn't think it was because of her. Ashing his cigarette, he takes another drag. "Well I think it's because deep inside I don't think I'm the greatest, but it's not a self defense thing." He slips in before nodding his head quietly to her. "Hey…" He says softly to her, trying to get some eye contact. "…seriously, any time, all right?"

"You're a real gem, Sloane," Kalypso says, sincerely, reaching a hand over. She rests it on top of his for a moment, looking at him. "Some of the other guys in Gold could learn a lot from a guy like you about how to treat a lady." She draws her hand back, curls her fingers around her glass and takes another drink from it. With a curve of her lips and a lift of her brow, she lifts one finger off the glass to point it at him. "But don't think that's gettin' you and me in a storage closet later tonight, just because we're bein' drinkin' buddies right now." This comment appears to amuse her because she laughs into her glass.

Sloane grins broadly and lifts his glass towards her in a mock salute. "I wouldn't assume." Sloane says, honestly, and then shares a drink with her. Setting the glass down, he motions to the bottle as if to ask if he can have more. Taking a moment to check on the would-be suitor, he turns back to look at her. "Well don't let the word get out too much all right? I heard from somewhere that ladies actually tend to fall for guys that are difficult and emotionally damaging. So if you want to stage a fight sometime, I'm game."

The would-be suitor isn't looking when Sloane checks up on him, but he is downing some drinks.

Kalypso nods to the bottle. "If I drink all-a that by myself, boy-o, I will need help getting back to the Genesis," the woman says with a smile. Of course she kicks back more of her second drink… or at least the second one she's had since he's been here. Hard to say how many she had before Sloane arrived. "Not a problem," Kalypso says, bringing the cigarette up to her lips again, "I'll keep it to myself." She leans back in her chair, blowing the smoke upward. It does dangerous things to the dress the way she's leaning back like that. "Sure, sure. I can help with fight staging, any time." Pause. "Do you think I have an annoying voice?" Where the hell did that question come from?

"Uh…no." Sloane replies with a smile in her direction as he takes a sip from his second drink. "You don't have an annoying voice. Not at all." He says, setting his glass down. Leaning forward a little bit, he shrugs, stubbing his cigarette out. "Do you sing? Or are you talking about your speaking voice?" He asks, getting a clarification.

The guy is looking at them again, or more specifically looking at the female pilot.

Kalypso takes a last puff from the cigarette and looks at the burning red end as she blows the smoke out into the air. Then it's being ground out right along with Sloane's. "Scala made some remark about me having an annoying voice," she says with a snort, "He's such an ass. I don't know what Tempo sees in that guy." Kalypso swirls her drink and downs more of it. "Good to know it's just him, but me sing? Frak no. I'd break glass." Speaking of glass, hers is just about empty. Time for a refill. Oh, this is going to hit her like a ton of bricks very soon. At the very least it appears to have loosened her tongue, "Dion, now, Dion could sing. Ah, boy, could he sing…" she sighs a little and pours some more.

"Flask has put me through a little hades too, but he's allright. Guess it's a guy thing." Sloane says, ignoring the would-be for the moment as he sips his drink. "Honestly, I hope Tempo's happy but I just hope he doesn't hurt her. I kinda liked her when I first met her but I've moved on since then." He admits, sipping his drink. "Dion?" He asks quietly.

"I like Tempo too," Kalypso says, "Could see myself bein' friends with her even, but I'm a pretty horrible person. Probably going to frak that one up royally if I haven't already." Yeah, she's slurring just a little bit now. The alcohol is starting to catch up with her. "I'm really sorry about the whole bet thing. That got way outta control. Did I apologize for that already? I don't remember. But I am. Sorry. Flask just…" she trails, looks into her glass. "Dion. I frakked things up with him too. He wanted to marry me," Kalypso says, "An' now I'm celebratin' my birthday alone an'…" she looks at Sloane, "Sorry, not alone. You… you know what I mean?"

Sloane watches Kalypso for a long moment, deciding what to say before he does. "Hey…" he reaches a hand out, palm up, on the table. "First of all, the bet thing got me a date with your cousin, which if you don't tell her, I actually really like her. Flask got me a date with Bayless, but I can't really tell if she's into me or not. But both of them still want to go out with me. Don't apologize for that." He says, looking to her. "So it's your birthday." He smiles. "You wanna get some food, dance, chase some ducks? I know they're trying to get them to breed but they make funny noises when you piss them off."

