Heart to Heart
Heart to Heart
Summary: Reed and Pepper have a heart to heart with a visit by Drusilla.
Date: 03/26/09
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Roosters Nest (Obs Deck) Genesis - Deck 9

133 ACH 24277 Souls

The observation deck is at the fore of the ship. The viewport allows those who come here to relax and enjoy a little quiet time with opposite sex. When the ship is under Alert levels, the viewport has a steel shutter that automatically comes down over the viewport for protection of the glass. The seats here are single and double and set up like a theater. They are cushioned and some recline back for those quick naps.

-----< Condition Three - Public Area >----

Contents: Pepper Reed Wireless 1494

Exits: [O] Corridor

Special: +detail - Details available


Reed is sitting in a chair, looking out at the stars, lost in his own thoughts for the moment.

And in comes wandering Pep, out of uniform, but her head's buried in a file folder. As she walks, she's chewing on the end of a pen, apparently lost in thought, like Reed. Half paying attention, she makes her way over to one of the chairs and settles in, tucking a leg beneath her.

Reed looks over at the movement, smirking, "Peters." He says in greeting as he looks back to the stars, stretching one leg out

It takes a minute for her to figure out that someone was talking to her, then her head pops up, eyes a little wide. Wait, wrong ship. She glances around for a second, then back to Reed, smiling wryly. "Evening, Sir. Sorry, forgot where I was."

Reed smiles, then settles back in his chair, "Evening, not a problem, just watching the stars and relaxing.

"Good," she comments with a little smile. Without a word, she settles back to her file.

Reed chuckles, settled back and looking out into the stars, "Catching up on things?" He asks mildly.

"Already caught up, Sir," she says, glancing up at him briefly, lips quirked at one corner. "Waiting for Major Bayless to get back with me on scheduling. Left a few things on the Colonel's desk." If THAT isn't a loaded statement. "Working on a personal project at the moment."

Reed smirks, nodding, "Good. How was the LSO?"

Her nose crinkles JUST a bit. "Interesting," she says quietly, candidly. "Still waiting for HIM to contact me about scheduling the rest of the tour."

Reed nods, "What happened?" He asks, looking out at the stars.

"He was eyeing our decks like he'd lay down and make love to Hera, Sir."

Reed chuckles, "LSO, Hera's the type of ship built for them. Training pilots, whipping them into shape. I'm not too surprised."

Pepper humphs softly and shakes her head. "I didn't know whether to clear the deck and leave him alone with it for ten minutes or continue the tour. We made it as far as the classroom before he had to return to Genesis." She's, apparently, reserving judgement on the LSO.

Reed nods, "Well, hopefully he'll make it through the tour with one set of pants." He sighs, "We'll be looking to getting the Hera in proper use."

She pffts softly and mutters something under her breath that sounds suspiciously like "Too late." But then she nods, once. "I think now that the Air-Wing is starting to recover, it won't be too difficult to get Hera more company for training. In addition, I dare say that Castillo will be working on more classes now that the latest crisis has passed." For some reason, though, Reed now has all of her attention. Her regard isn't intent, but it's almost as though she's looking for something.

Reed nods, idle approval as he looks out into the stars, "Excellent. We need the Hera used as she was meant to be used." He scratches his nose briefly. Without taking his eyes off the window, "What's on your mind?"

She's quiet for a bit, then shakes her head slightly. "Just thinking ahead to the future," she says with a small smile. "Mental chess, I guess you could call it."

Reed nods, smirking, "I see, good to do that, plan things out, get everything set just so, see how things develop. I asked the Sheriff to talk to you, there's been a few more birthdays that Browne was interested in doing something for."

Pep laughs quietly and nods. "I can see I'm now getting the reputation as the Fleet's party planner," she teases, but then sobers a little. "And you're right. It's good to know where you're going to be in a week, a month, a year. Better to be flexible, though."

Reed nods, "Good to have a plan for it. Just having the plan ready for changes where it's needed is one of those essential things."

She grins at that and dips her head. "All I need for the townhouse door is something to let those who need to know that it's occupied," she says, almost apropos of nothing as she looks back to her files, shifting to get more comfortable in the chair.

Reed grins, "Boots outside the door, that's what we used in berthings and dorms back in the Academy."

Her lips twitch slightly. "It's a possibility," she murmurs, then glances up, as if she's looking at him over the tops of glasses. "But don't you think the civvies would find that a bit…odd. I mean, it's almost like advertising "Here there be frakking."

Reed smirks, "Well yes, but who knows, perhaps another signal, something more subtle, I guess."

"Mmm," she murmurs. "Perhaps a suncatcher, of sorts. Or a small wreath."

Reed nods, tilting his head, "Maybe a signal that's not there, rather than one that is, removing something instead of putting it up?"

"Shame we don't have a cat to leave on the front doormat," she says dryly. "Though, the doormat would be a good idea. Having it out, or in, when someone's in residence makes a decent, subtle signal."

Reed nods, "Good call, Setting out the mat when occupied, taking it in when not."

The pen is used to make a quick note in the margin of whatever Pep's working on. "I'll have to check into whom has keys and whom needs them," she murmurs. "And how we're going to handle things with the civilian government." There goes that nose crinkle. A few more notes are jotted down.

Reed nods, smirking, "Sounds like a plan. Be good to see it getting underway."

Her lips purse ever so slightly at that as she tries hard not to grin. "We'll have to figure out a cleaning crew," she muses. "Eventually. Not everyone's fond of the lingering scent of diapers."

