Heavy lifting
Heavy Lifiting
Summary: Desusa rings some bells. Sorta.
Date: 123 ACH
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Locale: Hangar Bay A

Desusa walks into this second section of the bay and heads straight for the marine posted as guard here. After a few words are exchanged, the enlisted marine nods. Marine thing, it seems.

Adelaide is rummaging through the various odd bits and pieces of old Vipers and Raptor, someone is looking for spare parts it would seem. Her shoulders and head are in and her ass if just sticking out. She muttering and cursing, as she yanks and pulls.

The noise and clattering don't go unnoticed, and Desusa glances over to the spot Adelaide is currently working on. There is a small shake of his head and a smirk. "Crewman Yama, sir. She's diggin' for parts," says the marine guard before the marine officer decides to walk towards her. "I hope you find what you are looking for, Yama," says Raul. His hands fold in front of him as he looks down to the girl techie.

Adelaide looks up from her mess and all but growls at the Marine. "Don't just stand there, Sir give me a hand you got some nice muscles there I need to get this quarters section out." She tells the big marine. "Please." She adds. "Been trying to pull it free for five minutes there and your boy there won't budge."

Desusa lofts a brow at that. Oh boy! Here it comes! "Sure," he says in a soft tone, "Just let me get this tunic off and be with you in a sec, Crewman." Raul begins unbuttoning his uniform with a snicker. The enlisted marine just blinks at that. 'What the hell is wrong with Zeus', he must think.

"/What/ in the Gods' names!?" The words come from the other hangar bay section, thick with the raspy brogue of Aerilon. Following the exclamation are the boots of Chief Tauro tramping in to look at the situation. "Sir." He offers with a quick salute to the Major. "That you, Yama?" He yells in the direction of the noise.

Adelaide looks back over her shoulder and blinks at the marine. "Sir, I asked for some help not a stripe show but if you wanna come back later when I aint busy I'd be happy to accommodate you." She says going to pull at the quarters second. "Whom else would it be Bull, I'm the only one whom does any frakking work around here."

Desusa is on his last button when Ade speaks again, "Well, the marine over there won't move an inch to help you, cause you know, he's got important things to do," a small pause and a wink, "Like watching over the deck while you work." Just then, Tauro tramples in. He returns the salute and says nothing more.

"Ain't that the truth, Crewman." The Chief barks back as he walks towards Adelaide from across the second hangar. "What are you doing, Ade?" He asks in his typical gruff fashion. "Need some help?"

Adelaide turns her head towards the Marine her eyebrow raised at the fact he's half naked she returns the wink delighted that the XO has a sense of humor. "Refreshing to see someone with a little humor." She then turns to Bull again. "Just getting some spare part for those banged up vipers the air wing brought home. So if you two boys could help me out here, would be wonderful…Thanks." She smiles sweetly.

Tunic's off and the marine prepares for manual labor. "Chief Tauro, she sure as hades ain't not pyramid player either," teases Desusa, as he sets up to lift the piece of equipment. He points to the other section of it for Tauro to lift, "Some marine PT can clear that up, Yama?" No telling if he's kidding or not on that last question.

The Chief doesn't need to disrobe to do labor - the deck coveralls are made for it. He takes his spot at the other end and puts his thick hands on it, bending his legs to prepare to boost it up. "I'm no pyramid player either." He says gruffly.

Adelaide shakes her head and just sighs softly as she stands back from the two men. "You two are." She sighs softly then eyes the marines. "If you wanna get me doing PT Major I'll run behind you any day." She flirting outrageously, but hey it's the way she is. She goes to lean against the wall and watches the men do her work, aha life’s good when your this cute.

When Tauro has taken his spot opposite of Raul, the marine pushes up and lifts the equipment. His teeth grit and a few seconds later, the apparatus is being moved to the spot Adelaide needs it to be in. "Frak that's heavy," breathes out the marine as his hands move to his waist. The officer's tunic and a clean rag are brought over by another deckhand, who soon disappears into the mist. "I've already got a gal watching my bottom, Crewman, but thanks,” says Raul as he cleans his forehead and bald head.

Adelaide sighs and snaps her fingers. "What is it will all the high ranking around here, they all got a girl." She jokes. "Man, these none for rest of us." She winks at Raul. "Lucky girl." She says then turns to Tauro. "Thank you chief, that would have taken me all day." She pushs off the wall and goes to inspect the equipment.

Tauro jointly moves with the marine, offering a sigh as he does it. He doesn't offer any comments as to its weight, probably because lifting heavy things is a matter of course. "Can't spare the only working crewman for PT duty, Major. Otherwise the old man might wonder why the birds aren't flying." He says as he backs away from the piece of equipment.

Desusa nods to Tauro, "No problem, Chief. Was just here to check on my men before hitting the chow line." He looks to Adelaide as she goes to inspect the spare. "That one hit me with a pyramid on the gym a few days ago. Nothing serious or anything, but she seems to have a loose lip on her. Keep her in line, Chief. The rest of the marine officers aren't as easy-going as me." A marine doing guard duty here catches that line and scoffs a bit. Desusa immediately squares him off with a deep frown. You can hear his spine crack into a stiff pose when he is caught scoffing at the marine XO.

Adelaide rolls her eyes at him. "I know some people aint as easy going and loosed lipped why I'm like this, I came here to fix stuff not pretend I'm on Parade." She looks over to the scuffing marine and just gives him a smile. "Your not meant to scuff at his face marine, your meant to wait until he's left then tell me what he just said was a load of Frak. Respect man, learn it." She looks back to the two senior guys.

When Adelaide opens her mouth again, he gives her a stern look of his own, one that leaves nothing to the imagination. "My apologies, but in my opinion she's in line, sir. Most of the time." The Chief returns as respectfully as he can. "I ride my men and women hard, and I expect them to give me their opinion. My apologies if it is not what you are accustomed to in the Marines." He speaks as quietly as he can while still being audible to his superior.

Desusa finishes fixing his tunic and says, "Don't get me wrong, Chief, my men report that deck is one of the most efficient and tip-top departments in this can, but as DHs, we gotta ring the bells when we see something's out of the ordinary," a glance back to Ade, and he adds, "And to me, Yama is definitely a bell ringer," he smirks a bit. "Maybe am just paranoid," offers Raul lightly.

Adelaide shrugs her shoulders and shrugs. "Call me what you like sir, no offence I am what I am and I aint ashamed of it." She says, going to go about her business. "Guess that's why the don't let the likes of us mingle with you guys, we aint worthy of you. Us with our bad mouths and bell ringing 'tunes." She pretends to ring a bell, if someone should catch a look at her face they'll see just a flicker of anger on it, not enough to cause alarm but it's enough to show she's kinda not happy. "I do my job, and I don't mess around."

Tauro listens intently to what the Marine Major tells him, nodding a few times. "We try, sir, thank you, sir." He remarks about the assessment of deck. "Aye, sir." His head sharply turns to Adelaide and looks at her firmly. "Crewman Yama." He says almost meanly, especially since that may be one of the first times he has ever used name-rank format with her. "Why don't you go see if you can figure out what is wrong with the fuel mixture. The injectors on that busted Raptor could use hand-checking." He doesn't sound like he's asking.

Desusa watches Ade move along but says nothing to her. "I guess I am jinxing the place, Chief, better move along." He pats the man on the arm and begins to move out.

Adelaide slams down the piece of equipment she was working on and goes to leave the room, she doesn't say a word just leaves.

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