Here's to You, Mrs. Zimmermann
Here's to You, Mrs. Zimmermann
Summary: A rather eventful day in the life of Rhea. (Set - OOCly, obviously - to the music of Simon & Garfunkel. Hey, hey,
Date: 148 ACH
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And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Jesus loves you more than you will know (Wo, wo, wo)
God bless you please, Mrs. Robinson
Heaven holds a place for those who pray
(Hey, hey, hey…hey, hey, hey)

Engineering Hera - Deck 4

148 ACH 24438 Souls

Engineering is an open, clean area, the walls lined with gleaming workstations and consoles showing the heart of the ship. FTL drive systems are here as well as the sublight drives. All the equipment and design systems of the Hera are state of the art, with the power and computer systems balanced for peak efficency by some of the finest experts in Colonial space. Not a drop of power or Tyllium is wasted on loss to incorrect system settings, and the engines have recieved run in cruises, and maintenance that would be considered by many to be excessive, but the final effect is the beating heart of a ship that almost bursts with power, ready to be used at a moments notice.

----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-

Contents: Rhea Wireless 1906

Exits: [O] Out


[Private] Rhea says, "Engineering, Hera. Zimmermann speaking."

[Private] "Genesis Actual" Salin says, "Major, Commander Altair. Please make your way to the Genesis Ward Room."

[Private] Rhea says, "Aye, sir. On my way. Zimmermann out."

[Private] Rhea hangs up the wireless and ends the call.

You head towards Hallway.

You head towards Ward Room.

We'd like to know a little bit about you for our files
We'd like to help you learn to help yourself
Look around you, all you see are sympathetic eyes
Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home

Ward Room Genesis - Deck 11

148 ACH 24438 Souls

The Ward room is used for meetings. Carpeting covers the floor in a muted gray/blue color. Colonial flags line along one wall, representing all the colonies. A sideboard for refreshments is along one wall and a large conference table sits in the center with a dozen, comfortable chairs around it.

----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-

Contents: Rhea Salin Wireless 1249

Exits: [O] Corridor

Salin is already within the Ward Room, seated at one end of the table. In front of him are a couple of folders, as well as a small box, which is currently closed. A pitcher of water and two glasses has been set off to one side.

It doesn't take Rhea too long to make the trip over from the Hera to the Genesis, accounting for shuttle transit times. She must, indeed, have come directly after hanging up the wireless. She enters and comes to attention, snapping a crisp salute to Salin. "Sir."

As the entryway to the room slides open, Salin is lifting his gaze from one of the folders, only to give a slight nod of his head in response to the salute. "Major, thank you for coming over." A hand lifts, motioning to one of the chairs, "Please, take a seat. This shouldn't take but a moment of your time."

Rhea pulls out a chair and sits, as directed. There is, perhaps, a touch more stiffness in her posture, a harder glint in her hazel eyes, as she regards Salin. But her manner is properly businesslike before her CO. "No trouble, sir. The repairs on the Hera was going very well. My crews are finishing up the patch work on the outer hull today. Just some neatening up left after that. Should be wrapped in the next day or so."

If the stiffness or harder glint is noticed, Salin makes no mention of it. In fact, aside from a brief glance towards her, his eyes seem to remain focused on the folder before him. "Excellent news, Major. That's one of the very reasons why we are currently seated here." Settling back in his chair, elbows come to rest on the armrests of the chair, fingers steepled before him. "I've taken some to review some things related to both the Hera and Genesis Command Staff, and as a result, I've decided that a few changes were in order."

Rhea's eyebrows arch slightly. She eyes the folder with a certain amount of wry curiosity. "Such as, sir?" She certainly doesn't want to be kept in suspense.

"Currently, there is a fundemental gap in the Command structure if a CO or XO is killed or wounded." Salin's offering before allowing a brief pause to take hold. "There isn't anyone to step in and fill that gap until a replacement can be found or selected. As a result, we've deemed it necessary to appoint two individuals as Senior Department Heads. Although the day-to-day functions of these individuals doesn't change, in the event of a gap in the command structure, they will step in and fill the void until a replacement is ready. Lieutenant Colonel Zaharis is one of two." Fingers unsteeple and he's leaning forward to claim the box, but only so that it can be opened and turned towards Rhea. Within the box, are two rank pins for Lieutenant Colonel. "I would like you to be the second."

