Summary: Karan drops in on Zaharis with an unexpected gift, then Ramiro shows up with a request.
Date: 88 ACH
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CMO's Quarters Genesis - Deck 13
88 ACH 23817 Souls

The quarters of the Chief Medical Officer are a spacious area, with large inset bookshelves holding Medical Texts, Biological works, and papers on advanced surgical procedures. A table surrounded by chairs is in the main section of the room, ashtrays on the table rest beside a few open books. A small personal head is located off the main room through a doorway. A rack and bed is set into a wall, neatly made. In the rear of the quarters is a desk with a locked file cabinet behind it and chairs placed in front of the desk, while behind it is a nice chair with lower back support. A computer terminal is on the desk with a number of security protocols on it to prevent unauthorized access.

Karan comes in from Corridor 13A.
Karan has arrived.

Zaharis is in his off-duties, fatigue trousers and the dull set of military tank tops and T-shirt with that tan medical spandex running down his left arm. He's doing nothing more than sitting on his bed with his back against the wall, a book open on his lap. His eyes come up when someone knocks, and he calls out.

The Chief Medical Officer has a rather unlikely visitor, this evening: a certain wan-faced priestling, also dressed in offduty fatigues, jacket open and unbuttoned. Once the knock is answered, he lets himself inside almost.. cautiously, like he's walking on eggshells. "I hope I'm not intruding, sir?" is directed toward the man lounging on his bed. There's something tucked under the young Lieutenant's arm. Something that looks suspiciously like a plant.

"Not at all." Zaharis doesn't get up, but he closes his book over his fingers. "What can I do for you, Lieutenant?"

Karan's eyes flit away from the Major, to briefly take in the room. There's a distinct aire about him of being in someone else's space; a space he's loathe to get too comfortable in. "I had, I suppose, a bit of a housewarming gift for you." His voice is quiet, toneless.

The space, while comfortable and functional, looks impersonal. There are no photographs of family or colony memoirs on the shelves or walls. Zaharis looks mildly surprised, but curious. "For me? Well thanks, El-Tee, that's nice of you."

Karan doesn't seem to hear, immediately, what Zaharis is saying. He's developed an interest in the bookcase and its complement of medical and biological volumes. "Oh," is murmured after a moment, "yes, it's a ginkgo biloba plant. I thought you might find some use for it." Smiling a little, he steps toward the table and clears a spot to set the thing down. The fan-shaped leaves are 'fluffed' with his fingers.

Zaharis puts the book aside and gets up, using both hands to push on the mattress as he does. He comes over to the table and folds his arms on the back of a chair, leaning down to have a look at the planet. "Oh yeah, so it is. Didn't think I'd be seeing one of these again. Where'd you find it?"

The smile looks like it might grow, but it's stifled by an opportunistic set of teeth that press into his lower lip. He's still watching the plant rather than the man, and fiddling with the leaves absently. "I didn't precisely find it, sir. I've been growing it, for the past little while. It's getting a bit big for my office, and.. I'm starting a new batch of sproutlings in the Destiny's garden. I thought.. you might be more well-versed in how to use it, than I." Which smacks of an excuse, really.

"Ginkgo." Zaharis rubs his chin. "Been a long time since I read up on it. Think I have a couple texts on medical herbology buried in here somewhere though…" He straightens up, his attention going to his shelf as he heads past Karan and reaches up, skimming his fingers over a couple book spines. "Least I hope they didn't-…ah, here we go." He tugs out a huge bound volume, eeking it out from between its neighbours. "Glad I didn't throw that away. Thanks, Lieutenant, I'd been looking for an excuse to re-read this."

Karan doesn't settle in a chair, since he wasn't precisely invited to do so. But the table itself seems fair game, and lanky little thing that he is, it's hardly going to cause the thing to come crashing down. Perched there, he watches as Zaharis searches through his complement of leather-bound books. "It's said that Asclepius and Kheiron themselves, tended ginkgo plants. I hope you like it, but.. you shouldn't water it too much, and the bark is very delicate, so it should be pruned carefully. If you have a lamp.."

