Hera Jumps for Destiny
Hera Jumps for Destiny
Summary: After a brief check with the XO Salin, Zephyr re-checks everything with Reed and see's Hera off
Date: 86 ACH
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BATTLESTAR GENESIS MUSH - Sunday, February 08, 2009, 10:26 AM

You knock on the door to XO's Quarters.

From Executive Officers Quarters you hear shouting: Enter

You head towards Executive Officers Quarters.

Executive Officers Quarters Genesis - Deck 11
86 ACH 23817 Souls
The XO's quarters are nice, although not as large as the CO's quarters. A desk, small seating area, head and sleeping quarters are here along with anything else the XO may need for their living conditions.
-----------------------< Condition Two --- Duty Area >------------------------


IC Time

IC Time: 86 ACH

OOC Time

MUSH Time (Eastern): Sat Feb 07 20:25:51 2009 (EST+0)
Local Time: Sun Feb 08 10:25:51 2009 (EST++14)

The hatch opens slowly, and Zephyr steps into the XO's Quarters, clipboard in hand.

At this particular moment, Salin is seated behind his desk, pouring over a variety of paperwork. At the knock to his door, he's shouting to enter and then he's looking up towards the door, "Lieutenant. What can I do for you?"

Zephyr swiftly steps through the room and up to Salin's desk, nodding in greeting. "Sorry to disturb you sir, I'd just re-checked again the jump logs. We still believe the error was at Destiny's end…I'm sorry sir. CAPs and SALs have been running pretty much non-stop too. The CAG has been busy, and it's keeping us busy too. So far we've had no Cylon contacts either" he reports. "I'm just off to the Mess Hall to grab a quick snack…did you want me to get you anything Sir?"

Listening, Salin settles his pen down before giving a nod of his head, "We're going to be standing down our SAL Raptors. A few Raptors are being transferred to the Hera and she's going to jump out and begin a search pattern that Major Carter believes might have a chance of something. In the meantime, there's no point in wasting the extra resources." A hand lifts and he's rubbing lightly at his face, "No. Nothing for me. Thanks, though. I'm going to be getting out of here in a few minutes to attend a briefing with the Marines on something. I'll just grab something on my way back."

Zephyr's eyebrows arch slighty, then he nods. "I did hear word of that yes. Did you want me to get updates from the Hera sir?" he asks, knowing he'll ask for them anyway, but getting orders from the XO probably makes the young Lieutenant feel more at ease at requesting updates.

"Please do. I'm curious to know when she's jumped out and whether or not the CAG has selected the Raptor and sent them over. Or if she's gotten in contact with Major Carter to coordinate." Salin offers before leaning forward to grab his pen so that one of the documents on his desk can be signed. Then, settling it back down, he's beginning to rise and grab the tunic from the back of the chair. "I also want to know the moment they find something. Or the moment they arrive back in system."

"Aye sir" Zephyr nods. "I need to ask Major Carter for his plotted pattern too. If the Hera jumps too far away, I'm not sure how reliable communications or support will be if it's needed. I'll try and contact the CAG too. I'd be more at ease if Hera is still within safe Raptor jump-distance…" he muses, a little more to himself. The young Tactical Officer absentmindedly makes a few scribbles on his pad for a moment.

There's a soft chuckle and Salin is giving another nod of his head, "The Major has a predetermined route that he's going to do. It's been approved and he knows exactly what he's doing. If he drops out of comm range for a bit, I wouldn't be too worried about it." He slips his tunic on and begins to fasten the buttons, "We'll monitor them for as long as we can, throughout, though."

"Aye sir" comes the acknowledged response from the young officer. "I'd just rather not have us and the main fleet caught whilst Hera is out of comms-range. I might try and make sure the CAG has a Raptor on constant stand-by just incase. I prefer to have all my bases covered sir…Hera has got quite a few of the fleet's vipers with her…" he smiles softly.

"Oh, I know that and so does Major Carter. His planw as pretty detailed and I doubt we'll run into an issues while he's out there." There's a quick smile and Salin is giving another nod, "But, found out from Major Carter if his route takes him out of comm's range and, if so, for how long."

Zephyr nods, "Aye sir. Also sir, reports for all departments look good. Repairs to the decks are pretty much finished I believe. Just a little bit of patchwork left. Primary and Secondary jumps are already plotted, just need yours and or the Commander's approval before I send the co-ordinates out to the rest of the fleet and prep the jumps…" he reports as he slowly steps back towards the hatch, realising that the XO is probably on his way out too.

"Ahh, perfect. That's good to hear." Salin's saying as he takes a couple of steps towards the hatchway, and the Lieutenant, "As for the jump coordinates, keep those ready. Once we find the Destiny and she gets back here, we're going to be jumping out from this system. Either that, or we're going to have to jump to her. Ensure that all ships are still reporting green across the board and that they'll be ready on a moment's notice."