Rhea blinks at the pins, but she manages not to gawk or splutter. She looks neither particularly glad or flattered. But she does nod. "Can't say I don't have opinions about how certain things on this ship should be run, sir. If you think I could do better for Genny by this, than you've got me for it, of course."

The box is pushed across the table, towards her, before Salin is settling back in his chair, "Improvements can always be made, Colonel. None of us are perfect." Elbows return to their positions, fingers steepling before him once more, "But, I feel that this is a necessary change. And, considering the records of both yourself and Colonel Zaharis, you two are more then deserving of it."

"Jesse cares a lot about this ship, and the people on it. And in the rest of the Fleet," Rhea says. "I do as well. And I'll try to do right by them, sir. We've a long road ahead of us, but I think if we stay focused we can tread it."

There's a slight smile and Salin is giving another nod of his head, "That's preciously why I've picked the pair of you, Colonel. Aside for your work ethic, you're well liked amongst the crew and looked up to. In the event of another disaster, it's those types of qualities that are going to hold this Fleet together until Command can fix itself." A pause and an almost wry smile this time, "Hopefully, this is unneeded preperation. But, one never knows. Especially during a time like this."

Rhea does crack a smile at those words. "I like and respect them, sir. Glad if they see me in kind. You've got a good crew here. Just trust in that, and you'll be fine." Her brows arch another notch, head tilting to one side. "You say command needs to fix itself, sir. Mind if I ask what you've ID'd as broken? I'm a company woman, by trade. I do my job and I don't complain much. But if there's trouble I like to face up to it so I can see about trying to fix it."

There's a very low chuckle and Salin is giving a slight shake of his head, "Nothing specifically wrong in your area, Colonel. There's that ever lurking issue of communication, but I'm going to be working to address that, to ensure that people are working with the department heads from other sections so that communication is flowing, rather then stopping. I dislike seeing things operating as silo's."

"Didn't think there was anything wrong with my area, sir. I've got damn good people in Engineering." Rhea states that with a blunt sort of confidence. Not so much in herself as her personnel. "Communication? Don't see how that should be such a great problem. I don't know a section head here who doesn't make an effort to work with the other departments. If you want something more specific from us, we'd benefit from direction. Just ask us, sir, and we can usually deliver for you." She pauses a beat, adding, "It has been a good while since we've had a department head meeting. I don't mean something so…structured as the last one." The ChEng isn't much on agendas. "But just a time we can sit around a table and air talk about the state of the ship and the direction we're all going."

"And yet, communication is still an issue. Aside from Engineering and Medical, the other departments don't always see it necessary to communicate with Command or with other departments, thus leaving people scratching their heads from time to time." Salin's moving the tips of his fingers so that the rest against the lower portion of his chin, "And, we'll be having one of those meetings within the next couple of days. Decisions have been made and it'll be time to set it out on the table, so that everyone knows what's going on and what the future looks like."

"The command structure's seen a good deal of upheaval, sir," Rhea says. "I don't just mean in the big chair, or the XO seat. Many of the dept heads are new to their posts. I'm not knocking them. I think they all know their jobs and run their people damn well. But they might not be versed in all the protocols of command. It's not so bad to tell them what you need, you know. Go to Engineering or the Flight Deck or the Gunnery or the Logistics Offices and talk to your people. I figure if you look somebody in the eye and tell them straight out what you need, they'll usually get it together for you."

"Oh, I understand that. And, I don't intend to fault anyone on that particular subject. I know all to well about being new to a position and not understanding all the protocal or quirks to go with it." Salin's offering, amid a quick smile, "And, once the dept head meeting has taken place, I intend to do more then just that. I'm actually going to spend a couple of days in each department. Specifically, to talk with each department head, but also, to understand what each department goes through. That way, I'll have a somewhat better understanding of what each section is going through, rather then just a very vague understanding."