Reed nods, "I'm sure someone would be willing to get the work of cleaning up. Employment for teenagers and the like."

"Mmmm," she responds after a moment. "Speaking of teenagers…I had dinner with Dr. Roubani last night, and Ms. Aragon y Castile de Vargas. It was an interesting meal. I've been trying to figure out if there's a bit more of a long-standing friendship there than I otherwise knew." As Isabeau's brought up, Pep's posture seems to change subtly, so subtly that the woman herself probably isn't even aware of it. She tenses, shoulders and back.

Reed keeps looking out the window, so wether or not he sees anything is debatable. On the other hand, he is looking into a large semi reflective surface. He thinks for a moment, then, "I really wouldn't know, honestly."

Pep's quiet for a bit, then shakes her head slightly. "It's not my problem," she says, more to herself than to him. "But it's hard not to make it so."

Reed nods, "Easy to get into other peoples business, harder to let it go. but it saves headaches."

"Saves headaches, yeah," she says, closing the file folder. "But it also creates more."

Reed smirks, "Sometimes, yes, but it's still better than driving yourself insane." He shrugs, "Of course, that's just my opinion."

"Short drive," she says with a little laugh. "Especially in this circumstance. But…things will settle out the way they're supposed to. I think I just need to stop trying to make sure someone shook the bag properly."

Reed chuckles, nodding, "A good idea, really. Let people make their own mistakes."

"I'm not sure if it's their mistakes I'm worried about. More…the effect those mistakes are going to have on others. Sometimes it feels like bowling with live grenades. You know that it's likely you'll get the grenade far enough away from you before it goes off, but you don't know who else it's going to take out."

Reed nods, "True. Really, that's a matter that the others need to be concerned about. You need to know when to shout a warning that there's a grenade rolling towards the people in question."

"Oh, the warning's already been shouted," Pep says with a quiet sigh. "I just don't know whether or not the grenade's going to get thrown back in my lap, at my head, or take out the rest of the people I love." She shrugs delicately after a moment and a smile actually forms. "I guess I'll just have to be ready with a sidearm and fire hose. Or maybe a bat."

Reed smirks, nodding, "Always need to be ready with that, in case of emergencies." He stretches his legs briefly, "I just don't want to walk in on the LSO humping the simulators, so make sure that he has a doormat."

"DOORMAT," Pep says, quirking a brow. "Condoms. And a pail with water to wash up after himself. There are certain things I don't want to know about them going on, particularly not the -where- of things. I have enough of those on my own. But the LSO alone in the simulators?" Her nose wrinkles and she shakes her head. "I think I feel morning sickness coming back on."

Reed smiles, nodding, "I should imagine so." He's sitting, looking out at the stars, Pepper curled up in another chair.

Pepper's curled up in one of the chairs, a file folder closed on her lap, and a rather green expression on her face. Apparently she wasn't kidding about something she said to Reed. She actually DOES look like she's going to be ill. "Ulp," is her eloquent reply to him.

Reed looks to Pepper, blinking, oh crap, "Peters?" He asks, moving to rise, so that he can help to keep this from getting quite messy.

Drusilla appears, making her way into the Observation Deck, escaping from the bustle of her daily being to drift amongst the celestial bodies outside. She liked celestial bodies, they shared their own form of beauty and had none of the same disadvantages as human bodies: namely the propensity to make demands. Stars and planets and nebulae, they didn't do much talking either, which was fine by Drusilla. She stepped forward, edging closer and closer to the deadly vacuum outside, and only belatedly noted that there were other people in the room. Namely, people with fancier insignia than herself. Drusilla straightened as she recognised the silhouette of the Fleet XO. "Sir." she murmered within distance of inconspicuous conversation. But her attention was drawn then by Reed's own fixation upon the other woman she found to occupy the room with her. Ahh, yes, the efficient looking one, Drusilla thought to herself. Not looking so efficient today, it would seem

Poor Pep looks as though she was as caught by surprise as Reed was. Given her position, she's not getting out of the chair quickly, so she does the next best thing - she points at the small round metal trashcan that's not too far from the poor XO. Her jaw is clamped shut, fairly tightly, eyes on the verge of watering as she tries to straighten out and uncurl her legs. But even though she looks as though her lunch is preparing to make a reappearance, she still manages to salute the JAG. Though it's a very brief one. Her hand is needed to cover her mouth.

Reed sets himself and springs, snatching the trashcan and moving to Peppers side, holding the can in proper low height for her to vomit forth the contents of her stomach and a few closets worth of shoes into the can, before looking up to Drusilla. He nods, "Captain." His voice is light and pleasent, even if Peppers making horrible wretching and splashing sounds into the can.

Drusilla didn't like walking into a situation she didn't understand. She liked it more when she was alone with the stars. Now she was dealing with some sort of… illness? Perhaps not. Maybe it was something she ate? Or mayhap a virus. Or perhaps it was something else entirely… something… Drusilla sympathised though she didn't really have the skill to do much else. Her head nodded abruptly, recognising the salute though she did not return it, did not want to impose upon this woman any more than was necessary. "Is there," the lady lawyer paused, her head turning subtly sidelong as if she were unsure of herself while catching Pepper's movements in her peripheral vision, "something I may do, sir?"

Poor Reed. He was JUST in time. Pep's head goes in the can without preamble and without ceremony. One doesn't expect those manner of noises to come out of a) someone as small as she is, and b) someone as proper as she is. But they do. It sounds almost as though something is attempting to crawl out of her throat. She's trying to be quiet, one can tell that by the choking noises, but it's just not working out for her. Thanks to Reed's quick thinking, though, there are no other casualties than the trashcan. Well, and the other officers who'd been enjoying the peace and quiet. The place empties.

