How To Make Your Ducklings Happy
How To Make Your Ducklings Happy
Summary: Lily reports to Rhea for duty, and proves herself hardcore.
Date: 0 BCH (14 November 2008)
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Main Engineering Genesis - Deck 8
0 BCH 2235 Souls

Main Engineering is staffed by the Chief Engineer and his or her crew. There are enough monitors, flashing lights, back-up generators, consoles and various other areas to man the battlestar and keep it in top form at all times. Storage areas, locked areas, pipes, machinery and tools are all around the area. The desk of the ChEng sits in an area where it is the quietest so work can be done.

Main Engineering is humming along with the usual beehive-like stream of activity. Techs cycle in and out from various maintenance jobs on the ship. A smattering of officers and yet more techs man the consoles, keeping their eyes on the ship's internal systems. And a small cluster, including Rhea, is working around the marker that's been stowed here. There's the sound of muffled clanging as they tinker with it. It might be difficult to identify the ChEng at first, under the buoy on a rolling work-bed as she is at the moment.

Lily was finally given the right directions down to Engineering, even if she did have to wander a while first. Follow the sounds of the metallic banging, old lesson learned. She straightens her collar as she steps into the area, heading over to the first person around that looks like they might have a clue. "Is Captain Rhea Zimmerman around?"

Lily's saluted and pointed in the direction of the buoy by a passing ensign. He takes as short a time as possible to do both things. He's in a hurry to be off on some piece of business. Nobody in the shop looks idle. "Someone for you, Captain!" he hollers over his shoulder, before rushing off. This gets Rhea's attention. She rolls out from under the buoy, sitting up and looking about for whoever wants her.

Quarry found! Lily smiles as she heads over towards Rhea's spot, and she crouches down lithely with a salute to accompany the movement. "Captain. Lieutenant JG Lily Stephanos reporting for duty, sir. They finally cut me loose. Only took dismantling two heartbeat monitors."

Rhea stands, tugging off her work gloves and returning Lily's salute. She gets that out of the way briskly. "At ease." The heart monitor comment gets a chuckle. "Not literally, I hope. The doctors get cranky if we take too much of their stuff apart. C'mon. I've got your papers somewhere. Let's get you settled so you can get to work." She strides toward her desk, where her papers dwell, motioning for Lily to follow.

Lily's green eyes flicker left and right. She's not going to dash Rhea's hopes so early into shift. Standing as well, she follows the shorter woman with ease, her curiosity abundant as she also takes the opportunity to look this way and that. "My brother's part of your crew also, sir. Crewman Nigel Stephanos? I'm sure you know. He said you were wonderful to work for…and no he didn't ask me to repeat that to your face."

"Yes, I know," Rhea replies, as to her brother, as she bops over to her desk. "Fresh transfer. From the Pacifica. Too soon for me to say I know him properly, but he should be decently broken in. I'm told the PAX boys run a good shop. Though I like to think we could kick their asses in a fair fight." She grins, all of pride in her Engineering staff. "He mentioned you were relations, though I didn't tell him you were transferring in here. Figured you might want to break that personally. Or scare him when he sees you on duty. Not sure how you two conduct the brother-sister thing." She smirks a little at the praise from Nigel. "Clearly I'm not working him hard enough. But I'm glad he's settling in."

"He knows." Lily smiles, the broad expression crinkling the edges of the disfiguring burn scars around her ear and temple. "I told him. He's too young for me to be giving him heart attacks…yet." She folds her hands behind her back but it's not a formal stance, her weight shifting onto her right leg.

Rhea slips behind her desk and starts rummaging. The ChEng's desk is a mish-mash of piles of duty papers and schematics, pictures of her husband and kid (complete with the standard kiddy-hand-print-in-ceramics paperweight), and an extremely over-used coffee pot. Despite the appearance of randomness, Rhea appears to know where things are and she finds Lily's papers in short order. They're passed to the LTJG, and she motions to the wheeled-chair on the opposite side of the side. For her guests. "Have a seat. Sign on all the lines with your name by them, so I can keep Personnel from bitching at me."

Nigel comes in from Corridor 8D.
Nigel has arrived.

Rhea is back at her desk with Lily, getting i's dotted and t's crossed for the new LTJG. Around them Engineering hums along, as it is wont to do.

Lily folds into the chair, plucking a pen up from somewhere and clicking it to life. She signs, signs, signs, la dee da, then pushes the papers back towards Rhea. "All done. Can I play with stuff now?" She grins, then her head tilts as she notices the photos, looking them over curiously. A glance at Rhea's left hand and she does indeed spot ring.

Rhea notes Lily noticing her photos, grinning with maternal pride. "The spawn and his spawner. Those pictures are old. He's twelve now, and I'm in deep denial about how old we both are." She takes the papers, settling them back on a 'done' pile, and stands again. Grinning. "Come on, Lieutenant. Let's walk-and-talk. I'll give you the guided tour." She approves of the impulse to get right to play.

"He's got the spawner's hair," Lily observes, then she stands up, ready to roll. She even rubs her thin hands together as she heads after mamma hen, a spring in her step.