Rhea smirks, though she levels out the expression quickly enough. The idea itself earns a firm nod of agreement. "You're always welcome in my shop, sir. We'll see that you don't power off anything vital." Her lips crook, but into a genuine smile this time. Albeit a rather sad one. "I think I gave Tarik a headache whenever I started talking too much engineering jargon. Gods, we had some good fights, him and me. But we respected the hades out of each other." She regards Salin, the earlier sharpness gone from her hazel gaze. "I want to say something to you, Salin. Which maybe I should've said before. I'm a little unforgiving of the learning curve you've gone through sometimes. You might not get what a ChEng is to a commander, so here's how I see it. A commander and a ChEng have got to trust each other pretty damn completely. We've got our hands in the guts of your ship, on the vital systems. We keep her running for you. And in turn, I trust that the man running this ship is going to do right by me and my snipes. Every tech on this ship would put their lives on the line if it was what the ship needed to keep going sir. Most do every day, in little ways we don't think too hard about. Anyhow, you'll always have that trust from me. A commander needs that, and a ChEng has to trust in it if they're going to keep their sanity. So just know that. And know that, when I come to fight with you about something - and I could pick some pretty damn good ones - that doesn't change."

The smile is matched by one of his own and Salin is giving a slow nod of his head, "I think I heard the pair you in my former office, from time to time." The smile warms slightly before he's unclasping his hands, only to settle his arms upon the rests of the chair. "Understandably so, I would have to say, though. It's not often that a lawyer moves up to sit in the big chair." There's a slight pause, though his gaze doesn't weaver from her. "I appreciate that, Rhea. I really do. And while I might not be the most ideal personal to command this fleet, and I might not understand all the little ins-and-outs of how things would normally work, I intend to continue to learn. On the matter of trust, though, regardless of what happens and what fights you need to pick, you'll have my trust, just as Tarik trusted in. Just as Reed and Jesse trust in you." The smile returns for a moment and he's giving a slow nod of his head, "You're damn good at what you do, Rhea. I do know that much and I'm priviliaged to be able to learn what I can." It's now he lifts a hand, but only to waggle a finger slightly, "Just .. don't give me headaches with engineering jargon. I'll end up with a dazed look and I'm liable to break something."

Rhea shrugs. "None of us are ideal, Salin. That's the thing. You know where I thought I was going to be right now, a year ago? Back on Picon. Semi-retired. With a house with a garage I could frak around with engines in and a teaching gig at the Engineering Corps. Going to my kid's Pyramid games in the afternoons, and then home to dinner with my husband." She can't keep the faint longing out of her tone as she reflects on that. But she shrugs. Moving along. "My point is, it's not about ideal. We are where we are, and we owe it to the people that're left to do the best we can." She smirks at Salin. "I try to dial back the technical talk. Except where Colonel Carter is concerned. But, we have our fun." She clears her throat. "Anyhow, sir, I do have my concerns about the Fleet, but I suspect many of them will be sorted in the next few days, and after the meeting. We can fight about the remainders when the dust of all that has settled."

There's a very soft cluck of Salin's tongue against the rough of his mouth as he gives a quick nod of his head, "So very true. I'm afraid that nothing has turned out how any of us thought it would." The smile fades entirely, though he does offer a short, low laugh. "My brain would probably shut down if I accidently stumbled across a technical conversation between you and Carter." A quick smile and he's settling back in his chair, "If you'd like to voice some of those concerns, please do so. Some might be addressed by the meeting and some might be addressable at this moment."

Rhea snorts, as to the prospect of a tech conversation between her and Reed. "We're both geeks from different fields, sir. I assure you, we baffle each other as often as we do the outside world." As for concerns, she's not shy about voicing them. "I sent a missive some time ago, after the poisonings on the Carina, asking if the civilian leaders had been informed of the skinjob situation. Have they? Secrecy is called for sometimes in what we do, sir, but it's gone on long enough, and may well have cost those people their lives. I'm not trying to be dramatic. Just saying. There's evidence skinjobs have been involved with at least some of the accidents around the Fleet. And perhaps if the civvies had known about them, their security might've been arranged differently."