Reed smiles as the wretching, horriffic noises come from in front of him and he looks to Drusilla, smiling, "Make note of the time and when this child is sixteen, remember this moment for a lovely story to embarass them about the torture they put their mother through." He says, nodding as he holds the can steady. He seems only mildly amused at the moment, though sympathetic.

The room may have emptied of most inhabitants but not Drusilla! She did not retreat in the face of regurgitated lunch! Never! When it came to witnessing the wretching of soupy stomach acid, she could take it like the best of them. "Yes, sir." she replied smartly. She sounded like she intended to do it, too. Perhaps insert an addendum to Pepper's personnel records. She'd never had a sixteen year old, her opportunity to watch a child grow had been terminated some years back, and so she could not make any assessment as to how much such a story would embarras said creature. But it was not for her say otherwise. The lady lawyer waited patiently to see if any other instructions would come her way as Reed tended to his aide. The woman's poise was still, only her eyes darted hither and thither as the scene unfolded before them.

Pepper makes a sound in the back of her throat that's either a growl at what Reed said or, perhaps, one of those shoes dragging a heel up along her esophogus. Either way, not a pleasant sound. Whatever had been in there is now quite gone, leaving her with the dry heaves. Those she's better able to keep at least something more quiet. It's more harsh breathing and near convulsions than anything else. Even that evens out after a minute or so. "Sorry," is echoed out of that poor trashcan.

Reed looks down, "Don't concern yourself, Peters, just try to relax through it." He says, then looks to Drusilla, "Glass of water, please?" He asks, nodding.

"Yes, sir." Drusilla repeated. She turned, not quite on her heels though it was a near thing, and retreated from with with a spry sense of purpose in her step. She had orders. She was going to fetch a glass of water! Woe to all who stood in the path of her objective.

Pep tries to do as Reed advises and manages, for the most part. As Dru walks away, she sits up and collapses slightly back in the chair, pulling a tissue from her sweater sleeve, covering her mouth. "Thought I was past it," she murmurs around the tissue. "Who knew the LSO would trigger it?" Very weak attempt at a joke, but at least she's neither apologizing or horking.

Reed nods, "Certainly not me." He agrees. "Soon as the water gets here, swish and spit, then I'll send this can off to be disposed of." He nods to Pepper. "you feel done?"

Pep dips her head, dabbing at her mouth. "Done," she says quietly. "I don't think there's anything left. I think you'll have to airlock the can. Just sit it somewhere people don't have to smell it and I'll clean it out as soon as I swish."

Reed tilts his head to Pepper, "You sure? I'm sure I can order some enlisted to do it." He smirks at that, mostly kidding. Mostly.

It did not take very long. Of course not, Drusilla was a woman who knew her business and brooked no tomfoolery when it came to achieving her objective, be it preparing a multi-fasceted legal manoeuvre or something so mundane as fetching a glass of water. In this case it happened to be the latter. Drusilla reappeared bearing the required beverage and accompanying vessel which she brought before Pepper, bending a knee so as to offer it at a convenient level to the ailing Ensign.

Pep takes the glass offered and gives Dru a small smile from behind the tissue. "Sorry, Sir," she tells the woman, then takes a sip of the water. Sip and swish, as ordered. As the swishing goes, she leans toward the can again, averting her face from the pair.

Reed leans forward, letting Pepper spit into the can as he holds it. He looks to Drusilla and smiles, nodding, "Thank you, Captain. Just what was needed."

Drusilla merely nodded to Pepper. Apology accepted, though it was hardly necessary. It was more Reed's quick thinking (glass of water! of course!) as much as it was her own willingess to serve. She straightened herself and stepped back. "You're welcome, sir." she said, her attention still resting upon Pepper though the words were intoned for the man's benefit. Drusilla's lips pursed momentarily in hesitation before she enquired. Pepper -seemed- relatively okay at this point but still… "Should medical be notified?"

Pepper shakes her head at the mention of medical, halfway through another sip of water. She does, however, wait until she's swallowed before answering. "Morning sickness, Captain," she says with a wry little smile. "A little…unexpected this late in the game. I thought I'd gotten past it. Must have been wishful thinking." She looks up at Reed and nods, once. She's done. "I'll take care of that in a couple minutes, Colonel." Promise. Really.

Reed straightens with the can and nods to Pepper, moving off from the wimmenfolks to the rear of the room, and sends the trashcan off to be taken care of, on his own, entrusting it to some NPC Enlisted, before coming back. Ew.

Ahhh. Drusilla's lips parted in silent exclamation upon hearing Pepper's explanation. So it -was- as she thought. Sympathy was renewed. As Reed made his quiet departure to deal with the offending effluent, the lady lawyer inquired in what could -almost- be considered a sincere expression of womanly concern, "Is this your first?"

Cradling the glass in both hands, like a lifeline, Pep nods, smile a bit wry. "My first," she affirms. "The Colonel's first, too. So it's all new territory for both of us. I'd been a week without an incident, and thought I was close enough to the end of my first trimester that I was in the clear." Her nose crinkles. "Apparently not. Most of the time, though, I'm able to get somewhere it doesn't bother anyone else." She notices that everyone else has cleared out of the Deck and turns a lovely shade of bright red, mortified.

Reed returns, brushing at his sleeve. Lint, thankfully. But he catches the conversation, "Not me, the other Colonel." He clarifies specificly.

