How Do You Do?
How Do You Do?
Summary: Artemis and Castillo meet in the Security Hub. Murder, Destiny, Officers, oh my!
Date: 85 ACH
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Genesis - Deck 14 - Security Hub

The security hub doesn't seem busier than any other day on the Genesis. The only thing that is a bit more different than usual are a couple more MPs at the desks; one of them is Castillo. He appears to be organizing a stack of training manuals, most of them looking a bit beat-up.

Artemis hurries into the hub, with a stack of reports in hand, which she sets on Eli's desk. Then blinks, because the desk is vacant and looks like it has been unoccupied for a good while.

Castillo looks up as Artemis walks by with her reports. "The MAA was on the Destiny," he offers in explanation. "If you got anything important, you'll probably want to take it up to the S2."

Taking up her reports with a faintly numb air, Artemis nods quietly to Castillo, noting his insignia. "It's mostly routine, the investigation on the Astra. Which looks to be on hold except for what we can do here, at least until we recover Destiny. I'll make sure they get to where they're needed. Thank you." Her eyes stray again and again to the empty desk, despite her efforts to keep them away.

The corporal nods at this, then stands up. "I don't think we've met yet. The name's Castillo," he says and extends his hand towards Artemis. "I came over from the Hera after she joined up with the fleet," he explains.

Lance Corporal Artemis Mirin, Third- I mean, MPs," Artemis replies, accepting his offered hand in a brief, firm clasp. "Welcome to the Genesis, belatedly. Sorry about the mess. Have you been informed about the Astra incident yet?"

"Just the scuttlebutt," Castillo answers. He lets go of the handshake and places his hand on the edge of the desk. "I've been on the Hera mostly, shoring up their security and getting their security details squared away. So, I haven't been keeping up with it."

"Really very little to tell other than scuttlebutt, to be honest. Minus the more sensational details, a young woman, possibly an acolyte of a temple on Destiny, was found dead in a maintenance corridor, eyes wide, mouth half open," Artemis replies. "No blood, no signs of a struggle, and so far, unfortunately, no clues I'm aware of. Authorities and the young tech who found the body have cooperated fully."

Castillo hmms, frowning just a little bit. "Have the results of the autopsy come back yet?" he asks. There is a pause, then he adds, "There was an autopsy ordered, right?" Sure, it's common sense, but if there's one thing Castillo's learned about the Genesis, it's not to assume anything.

"No, and yes," Artemis replies, more softly. "I'm hoping we'll learn something today."

"No struggle and no blood… makes you wonder if she was poisoned," Castillo says and shrugs a bit. "Sounds a bit sophisticated for a place like this fleet, but that's why the docs get paid the big bucks, right? To figure out what killed them."

"I just hope there is something to find… this one bothers me, somehow," Artemis replies, quietly, meeting his gaze. "I wish by all the Lords of Kobol I knew why, but I don't. There's no real security in that corridor, not in a refugee fleet, and the techs are known to take paramours in with them sometimes. No cameras, either. Makes for an ugly little puzzle."

Castillo nods in agreement. "Yah, and to be honest, I think the fleet is going to have to accept having a police force," he adds. "You know as well as I that once you keep people in tight places like this for a long time, you're gonna have a break down in order. Hell, just even fist fights over ladies… or guys."

Artemis nods, lowering her eyes, though something sad seems to come into her eyes the instant before her gaze parts with his. "Definitely… especially after that mess a while back. Keeping civil order may become more important and endless than keeping the toasters off us."

"You talking about…" Castillo trails off as he tries to remember the name. He fingersnaps a couple times, "Garst? Gar? Gars?"

"I forget his name… brought up on charges for firing on civilians after his CO was brought down. For what it's worth, with the little I heard, I thought he was in the right," Artemis replies, softly.

Castillo shrugs a little. "Maybe, maybe not. I wasn't there and you know as much as I do that what you read in a report doesn't take everything into account. 'Specially with the CYA factor, right?" He brings his arms up in front of him, folding them across his chest and shifting his weight to his other leg. "I just think it's a mistake in general to mix your general Marine in with the civilian population. We're, by default, trained to kill every damn thing we see. It's Marines like you and me that have those extra… erm… people skills."

"If two weeks in a classroom counts as people skills…" Artemis retorts, softly. "Permission to speak freely?"