"Will do sir" says Zephyr, as he opens the hatch. "After you sir?" he motions.

A quick nod and Salin is stepping through the hatchway before looking over towards the Marine Guards, "I'll be down in Marine Country if the Commander or anyone else comes looking for me." Then, he's pausing, looking back over towards Zephyr, "One've touched base with Major Carter, send me a memo. Then, if there's anything else that you hear, do the same."

Zephyr steps out after Salin and closes the hatch behind them. "Understood sir. Have fun at your meeting. Marine Country is always fun I hear" he grins, nudging a little lightheartedness into his words as he glances quickly at the guards. "I best get back to CIC" he nods.

There's a soft laugh and Salin gives his head a quick shake, "Fun .. that's not exactly what I'd call it, Lieuteannt. An .. adventure, perhaps." There's a flash of a smile and he's offering a final nod, "Sounds good. Let me know when you hear something. Chances are, I'll be back up in CIC within an hour or so."

Zephyr straightens his pose noticeably as he nods. "Understood. Permission to get back to duties sir"

There's another quick nod and Salin smiles, "Permission granted. You're dismissed, Lieutenant."

Zephyr gives a final nod in salute as he walks off back towards CIC, nodding to a few other crew as he passes them in the corridor. He'll check on the CAG later, he needs to get some updates from Hera…

~ A few moments later ~

You head towards Genesis CIC.

Genesis CIC Genesis - Deck 11
86 ACH 23817 Souls

The Combat Information Center is the tactical heart of the Genesis. This CIC is designed in a triangular formation, with one point pointing directly forward, while the other two point port and starboard. The forward point of the CIC triangle is where the tactical consoles are set up. Dead center, a large, clear display panel is suspended from the ceiling, green gridlines showing a map of nearby space. Under this, a large table is set, providing more tactical displays, a wireless handset, and a large, DRADIS console.
Both port and starboard other watch stations are set, in two rows of tiers like stadium seating, one above the other. Each station has a purpose - helm, weapons control, communications, navigation, damage control, and further tactical monitoring. More displays and banks of computer monitors line the walls.

-----------------------< Condition Two --- Duty Area >------------------------
Contents: Zephyr CIC Terminal 1117

Exits: [A] Corridor

You call wireless receiver 424. You must wait for someone to answer.

Someone answers your wireless call. You can now use the 'private' wireless channel to talk to them.

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Hera CIC, Actual."

[Private] Zephyr says, "Hera Actual, Genesis CIC. Major Carter, it's Lieutenant Zephyr Sir. I just spoke to XO Salin. We wanted to re-check your plotted course and search pattern as well as a few other details of the operation if that's possible sir?"

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Certainly Genesis. We are transmitting projected jump pattern updates now, and you should be having it momentarily. What else do we need to go over?"

[Private] Zephyr says, "Thank you Major. Confirmed, we're getting it through now. We basically just wanted to check your plotted course for any jumps that will be out of comm-range and for how long. Also when you plan on making the first jump, and numbers of vipers as well as the Raptors and crew on Hera when you do. We just needed to make sure that you'll still be within support range sir, if either Genesis or yourself needs it."

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Well, We'll just be jumping, launching Raptors to complete their search pattern and make their way back to the fleet. Hera will take whatever Vipers you can spare, but unless we run into serious trouble, they're likely to stay docked. Hera will be jumping back to the fleet, projected within two hours, with the Raptors returning in ten minute intervals starting at three hours.""

[Private] Zephyr says, "Understood sir. Please send us reports if you can sir on all the sorties and flights. I need to make sure and stay on-top of our fleet status, I'd appreciate all the help Hera can give us in that regard. Also the XO wishes to stay appraised of anything Hera's search turns up, even if it isn't Destiny."

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Understood, Genesis. We'll deliver a full report once we return on any finds while we're out. Raptors will return to Genesis for direct debriefing once they return."

[Private] Zephyr says, "Aye sir. Last thing for now sir. I'm transferring a new set of primary and secondary emergency jump co-ordinates now. The XO has approved them. Standard procedures sir."
You paged Reed with 'So I take it Hera is already jumping around currently?'

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Understood, Genesis, we have the new Jump points. We'll be initiating the jump pattern in two minutes, mark."
Reed pages: Not yet.

[Private] Zephyr says, "Mark. Good luck Hera. Find Destiny for us."

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "We'll do our best, Genesis. Hera out."

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed hangs up the wireless and ends the call.

[Private] Zephyr hangs up the wireless and ends the call.

[Colonial] Hera banks out of fleet formation, pulling from the fleet for a few seconds before FTL flashes and the Hera is gone.

[Intercom] Attention all crew! Hera has just jumped in search of Destiny. We wish her luck, in finding our friends.

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