"I love him you know? I know I told him I hated him when I walked out, but I really love him." Ah, yes, a chatty drunk. Kalypso pushes herself up in her chair, high heels scraping the floor a little awkwardly as she resettles herself. She leans an elbow on the table, propping her chin in her hand. The other hand holds onto her drink. This is not good posture for the dress she's wearing. "An' you know those assholes on the Gen' were sayin' I was hooking up with his big brother? That's pretty frakked up, don'chu think? I mean, yeah, I might've had a crush on Pietr when I was like, frak, ten or something… but Gods… I'm in love with his baby brother an'…" She trails, picking up her glass to drain the rest of the liquid in it. There's still a lot left in the bottle that she paid for and she reaches towards it. It'd probably be a good idea to cut her off at this point. Of course, then she sees the offered hand and reaches out to take it. "I'd like to chase ducks. You know, you're really frakkin' sweet, Sloane?" Beat. "We can take the booze with us… I paid for it. You think ducks like booze?"

"Yeah, but let me carry it allright? It's glass." Sloane smiles, taking her hand. Finishing the last of his drink, he takes the bottle into one hand and stands, moving over to her chair. Holding her hand to help her up, he looks to her feet. "When we get outside though you might want to carry those heels." He adds smiling down to her. "Cmon…let's go, I think I know a guy that has some bread and we can hang out by the lake and feed em."

Kalypso eyes the booze then eyes Sloane and with a smile nods, "Yeah, thas probably a good idea." She stands up, teetering just a little on the heels and laughs. "I've got a frakkin' awesome buzz right now," she says as she leans into her fellow pilot to keep from falling over. Yeah, 'buzzed' isn't the term she's looking for. "I like ducks," she comments, pulling the string for her purse over her shoulder. And then she'll cheerfully stumble along with Sloane to go feed ducks.

At the other table, the blond guy finishes off his drink. He quietly grabs his jacket, tosses a tip on the table, and discreetly begins following the two off-duty pilots.

Paying the tab and leaving a tip at the register near the front, Sloane doesn't notice the man following them, merely assumed he would shuffle off. Stepping just outside near the wall, he holds her hand and leans near the wall so that she can lean and get rid of her heels, those will be a deathtrap. "Yeah, me too…" He says, holding the bottle. He is slightly drunk, but he's not amazingly drunk. Remaining her arm and her impromptu chaperone, he smiles to her. "So…you really think I'm date material? I've been having all this damn trouble…"

Kalypso doesn't notice the guy either. She's a bit too inebriated to be thinking about things like that, plus trying to get out the door in those heels. As soon as they're out though she leans against the wall and grateful for his support. She does somewhat okay as she wobbles on one foot. The other is lifted into the air to pry her heel loose. A little stumble as she settles her foot back down has her laughing. "These shoes are so not comb-combat safe." The other shoe is much easier to get off. The Raptor pilot smiles at Sloane and leans on him, tapping a finger to his nose. "Frak yeah. Total date material. It'll turn aroun' for you," she says, "Frak. Maybe you an' Chi'll happen?"

"Maybe." Sloane shrugs. "If I don't accidentally break my arm next time I see her." He adds, taking her arm again after she gets her shoes. He starts to walk with her towards the park. "I have this apparent thing I do when she's around. Fell off a treadmill twice, knock stuff over. I do like her, but no point in counting my chickens." He smiles, looking to her.

Kalypso laughs, "She's only a former super-model. Nothing to trip over yourself, ya know?" Way to talk it down Kalypso. Really. She leans her head on Sloane's shoulder while they walk. "Sure, sure. It's better to be a little reserved. I gotcha there. No sense in getting in trouble thinkin' too much about it."

Speaking of trouble: it is following the two pilots in the form of an angry, jilted drunk guy. Not that he would recognize them as pilots at present, which could be a mistake on his part. But as Kalypso and Sloane start off towards the park, here comes the guy that was staring at them in the club. A finger is tapped on Sloane's shoulder, the other fist held ready to cold-cock him the moment he turns around.

When the tap on his shoulder comes in, Sloane turns and has a split second decision to make. He jolts to the side away from Kalypso and the punch to his face misses by a few inches. "Hey what the frak man!" Sloane yells, letting go of Kalypso's hand. He gives the man a shove back to try and keep him at bay. "We're Navy don't —" He manages to get out.

Kalypso stumbles as her shoulder to lean on is jolted away. Bleerily she looks at the guy swinging punches at Sloane and wrinkles her nose. "Hey… what gives?" she slurs out, annoyed, "Leav'im alone, asshole!"

"What's so great about this guy?" the angry drunk asks, jabbing a finger at Sloane. Said finger is tucked back into his fist and he stumbles forward to swing another punch at Sloane's face. "Navy? Frak the Navy and frak you. Me an' her are going to have a talk and you're gettin lost." Someone is deluded. Or just pissed off.

Blink, blink, wobble. Recognition is slow to dawn on Kalypso, "You're that dickhead from th' bar. Din't I tell you once already you were wastin' your time?"

