Eric Bana
Eric Bana as Leroy Thomas "LT" Hazzard
Name: Leroy Thomas "LT" Hazzard
Callsign: Bandit / L.T
AKA: Hazzard
Age: 34
Branch: Military
Faction: Marines
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Marines
Position: Magnificent Bastard/SST member
Rank: Sergeant
Ship: Ship
Homeworld: Caprica
Actor: Eric Bana

Brief Synopsis:

Leroy is the son of Thomas Hazzard the founder of one of Capricas largest metalworks 'Karma Inc' that produces the barrels of the guns of larger vessels such as Battlestars and Assaultstars.
Born and raised on Caprica, Leroy was the youngest of two.
Jethro and Leroy parted by a mere 10 months did most things together, partook in sports, parties and even went in the same class until it was time to decide upon career. Where Jethro fought out to study Business and Administration, Leroy joined the Colonial Marines.
Perhaps it was due to spending each summer at the Hazzard summer estates in the Domingo Mountains, Leroy had a natural apptitude to move around in the wilderness. Scoring just below top scores on the marksmanship tests during basics, along with fair scores on the Evade and Escape training Leroy was accepted into Sniper school.

Military Career:

At the age of 18 Leroy Thomas Hazzard enlisted in the Colonial Marines, after spending two years in the Caprican guard, he was accepted into Sniper school at the age of 20.


During Operation 'Mastiff' upon Sagitarrion to seek out and eliminate terrorists, Leroy went MIA.
One year later, Private First Class Hazzard reported back for duty onboard Battlestar 'Ulysses' while in the docks above Caprica.
PFC Hazzard had been injured, but managed to evade his capturers. For two months he had lived on his own in the wilderness, before infection had taken its toll.
A Hunter named Ezra Jones had found him in the woods and taken him back to his home, put some clean clothes and then sent him to the hospital where he had spent the next coming nine months to recuperate under a false identity.

Two years later, now Corporal Hazzard joined the 'Special Operations' and spent the coming years training and partaking in missions.
Explosive Ordonances dispical, Evade and Escape, Heavy Weapons. Nothing was beneath the members of the 'Special Operations' and every man was taught the duties of the man above him in the chain of command.

1 Year prior to the Cylon Holocaust, Corporal Hazzard, requested an assignment back to the regular Marine Corps, and was sent to AssaultStar Pandora to the 'Magnificent Bastards' under Captain Desusa.

Bit and Pieces

  • Due to his part in Special Operations, any rank and medals earned during those 8 years, are to be rewarded upon retirement1
  • Leroy Hazzard has no listed family of his own, no spouse no children
  • Thomas Hazzard, died of a heart attack 2 years prior to the Cylon Holocaust, making Jethro the chairman of the family ran company.
  • Leroy's mother is named Evelyn
  • His Squad mates, has nicknamed him L.T

During the War


Hazzard, a loyal member of the Magnificent Bastards joined up along with the rest of the Pandora crew with the Genesis, after the soo called Pandora Incident.
His stay within the fleet during the first three weeks was rather unremarkable, consisting of a few recon missions on the surface of Muskeg where he most notably located along with Staff Sergeant Skip, the ruins of an old Colonial Outpost.
When the mission to Leonis came, he quickly volounteered for duty and was picked out for the Stealth Sniper Team, under command of Corporal Ramiro.

Corporal Hazzard is promoted to Sergeant, by Major Desusa, for his actions during the war. Making him the 'first' Bastard Marine under Major Desusa to earn a field promotion.2

53 ACH:
During the event on the Nebula, Hazzard was badly wounded when the view port gave way and the blast shield failed to fully close.

Team Leader: L.T Hazzard
Rifleman: PFC Riker
Grenadier: PFC Boone
Machinegunner: PFC Maine

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