How to Wreck a Golf Swing
How to Wreck a Golf Swing
Summary: Zaharis brings news of Rue's miscarriage to Regas.
Date: 84 ACH
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Commanding Officers Quarters Genesis - Deck 11
84 ACH 23817 Souls

The CO's quarters are rather expansive. A large desk, small seating area, head and sleeping quarters are kept neat and tidy.

There's a knock on the hatch at the Commander's Quarters.

"Enter!" Regas shouts and is actually relaxing right now. The ship is quiet. CIC is taken care of and his small golf setup is in the center of his quarters. There is a light click of the ball as he sends it down the tiny fairway.

Zaharis pushes the hatch open and steps in. The top button of his fatigues jacket is undone, this being post-duty time. "Hey, Commander." He quirks a brow at the little golf strip, smirking briefly. "You got a second?"

Regas moves the three-iron to another ball as he continues to stand there, in his golf stance after looking up. "I have a couple seconds. I may win this, what can I do for you Major?" The next one is tapped and it rolls down to the small 'hole in one' with a tiny flag stuck there.

"I was going to send you a memo and still will for the record, but this is better done in person." Zaharis' tone drifts into more serious once Regas gets his shot off. "Major Rue has had a miscarriage, and is in Sickbay under observation for tonight. She asked me to have you put on the permitted visitor's list for her room."

The next little ball shot isn't so lucky. The grip on the leather handle is a little too hard and his swing is a little too quick. It pings off the fairway and hits the door to his bathroom, bouncing back toward the CMO. "What?" The Commander's head coming up quickly.

Zaharis slides his hands into his pockets, exhaling quietly through his nose. "Savannah's lost her baby."

Regas just stares at the CMO for a very long moment and then the golf club gets tossed to his couch. "When and how did it happen?" His voice is really tense right now.

"Last night," Zaharis answers, his own voice staying calm. "In the interest of confidence I can't give much detail, sir. But it appeared to be completely spontaneous. It was one of those things that just…happened."

Regas presses his teeth together and it shows in the jawline, "Thank you for bringing it personally, Jesse," he states quietly. "Let her know I'll come and see her in the morning, when she has rested." His eyes move off to a part of the wall, he really isn't seeing.

"I will." Zaharis nods. "It'll be good for her to have some company that she knows." He steps back, ready to head back out. "Good night, sir."

Regas runs a hand over his hair and nods, "Good night."

Zaharis slips back out without another word.

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