Sloane moves to stand in front of Kalypso protectively, the intoxication diluting in his veins as the adrenaline sets in. Sloane squares his feet and looks to the man. The man from the bar is larger than him, probably stronger. "You're not going anywhere with her." Sloane says flatly. "And I'm not leaving her side." He states. "So how about we just walk away from this and call it a day, all right? This hasn't turned into a fight and it doesn't have to."

The guy stumbles as he misses another punch. Talking rationally might work. If the guy were sober and thinking clearly. But he's not and he thinks he's got size on his side. Plus, well, he's pissed. "Frakkin' snobby bitch," he says, "Think you're too good for me?" He steps forward and cracks his knuckles, looking at Sloane. "How's about I rearrange your face?"

Kalypso puts a hand on Sloane's shoulder from behind. She's a little too drunk for the adrenaline to really do much to help her any. Of course she does attempt to get back around Sloane, shoes in one hand, she points her other finger at the guy. "I don't think. I know." Yeah. Because that remark is going to help diffuse the sitaution. Kalypso, shutting up would be a good idea. "How's about you shut up and go home before you hurt yourself?"

"Go get help." Sloane says simply, giving Kalypso a light push back as the man approaches. The cracking of knuckles is obvious and Sloane raises his arms in a bit of a boxer's stance. For the record, the drunk civilian throw's the first punch, which lands into Sloane's face roughly. The right cross thrown connects squarely into Sloane's jaw and it takes him off balance. The other drunk is simply bigger and furious. Grabbing the man's shirt for a reprisal, Sloane throws a punch in return and is blocked.

Kalypso stumbles as she gets pushed back to a safer position by Sloane, but hessitates when she's told to go get help. Kalypso winces as that first punch hits. "Frak…" she stumbles a bit, but it's better than if she was still wearing those heels. Of course she can use those as a weapon and hopefully help distract the guy for Sloane's sake. Two high heeled shoes are lobbed, one after the other at the drunk civilian's head. And then, Kalypso is stumbling hastily back towards the bar to get some help.

With a bottle in his hand, Sloane grunts as his punch is blocked. The punch was deflected to the side by the drunken civilian's left arm. It leaves a sizeable hole in Sloane's defense, resulting in a punch to the Ensign's stomach that knocks the wind out of him. Grip fumbling on the bottle, the drunk grabs it out of Sloane's hand, promptly smashing it against the side of Sloane's head. With a crash, there's a bit of blood from the back of his scalp and a sting as whiskey hits opened skin. "Mother Fr…" Sloane grunts, stumbling but hanging onto the man's shirt. The two of them stumble towards a row of benches before Sloane finds his footing. Sending a haymaker in the man's direction, the pilot's fist meets the nose of the civilian. Knuckle meets cartilage in a small splash of blood as the nose is broken, and the civilian stumbles over the bench to fall over it, groaning on the grass. Immediately, Sloane's hand goes to the back of his head.

Kalypso misses this valiant and painful display. Of course, by the time she returns with security the fight has been settled out and the players involved are both sporting battle wounds. One of the security guards stands by her, holding her up with a hand on her arm as she wobbles. "M'fine," she says, pulling her arm away. Two of the security guys go towards Sloane, another to the injured civillian. "Frak…" she says when she sees what happened to Sloane. She bends to pick up her shoes and, as the security guard is hauling the drunken and woosy civillian to his feet, she throws one of them at him again. "Asshole." …okay. Not smart. Her security guard takes her arm again and gives her a look. Fight's over.

One of the security guards puts a hand on Sloane's arm, "C'mon buddy, let's go." "We'll get that bleeding stopped…" And naturally detain the three of them for questioning and the two Navy officers will be carted back to the Genesis.

"There's glass…" Sloane warns the guards, holding the back of his head and looking in Kalypso's direction. "Don't let her step in the glass…" He brushes some of the blood off of his lip with a nod to the security officer. "I'm not gonna give you any trouble, officer. Ensign Antonio Sloane, Gold Squadron. CO is Major Rue." He disclaims up front and turns, walking beside the security officer. He shakes his painful hand a little bit at the strain on his knuckles, but complies fully with the security officer.

After all that, Sloane is still looking out for Kalypso. The Security officer says a thanks and starts guiding her away. One of them retrieves her shoes. And as the trio is carted off, Kalypso looks at Sloane, apology on her face. "I'm sorry 'bout your head," she says quietly, otherwise, she bites her lower lip and silently stumbling along with the rest. This is a hell of a way to end her birthday.

"Yeah well he didn't get to ya…" Sloane says with a chuckle, shaking his head as he's led towards the medical station in the docking bay. There's a small aid station there with a paramedic standing by. Stopping at the station while the transport is prepared, they manage to stop the bleeding and put a press-on bandage to it, but he's going to need stitches back on the Genesis. A few minutes later, some MP's arrive to escort them back to their ship and, well, the Brig.

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