Drusilla does not appear put off by the whole event, even though she had stumbled upon it quite unexpectedly. Instead she looked upon Pepper with carefully veiled awe with a dose of pity to go with it. "It doesn't get easier." she advised, remembering her own nine months of nausea, intense hunger, and emotions that were frighteningly out of whack. The lady lawyer cleared her throat as she heard Reed speak up upon his approach from behind her. "Yes." she uttered convulsively. "Yes, of course, sir." The other colonel, the one she had to track down soon.

Pep blinks at Reed for a moment, clearly just a touch behind, and then her cheeks absolutely flame out. "Colonel Altair," she clarifies, nodding emphatically. "NOT Colonel Carter. Colonel Carter is NOT this child's father. She'd -kill- me and they'd never find the body." She just looks up at Reed, wide-eyed, and then, very subtly, her lower lip begins to tremble.

Reed nods as he looks to Pepper, and smiles warmly, putting a hand on the Ensigns shoulder, and in a friendly tone with some light amusement, "Yes, yes, she would." He agrees, almost chuckling before patting Peppers shoulder and straightening.

Poor thing. Drusilla heaped another dose of pity into her feelings for Pepper as she watched the woman crumble into a quivering mass of estrogen. Was it really worth it? The trouble, the toil? Or, int he case of twins, double, double toil and trouble. She watched at Reed comforted her, recognising that the two must be close, even if they're not -that- close. "It's okay." Drusilla stated, affecting what she hoped counted as a comforting smile to Pepper. "You can be sure I made no such assumption."

Pep lowers her eyes for a moment, then makes an odd, choked little sound. She can't help it. It comes again as Reed squeezes her shoulder and she looks up at the man. Far from crying, though, she's laughing - and desperately trying not to. Her lower lip disappears between her teeth for a moment, and then the chuckles just have to escape. She covers her mouth with a hand, as if trying to keep them in. "Sorry, Sir," she murmurs to Drusilla, once she's reestablished some semblance of control. "But just the thought of how many pieces I'd be in, spread how far over the galaxies, if this baby were Colonel Carter's…" Annnnnd, cue giggles.

Reed chuckles, nodding, "Yeah, yeah. Happens when one is with a formidable woman like I am." He moves off from Pepper, to sit on the arm of a close by chair. Looking to Drusilla, he shrugs. "Not what you were expecting when you came to the Nest, hmm?"

Drusilla maintained that smile even though the muscles in her lips were starting to feel the weight of the exertion. They didn't get a lot of exercise. 'She just -doesn't- get it, does she?' the lady lawyer thought to herself. "I quite understand, dear." she offered Pepper with whatever maternal resources she had to muster. "It's quite common." Drusilla didn't really know if it was or not, only that the emotional roller coaster had at least been common to -her-. Clasping ehr hands behind her back, she turned to face Reed and answered, her voice becoming more casual, "No, sir, it wasn't. But sometimes that can be a positive thing." How philosophical. Now -she- was the one facing nausea. But she cast that aside. "Is everything alright, sir? With the Fleet, I mean." She presumed there had been some sort of meeting or such to warrant the presence of Hera Actual and his closest aide aboard Genesis.

Poor Pepper just curls a bit tighter in her chair for the moment, hands clasped around her glass. She only moves to reach into a pocket to pull out a small bag of what appear to be rather plain crackers or biscuits of some sort.

Reed nods, "Oh yes, quite well, for the moment, everything considered. I just left the ship in the XO's hands to give her some more time in the big chair." He shrugs, "Hera doesn't have an observation deck."

"I understand, sir." Drusilla said. She remained standing, between the others and a little deeper into the room as she looked out over Kobol's creation. That's what she had come for. This is where she went when she needed a moment to clear her head, no stressors to frustrate her or people to make demands upon her time. That was already well accounted for, what with all the legal hullabaloo.

"But it does have the chairs," Pep pipes up from where she's curled into herself. One of the crackers is broken in half and one half is offered to Reed.

Reed grins, looking to Pepper, and nods, "Yes, Hera has better chairs than the Nest, granted. I think if we put those chairs in here, people would have to be rousted out of here."

Reed also accepts the cracker with a smile to Pepper.

Crack. Crunch. Drusilla's ears were tickled by the sound of partitioned edibles. SHe inhaled, the scent of salt and dough intoxicated her nostrels as the lady lawyer's eyes remained fixed on the starscape poised before her. She said nothing, having nothing to say. She had never been to Hera, never sampled these delightful chairs it boasted. She rather liked the ward room's chairs here on the Genesis. Those were comfortable, yet not -too- comfortable, insuring that work was neither frustrated nor prolonged and more than it had to be.

The other half of cracker is offered out to the lawyer. She's got several more in the bag. Yep, someone who's ever so prepared. "We'd never get people out of here," she concurs with Reed. "Have you had a chance to enjoy the Hera's training classroom, Captain," she asks of Dru, brow quirked slightly.

Reed chuckles once more, crunching the cracker idily, "I don't think that the Heras chairs are a published tourist point of the ship." He comments idily as he looks back out to the stars, thinking.

It took a second for Drusilla to realise that approximately 50% of a cracker was being proffered in her direction (she guessed, in actuallity, that the true proportion was slightly less than half, the majority going to the senior officer, be it by design or the natural order of the universe), so engaged were her eyes upon the points of light dotting the black canvas to her fore. "Hm?" Drusilla uttered, her head cocking to view Pepper and see the woman's gift. She smiled, not quite gracefully but appreciative nonetheless for the gift. "Thank you." she said, accepting it in her hand. "No, I have never visited the Hera. Are they very nice?"