There's another laugh and Salin is giving a nod of his head, "Oh, I understand that. I can baffle people with legal jargon if I really want to draw some stares. Great for parties and entertainment." Then, he's listening and giving a firm shake of his head, "They have not. At least, not yet. Carter and I have spoken at length about this subject and he's recommended that tomorrow, after the Solaris memorial, that we reveal the fact skinjobs walk amongst us. Pictures of the ones we know about will also be circulated after the fact."

"They have not." Rhea repeats it flatly. She pauses a beat, exhaling before saying anything further. "Well. I'm glad it's getting out. In my personal opinion, sir, it was the wrong course of action to keep it quiet this long. But I said the same to Regas when we first learned of these things, and I was in the minority then. And, fundamentally, it wasn't my decision to make. But I do hope you'll be ready to answer the civilians, and a good many of our troops, about the reasons it was kept under wraps for so long."

"While I can understand your logic and reasoning, I'm afraid I didn't share in it." There's an almost a wry smile and Salin is giving a shake of his head, "If I had known what I know now, though, I would have had to agree. I'll be prepared to answer the questions and comments that come forth, from both Military and Civilians alike. It's time that everyone knows what we're dealing with. Who to look for. And by doing this, perhaps we can preven another tradegy from taking place."

Rhea nods shortly to that. "So long as you're prepared for the fallout, sir. It'll hit you hard from some quarters. I didn't like the decision but I understood it. Many won't." She leaves it at that. "Another concern of mine has to do with the direction of the Fleet, but I suspect that'll be answered in the ceremony as well. There was talk awhile ago of using the mapping technology we recovered from the Visser base to chart us a course away from the Cylons. To a place where we could settle. It'd do morale well to share that plan with the entire crew, sir, and reinforce the idea among those that know of it. There's a feeling right now that we're drifting. Running. Hunted. I've seen it among my own personnel, my junior officers and techs. They need something to strive for, a mission, even if it's one with only a small chance of success. Small is better than none."

Salin gives another quick nod of his head. "I'm as prepared for it, as I'm going to be." Then, he's quiet, listening and answering with another quick nod of his head, "You're correct, in that regard. We have been drifting. We have been hunted. Without adequate supplies to make a journey, we've been forced to linger. I had tasked Carter with plotting a course out of Colonial Space and after the memorial for the Solaris, we'll be doing just that. It's time to leave the Colonies behind and set out on our journey. I can't promise that it's going to be easy. But, we will find something. Somewhere."

"I think having a goal is more important than reaching it at this point," Rhea says. "Morale's a funny thing. You can put someone through a lot of shit but, if they believe in their mission, they'll get a job done because they know there's something coming out of it in the end. These ships can keep going for years if you keep them fueled and maintained right. People need something more. Anyhow. That's for the good, I think. Everyone might not agree with the decision to leave the colonies at first, but there's no other real choice. And I think having a common goal will bind us together in the end, after the dust has settled."

"I do agree with you there. As much as we'd like to linger around the Colonies and cling to our hopes, it's just not feesible." There's a slight shake of Salin's head and he's casting a look over towards the flags that line one wall before looking back towards Rhea, "We'll have that goal and everyone will know what it is. It's time for the Fleet to move on, to make something of what we have. To live on. And in the end, that's what is important."

Rhea nods to that. "Good good. Yeah. Can't cling to our hopes forever…" That last part is said softly, half to herself. She doesn't look at the flags, her own reflection turning inward. She shrugs. "Anyhow. I can't say I don't have other concerns, but those were my main points. We can beat the rest of it out later. Is there anything else you need of me, Salin?" She idly fingers the box with her shiny new pins.

With a slight shake of his head, Salin begins to rise from his chair, "No, that was actually pretty much it, Rhea. Just wanted to give you your new pins." A hand is extended towards her, "And to say congratulations. You've certainly earned it."