"Somewhere." Zaharis pulls the book down and moves over to the table, setting the heavy volume down. It's within Karan's reach. "Let me have a look." He brushes his hands on the sides of his fatigues and turns around, addressing a box on the floor that he hadn't bothered to unpack yet. "Did they tend ginkgo? Didn't know that. Guess the gods couldn't be arsed with mundane things like blood flow problems."

"So the scriptures hint at, anyway," Jerome answers quietly. The book is touched with the tips of his fingers, then flipped open and paged through to a section on tinctures and teas. "I suppose we might never know for certain, though it appears alongside the aconite and heliotrope in some accounts.." Pausing, he twists around a little to see what the CMO is up to down there.

Zaharis finds the little lamp he wanted. And it is indeed little, just a desk lamp for those quiet reading times. He rolls back to his feet, showing it to Karan. "This work, or is that too small?"

Karan swivels a bit on his butt, so he can take a look. A clumsier person might be knocking things off the table about now. Reaching over, he flips the switch on, then off, but since it isn't plugged in.. well, it doesn't do anything. Really, he seems to just like fiddling with things. "It's better than nothing," he supplies with a wan smile. Pausing, he closes the book and slides off the table. "Well, I shouldn't take up any more of your time, sir. I'm sure you're busy." It sounds a bit reluctant.

Zaharis puts the lamp on the table. "When I was in medical school," he starts, apropos of little, "One of my roommates kept an entire three windowsills worth of little plants, all of which he decided to name after heart conditions. Wasn't bad till I heard him introducing all his dates to them." He smirks, leaning down to plug the lamp in. There, now it lights up. He straightens and reaches over to fiddle with a couple ginkgo leaves. "You off? Alright. Well thanks, Lieutenant, I appreciate the new friend."

The story, as it turns out, has the sulky Lieutenant actually chuckling softly. And, somewhat absently, watching Zaharis fiddle with the leaves. Sobering after a moment, he meets the Major's eyes and nods. "I should." His hands, for want of not chewing on nails, retreat into the pockets of his fatigues, which fit.. a little baggy on him. Stalling a bit longer, he asks, "Are you going to name it?"

"Eventually." Zaharis considers the plant. "It needs something fitting though. Might take a while to come up with." He places the lamp on the table, angling it for the plant to be able to soak some rays, then he gestures to the herbal tome. "You want to borrow that? I'm not going to get to it tonight, too much to do. You could bring it back in a day or two."

Karan opens his mouth, closes it again. Maybe something came to mind, and maybe the notion was summarily discarded. "I'd love to," he murmurs instead, touching along the spine of the book with two fingers. "If you don't mind, of course, sir." Stall stall stall.

Zaharis doesn't seem bothered by the stalling. He slides into a chair at the table, picking up the pack of cigarettes he'd left there earlier. "Funny, isn't it," he comments mildly. "The word 'pharmakeia'."

Karan licks his lips slowly, and gathers the book into his arms. It's held almost protectively, like Ares' shield. "What do you find funny about it, sir?" Sidle sidle. He sinks down and half rests his hip against the table, rather than actually sitting atop it this time. "I assume you're referring to the nymph, pharmakeia, of which Sokrates spoke."

"That too, but more its relation to other arts." Zaharis pauses to light his cigarette, turning his head away from Karan as he does it. "'Pharmakis', witch. Superstition and spells. Medicine's never really escaped those old chains."

Karan watches the lighting of the cigarette with a singular sort of fascination. As if he hasn't seen a tens of hundreds of cigarettes lit, in his time with the Colonial navy. Maybe it's just the practiced motion that absorbs him, creature of ritual that he is. "In its earliest beginnings, medicine was.. more art than science, I think." He shifts a little, hitching one leg up on the table. It looks like he's had a minor accident with an ink bottle not too long ago. "I suppose many Saggitarons' beliefs are still.. somewhat in line with that."

Zaharis settles back in his chair, shifting comfortably. He pulls his right ankle up over his knee, ashtray pulled to the edge of the table. "Suppose so. Haven't dealt with too many of them that weren't in uniform." He flicks a feather of ash into the tray. "And the Gemenese?" he asks, with a pointed look now at the younger man's face.

