How To Break the Ice
How To Break the Ice
Summary: Chione's first day aboard the Genesis after transferring from the Destiny.
Date: 55 ACH
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One could surmise that like so many people that make their way through the line of the mess for food, Chione stares are the 'entrees' available with the same bleak dreary expression. Her lower lip curls back at one offering of 'soup' as something green bobs to the surface like some leviathan encrusted with algae and fungi from some backwater planet. Suppressing a shudder, Chione quickly dawns a smile, ans slips sideways aptly choosing the safer course of 'salad' and a sandwich whose meat doesn't look too green and might actually be meat. Yes, this skinny little thing has actually chosen real food and may well eat it. Grabbing something to drink, Chione works her way through the rest of the line before her blue eyes quickly scan the mess for a place to sit, either with familiar faces, faces that may be friendly in some manner, or with no faces at all.

Micah, on the other hand, has already braved the food queue and lived to tell the tale. For now, anyway. He has a plate of mashed and reconstituted potatoes, slices of something that looks like meatloaf if meatloaf had a half life of a few hundred years, and some spurious vegetable matter. Which, it must be said, he's shoveling into his mouth with gusto. He's also seated at a table by the door and dressed currently in offduty fatigues like most of the navy in here.

Not a frakin' table that isn't nearly full. Not quite in the mood to put on the 'smiling face' after having worn it for over a year now, Chione purses her lips, and finally turns towards the table near the door and stands behind an empty chair, looking down at the pilot feverishly filling his mouth with questionable meat. "Is this chair taken, or should I avoid this table due to a plague I am unaware of?" she manages to drawl in a polite tone.

Micah pauses. And looks up at the the other Ensign addressing him. The fact that she has to ask, has a bemused look skittering across his swarthy features. "Sit if you want, but get out of the way." Odd eyes linger a moment, then return to his plate of food. He mumbles more quietly, "You might chip a frakking nail."

Yep, Mr. Personality here.

Hazzard makes his way into he messhall, wearing off duty uniform and a sling to keep his right arm in check. Some bruising can still be seen in his face, a minor cut over his nose for example as he makes his way over towards the food line.

An eyebrow twitches in it's desire to arch upwards at Micah's words, but then Chione's lips quirk into a devious smile. "Oh, trust me, you don't want me to chip a nail. Do you know how sharp these things get with a jagged edge like that?" she says in a sweetly smooth tone with such innocence that there couldn't possibly be a threat underlying her words. Even so, Chione settles into a chair across from Micah, it being one of the least full tables, and Chione is fast learning why. A questioning glance goes to her food, after those blue eyes flick towards the young man that enters who obvious had wound up on the wrong end of an angry marine. "And yes, obviously I'm new, no one has warned me to avoid you yet. Ensign Chione Dike, I was on the Destiny. Fled that ship as fast as I could. And whom do I have the pleasure of addressing, so I know to avoid you, as you would happily like, in the future?" she asks before taking a sip of her drink.

Hazzard slowly makes his way along the line, picking up some food here and there. At least due to the rescuing of ships, there is a little more varied food around here. Finaly he breaks away and makes his way over to find a place so sit.

Micah doesn't appear snarkily amused nor particularly concerned about that 'threat' posed by Chione's nails. In fact, he doesn't appear much of anything at the moment, besides hungry. Mashed potatoes are shoveled into his mouth, followed by a swallow of water. Has he heard her question? Possibly not. Eyes lowered, he continues shoveling food.

"Lovely, they'll let anyone in the navy, manners or not, these days," drawls Chione with a faint shake of her head before going back to her food, a faint cold fire burning in those blue eyes of hers before she blinks and stuffs it into some hidden recess. Another drink before the young woman stabs the fork into her salad. Movement catches her attention, and that devious half-smiling quirk of Chione's lips appears again and the young woman lifts her hand in an attempt to catch Hazzard's attention. "Hello there, it seems you are are in need of a place to sit. Join us?"

The ruffled up Marine looks over towards the woman and arches an eyebrow and tilts his head, before he glances towards Micah and nods his head. "You guys been sniffing exhaust fumes again?" he asks as he makes his way over and settles down by the offered chair. Once seated he looks towards Chione and nods his head. "Names L.T Hazzard.."

Vegetables finished in record time, the viper jock moves on to that suspiciously solid meat. Large hunks of it are shoved into his mouth, like he hasn't eaten in days. With the current state of affairs, and CAPs being stepped up, maybe he hasn't. "Leroy," is mumbled in greeting between mouthfuls, a quick grin offered the sniper. Chione may as well not be there, for all the notice he gives the sound coming out of her mouth.