Rhea takes Salin's hand, pumping it firmly in her own calloused paw. "Earn nothing. I was never happier in my career than when I was a petty officer mechanical tech. More brass around your neck is just more weight. Do be warned. I am going to try and do something productive with it. I suspect you'll see and hear for more of me." She grins, but she's not joking. Fear. "Oh, and Salin…" She pauses, trailing off, lips pursing. That semi-flinty look flashes back into her hazel eyes for a moment. But, whatever it is she's thinking of saying, she stops herself. "You know what? Never mind. It's not worked related. And it's none of my business."

Returning the handshake, Salin's eyes narrow slightly and he's offering a soft groan, "Gods, are you sure you and Jesse arn't related? He said almost the exact same thing when I promoted him. Though, his considered of a little more 'Gods, you shattered my dreams by not demoting me' or something to that effect." A pause and there's a nod, "Please, do. If you can make use of it, all the better, Colonel." Another pause and he's waiting for what ever it is, to be said and when it doesn't, his brow lifts slightly, "If there's something on your mind, Colonel, speak."

Rhea gets a laugh out of the comment about Zaharis. "We're in-laws." It's half-a-joke, half not. "I've known Jesse Zaharis for almost fifteen years, Salin. It's entirely likely we've rubbed off on each other. I'm sure I'm better for it. You know our history, don't you?" It suddenly occurs to her that she might not've told Salin this before. As to that last, she shakes her head. "No, no. Not going there. It really *is* none of my business, as it relates specifically to your personal life, and that's not something I get to make judgments about. I'm sure there are plenty of people in this Fleet who'd disagree with the way I conduct my personal affairs. That's fine. I can look myself, and my kid, in the eye at the end of the day, so I figure I'm doing all right by the ones I love. But a word of advice? Make sure you can say the same, at the end of your day." She does not elaborate on any of that, but the look she gives him is very direct.

There's a soft laugh and Salin is giving a slow nod of his head, "While I don't know the entire history, I've heard enough so that I'm not entirely in the dark. Perhaps, once we're under way Colonel, you'll spare a few minutes to fill me in on what I might not know?" There's that pause again and a somewhat serious look draws upon his face. "Fair enough. I'll take that into consideration." The look fades and he's offering the hints of a smile again, "And thank you."

Rhea snorts shortly, nodding firmly to that. There's something almost scolding in the gesture. Almost. Salin's her CO, so she dials back her finger-shaking-mother instincts. Still, her look does its best to induce a certain amount of feminine guilt. But she comments not. "My story with Jesse's a long one, sir, but the condensed version isn't too overwhelming. He was Ephraim's…" She pauses, again, suddenly aware he may not be familiar with that name. "…my husband, Ephraim Zimmermann. He and Jesse went through OCS together. Mispent their post-college youth on Picon together. They were best friends." Her face softens as she speaks of her husband. It's not a subject she lingers on long. She clears her throat. "Anyhow. If there's nothing more, sir, I should be getting back to the Hera. I want to do an EVA bug-crawl over some parts of the hull before I make a final pronouncement on the repairs."

While the look is noted and 'felt', Salin doesn't shy away from it, or give ground. But, he doesn't comment on it either. As the condensed version is offered, there's a slow nod of his head, "Hmm, that is something that I did not know. Explains a few things." A smile is offered, one that's a touch warmer then the others and he's giving another final nod of his head, "Of course, Colonel. Again, congratulations. I won't keep you from your duties, any longer."

Rhea straightens and offers Salin's a quick salute. "Oh, I suspect we'll both regret this, so I wouldn't be too free with the congratulations. I appreciate the trust you've shown in me, though. I'll try and do right by you." She says it as if making a promise. She waits to be dismissed before she'll head off to return to a darkened engine lair somewhere.

This time, Salin's lifting his hand to return the salute even as a soft laugh escapes his lips, "Good enough. At this point, I would expect nothing else, Colonel." The hand lowers as he offers a quick smile, "You're dismissed."

You head towards Corridor 11C.

You head towards Hangar Bay B.

