He's Not Heavy
He's Not Heavy…Air Wing Combat
Summary: The Air Wing and the Capital Ships take on cylons.
Date: 100 ACH - 2/21/2009
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[Tac1] CIC to all Wings, weapons hot.

The Genesis and the Hera have jumped into the coordinates given by the Raptor recon team. Once they arrive, the Basestar launches raiders and the Genesis launches their vipers. It isn't long before the dogfighting begins as they plunge into battle like a swarm of angry hornets protecting their nests.

[Cav_1744: Novella] Novella's Viper takes the lead in the formation. She moves her trottles up as the CIC calls hot weapons. The new LT angles her Viper towards an oncoming Raider, mashing her trigger during the first pass.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy, CIC. All Vipers, light 'em up!"

[Jailhouse_109: Micah] Sweeping in hot on Cav's 'four', Micah does a quick shouldercheck to make sure his wingman's on him, before throttling back to catch any stragglers on the lead viper.

Wasted, Sizzler and Grass all form up with a shift in speed. Coming down hard on their own Raiders, they begin to roll and fire as they pass through the swarm.

Sharply tipped Raiders bank and rush into the oncoming Vipers. Streams of fire emitting from their guns as they strafe across the vipers in their way.

Cannon fire from the two Capital ships begin firing, as the Basestar sends out its own streaks of color toward those ships intent on taking her down.

[Cav_1744: Novella] Novella's gun flicker in space, the tracers arcing out over the distance. The rounds find home across the deflection, walking right up across the Raider's controll surfaces and exploding it in a shower of sparks. She cranks left and comes up high over the top in a yo-yo, pursing after a bandit on Micah's tail.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Splash my bandit! Good hits! Micah… Got one on your tail. Moving in to cover you!"

Bits of Raiders fly everywhere, but the next swarm takes affect. They aren't giving up that easily. Six more come into the fray along with a couple familiar ones…

Viper pilots let out a SPLASH ONE! Shout and woohoo across the TAC as they rock and roll.

Genesis takes a small hit, but the Basestar is in worse shape as damage is done across the hull.

[Intercom] Attention! Action Stations! Set Condition One throughout the fleet.

[Jailhouse_109: Micah] Guns lighting up in quick bursts of tracerfire, Micah veers off after the bandit that's taken a liking to his wingman. It probably didn't even know what was coming, and breaks apart quickly as the pilot drops in low to avoid the detritus of the explosion. Spotting a tail on Novella, he pinwheels over so he's briefly belly-up, then zips in after it with a quick burn of thrusters.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "You too, Cav, nice shootin'. Let's trade, shall we? Rhodes, cover me."

[Tac1] Grass makes some noise across the TAC "My Boyfriend's back and there's gonna be some troubbbleeee…ten-o'clock…looks like we've seen that one before."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy Grass! <gunfire> I see 'im! I took him out last time!"

[Tac1] "Wolf" Phelan says, "Copy that Micah, Wouldn't want to upset your wife before I have a chance to properly introduce myself to her."

New DRADIS Contact: Hound_840 arrives from Hangar Bay B.

[Tac1] "Wolf" Phelan says, "Bout time you showed up to the dance Warwick."

[Tac1] Sizzler zips around, coming back in, "Hound was in the Head, probably best not to go in there for awhile."

[Cav_1744: Novella] Novella's gunfire rips some nice holes in the tail of her target. She blasts past the attacking target and pulls her Viper through a gruelling 9G turn and actually adds power. Bottoming out her turn, a pair of Raiders streak in and one scores hits across her nose. She rocks her wings to dodge the other as she presses the attack.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Better late than never, right?"

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "*laughter* Naw, probably not the best way to intruduce yourself, Rhodes. Look sharp, you've still got a bandit on you— Cav, ah'm on your six, this guy really wants your arse."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "All Vipers! Target the damaged Raiders, first! <more gunfire> Get 'im, Crow!"

[Jailhouse_109: Micah] Micah's guns score a few good hits on the raider, but not quite enough to take it out of the fight. Gunning his engines, he strafes in at a sharper angle on the turn, trying to gain an early lead on the damaged machine.