Pep reaches into the bag to pull a second cracker out and begins nibbling on the edge, slowly. "They should be," she tells Reed, eyes twinkling a bit. Then she nods to Drusilla. "Multi-purpose chairs. Large, comfortable, and with a massage component. I plan to use them to draw officers and enlisted over for training classes."

Reed chuckles, letting the pair talk about the massage chairs without his own opinion of 'So?' come into it. Maybe he just doesn't get it to the degree Pepper does.

That caused the lady lawyer's interest to perk, though it had nothing to do with the topic of chairs or massages. She arched an eyebrow. 'Classes.' Yes, she had heard the word correctly. The cracker remained in her fingers, being gingerly manipulated before she saw the dim depths of her mouth. "I have had a mind to propose to the Commander a comprehensive plan to cross-train Colonial personnel. Have I already been anticipated?"

Pepper glances over at Reed then back to Drusilla. "Not that I'm aware of, Sir," she says with a smile, pulling her PDA out. "The classroom is available for all who need it. Hera's a training ship, equipped with the most up to date equipment the Colonies had to offer. It's available for scheduling." She doesn't even have to glance to Reed for confirmation.

Reed nods, "Indeed. Corporal Castillo runs the occasional classes in vasious subjects from firearms training in the range to operations training in the classrooms, depending on the needs of the classes, but Hera has facilities to use in the training of personnel."

Drusilla ran the logistics in her head. Those dull grey eyes of hers remained expressionless depths of milky vacuum yet the mere intensity by which she stared with them into the vacuum that was staring right back at her, the quickness of her thoughts was betrayed. All very good and fine but there was the matter of transportation. Shuttle's regularly transversed the major vessels of the fleet in what had become scheduled service. It did not mean that the Hera was out of the running, though. It could still be, and by accounts -has- been, used and could be used and -ought- to be used, by Drusilla's reckoning. "How very interesting." was what she said. She looked back to Reed, her gaze not stopping until it rest upon Pepper. "Thank you." she told them both, sincerely. "I shall perhaps schedule time to visit the ship and see these facilities for myself."

"I'd be more than happy to conduct a tour, Captain," Pepper offers quietly. For whatever reason, though, she looks up at Reed and tries very hard not to smile.

Reed smiles to Pepper, and looks to Drusilla, nodding, "Feel free to schedule a tour, and see what the Heras facilities can do to assist your plans."

The lady lawyer nodded affirmatively. There was work to be done! THat was, to say, there was -more- work to be done than there had been afore she stepped into the room. Nevertheless, this was -fun- work and she felt the exhileration of plotting and planning and politicking course through her veins. "I shall, sir." It had come time. Time to eat that cracker. Bringing the baked good up to her mouth, the touched it upon her tongue and munched with evident satisfaction. Yum! Taking the time to chew and swollow like a good girl, Drusilla then said to her two companions in conversation. "If you will excuse me Sir," and to Pepper, "Ensign, I shall make my departure of the observation deck."

Pepper looks up to Drusilla, smile warm, then starts to roll to her feet - clearly planning to salute properly this time. Of course, she does this slowly. She didn't get where she is by being dumb. Ok, well, maybe she did, given some things going on. "Have a good evening, Sir," she says quietly, pulling into a salute.

Reed nods, "See you later, Captain." He glances to Pepper, then back to Drusilla, smirking slightly.

The salute took Drusilla by surprise. It was not just a matter of the preoccupation of her thoughts but also in part because pregnant women were supposed to have privileges, and by the fact that they were off duty, and then there was that dispicable little matter of the wretched state of adherance to such proprieties as she had come to witness during her time on Genesis. The gesture touched her, so to the point that she nearly motioned for the woman to abort her action. Abort. Wrong word in this circumstance. Instead, Drusilla raised her hand, slowly just as she other woman had, and executes a proper salute in return. The hand dropping back to her side, the lady lawyer pivoted to Reed. "Sir." And with that she turned and withdrew sweepingly from the room.

Pep doesn't drop her salute until well after Drusilla has, and after the woman has turned to leave. Then it's a simple matter to settle back into her chair, sliding her PDA into her pocket. "Two tours to do, one left to finish," she comments with a little smile. "Luckily, the two I need to do will be safe."

Reed smirks, "Let's hope the Captain doesn't have the same reaction to the Hera the LSO does."

Pep looks at him, helplessly, then takes a very slow sip of her water. "Don't make me think of that again, Sir," she begs him. "You'll lose those boots."

Reed lifts a hand, "Sorry. Well, at least you'll be able to impress her with the Heras abilities."

She shakes her head after a moment, then manages a smile. "I think she'll be quite happy with it, truthfully. The CAG, too. Her capabilities are more suited to the CAG and JAG rather than the LSO."

Reed nods, "True enough. We'll see what happens with the tours."

Pep's quiet for a long moment, mulling something, it would appear, then she shakes her head a little, apparently shaking a thought -out-. "Are you headed home tonight," she asks, finally looking back up at him. "Or will you be staying?"

Reed smiles, "I may be staying. Haven't gotten that far yet. I'm off duty for the night, however." He says, lifting a shoulder.

Which means -she's- off duty for the night. Her lips quirk slightly at the corner and she nods. "Depending on work load, I may take either the last shuttle over or the first in the morning." At least she'll be out of trouble, mostly.

Reed nods, "Good. Planning on giving Salin the What-for about the morning sickness?"