Hide it in a hiding place where no one ever goes
Put it in your pantry with your cupcakes
It's a little secret, just the Robinsons' affair
Most of all, you've got to hide it from the kids

Hangar Bay B Genesis - Deck 7

149 ACH 24438 Souls

The hangar deck is where the Genesis' Viper squadron, and its Raptor detachment are stored, repaired and maintained between missions. Ships land on the flight deck, one level above, and are brought down via massive elevators. Tow vehicles move the ships around the deck, their shrill alert beeps causing an almost constant cacophony of noise. The floor itself is a light gray in color, but wear and tear has left marks and scratches everywhere. Numbered sections are marked off with paint to house the various spacecraft.

The place is surprisingly tidy, with tool chests, machine parts, diagnostic equipment, and even the occasional spare engine or chassis scattered all in their appropriate place. Stairs lead up to other parts of the ship. The fourth side has a large sliding door leading to the flight deck elevators. On the port wall, Vipers are loaded into the launch tubes to be catapulted into space. Raptors take off from the flight deck.

---—< Condition Three - Restricted Area >----

Contents: Aedon Bayless Rhea Havok_209 Hound_840 IceQueen_992
Maintenance Control OOC Theater Camera RAPTOR-G_103
Raptor_772 Tempo_1741 VIPER_1738 VIPER_1742 VIPER_702
VIPER_896 Whiteboard Wireless 1118 Wolf_212

Exits: [AS] Aft Stairwell [FS] Fore Stairwell
[A] Hangar Bay A [E] Land. Deck Elevator
[LT] Launch Tubes [SH] Shuttle Transfer
Special: +detail - Details available


"Well, s'mah weddin' soon," Aedon answers, in case she hasn't heard about it, "An' we're lookin' t' have a big ol' tahm. Invitin' a whole mess'a folks an' I was wonnerin' if'n y'ns wanted an in-vi-tay-shun?"

Bayless blinks, then smiles. "Sure, sure, thanks, I'm flattered. If it doesn't conflict with my CAP schedule, I'm all for it. Who's the lucky bride?"

Rhea makes her way down to the hangar deck, navigating it with the careful ease of one who's used to tromping about a mechanical work area. She's headed to catch the next transport to the Hera, though she's in no great hurry. Truth me told, the ChEng looks slightly dazed. And she's wearing some new jewelry.

"Mopsus Doe del Boccyo," Aedon begins, before remembering he's in the military, "That is, Petty Officer del Boccyo." As he speaks, he glances sidelong to spot the familiar face of Rhea … but then, it'd be rude to call out when he's in the middle of a conversation.

Bayless nods in approval when Aedon mentions his intended, but Rhea also catches her eye, specifically her dazed expression. Her face lights up when she sees the new rank pins, prompting the CAG to snap a sharp salute in the direction of the newly-promoted Cheng.

Rhea is not so dazed that she doesn't recognize Aedon. She catches his eye and offers him a quick smile and inclination of her head. She does approach him, but she avoids interrupting him and the CAG. Then Bayless salutes her. She snorts, reaching up to finger the pins on her collar. She swears under her breath at them. Then straightens, returning the salute. "As you were, Major. Frak. I should've changed into my off-duties before I escaped."

The salute catches Aedon by surprise but then he looks over to Rhea, a broad grin on his face as he fires off a snappy little salute of his own, "Doe'll hafta call y'ns her Colonel now, suh. Con-gratcher-lay-shuns." Yes, he does manage to draw the word out like that.

Bayless smiles and returns to her normal posture. "Can't escape protocol, sir. And congratulations on the promotion. The ensign here was just inviting me to his wedding."

"As you were, Ensign," Rhea repeats to Aedon. To get them all settled. To Bayless, she crooks a wry grin. "Maybe not. Hard as I've tried to outrun it, protocol's always caught me. Make sure to salute Lieutenant Commadner Zaharis extra-sharp when you see him next." Yeah, the CMO was apparently got and dragged kicking and screaming under the promotion truck, too. "It'll annoy the hell out of him." That done she turns to Aedon, beaming in an almost mumsy way. "You and Del Boccyo deserve congrats far more than I, Ensign. I'm very happy for you both. We don't get nearly enough good news these days, and this is wonderful all around."