The Genesis takes a harder hit to the hull. Somewhere along Marine Country, some marines are finding themselves thrown out of their bunks. Which will teach them not to get up during a red alert. So much for that precious coffee in the Hub as the coffee maker hits the deck with a crash.

Vipers zip and twist, turning and circling to take out the raiders that have joined in. One of the raiders misses his mark so badly the guns misfire and send him spiraling out of control off into the distance. Down, but not out.

[Hound_840: Warwick] Coming out from the Genesis fashionably late, Hound moves straight for the enemy Raiders as quickly as he can. Glancing around for a few moments, to make sure of how it looks out there.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Splash on your raider, Cav! He sure took a bite outta you though, you okay in there?"

[Cav_1744: Novella] Novella fires again just as rounds chew apart her tail, the sudden force of high velocity mass hitting another high velocity mass throws her shots off and the tracers walk across teh sky without finding a mark. She shoves the throttles to the stop and cuts through a lead turn, mashing her guns once more at a Raider flickering by.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Frak! Fine! Got a doofer on my rear stabs, but it went out. Hound! Cover Wasted! That Viper's been taking hits, too!"

[Hound_840: Warwick] Going for his target, Hound frowns a bit as his shots misses, turning around at the far too familiar sounds and feelings of enemy fire hitting his Viper. He sees one of the enemies that could have fired at him go up in a lovely fireball, and turns back, switching his aim to the mentioned Raider.

[Jailhouse_109: Micah] As the first bandit breaks off, and another swoops in to make Novella's life difficult, Micah banks hard to starboard and peppers it with gunfire. Nose down, he pitches his bird 'tits over teakettle' and blazes a path back to defend his wingman.

The Hera takes a nice round of pounding to it's mid decks. Some training classes are going to need a few cans of paint and it looks like Castillo's pen died as it rolled off a desk and fell under a chair being tossed across the room.

The Basestar is beginning to look like swiss cheese, but there seems no end of the Raiders coming out of her launch tubes.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Thanks, whoever turned that Raider hunting me into a fireball. And got it, Cav. Will do my best to make our Raider friend regret his actions."

[Tac1] "Wolf" Phelan says, "FRAK.. Missed that one warwick, break right!"

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Splash my bandit! Wolf, I'm high cover on you!"

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Splash three on your bandit, Cav. Rhodes, juke it up."

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis]

Some life is left, as a last firing volley is sent off and then explodes, leaving a gaping hole where the guns were stationed. It isn't over yet though, Raiders launch out again from the dying Basestar. Intent on making this a last stand, one way or another.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Splash one here. But these little smart ones has a bit of a taste for me, it seems."

[Cav_1744: Novella] Novella's walked fire leads the bandit right across the sky and explodes it with only a few minimal hits. She shoves the throttles up and rolls over the top on a smooth Immelman before her helmet is visible looking down towards Wolf. But the distraction of the exploding Basestar causes her to rock her wings and look back towards the incoming.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Hoooly hell!! More inbound! All Vipers engage!"

[Hound_840: Warwick] Getting his target at the right place, Warwick sends off his gunfire, watching the enemy craft, and a number of its colleagues turn into Great Balls of Fire. He gets a hit to his Viper and rolls a bit to the side, before he sees the incoming enemies, heading straight for one of them.

[Jailhouse_109: Micah] Micah's gunfire punches through the crescent-winged bandit, lighting it up in typical St. Germain brawn over style. As more raiders spit out of the injured basestar, he throttles back slightly to get a sense of what's happening.

[Tac1] "Wolf" Phelan says, "Copy that, let him come."

It's getting ugly out here now. Those last ones mean business as they race into the firefight. Banking, arcing and laying fire down as the pass by.

[Hound_840: Warwick] Did Hound use something the Raiders like to follow on his Viper today? Two of them fires off at him, and one hits his tail, making the craft shake a bit just as he was sending off his own fire, sending the shots wide of the target. Turning a bit to look for the good target again, before it's further into the fight.

New DRADIS Contact: RAPTOR_214 arrives from Hangar Bay B.