Nigel is physically unable to zip his coveralls up all the way before he enters the engineering deck. Thus, he is still doing so as he rounds the corner and passes Rhea's desk. The smell of chlorine wafts from his person, even though his hair is dry. He gets a few steps past the ChEng's little area before he pauses, glances up at the ceiling, and then pivots around swiftly to face his sister. "Liiiieutenant Jaaay Geeeee," he greets with a broad grin. And then, of course, a much cleaner, "Captain."

Rhea chuckles. "His height, too. Reece - the spawn in question - is as tall as me now. The male-model Captain Zimmermann hit an even six-feet before he was sixteen, so my days of picking the boy up by the scruff of the neck are over. Let's go have a look at the main engines." More maternal pride in her machines. She strides that way, though Nigel's call makes her pause. "Crewman Stephanos. This is Lieutenant Stephanos. We are all of domesticity down here."

Lily sniffs twice and wrinkles her nose at the chlorine, though it somehow manages to be a fond expression at the same time. "Crewman. Sorry, but the Captain's got toys and that trumps you. Love you, though." She's still keeping pace with Rhea. "I was never all that good with the engines themselves, sir. Learned a little bit on the Pandora. Mechanical's never been my thing, but show me the mainframe for their controls and I can have them serving you coffee and doing the can can."

"Well, the monitors I'm about to go stare at are prettier than your face, anyway, Lieutenant," Nigel replies, feighning hurt. With a tilt of his chin and a sniff through his nose, he stalks away ploddingly. Towards said monitors.

"You're an Electrical, then?" Rhea asks. "I was born a Mechanical, myself. Started Enlisted on an old Mercury-class. My frakking gods that was an education. She was a good ship, though. I still kind of miss the hum of those old engines. Join us, Crewman, please." A thumb-invitation is gestured at Nigel. "Can't recall if I gave you a proper walk-through." Then she's back to engine talk. Practically purring as she goes into it. "Genny runs a standard tillium-fired triple-expansion engine. If you're not used to the Valkyrie class I think you'll get a kick out of her speed. They're zippy little things, and they give a nice little kick when they jump."

Lily winks at Nigel behind Rhea's back, then looks back at the ChEng. "Computers actually, sir. Specialty's security systems, but I can find my way through any code you can throw at me. Secondary's electric. When I don't have a full-up rig to mess with, I can build one out of toothpicks, solder, and some bubble gum." She grins slightly, then listens with a few quick nods. "Suspect she jumps with a little more finesse than the Pandora did. Marines over there used to joke her jumps would knock you right out of your clothes."

Nigel pivots on his heel again, gangly legs shifting swiftly to amble back in the direction of his sister and the ChEng. He follows along quietly, grinning a fond grin as Lily explains her expertise. "Really hard to share a computer with this one, Captain. She knows everything you've done without even having to open a single file." With his hands jammed in his pockets, he glances around thoughtfully while they walk.

"I've never been fond of the Assaultstar," Rhea admits, as to the Pandora. "Built for muscle, not finesse. Some of the repair work on that ship was like wrestling a bear. But, I shouldn't judge. Every girl has her type." She gives a Genesis console a fond pat. "Computers?" She grins. "That'll come in handy. The PAS tends to attract the comp-heads out here. I don't have a specialized one of my own. Not that Major Carter isn't willing loan now and then, but I don't like to make him feel too needed. Not good for man." Her grin quirks as she says that. She's obviously fond of the major.

"Yes, we…" Lily glances back at Nigel, then at Rhea. "…met Major Carter. He was being a bit wussy about a little spark burn…could tell he wasn't an engineer right off the bat." She grins, a little coyly, then looks at the console she's patting. Mmm. Console. Gesturing to it and the chair behind with a lithe finger she asks, "Can I? Just for a sec?"

Nigel smirks at Lily's assessment of the Major, rocking back on his heels as he watches his sister geek out over the console. It has to be said that while he's fairly good at his job, he obviously doesn't hold the same love for engineering that his sister does, or the Captain. But he does look suitably intrigued as he looks at the console from this angle.

"This is your shop, Lieutenant. Poke as you will," Rhea says with another crooked grin at Lily's eagerness. The bit about Reed earns a chuckle, though it's not without sympathy. "Poor baby. He got a little singed while revolutionizing modern engineering theory. Frak, that was something to see." She lets out a long breath. She does indeed *love* engineering. "The Major's a research scientist by trade. His shop is the lab. I get out of my depth when it comes to microscopes and theoreticals, so I don't hold an aversion to sparks against him."

<Trait Roll> Lily rolls Security_sys and achieves a degree of BeyondSuperb* (8).

Lily's hand is newly unbandaged, and the burn scars that nearly took it permanently out of commission are visible and ugly as she sits and sets her fingertips to the console. "Yeah, sparks are nasty," she comments quietly. The Genesis' login screen thing pops up but she doesn't input anything there, oh no. Her fingers fly over the keys, a smaller black terminal appearing at the side of the screen. Prompts flash one after the other, keys tapping at a dizzying speed as she inputs, backspaces, inputs again, eyes never leaving the screen. Ten seconds flat and suddenly the terminal vanishes, the console making a pleasant beeping sound and switching to the fully logged in display. With -far- more info showing that a JG ought to see. She bites the corner of her lip, tilting her head. "Huh. Ever think of getting your security beefed on this thing?"