"The best kin' o' news, ou-ais," Aedon agrees, nodding his head with a broad grin directed at Rhea, "You'n yers comin' t' th' weddin' too, right? Ah reckon yer th' one Doe wants thar afore anyone else."

Bayless nods and smiles in response to Zaharis' promotion. "I'll be sure to…" That's about the time she hears a clang against the deck, and sees sparks and a wisp of smoke coming out of one of the Raptors. "Oh, for frak's sake… um, excuse me, Colonel, Ensign, gotta go strangle someone." She salutes the two then heads down the deck where bird carnage in currently underway, verbal admonishment already being heard from the CAG from that far away.

Bayless has left.

Rhea offers the CAG a parting nod as she goes to chase sparks. The ChEng is familiar with such little missions. To Aedon, she nods firmly, smile breaking into a broad, beaming grin. "I wouldn't miss it for all the worlds. Of course I'll be there."

"Good t' hear," Aedon says with a nod and a smile in return, clasping his hands behind his back, "So … Ah oughta thank y'ns."

"Thank me? Whatever for, Ensign?" Rhea asks.

"She'ns had a rough ol' tahm, Ah hear," Aedon begins, looking a little nervous to be speaking about such things, "An' you talked t' her an she'ns respec' y'ns lahk nobody else save her mamma. Y'kept her safe for me til Ah came t' fahnd her."

Rhea inclines her head a notch at that, shrugging. "Mopsus' been a fine snipe. I do my best to look after my people." It's stated simply enough, though her tone conveys great love for her snipes. "Treat her right, eh?"

"Ah always have," Aedon promises, full of truth, "An' Ah intend to treat her raht f'rever."

"Damn well better," Rhea says firmly. It's said with a smile, but she means it. And then, with no particular warning, the chief engineer leans up and over, intending to plant a quick, rather maternal kiss on Aedon's cheek.

"C'n Ah call thatcher blessin'?" Aedon asks, quirking an eyebrow at Rhea, caught a teency bit off guard by the kiss on the cheek.

Rhea laughs. Amused by catching him off guard. It was probably, just a little, her intention. "I suppose you can at that. Good flying, Ensign Rhadamanthios." With that, she offers Aedon a parting smile and strides off to catch her transport.

You head towards Shuttle Transfer.

You head towards Commanders Quarters.

Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon
Going to the candidates debate
Laugh about it, shout about it
When you've got to choose
Ev'ry way you look at it, you lose

Commanders Quarters Hera - Deck 3

149 ACH 24438 Souls

The Hera Commanders Quarters are spacious, and well appointed. Along several of the walls are bookshelves constructed of reworked wood. Most of the shelves are holding only a few books each, and the titles are widely varied. Along other walls are several cabinets holding various items such as entertainment system, bar, and a video screen. In the main area of the room there is a sunken section with a low wooden table surrounded by a large, comfortable couch and several chairs. A standard personal head is found just through a close doorway, upgraded with a high pressure showerhead and a large porcelain bathtub. To the side of the main area is a comfortable looking double bed, set into the wall, military-rack style. In the rear of the quarters is a large redwood desk with support leather chair behind it and a pair of chairs in front of it where business is sometime handled.

----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Reed Rhea Action Figure PAS Wireless 1908

Exits: [O] Out

Reed is in the quarters, working at his desk, tray of food beside him, empty bowl and dish, though there is a bowl of fruit on the desk. Reed's writing on some paperwork, moving papers, in the throws of High rank paperwork. Whee

Rhea makes her way home. For a couple more days, at least. She enters Reed's quarters, sealing the hatch behind her. She's acquired some new jewelry. "Did you know about this?" she asks, tone almost accusatory, pointing at her pins.

Reed doesn't even look up, "Damn right I did." He looks through some papers, and arranges them. "You're one of the best, most hardworking officers I've ever known. Your department regularly works miracles with what they have, are to a man highly loyal to you and are prepared to follow your orders, no matter what they are." He puts the papers into a folder and sets it in a basket, looking up, "You need to be where you are now." He shrugs.

