Having a word
Having a word…
Summary: Zephyr calles Chione to CIC and has a word with her after they've been chewed out by Regas
Date: 88 ACH
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BATTLESTAR GENESIS MUSH - Tuesday, February 10, 2009, 2:40 AM

[Intercom] Pass the word! Ensign Dike, report to CIC. Ensign Dike, report to CIC

Chione comes in from Corridor 11A.
Chione has arrived.

Genesis CIC Genesis - Deck 11
88 ACH 23817 Souls

The Combat Information Center is the tactical heart of the Genesis. This CIC is designed in a triangular formation, with one point pointing directly forward, while the other two point port and starboard. The forward point of the CIC triangle is where the tactical consoles are set up. Dead center, a large, clear display panel is suspended from the ceiling, green gridlines showing a map of nearby space. Under this, a large table is set, providing more tactical displays, a wireless handset, and a large, DRADIS console.
Both port and starboard other watch stations are set, in two rows of tiers like stadium seating, one above the other. Each station has a purpose - helm, weapons control, communications, navigation, damage control, and further tactical monitoring. More displays and banks of computer monitors line the walls.

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IC Time: 88 ACH

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MUSH Time (Eastern): Mon Feb 09 12:41:37 2009 (EST+0)
Local Time: Tue Feb 10 02:41:37 2009 (EST++14)

At least Chione didn't have to go far, and the elusive Coffee Beast gets away this time. Jogging up from the stairs, Ensign Dike marches into CIC when she is called over the intercom, pausing at the hatch to adjust her uniform, and absently press her hair into place, before striding in with a salute. "Ensign Dike, Reporting as ordered, Sir."

The young tactical officer is at his station, however his attention is set on the entryway to CIC. It is obvious Zephyr's waiting for someone, and from the page a few moments ago. It's pretty obvious who he's waiting for.

As Chione strides in and salutes, he sighs inwardly. "As you were Ensign, and there's no need for a formal salute…" he tells her, hoping to disarm her a little as he manages a small smile. "I'm afraid I need to have a word with you. It concerns what happened on Destiny…" Zephyr pauses. He's sure Chione's probably already faced Regas about it as he waits for her reaction.

"Which part, Sir?" asks Chione her eyebrow arching upwards. Given the conversation with Regas earlier, Chione is hardly in the mood to be disarmed, she is as wary as a leopard on the prowl. She does not relax, instead she moves to a parade rest, her arms shifting to be clasped behind her back. If she is about to be grilled in CIC in front of her peers, she is going to be presentable and professional.

"Relax Ensign. Come here a moment…" Zephyr says simply, beckoning her to join him as he turns his attention back to his station and leans against it. He won't grill her, he's not like the Commander. "…I'd just like to have a quiet word and a story from you about what happened on Destiny, topped with a quiet reminder on military protocol…is that alright?" he asks Chione.

The Ensign moves over to the Lieutenant JiG's station, but there will be no relaxing today, instead she looks over to the man, and keeps that eyebrow arched upwards, as if it were Athena's AEGIS, shielding her from something. "Where would you like to begin, Sir?"

The young Lieutenant looks to Chione for a moment. Gods. How hard did she get grilled. "I've heard the gist of the story Dike. I'd like to hear your side…that's all…"

"The party had been a success, Sir, if you understand my meaning. However, I cannot stand being inebriated. I had barely had what constituted one drink, while others had. Still, when it was sounded that we were not with the fleet, it was obvious that people wanted to know what was going on, and wanted to help. We were not in uniform, and I believed that Lieutenant Bayless, at the very least, was going to try to see Captain Salizar herself. It seemed prudent that it would lend credence to who she was if I accompanied her, let alone showed her the way, in her offer of assistance. In the morning, when word filtered that the Captain had locked the bridge from military personnel, I did have a way of contacting the Captain, while Lieutenants McKenzie and Bayless did not. I did so in an effort to begin smoothing relations so that they could reach him later. I was then asked by Captain Salizar to organize activities for the civilians to keep them occupied and away from the military. Afterwards, I then suggested areas where the ship could use assistance as a good will effort by the military where personnel could be used away and out of sight of civilians to Lieutenant McKenzie as she was the first of the Lieutenants that I saw. I was then asked to deliver several missives to Captain Salizar by Lieutenant McKenzie. From there, I worked as per the duty roster, then spent my extra time working in Brother Karan's garden, until the riot when the collision alarm sounded. After Lieutenants McKenzie and Bayless' attempts at calming the crowd, I attempted to distract the crowds and get them into crash positions until the Captain gave the all clear and everyone dispersed, without further incident, Sir."