A smile is given to Hazzard, and for his part, Micah is ignored as well. "A pleasure, Sergeant," is offered in a typical Caprica drawl. "You'll forgive me, I've just come over from the Destiny, and there are alot to memorize here on the Genesis. It is no insult if I ask you to remind me of yours again. Tell me about my new home, will you? Since out dear friend here is busy making certain he does die of starvation."

Hazzard glances over towards the Navy Ensign beside him and arches an eyebrow. "Not much to say..The Jocks are Jocks..the Marines are Marines.." he stretches the corner of his mouth into a little smile and sips on his drink.

Entering the messhall, Ver'Krugen slaps his hands together and takes a look around. "Whats for chow?!" he says aloud as heads for the line, stuffing his motuh with fresh chewing tobacco.

"Good guys finish last, mate," is Micah's opinion on that. He's grinning a little too, though, so he's probably not serious. Much. "Not to mention, they have no idea how to handle a stick." It's mumbled into his glass of water, which he finishes off and promptly begins digging in his pockets for a cigarette. "See you later, Sarge."

"Either that, or they just passed their base IQ test," grins Chione right back at Micah, with as much seriousness as the viper jock desplayed. Two can play this joking game before she shakes her head. The moment Micah turns, Chione turns away as well, and that grin fades completely before it's replaced again for Hazzard. An eyebrow arches upwards as the Ensign's eyes as they fall upon the Marine Private as he calls out to Hazzard. Finishing off her salad, Chione reaches for her sandwich, before giving the man a sidelong glance, "A friend of yours, Sergeant? And who was that we were just talking with, the lovely, conversational gentleman must have forgotten to leave his card," she offers drolly.

Hazzard looks at Micah. "I'd finish last any day if the bad people get what you get.." he grins and then looks over towards Ver'Krugen. "You get that one ass joke, and one ass joke only Private." it seems the Sergeant is very, keen on his ass, as his tone quickly changed from friendly to rather cold. (pun). "You can take mine..I've got things to tend to." he motions towards his trey, as he looks at Chione and nods his head. "I hope to see you around the bird, Sir..And again, I apologize."

There's a chuck of laughter from the viper jock, when Hazzard speaks. And by the time Chione turns away, Micah's fetched his tray and pushed to his feet. If she looks back in time, she might catch his lean form weaving through the crowd toward one of the trolleys, and ditching his lunch utensils there.

"Sweet!" Ver'Krugen grins as he heads on over towards Hazzards tray on the table. "Awesome, sarge. You're my fav NCO, thats for damn sure." Ever chewing his tobacco, he moves on over to the meal and takes a seat, grabbing the fork instantly and digs in.

"You win this round, nameless viper jock," calls out Chione, with just a hint of laughter. Oh, she'll frak his ass in some way later, but for now, a game is an interesting distraction. And it sure as frak beats showing fat people all the wonderful ways to enjoy the many varieties of amusements on the cruise ship. Supressing a shudder, Chione looks at her sandwich and stabs it with her fork with a wickedly happy smile. "Mine."

Hazzard looks after the departing form of Micah and shakes his head. "That was St.Germain aka Jailhouse..the big mouth among the Viper Jocks." he murmurs to answer the question asked by the Navy Ensign. He then eyes Ver'Krugen and nods his head. "VK, just don't ruin my trust in you..The women on the Carina can sex you up..this here is an Officer." he explains and then starts to make his way towards the exit.

Micah pitches a glance over his shoulder at Chione, flicks off a middle-fingered salute to his forehead, and prowls on out of the mess hall. Yep. Mr. Personality, indeed.

Looking on over at Hazzard, mouth full of tobacco and food, he simply grins. "Dontcha worry about me, sarge. I'll be on my best behavior, if only cos you fed me" he chuckles, winks and turns his attention to the meal once more.

"If that is your best behavior, Private," offers Chione, looking down her nose at the young man now sitting at the same table she is, "Then I would fear to see your worst." Looking at her sandwich, speared by her fork, Chione then smiles at the Sergeant. "St.Germaine, you say, Sergeant? Most excellent," she offers with a tip of your head. "Your kindness is appriciated. I'm nearly done, so your private here shouldn't have much of a chance to offend me too greatly. I promise not to throw him into the brig frivilously."

Digging into the meal, stuffing himself, Ver'Krugen looks on up at Chiona with a grin. "No reason to fret, sir. Im a humble soul through and through. I just cant turn down a free meal, thats all" he chuckles.

"Not even a week yet back in uniform and you're already terrorizing the masses," a silken Caprican accent says. The woman it belongs to has enough resemblance to Chione to be family. She carries a tray stocked with her rations over to the table where Chione and Ver'Krugen sit, setting it down at an empty spot.