Rhea snorts, giving Reed a level look. "I'm a snipe, Reed. However many of these things the higher-ups try to pin on me, I never intend to be anything else." She sounds quite stubborn about it. "You realize this just gives Jesse and I permission to bitch command's ears off, don't you? Altair's going to regret this." That bit makes her crook a wry smile.

Reed nods, "You need to be able to bitch Commands ears off." He sits back, looking at her, and smiling faintly. "And yes, you're a Snipe. You're the ultimate Snipe in the fleet." He shrugs.

Rhea does some more snorting. "Well, at least Salin wasn't stupid enough to try and stick Jesse or me behind a desk." She eyes Reed's own papers warily, as if they might attack her. "And I mean it. I've got some opinions about the way that ship is run, and needs to be run, and I know Zaharis does, too. I've been invited to tug the line some rather than tow it now and then, and I intend to do just that." She shrugs off her outer shirt, and the pins that come with it, slinging it over the back of a random chair. "So, you all ready for tomorrow?"

Reed nods, shrugging, "As ready as I can be. It's largely Salins show." He rises, "It needs to come from him. All the information, presenting the plan to the fleet." He rubs his arm and starts taking off his duty shirt. "Help solidify his position before the fleet. Then we go and make our first run from Colonial space."

Rhea nods in agreement with that. "It does need to come from him. Salin said it himself. He's not the ideal man for this. But like I told him, none of us are the ideal people for what we've been dealt just now. We've just got to pick up what's left and go forward." She regards Reed. "Hera's near back in fighting form. EVA patching on the hull's done. Just a matter of doing clean-up work and running a few diagnostics to make sure no wires go crossed during the repairs."

Reed moves around to her, as he drops his shirt on the back of a chair, nodding. "I thought as much." He looks at her for a moment, "She's in good shape now and getting better. Means you're almost ready to go back to Genny." He purses his lips, and shrugs, "Not like it's over between us, not remotely, but I'm still going to miss you not being here."

"I still got a couple more days I can justify being parked here," Rhea says. "It's been…very nice. I am going to miss not being here." She clears her throat, not dwelling quite yet. "Oh. That reminds me. I was thinking, while the Hera's still technically out of fighting for repairs, I might yank Reece over here for a few hours. Let him vandalize your cafeteria or crack your video game codes."

Reed nods, moving to her, placing his hands on her hips, "Of course. Bring him over whenever. Let him check things out." He smiles to her, "I was serious before, you know."

"I know," Rhea says softly. It takes her a beat to look up at him. "Reed, just so we're clear, before you go and do something stupid…I'm not sure I can see myself ever getting married again." She reaches down to clasp his hands in hers. "That doesn't mean I don't plan on spending whatever time I've got left with you. It's just…that's one part of my life. This is…something else."

Reed nods, "I know. It's why I haven't asked you to marry me. It's the only reason, honestly. I'd marry you in a heartbeat, and you know that." He looks at their hands, then to her. "I love you, Rhea." He smiles, "Lieutenant Colonel and all." His smile turns rakish, "At least I can still have you call me sir in bed."

Rhea barks a laugh at that. "I never have and I'm not going to start," she says wryly. Though her tone returns to properly serious as she answers the other bit of that. "Reed…it doesn't mean anything, you know? That's what being Mrs. Zimmermann taught me. A relationship is what two people make of it. Or don't make of it. Whether they're properly married or not. Ephraim and I…we would've stayed together even without the rings. For the long haul." Said with no little trace of sadness. "I figure I'm in it for the long haul with you as well. Don't need some Personnel officer to rubberstamp that for me."

Reed nods, "I know." He leans to her, pressing his lips to her temple, then straightens. "So, you're stuck with me. Sorry, but all your free time is taken up by my little romantic notions and attempts to make you happy." He smiles, "So, ready to get some rest? It's going to be one of those days we need to be ready for anything."

"Yeah, lets go to bed," Rhea says, heading in that direction, kicking off her boots as she goes.

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio
A nation turns its lonely eyes to you (Woo, woo, woo)
What's that you say, Mrs. Robinson
Joltin' Joe has left and gone away
(Hey, hey, hey…hey, hey, hey)

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