Castillo laughs genuinely. "Yah, right?" he agrees with a grin, then shakes his head negatively. "Hell, Corporal, we're both knuckle-draggers in this together. You don't have to ask me permission to speak your mind."

Artemis returns the smile, though hers is wry. "A month or so ago, I /was/ your general Marine. Then again, I guess nobody told you that I came from a rifle platoon, admin-shuffled here with two weeks of crash-training, and a slip to the quartermaster for an arm brassard, duty belt, and the ugliest frakking helmet I've ever seen."
She meets his eyes again. "I see it this way… if the brass toss us into frak near impossible situations we're not trained for and then try to fry us for doing what we /are/ trained to do, what kind of message does that send? One or two of those and you'll have /Marines/ in those crowds out for /brass/ blood. Or a whole lot of Marines afraid of their shadows… they might grow gold diamonds. Thank all the Lords of Kobol things fell out differently."

Castillo takes this all in, nodding here and there as Artemis speaks her mind. "Well, in my years as a Marine, and a few as a civilian, I've learned that there are two things constant in this big ol' universe. Subordinates always know better than their superiors… and stuff ain't ever gonna go to plan." He unfolds his arms and shifts his weight again. "That doesn't mean we're right and it doesn't mean that we can't adapt. Brass is always going to put us into situations that are frakked up. They can only see the big picture, so they trust us to take care of the details. I don't know how good or bad the brass here is, but so far I haven't been that impressed. It is what it is, though, right? There's no one that's going to be transferred in or out of this fleet."

"Too true, all of it," Artemis replies, softly. "I've never been in a riot or the opening bars of one. I don't know what I'd do. Just know that a gun's useless at less than 20 feet with one person, 50 feet with a crowd. Only thing I'd have going for me, MP or rifle trooper, is the ability to drill the first one who decided I was better off dead, and the disunity of the crowd. Nobody tends to want to be the first one to walk into a chunk of fast-moving lead. After that, it's in the hands of the Gods. But if you don't shoot, where are you?"

"It all depends on the situation," Castillo says. He pantomimes a weapon discharge into the deck above. "A warning shot or two can be more effective than eliminating a threat when you're dealing with a crowd or a mob. You shoot someone's buddy, and you might get them all riled up. You discharge a few rounds in the air, and that'll get their attention - or they'll run away." He offers another shrugs and says, "I don't think there was a right solution to what happened. If it was me calling the shots, I know that I would not have mixed military units with those civilians. Not after what they'd been through."

Artemis nods. "What I meant when I said the rest is in the hands of the Gods. The impression I got was that those were tried, but I didn't exactly have access to much information. Warning shot is one option. And I agree, they never should've put Marines into a spot like that, knowing what they should've known, but you can always count on some brasshat to pull something like that. Didn't see /him/ in a brig over it, though."
She sighs softly. "Guess it all comes down to the same thing: cover you, cover each other, and /try/ to do the right thing. You can't count on anyone else but who you know, and only knowledge, of your targets, p's and q's, and your squadmates can be taken to the bank."

"Did they? I never got that impression," Castillo replies and recrosses his arms again. "They landed a whole bunch of stuff on the Hera, but no… you seldom see any brass held accountable for a bad call like that. I guess, if you did, then there'd be a shortage of officers." He offers Artemis a sly grin before continuing, "On the other hand… officers have to project this aura of mystique and confidence, even when they frak something up. That impression of infallibility helps keep the troops motivated in combat - particularly the green ones."

Artemis shrugs. "True… I guess it's got to count for something. Thanks for being a sounding board. Sometimes, it all just… just seems like such a mess. Even before we factor in the toaster factor."

"Yah it is, but we can either make some lemonade or walk around with puckered-up faces all day," Castillo says. He gives Artemis another smile then winks, "Anytime, corporal. I'll put my bill in the post tonight."

"Puckered-up faces make for ugly corridors," Artemis replies, with a hint of a smile that quickly turns impish. "And the bill will be worth every cubit."

There's another chuckle from Castillo. "Yah, but not much of a difference on deck 11," he jokes in reference to the CIC. "I gotta get this stuff over to Hera. It was good to meet you."

"And you. Take care, Castillo, and don't let the brass walk on your head," Artemis replies, with a small smile. "Best I get these turned in before they multiply," she adds, taking up her reports again and offering him a wave.

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