[Jailhouse_109: Micah] Micah's playing things more aggressively now, leading hard into his turns and employing his guns in broad swaths of scatterfire. He manages to lay into Phelan's bandit with a few well-placed shots, but the two bogeys on him seem fairly intent on pounding him into the proverbial ground. One of them rips into his wing and sends him lurching off-kilter, and the other tears across his bird's engines and comm relays, cutting off the message he was about to broadcast over tac. He's not ejecting, so he's probably unconscious in there somewhere.

[Cav_1744: Novella] Novella runs her Viper hard but the first shots miss. She turns hard through the back, dodging hard through the intense fire. Seeing micah takes the hits, though, Viper 1744 spins through a HARSH turn and heads directly for the stricken 109. She races in and takes up a blocking position against any incoming, guns firing madly at anyone who dares approach.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Frak it, I'm hit, I'm—"

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Genesis, scramble the SAR bird! 109 is down! — All Viper, protect the Raptor. Hound, keep 'em off Wasted!"

[Tac1] "CIC-TAC" Drusus says, "Hangar Deck, CIC, scramble SAR on Jailhouse, 109."

[Tac1] "Wolf" Phelan says, "Copy that, Wolf has jailhouse in sight."

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Copy that. Going for the troublemaker trying to knock out Wasted."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Splash three! Clean 'em up! Two left! Wasted, get back to the barn! That's an order!"

[Tac1] Copy that, Cav, back to the barn.

[Hound_840: Warwick] And true to his words, Hound takes out the Raider going after Wasted, moving for the next Raider, to clean up this mess.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Splash two."

[Cav_1744: Novella] Novella's Viper floats itself between Micah's Viper and the incoming Raider. She takes a few hits to the body and doesn't quite catch all of the incoming into Micah, but its enough to protect him for now. She continues floating the Mark VII between any perpective attackers and her stricken friend.

With the Capital ships sending out firey death to the machines, they don't last for long. Raiders go spinning off and crashing into the debris fields that are floating along with the Asteroid belt now. Stars from those gaseous spires seem to twinkle more brightly as the clean up begins with the Vipers and the tenacity of their pilots.

[RAPTOR_214: Magus] Raptor-214 launches from the Flight Deck of the Genesis, her engines burning brightly as she screams out into space. At the helm, is Priest — the new Raptor Pilot on the Genesis by way of the Hera / Pandora. The boxy little ship flips through space almost lightly, taking automatically evasive manuever in the combat environment. Inside the ship, her ECO is already locking onto the homing beacon for the downed pilot.

[Jailhouse_109: Micah] It might be a little difficult to visually spot the downed mark seven, what with raiders strafing in and other vipers lighting up the black as they hurtle past. But 109's DRADIS signature is clear, anyway, and getting in close clearly confirms it's taken heavy damage. The pilot's slumped in his seat harness, unconscious.

[Tac1] "Priest" Magus says, "Genesis, Priest: SAR Bird is clear of the barn, locking onto Jailhouse's homing Beacon now. Over."

[Hound_840: Warwick] Going on that head-to-head with the remaining Raider, Warwick frowns as he misses his target, before he grins a bit as the enemy does the same. Turning for another pass at the thing.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] The last raider doesn't want to give up. It has a chance. One chance to make some damage on that Raptor!

[Cav_1744: Novella] Novella watches the Raiders dance across the sky vastly outnumbered by the Vipers. She notices the last one streak in towards Magus, but she's unwilling to leave Micah's side. Her radio silent, there's no need to give orders. These people know thier jobs.

[Tac1] "Priest" Magus says, "Air-Wing, Priest: Dradis is showing a boggie on my six. Remaining on target for the objective, and taking evasive manuevers. Someone wana dust off my backside?"

[Tac1] "Wolf" Phelan says, "Copy that Priest, we're on him."

[RAPTOR_214: Magus] Priest guides the Raptor deftly across the battle, the nearby Heavyraider opening up on the Raptor, and forcing it to swiftly slide to the side — it's string of fire passing over the top of the Raptor. That danger is avoided, and swiftly replaced by another — the Raider. Priest takes Raptor-214 into a barrel roll, hurtling at break neck speed towards the downed Viper.

That one little Raider is trying to make LT on his paygrade, it seems. Still aiming for that Raptor, it's going on with a suicide mission in mind.