"I've had a few come to me for guidance," explains Jerome evenly, "in lieu of seeing a doctor." He won't give names, obviously. The confidentiality oath that a medical practitioner swears is probably comparable to a priest's, after all. They aren't so different. Of the pointed look, he lifts his chin a tiny fraction, grey eyes steady rather than swerving away as they often do. "We have no such moral or religious compunctions. It's not a part of our faith, and I try.. not to judge those for whom it is." Try, being the operative word there of course.

Someone is knocking at the door.

Zaharis is about to comment, but then someone's knocking at the hatch. He turns the chair with his foot, calling out.

You hear shouting: Come in.

Ramiro comes in from Corridor 13A.
Ramiro has arrived.

Karan is half-perched on the table in the centre of the room, Zaharis seated in a chair and smoking. The priest has his arms hugged around a book, and turns to see who's at the door.

Between Zaharis and Karan, on the table, is a ginkgo plant in a little pot that's currently basking in the light of a small lamp. The CMO's just turned his chair to call permission towards the door, twisting to see who the new visitor is.

Leaning his head in, Dane looks inside and finds the two of them. Blinking, he smiles quietly. "Brother, Major…I'm sorry if I'm interrupting. I was actually trying to track both of you down." He pauses. "You…got a moment?"

Karan makes a little sound that sounds like a sigh, and probably is. It's not terribly loud, but it does sound faintly unhappy. "What can I help you with, Ensign?" He's not quite frowning. Yet.

Zaharis' quarters are full of surprise visits tonight. He gives Ramiro a friendly smile, rocking the chair with his foot. "What's up, Ensign?" off-duty, kicked back.

"Oh I was just…" He pauses, frowing a little at the sigh. "…just actually trying to track down the necessary people. It's peaceful right now in the fleet and Nico and I were thinking that we should sign the paperwork and take the oaths now and then…blessings later." He pauses, looking to Karan. "I'll…" He pauses, starting to close the door. "…figure something else out."

Karan says, "Come back here, Ensign." Ensign this, Ensign that. Poor Ramiro.

"Oh, are you doing that tonight?" Zaharis raises his brows, glancing at Karan and then back to Ramiro. He has no idea how the process is supposed to work, so it's all cheery for him. "I'd be glad to. Whatever you need me for."

"I'm sill here…" Dane says, he was closing the door, it wasn't closed yet. Opening the door again, he steps inside, nodding to both of them. "Sir…" He addresses them both "Well…we were just eating dinner and were talking about it, and with how things tend to go up and down, we've made our decision and there's really no time guarantee on quiet evenings."

If Zaharis is cheery, the chaplain is ever so slightly sullen. Which is nothing particularly out of the ordinary, really. "I understand," he replies, after Dane's finished speaking. His expression softens, a little. "If you can give me.. twenty minutes, I can meet you both down in the chapel?" There's a brief glance toward the CMO, as if to let the man add his own piece.

"Yeah, let me throw my blues on and I'll meet you both down there as well." Zaharis rolls to his feet, the chair's spring making a soft sound. "Chapel?" That's what karan said, but he looks at Ramiro to check.

Dane seems rather surprised. He was expecting as he was closing the door have to figure some other time. He smiles. "Yeah, definitely. I'm going to run and get another witness and then head down that way." He grins. "I'll see you both there.." He turns and opens the door, preparing to rush out.

Karan watches the marine dash back out with a tiny smile, then turns eventually and nods to Zaharis. "Thank you, sir," he murmurs, apropos of seemingly nothing. Book collected, he slides off the table and turns to make his own way out, not too far after Ramiro.

Zaharis lets Ramiro run off, turning to open up his closet. "You too, Lieutenant." He pulls down his Officer Suit (tm), hanging it on the metal rail above his bed.

Ramiro leaves for Corridor 13A [O].
Ramiro has left.

Karan leaves for Corridor 13A [O].
Karan has left.

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