Pepper waves a hand delicately, chuckling. "Not really, no. I'll tell him what happened just in case it gets back to him," she says, blushing. "And I may reserve the right to hold it against him at a later date, though it'll probably be when I'm in labor." There's a pause and she looks up at Reed again. "Oh, we've both decided that, no, you're not allowed in the delivery room. Neither of us thought you'd mind, but I think that's where I'm going to draw the line. Of course, if Salin can't be there, I WOULD like to have someone other than Dr. Roubani to scream at during labor. Salin suggested you'd be an acceptable standin, as his XO."

Reed chuckles, nodding, "Oh, so I'll be allowed in as a last resort to yell at. Fine." He nods, smirking, "I don't have a problem with that, really." He chuckles. "The things that come with this job."

"Well, not so much to be yelled at," Pep qualifies, grinning up at him. "But I'm going to need a hand to hold. Luckily, I don't think my grip's strong enough to crush. Maybe dislocate a bone or two. I think Salin's planning on finding somewhere else to be when I go into labor."

Reed grins, "Oh, you'll have to grab him to keep him there." He chuckles, "I can see him stuck while you go through Labor."

"I may not have the choice," she comments, nose wrinkling. "Which means I may need to talk someone else into making sure he's hogtied and in the delivery room."

Reed nods, "I recommend the Sheriff. Browne always struck me as the type to get such things done."

Pep arches a brow and grins up at Reed. "Because you're going to be too busy getting the hell off Peerless and hiding somewhere on Destiny," she teases quietly. "Well out of blast range?"

Reed grins, "Well, I'll be banned from the delivery room, so it'll be up to the actual father, won't it?"

"If he needs to be frogmarched to the delivery room," she tells him with a laugh. "You're allowed in. To make sure he stays." It's clear from her expression, though, that she's quite certain that won't happen. One brow does arch very slightly.

Reed nods, "alright, I'll be able to kick him back into the delivery room." He chuckles. "Let's hope that he can handle it. shouldn't be too much of a problem."

"On the plus side, Major Zim's been an incredible amount of help with all this," Pep says with a little smile. "Some very good advice for a first-time mother in being able to coexist peacefully with a male CO and a fiancee'. Very good reminders that women have been doing this since Kobol."

Reed chuckles, nodding, "I would imagine that would be a problem. At least you haven't shived either of us yet."

A shoulder lifts delicately. "Why would I," she asks, in all seriousness. "You're looking out for my well-being. I can't exactly fault you for that, even if I might not need it. It only took me a few days to figure out Salin put you up to sending me to Medical for full rations." Her lips twitch a little. "I'm a little slow sometimes when it comes to personal matters."

Reed smiles, widely, "Oh, you figured that out, did you?" He tilts his head, "Sorry, I'm afraid I haven't spoken to Salin in a while, and nothing about your rationing came up. That was me."

That DOES seem to surprise her, though she takes him at his word, clearly. "Interesting," she says with a laugh. "I was certain I was right, since he'd fussed at me the night before about it." Her nose wrinkles a little. "I think, now that he's out from under everything that landed, he'll be available more when you need to speak with him."

Reed nods, "Good, but yes, sorry, it was me that sent you to Medical for that. Not about to have you undernourished and jepordizing the childs welfare."

"Vitamins make up for quite a bit," she tells him quietly. "But I was getting to the point where something needed to give." At least she can admit to being wrong. "Thank you for kicking me. I'm just glad you didn't have to kick too hard."

Reed nods, "Well, I'm glad you did it and it worked out as it did." He shrugs, "Now we can focus on the rest of the problems."

"There are more," Pep asks, with a wry grin. "Besides my nearly throwing up on your boots."

Reed nods, "Oh yes, scheduling the Heras upcoming tours and classes. the work the Hera is meant for."

She waves a hand delicately and shakes her head. "Those aren't problems," she says with a soft laugh. "Not in the least. Scheduling is the easy part. Getting Hera working to her potential again will be the easy part."

Reed nods, "Good, then it's all you." He says, smirking. "You handle the scheduling, and I'll keep working on the fleets course."

Pep studies him for a long moment, head tilting ever so slightly to the left. But then she grins and dips her head. "I'll try to keep the wolves from your door," she comments quietly. "I have the feeling that I might be running interference with the JAG. I'll be able to distract her, though. I'm learning to speak JAG."

Reed nods, "Good, JAG is an unusual language, but It's not that hard." He smirks, "A good skill to have."

"It was easier with Salin," she comments simply, smiling.

Reed nods, "I would imagine, he speaks Colonial." He chuckles. "So, what about the rest of the evening for you? planning on grabbing Salin anywhere specific?"

Pepper cocks her head to the side, looking at a point somewhere beyond Reed's shoulder for a moment. "He's in meetings until 0100," she says, then sighs quietly. "Which means paperwork until 0300. By the time he showers and gets ready for bed, it'll be 0330, and he's got an 0700 meeting so…no. Not if I want him to get any sleep tonight." She shakes her head after a moment and looks back to the Colonel. "I'm insisting that we have an actual wedding. He mentioned going to the Courthouse on Carina as a last resort, but there are a few obvious reasons I'm not doing that unless I'm in labor and about to have the baby. I'm trying to figure out how long I can get away with requesting for a honeymoon. We're not going far - just to the townhouse."

Reed nods, "Well, I've thought it out and can do the wedding at any time, but the rest of the scheduling, well, that's you, too."

"Well, it's him, too," she says, shaking her head. "Ideally, I'd like to go for a week. But I have the sneaking suspicion that prying him away from Genesis for that long would be rather like taking a cat for a drag on a leash. I MIGHT be able to get three days. Maybe. With incentive."

