I'll see to it
I'll See To It
Summary: Regas speaks with Desusa.
Date: 55 ACH - 01/07/09
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Ward Room Genesis - Deck 11
55 ACH 23817 Souls

The Ward room is used for meetings. Carpeting covers the floor in a muted gray/blue color. Colonial flags line along one wall, representing all the colonies. A sideboard for refreshments is along one wall and a large conference table sits in the center with a dozen, comfortable chairs around it.


[Intercom] Major Desusa, report to the Ward Room. Major Desusa, to the Ward Room.

Desusa comes in from Corridor 11C.

Regas has just returned from the Hera and is already settling in for business. He puts the page out for the Major and then waits until he arrives.

Desusa turns the hatch and makes his way in. The naval blue uniform of the Pandora commander is gleaming. "Commander, sir," greets Raul as he snaps to attention near the CO. If the page is for him, he doesn't seem to notice so.

Regas returns the salute, "At ease, Major." He remains standing too. "I'm sure you have been updated on the little problem we had at the meeting. I know you were busy elsewhere. I want your views on it. If you can keep from spitting in my face like Major Gaelan."

Desusa drops the salute and stands at ease, "I got the news from the morning brief, sir." He is not moved by gossip, so, he knows it was an official order issued because it was the top of the news in the early hours of marine rowcall. "My views on that mission to the Nebula are simple, sir. It was a complete disaster. We where not prepared to handle the hostility there and one shit-for-brains marine lost his cool and got us into a bigger mess." Simple. Direct. No big monolgue. just the way Raul likes to speak.
Desusa has partially disconnected.

"And you are well aware that it seems to be your Marines causing the shitstorm? Since it was thrown in my face last night, I doubt I need to throw it into yours." Regas is tightly controlled at this point, like he is waiting for another Marine to go off on him. "This is going to end and end now. Major Gaelan is on 'Mandatory rest' for the time being. I will not have Officers bucking my orders in front of the entire room of my Staff. You are on a week of AIQ. You are also going to get this shit settled with Gaelan and his obvious jealousy of your Command on the Pandora."

Desusa frowns, "AIQ for a whole week? With Gaelan also out?" Desusa brings his hands to his waist and is actually looking crossed by this order, "Sir, with all due respect, whatever the Major's deal is with me is purely circunstancial. We worked together in the past and saw different ways to solve problems all the time. I asure you, there is no jealousy going on between me an him." Marines don't get jelous! "I crossed his command back there, but only to get hands working on the bomb problem that popped-up. If he threw a fit because he can't understand that the frakking situation called for mutherfrakkin' immediate action, that's his mutherfrakking problem, sir."

"It's belayed for the moment. But I can't allow you to go unpunished as it is the principal of the thing. You were in charge on that deck. You also knew the Corporal and his need for warmongering." Regas just shakes his head, "So he'll come down on you for disobeying an order of his as well. He suggested you stay out of his marines if you were going to command another ship." He eyes the other man, "I put you both into a rank to work together, not weigh heavily on one another due to this or that. But, it seems the Marines refuse to play well together."

Desusa sighs and drops his head, shaking it a few times. "Fine. That's how he wants to play it, then so be it." He takes the note that details the minutes of the meeting and passes a hand over his head, "From now on, I am sticking to my ship and concerning myself with only the Pandora's affairs. He thinks the Bastard detail is rowdy and uncontrolled bunch, he is passing judgement on all just by looking at a rotten apple." He reads from the note and asks, "So, are we gonna put a bullet into Gars's head, or what, sir?" His tone sour and displeased, but he seems to have decided to take the fall and carry on.

"Which is what I considered you doing in the first place. But, there also seems to be a problem with his being the CO of the Genesis and once you step on the ship, you are under his command. That, I don't really have a problem with,but when I do bring up and dispense anything on my Officers, I don't expect to be grilled about who they report too." A frown settles on his lips, "The only other thing I can do is put naval pins on you and that would end that little discussion."