[Hound_840: Warwick] Coming in for the Raider again, there's a growl as his shots go wide once more. Going for it again, he mutters something to himself.

[RAPTOR_214: Magus] Further fire rakes across the bow of Raptor-214, the tenacious Raider remaining on the ships tail. With it being the only target left her ECM suite is undoubtedly targeted on the last remaining Raider. In the cockpit the Raptor's pilot, Priest, throws the ship into a constant roll — enough to make the ECO sick if they looked out the front. The stars whirl wildly outside of the Cockpit, and they continue on towards Jailhouse.

[Cav_1744: Novella] The two Vipers miss their chances as the Raptor and its pursuer finally come into decent range. She waits for the doding Raider to pass out from behind the Raptor, timing its movements. She forces her breathing to slow before lightly squeezing the trigger.

Lost DRADIS Contact: Jailhouse_109 heads for Battlestar Genesis.

[Tac1] Novella's voice is calm and relaxed. "Splash four. CIC, Viper Lead. All Raiders dispatched."

[Cav_1744: Novella] The tracer fire arcs over the side of the incoming Raptor, passing a few hundred meters away and intercepts the Raider's flight path. It rips into the suicidal enemy and the Raider tumbles away in a series of small explosions. Viper 1744 slowly maneuvers away from Micah and looks back out towards the basestar.

The Basestar is like a tomb. Smoking debris and small arc's of electrical show it's last dying breath as it tilts slightly. Both Capital ships have some damage, but nothing serious to the hull of either one. The Hera took a last hit to amidships again, the crew Head busted a few pipes and some of the air conditioning has gone out. Otherwise, no fatalities on the Air Wing.

[Hound_840: Warwick] Not being able to get off a good shot at the Raider, there can be seen a thumb showed upwards in the direction of Novella as he passes not far away. Looking around at the surrounding area for now, waiting for the rescued one to be returned first.

[RAPTOR_214: Magus] Priest and his Raptor, now free of that troublesome Raider, come up on the downed Viper. Almost immediately they begin SAR Opps, with the hatch to the Raptor opening, and her ECO walking carefully out onto the stubby wing. Slowly, but surely the ECO moves around to the rear of the Raptor, and retrieves a tow cable — leaping off the Raptor in the direction of Jailhouse.

[Tac1] "Priest" Magus says, "Genesis, Priest: We've found the downed Viper. SAR opperations commensing. Over."

[Cav_1744: Novella] A thumb is seen returned to Warwick as he passes. Her helmet then turns to look back out towards the basestar for a few minutes. Never having seen one that wasn't sending lethal shells at her she get a chance to notice some details as the Raptor approaches. Though once the ECO is out, Cav inverts her Viper and watches the operation from above.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Wolf, Hound. Return to the barn. Grab a pair of clean Vipers. You've got first CAP. I want you set-up between us and them, just outside the Genesis' flak envelope. Confirm, over."

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Copy that. Always a good thing keeping soething in between us and… that thing."

[Tac1] "Wolf" Phelan says, "Copy that Cav, RTB."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Affirm, Hound. Good shooting today, everyone. We all made it back. Doing your new squad leader proud. Cav, out."

============================ BB Post in Progress =============================

Group: After Action Reports

Title: AAR Capital Ships

The fight with the Genesis and the Hera against the Basestar went like textbook. Both ships took moderate damage and there was only the following 'fatalities' on either ship.

Hera - Amidships took two moderate damage hits, the crew quarters Head has some busted pipes. The Training room lost a couple chairs and one of Castillo's pens he left on a desktop.

Genesis - The Genesis took a light and moderate hit to her hull. Deck 14, tossed some marines out of their bunks. The Hub lost its coffee pot with a deck crash.

In the early morning hours of the next day, some of Third squad of the Marines were sent to the Basestar. Lance Corporal Meris handling squad. Upon landing, the Raptor, the marines and raptor crew were taken hostage. Even though life signs were very faint on the ship, it seemed they were fooling the Genesis' and her scans.

There was only one brief speech that came across the Colonial Band as the Lance Corporal was airlocked off the Cylon Basestar:

"I'm still in control."

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