Reed nods, "Well, yes, that's true. Getting him to take the time would be problematic. Still, don't worry about the ceremony performance, that's set."

Pepper smiles softly at that and nods. "Thank you," she says quietly. "We're going for small, with friends present. You, Major Zim, Mo, Major Zaharis and Doctor Pike. At least, for now. I'm going to broach the topic to him of having it…a little more open. With all of his department heads there. I'm not sure what he's going to need to do from a protocol standpoint, politics and all that. Or even what he -wants- to do."

Reed nods, thinking, "I guess it's something to be considered." He shrugs, "It's really going to show something about him, who he has at the ceremony."

Pep seems to chew on that for a little bit, running it over in her head, nose wrinkling. "I suspect," she says after a time. "That this should likely be a bit of a…state event, as it were? All of the department heads, the Council as well? Do you think, perhaps…" There she goes, chasing a thought. "Frak and damn," she mutters. "There'd be a rather thorny problem with that."

Reed nods, "a few problems, but it's between the two of you. and he may have to soothe over any problems by saying that you did some of the planning." He shrugs.

"I rather think it would be a hell of an issue to invite the woman who's still head over heels in love with my fiance' to our wedding," Pep comments dryly. "Yet, because she's one of the driving forces in the civilian government, it's not like we can leave her out."

Reed nods, "Problem, but not one that can't be dealt with. Just need to set a course, and stick to it."

"Personally, I'd send her the invitation," Pep says with a lifted shoulder. "But it's going to be rubbing salt into the wound. I know I shouldn't worry about her feelings as much as I am…but I've got what was supposed to be, what should have been, hers. And she's still desperately in love with him."

Reed nods, considering, "Unfortunate." He scratches the back of his head and shrugs, "Quite a mess." He shrugs, "I don't have an answer."

"Aside from that," Pep says, taking a sip of her water. "What would you suggest? A Political event?"

Reed shrugs, "Really up to you, in all honesty. It would have to be on the Hera, but that's all the actual requirements."

Pepper shakes her head, laughing quietly. "I mean from a…propriety standpoint. Do you think it would help his standing a bit if it were a more formal event?"

Reed thinks for a moment, "No, not really. He's the CO, and that's that. His position isn't really that political, it's military, and we're under the gun. It's not going to harm the military situation, because it's not that kind of position, really."

She looks like she's going to melt with relief. "To be honest? We just wanted our friends present. And only to celebrate with us. I'll talk to him, though, see if he thinks it might help things with the civilians to open up a social avenue."

Reed nods, "Yes, see if he finds a need to have it a large state afair or if he wants it private as it seems you both want."

"Knowing him? He'll want private and he'll balk at having a larger affair. Even if it IS a larger affair, there won't be much more than what we would have had for a private event," she says, a touch stubbornly. "First of all, I don't want to hear about wasted resources with the military. Second, they'll eat what we eat."

Reed smiles, nodding, "Fair enough." He shrugs, "sound judgement."

Her lips purse slightly. "I'm tempted to not even tell people, truth be told," she says, looking up at Reed. "Otherwise, Germans WILL bake a cake, whether I want one or not. I think, at the most, we'll have a small dinner, even if it's a state affair. Or heavy appetizers. No more than what people would have had as their rations for the day anyway."

Reed nods, "Okay, I can see that happen. Well, really, it's up to you, truth be told. A secret wedding might be good, or at least a private cake, for your honeymoon."

Pep pauses for a moment, then smiles slowly, glancing down at her glass. "Oh, that part's taken care of," she murmurs. "Assuming the wedding happens in the next two months. Otherwise, well. Maternity lingerie is one thing I've not been able to put my hands on."

Reed nods, "Ah, well, then you want it to happen before that." He smirks, "you know, enjoy your honeymoon properly."

"Before we have to get creative trying to work around a basketball between us, you mean," she comments, primly. "I'm already starting to get a little bit of a belly. So, it's either before I hit week 20 or eight weeks after the baby's born. And we both know Salin won't let this child be born without me having his last name."

Reed nods, "So, it's time to get on top of that." He smirks to her, "I'm sure you'll work something out."

"On top is the only way it'll work," she mutters, then blushes, realizing what just came out of her mouth. "And I will. But, well…we were supposed to be married a few weeks ago. With everything that happened, I haven't wanted to bring it up. He's getting three to four hours of sleep tonight and trying to make sure that everything's set and ready for the Fleet. There really hasn't been a right time to say "Honey? Aren't we supposed to get married soon?"

Reed chuckles, nodding, "Yes, well, make the time for the simple question. Don't press, tell him you'll handle all the scheduling, and what does he want. That's what you can do for him, make it, just him showing up at the right time."

Pepper reaches up to run a hand through her hair, restless. "Interesting concept," she replies. "I'm trying to make sure he's got a little bit of normalcy interspersed with his routine as Commander of the Colonial Fleet and guardian of the last bits of humanity." She's trying for a little levity. "I had him moving boxes of clothes from the master bedroom to the guest room closet."

Reed grins, "See, perfect time to bring it up. Just ask him what he wants in the wedding and that you can follow it, and get it into his schedule."

Pepper grins up at him and sticks her tongue out. "You're right, as usual," she says quietly. For a moment, fingers toy with her glass and she watches them before studying his face. "You're going to accept, aren't you," she asks finally.

Reed blinks, "I'm.. what, accept what?" He's derailed, something in that throwing him off his thought process, "Sorry, I'm lost."