Zephyr nods slowly as he continues the apparent reading of papers from his station. He picks a sheet from a pile, notes something on it, then puts it back before he turns to Chione. The young tactical officer turns around, and leans against his station, this time as if sitting on it. He crosses his arms on his chest.

He purses his lips for a moment. "I know you meant well Ensign. And that's all well and good, and I like someone with initiative. But there are plenty of officers above us, even if they aren't CIC. I don't like to see my colleagues being grilled by the CO or XO. So, take it as a friendly reminder from me…whatever you do, if it concerns more than one person or may affect a collective group. Try and follow protocol where possible…okay?" he says with a…a pleading smile?

"Even if it may end up in the group being lynched by the civilians aboard the ship we are on, Sir?" asks Chione in her own professional retort. "Because, Sir, that is where it was going, Sir." And she firmly believes it, before she gives another nod. "Very well, Sir. From now own, I will follow proper military protocol where possible."

"Wherever possible, and within rational measures…" Zephyr confirms. "Dike. If it means anything, I'm glad you took the initiative. But always, always suggest to senior officers. I know its frustrating when sometimes things don't go the way we want to…but that's our job. It's hard. But that's the choice we made when we joined the Navy. Remember that." The young JiG isn't being unkind at all. He took the same oaths. He's living in the same world. They all are.

Even with the compliment slipped in there, Chione keeps her face a mask of professionalism. "Yes, Sir," she notes, standing as she is, hands clasped behind her back.

The tactical officer nods. "Don't worry too much about it Ensign. I can understand where the Commander is coming from. But I can also understand why you did what you did. Just keep up the good work here. Put this away for now, but don't forget about it. Learn from it. You don't always have to be a stickler Dike, just need to know when…"

"Yes, Sir," offers Chione with another nod. "Of course, Sir." She stands there, waiting to see if there is anything else, or if she is to be dismissed, her stance has hardly changed since she walked into CIC.

Zephyr takes a sheet of paper off his station and hands it to Chione. "Here, take your mind off things for a little and look through these co-ordinates. There's a whole batch of them. Something I prepped for emergency jumps. Re-check them for me. And there's no rush okay? Just a little something to do for now…"

Solon comes in from Corridor 11A.
Solon has arrived.

Standing over at Zephyr's station, Ensign Dike is speaking with the Lieutenant JG. And the Lieutenant is definitely the more relaxed of the pair, holding out a sheet of paper to the young woman. An eyebrow arches upon Chione's face as she takes the paper, and gives a nod. "Yes, Sir," she says in a clearly professional tone, and begins looking over something that is listed there without moving from her spot. Perhaps she has grown roots there.

The young Lieutenant steps towards Chione and pats her lightly on one of her shoulders. "I'll be bunking for a few minutes. We've been busy while you guys were 'lost' to us. I'm glad you're all back…you, Cato…" he smiles. He's young, and he's only a JiG, but it seems he does care about his colleagues at CIC.

Solon will likely be an unfamiliar and somewhat unusual sight in the CIC. The fact that he looks around with a bit of marvel and curiousity as he steps inside must attest to the fact that he's never been in it - and perhaps in any similar location - before. "Interesting," he says to himself, and then starts sort of curiously ambling about. Is… is he supposed to be up here? Its dubious.

Did the Ensign actually stiffen at the pat on the back? No, not possible! "The Specialist is good at his job, Sir" notes Chione without looking up from the paper. And then a new voice is heard, and Chione slowly turns, peering at the new face in CIC. Blue eyes flick over the man, then his uniform, and the paper is returned to Lieutenant Zephyr's station. "Captain, may I help you?" asks Chione, her 'professional' tone not quite so biting as she steps towards Solon.

Zephyr too notices the new voice in the room, and the uncommon colour of -white-. He leans in towards Chione and whispers to her before he walks down from his station and nods at Solon as he leaves. "Captain"

You whisper, "Ensign, if you'd be so kind to deal with the Captain. And ask him to leave if he has no real business here. Which I doubt he has. Also leave a quick report on my station recording his presence and business, should it turn out he has some…" to Chione.

Solon is smiling, in apparent good spirits, and nods as Zephyr passes him, although he looks back toward Chione quite soon after. "Ah, well, perhaps, on several counts. I need to see the FTL calculation computers, and if they're available here the DRADIS and other senory logs regarding the Destiny incident. I know it's all quite in the past now, but I believe they might prove a somewhat useful study case for something I'm working with."

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