There is a definite pause at that voice from Chione, and the woman blinks, before spinning in her chair. The poor Private is all but forgotten for the moment. "Kali? What are you doing here? Sweet Gods! And YES, I am terrorizing the masses! It's a familial obligation! Have you forgotten already! And it beats the frak out of smiling over-zealously all the time pointing grotesquely overweight people out to where the pools where instead of suggesting they find an airlock and joining the passing school of space-whales." Blue eyes scan Kalypso over, up and down, finally resting on the wings and smiling. "And wings. Look at those. It's about fraking time they found pilots with a brain and the legs to back it up!"

Ver'Krugen looks on over at the recent arrival and simply witnesses the exchange between the two women. Chewing his food, and tobacco, his head goes back and forth as the two women start to chat in longwinded terms.

Kalypso finishes setting her tray down and moves over to wrap Chione in a hug. "I thought you'd have busted enough balls to get your way up to an early promotion by now," the other blonde says. "How the frak are you?" She releases the other woman and moves back to her seat, smiling widely now to where her bi-colored eyes are sparkling. "How I got here is a long, long story. This is great. Gods. Makes my damn day. There's a boost to help me make it through quals this afternoon. Chi," Kaly shakes her head and sits down, "What do you mean pools?" The pilot glances at Chione's tablemate and extends her hand. "Ensi—Kalypso Leto, hi."

"Oh, you hadn't heard? Bia was so upset with me, she yanked me and had me as Cruise Director over on the Destiny," offers Chione returning the hug before settling back down after a snap on her uniform. "Unflattering as this bit of cloth might be, it's good to be in it again. Because you know if anyone survived, Bia did. And I can't wait for her to see me in this. And I intend to have gotten a promotion by then," she says.

Turning back at Kalypso's introduction, Chione glances at the marine for a moment in bewilderment. "The Sergeant didn't have time to introduce us before he had to leave," she notes to the other Ensign. "I was just speaking with Sergeant Hazzard of the Marines, and he was telling this young Private to behave. And this dear Private was just assuring me that he would. A question private, if I wanted to find my own supplier for cigs, where would I go? On Genesis and off, among the rest of the fleet around us? Do you know?" And to the astute, one might notice a deviously cold gleam in Chione's blue eyes.

"Well thats easy, ma'am" Ver'Krugen grins, teeth brown from the chewing tobacco in his mouth. "You just join in on a game of Triad; best way to earn smokes around here. Pilots berthings is my suggestion, but should they be poor on the gambling end of things, Im sure you're welcome to offer up your cigs in a game over in Marine country."

"Like brother-like-sister," Kalypso says with a sour twist of her mouth. But then what the other woman said sinks in. "You've been on the Destiny this whole time? Frak girl! I've been on the Hera. All this time. It's good to see a member of my family that I actually liked surviving." There's a little sparkle of hope in her eyes, but she lets it fade back out without commenting on it. Kaly clears her throat. "Sorry to hear Aunt Bia did that to you, but good luck with pissing her off if you run into her again. Daddy thought time flying asteroid shooters on the Hera would get the 'Navy Nonsense' out of my system." She shrugs and spears something on her plate, chewing silently. The pilot smiles across at Ver'Krugen's mention of Triad games for smokes. "You don't want to play cards with this one. Trust me," she says with a nod in Chione's direction.

"Like I said" Ver'krugen says and leans back into his chair. "Marine Country or the pilots berthings. Though, being a marine, I would have to suggest Marine Country… Not sure how welcome a pilot would be though, but it might be worth it if ya bring enough smokes."

Kalypso snorts, "I wouldn't put it past them to have orchestrated it all together. Yeah, the Hera. Really." She shovels some food into her mouth, washing it down. Manners? What manners? Her parents would be appalled, but sometimes you just gotta hurry with the food… and she's spent most of her short lunch break gabbing and catching up. "I could get enough smokes probably… and I'm a Raptor pilot, not one of those asshole Viper Jocks. I'd hope I'd be a little more welcome since I give you ooh-rah's a lift. MMm," she wipes her mouth and stands. "I've gotta go get back down to the Deck. Chi, it's good to see you. We should catch up more later when I'm off duty. Later." A nod is passed to the Marine as well and then Kalypso is off and moving with her empty tray.

Rising, Chione nods and smiles. "I should go as well. I'm up in CIC, Kali. Good day, Private. Thank you." Grabbing her tray, after finishing off her water, Chione smiles. "I might take you up on it, Kali. Good luck with quals."

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