Pep's eyes crinkle a little at the corners, but it's not a large smile. "Peerless," she says quietly. "We both know that you're going to be offered the ship, if you haven't already."

Reed blinks at Pepper, "Peerless has a CO. She's not looking for a new commander. In truth, I haven't been over there much. Left her to her surviving crew."

One delicately arched brow goes upwards as Pepper simply watches him. It's that…uncanny knowledge thing again, most likely. "Peerless will not have a CO for much longer, Sir," she says quietly. "And the surviving crew isn't anywhere near enough to run her. A full ninety percent of her crew sustained severe psychological damage. If I'm not mistaken, the CO Peerless has was a very junior officer who was the only one -left-. You're going to be offered Peerless."

Reed shakes his head, "Then we'll have to see what happens. I'm not inclined to take over another ship after being CO of the Hera. I'd have to weigh the options and determine what needs to happen."

Pepper nods slowly, then smiles a bit. "If you go, I'd like to go with you, should you decide you need an Aide over there," she says quietly. "If not, I'll go where I'm put. But I have the transfer papers written up should they be needed." And her bag packed, likely.

Reed nods, "Of course. I'll need an Aide as Fleet XO, regardless." He chuckles. "don't worry about that."

Pepper laughs quietly and nods, once. "I wasn't sure if you'd jump at it if offered or not, honestly. Peerless…well, if a ship were designed for you and your talents, I'm not sure they could have gotten much closer than Peerless. But…" There's always a but. "But there's something to be said for having a good ship, a ship you already know and have already done excellent things with."

Reed smiles, "I had a command that was custom built for me, Peters." He shakes his head slowly, "It didn't end well."

She's quiet for a time, biting her lower lip. "I knew about that command from the beginning," she says quietly. "No, it didn't end…optimally." Understatement. "But that doesn't mean your skills aren't needed. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't take another command that was almost custom built for you. I'm not going to say that Peerless is another chance or anything like that, but it's somewhere you could do quite a bit of good, not just as a Commander, but also as a scientist. Both you and Peerless have been through hell, so you might just understand each other a bit better than another CO would understand her."

Reed spreads his hands, "I could do as much good on the Peerless as the Hera CO, to be honest. There's very little more I could do in the Peerless CIC, than the Hera and quite a lot less. If it were peacetime, I'd agree, but it's not."

"With the proper XO," she comments quietly. "You would be able to better utilize Peerless facilities to ensure forward motion in not only the project of charting our course, but also food production, medical science, pharmaceutical production, and a whole list of other projects. You have the project management experience. You understand the needs of a ship like that. Who else does this fleet have? With the proper XO, you can devote a good portion of your time to those projects and that project management. You'll be able, on your own ship, to work on experiments. Which…" She chooses her words carefully. "It strikes me as much more fitting to your personality than overseeing a training vessel. Not to denigrate Hera, but she is a training facility. While, yes, you are a teacher, you have talents that are stronger in other areas. Sure, you could remain Hera's CO and still work on your projects on Peerless, certainly. But it makes more sense to work toward your strengths."

Reed nods, "Valid points, but my strengths also lay in tactics and battle strategy. Far more important to keep us alive." He shrugs, "We'll have to see, really. Cross that bridge when we come to it."

Pep's lips quirk at one corner, just slightly. "You're lookin' at the water, Colonel," she comments. "There's no doubt you're a strong tactician. But we have one or two of those scattered around. What we don't have are the brilliant scientific minds spearheading the efforts in growing food and creating the things we're going to need to survive in the long-term." Her shoulders echo his shrug, though much more delicately. "Just…things to think about. I'd hope that you'd find somewhere you're -happy- in your work. If it's on Hera, that's wonderful. If it's on Peerless, that's great. If it's curled up on the Carina weaving baskets with fake weeds and duck feathers, that's fine too."

Reed smiles, "I doubt I'll be doing my best on the Carina weaving crappy baskets, but your point is taken."

"Particularly since Major Zim would be over your shoulder commenting on the structural integrity of the baskets," she says with a mischivous smile.

Reed smiles, "Rhea would be kicking my ass for wasting time with the baskets."

Pepper laughs softly and nods. "Well, that too. Unless you got the baskets right and they were something useful. Of course, if doing that made you happy, I don't think she'd kick TOO very hard. I'm fairly sure that she, like others, only want for you to do what's best for you.

Reed smirks, "That's not a luxury we have, we need people in the places to do the most good for the survival of the fleet right now. so we'll see what that turns out to be for me."

For a moment, it looks like Pep's going to continue pushing, or at least argue with him. But ultimately, she simply offers him a smile and a nod. "And, wherever you go, you'll have a pregnant woman following you," she assures him.

Reed chuckles, and nods, "Fair enough." He says, chuckling, then rubs the back of his neck.

Eyes follow that movement then move back to his face. "Tension," she asks quietly. "Major Zim's off duty as of six minutes ago."

Reed nods, "Mm" He agrees, "so, I'll go and find her, hopefully catch her in the post shift shower."

Pepper coughs quietly and grins. "Good luck with that, Sir," she says, shaking her head a bit. "Just don't toss the soap down and ask her to pick it up." Pause. "On second thought…" She starts to unfurl. "Let me go see if any meetings got cancelled."

Reed chuckles, nodding, "Okay, you take a look.

"Mmmm," she murmurs, distracted. "Night Sir," she calls over her shoulder. But, well, like a pregnant heat-seeking missile, she's headed for her target. First shuttle in the morning, definitely.

Reed grins, "See you later, Peters."

He gets a waggle of fingers over her shoulders on her way out of the hatch.

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