Desusa shakes his head, "I'll keep my nose out of his affairs and do my best to do most of my work from the Pandora, sir. I still need to come here for PT and other regulatory tasks, but basically, I am just handling the marine missions you todd my way, sir." He continues reading the list of charges on Gars with a deep frown. Waiting to see what Regas needs him to do before he has to lock himslef in his quarters for five to seven days.

"The vote weighed heavily in execution. Which, I'm going to have to go with, Raul. I can't have him as a loose cannon on these ships. We have no idea what he might do, even if put on the Tracer to live out his sentence." Regas watches Des a moment. "I want Scipio to handle it, but Gaelan bucked me on that and then Major Rue mentioned it also. I'm old school in this kind of thing. You take the responsibility in hand and deal with it. If you can't deal with it, then someone else will and it won't look good. He doesn't want Scipio to do it as he is already beating himself up and the morale will fall."

Desusa reads some more and nods a few times, "Rue and Gaelan are correct on that. No need for the Staff to do so when he was doing his job." He folds the note and prompts, "I got a bullet with his name on it already. Just give me the formal concent from JAG and yourself, and that will be the last thing I do before locking my door." Desusa stands there stoic, as he waits for the CO to speak further.

Regas glances down at the table a moment. "Before I go into that, I want to bring something up to you." His gaze rises again, "This talk of…skinjobs. Based on what happened to your ship, I can't help but look back on it and wonder. We have no bodies left we can check. But we do have one still alive out there possibly," he waits a moment to see if Des understands his words. Since Gaelan missed the hint.

"You want to retrieve, Lakis." Raul shakes his head a bit and sighs, "The Pandora personell was screened and probed extensfully. It wasn't until Stiger and his bunch showed up that we had issues with the marines in there. Even the pilots where selected by their CAG for some reason." Desusa brings a finger to rub over his right brow and adds, "You want me to fix Gars, I will. You want me to bring back Lakis, I advice you to use Gaelan to do so. His SST program is far better than the small sniper team we where building in the Pandora." He knows tactics. He knows Gae's pet project is what is needed for the extraction.

Regas nods, "I realize how top secret it was and for a reason. Alright," the Commander straightens up, "If she is brought back, I want to make sure you'll handle this professionally. Not that I doubt you won't. But she was one of yours too." Another pause, "I'll speak with Gaelan. You'll report to me and not him. As command of a ship, that is your duty. I need that ship for what it can do, no matter how the CO feels. It is more important than his pride right now."

Desusa nods, "Aye, sir." He keeps his reply sharp. If there is something creeping up in regards to Lakis recovery, he doesn't show it.

"You'll do it privately. I'll take the heat. I want the corporal to write up an apology for what he did before he is gutted." Regas keeps his back straight. It's never easy having someone shot.

Desusa seems unfazed when the talk is about killing. "Silenced shot to the head. Airlock the body," offers Desusa in a cold demeanor. "He has no next of kin and we will clear out his footlocker after his apology is confirmed."

Regas shakes his head, "No, we need his spine for medical." Seems he is not taking any chances.

Desusa lofts a brow at that, "The spine?" He coughs some and nods afterwards, "The spine. Yes. You'll have it on your desk after we are done with him." This fleet is starting to look like an eerie chapter of the Sopranos, but hey, never a dull day.

This seems to be getting more complicated than it should be. "Not on my desk," Regas grunts a moment and glances back. "The CMO will need to test it. He could do this for his so-called Military 'Country' and go under the knife for science. It would probably be the last act he did well."

Desusa figured as such, but since his orders where to deliver the spine, he didn't want to assume it would go directly to the CMO. "Aye, sir. I'll see to it that it gets to Major Zaharis, ASAP."

Regas lets out a breath, "I'll clear this with JAG. The Chaplain will also see him first." Desusa seems to be dismissed with that statement.

Desusa salutes firmly and turns heel to leave. The hatch leading into the Ward is closed just a few moments afterwards, leaving the Commander to his thoughts.

Desusa leaves for Corridor 11C [O].

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