Nigel actually guffaws as Lily does what she does best, taking a step back to shift a gaze between his sister and the Captain. 'See?' his expression seems to ask as he grins at the ChEng, bouncing on the balls of his feet.

Rhea scoots around to the console screen, *staring* at Lily's handiwork. She's never seen some of those tricks before, and she doesn't have the hacker brain to quite comprehend them. "Frak, Lieutenant, I'm barely allowed in there. And I sure as hades can't get through the back door. Let's just tip-toe out, shall we?" She reaches for the keyboard, to retreat in the legitimate way. She doesn't sound upset, though. She's impressed. "If this is what you can do to your friends, I'd hate to see you input on someone you didn't like…"

"I could lock that back door for you. I've just always wanted to say I hacked a Battlestar," Lily offers, giving Rhea a cute smile as she laces her fingers and stretches her palms outward. She does look a little disappointed as Rhea backs them out but she waits till the ChEng's done before setting fingers back to keys, inputting a normal login. How dull. The question about what she does to people she doesn't like goes wisely unanswered, and she twists around to see Nigel. "Nigel started the whole electronics thing though, I have to give him credit. First time I ever got interested in a circuitboard was because he showed me a drawing he'd made of one."

Nigel watches Rhea pull the system back out of the crack Lily had squeezed it through, likewise looking a bit disappointed, but only a bit. When she brings up that old circuitboard drawing, the male twin smacks his forehead. "Please tell me you don't still have that thing. I attached so much adolescent angst to that piece about technology bringing about the end of days that it might well self-destruct at any given moment."

Rhea exchanges a smirk with Nigel, still a little wide-eyed by Lily's display with the computer. "I think we'll keep her," she says wryly. She clears her throat. "Anyhow, Lieutenant, you'll have today to get acquainted with the ship, then you'll be on the regular rotation starting second-shift tomorrow. You'll be working with the electrical techs, mainly, though every rotation gets a mix of the necessities."

"I even framed it," Lily tells Nigel, smiling. "It's still with the stuff I left at mom's house…I should get her to send it up." She then gives Rhea a friendly grin, then nods at the detail about today and tomorrow. "Second-shift, got it, sir. Can I come early?" No, really. She's asking seriously.

Nigel glances up at the ceiling at the possibility of having to see that old drawing, but his silent plea to the gods is cut short when Lily asks if she can come in early for a shift. He just gives her a look of utter disbelief.

Rhea chuckles. All pleased with Eager Lily. She nods. "Sure. Ensign Mercer is manning the early shift. You have to break in your ensigns. You get too gentle with them, they come up all crooked. I'll leave word for him to give you a tour of the Aeronautics lab, since you'll be in with the morning. You'll get to see some real-live baby Vipers."

Lily beams happily at Nigel, oblivious to his disbelief, then nods to Rhea. "Really? I've never been up close to a Viper before…" There's just something about the way she trails off. Taylor might have a Viper in a thousand pieces to worry about by the time this JG gets kicked out of the lab. "Mercer? I'll be there."

Nigel knows the implications of the way Lily's voice lilts right before it trails off, and he shares a private grin with himself before raking a hand through his hair. "Captain, I know we look a lot alike and all, but I hope you won't be concerned if I don't show up more than five minutes early for my own rotation." His cheeks round in a grin that has a distinctly impish quality to it.

"You can't miss him. Looks like a college kid, gets a hard-on for design schematics," Rhea says dryly, of Mercer. But there's obvious affection in her tone. She loves her people. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I should get your papers to Personnel." She heads back to her desk to collect them. "Welcome aboard, Lieutenant." Nigel's words just get a chuckle. "I think I can tell you apart with some practice. Just show up on time, Crewman. That's all I ask."

"Thanks, sir." Lily smiles brightly at Rhea, then stands back up so she's near Nigel. His making fun of her earns him a hard jab in the ribs where Rhea can't see.

Nigel grunts at the jab to the ribs, stepping back to lay a palm against the area that's VERY LIKELY TO BRUISE. "If Lily could get hard-ons, I'm sure she'd have the hardest-on in the department with all these new gadgets," he intones as Rhea leaves - the words are more for his sister's benefit than the Captain's. When Rhea is out of earshot, he just turns to face her completely. "Ha, and I bet your balls are all blue since she backed you out of that haxxor screen."

Rhea has left.

Lily sniffs lightly. "I can get back in. If I weren't such an upstanding colonial citizen I'd set the whole thing remote access." She exhales softly, glancing at her burnt hand and flexing the fingers. "I guess I should find my bunk, though. Maybe something to eat. Want to give me the rest of my tour?"

"Sure," Nigel replies, grabbing for Lily's arm. "I'm starving, actually. Just took a few laps around the pool, and I took that whole not swimming for thirty minutes after you eat thing to a whole new level. I just skipped lunch entirely." He begins leading his sister back through the corridors, showing her some points of interest along the way.

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