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CO vs MaA
Summary: The CO goes to have a talk with the brigged Master Sergeant Farkas.
Date: 13ACH
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Main Brig Genesis - Deck 14
13 ACH 6735 Souls

The Main Brig is for the enlisted personnel that are in lock-up. A guard and a desk is here along with three cells. Each cell has steel bars across the front. There is a single bunk, a toilet and a light above. Security camera's are also in place here and the guard rotates out every four hours.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-

Seated in one of the cells, specifically number 2, dressed in a rather unceremonial fashion is Viktor Farkas. At this point, the snicker and curses from Doss and Mercer has died down. The old man is currently doing push-ups on the floor beside the bunk in his cell, not all to bothered by the fact that he is in lack of better terms 'in jail'.

The MP in this room stands at attention when Regas enters. The salute is given and then returned. "All right you ladies, Officer on Deck!" The Marine shouts out to the cells.

Regas walks past the cells of those here until he reaches the one he is looking for.

Farkas stops in what he is doing and slowly rises up to stand. He leans down to pick up a towel from his bunk to wipe his face and idly looks out into the corridor to see who the lucky one is.

The lucky one happens to be the Master Sergeant. Regas finally stops in front of the bars and looks into the cell itself. His gaze landing on the man with the towel, but he remains silent for the moment.

As the Colonel comes to stand outside of Farkas cell, the old man grits his teeth just a little and then moves up into attention. But he does keep silent as well, leaving the halls of the brig dead silent. Not even Mercer and Doss takes the moment to glee at the old Sergeant.

"Master Sergeant," the Colonel finally says in a quiet tone. "I want to hear an explanation of why my Sheriff is acting like an ass and ending up in the brig on my ship."

"Cause I am a Marine, Sir..And the fact that I wont stand by and watch my department being ran over by some rule bending lawyers..Sir." Farkas mutters in that gruff tired voice of his. If the Sergeant had anything more to add he keeps it to himself at this point, simply watching the wall just behind the Colonel as he stands there in attention.

"You are a marine. You have been in the Colonial Marines for a very long time. You've had to deal with officers and civilians. You've had to eat shit and not like it. Otherwise, you would not be where you are now. Not necessarily the brig, but your status in this military." Regas does a slight pause, "So tell me why you come onto my ship and suddenly find a bug up your ass for every Officer that you run into? You still represent the Marines and this is a damn poor way of showing it."

Farkas is silent for some time, standing there with his arms down along his side and his back straight, finally he narrows his eyes. "Cause to few of you realize this is war." he pauses but decides to continue. "Cause, when the CO and XO can't get their shit straight, people die..Sir."

"Back off me, Master Sergeant, you aren't making any points with that coming out of your mouth," Regas lowers his voice even further, "You aren't the only one in this war. Nor are you the only one that has a say in it. You gain more points with less vinegar in your voice. You are far from perfect here, so until you become one of the Gods walking across water, then you can tell me my job."

Farkas nods his head and remains where he is, arms down his side and watching the wall behind the Colonel.

"Now, I need every man on this ship. But, I'm done with dissension among the ranks of my NCO's and Officers. Were you looking to retire? Because if you are, it can be done. You can become one of many off my ship and act like nothing is going on over here." Regas asks.

"That is for you to decide, Sir." Farkas mutters as he still stands in attention, face unreadable but to the very few true empaths out there.

"NO, that is where you are wrong. That is your decision. Now, I will ask the question again, Master Sergeant Farkas. Do you want to retire? Or do you want back into the Military and fight the frakkin' Cylons!" Regas' voice raises like any Drill Sergeant on board.

"I have no intention of retiring, sir." Farkas mutters, keeping his tone rather even during the whole discussion. He doesn't seem to bothered by changes in peoples tone or the occasional Officer that decides to rub noses with him. "I'll be here, waiting til the day I die or you need me…Sir."

Regas straightens, "I can't hear you Master Sergeant," he bends his head just slightly. "What do you say?"

Farkas quirks an eyebrow, biting his tongue and fighting the urge to roll his eyes. "I'll be here, til I die or you need me.." he says in the same tone once more. "Sir!" he finishes with a little more 'hoyaa'.

"Yes, you frakkin' will. And if I hear one more problem, I'm shipping your ass to the Carina, is that understood, Master Sergeant!" Regas asks.

"Make ruckus, go to the Carina…Yes sir." Farkas mutters as he stands there.

"I still can't hear you, Master, Sergeant? Are you a Marine or what?" The Colonel watches the old Marine. "Are you too old for this Military assignment?"

"Thats for you to decide sir..I just don't yell, without good cause..Sir." Farkas says in that same gruff tone as before. Even here in the brig, after workout, and being chewed out be a superior officer does the old veteran manage to uphold that aura of intimidation that would cause discomfort in most men.

"Everything for me to decide? Well, I guess you are a Marine then, since you take orders without question. You can't decide anything on your own. You eat, drink and sleep the Marine code. Then tell me why the frak you can't offer a civil tongue to your superiors?" Regas asks.

Farkas says, "May I speak freely sir?"

"Speak," the Colonel replies.

Farkas parts his feet and moves his hands in behind his back to stand 'at ease' and licks his lips. "You just told me, that if I give you any trouble you ship me to the Carina..-You- told me to handle the Refugee matter, your XO gave that assignment to the JAG office..Lawyers..People whom has never killed another man with their own hands in battle, people who studied to their ranks. People whom has never sent others to their death on the battle field..During War, a soldier needs clear orders, if my superiors can't give those then I will stand up..For the sake of clearing things up, I am the one who called for the MP's to arrest me, I knew I was out of line but someone had to say something, Sir."

"And since you told me not to give you any trouble, I'm letting you decide..Sir." Farkas adds.

"Yes, I did give you the order. And according to the JAG office, they also said it was your investigation. So instead of speaking with them, you made an ass of yourself and started yelling at a Captain and threatening the Lieutenant. You are given command of this MP department and if that is the way you are showing your MP's how to act, we'll all be in trouble soon." Regas makes for another pause, "If the XO stepped over, then you will learn to Mast it up. You can send out Memo's. You can call JAG and ask them if there is a mix up. My door is always open."

"I never did threaten no lieutenant, I simply refused to answer her question..She studied to her rank, she'd figure out what I meant..I don't twist words. Sir." Farkas grunts as he then nods his head. "They did not say it way my investigation, they made demands..disrupting and interfering with -the- investigation..If it was -my- investigation none of this ever would have happened..but I stand for the fact that I did frak up, which is why I called for the MP's."

"You called your own MP's on yourself, before you figured they would?" Regas frowns deeply, "And this makes you the Marine prima donna. I'm guilty, throw me in the brig." A slight shake of the Colonel's head. "All right, since you seem to think this is all my decision and I need to decide for you like you are ten years old, then I'm deciding." Another straightening of the Colonel, "You will show respect to the Officers on this ship. You will keep your tongue in your head unless you can disagree with an amount of dignity that benefits the Colonial Marine Corp and the Navy. You will do your frakkin' job and when you think someone is walking on your back, you will report to your Commanding Officer and give your complaint. Is that understood, Marine?"

Farkas offers a salute. "Understood, Sir…and since I can't reach the S2 from this cell, consider this my formal complaint towards the XO's orders concerning the Refugees and the JAG Office..I wont have a lawyer sweeping a minefield and I wont have one interfering with my ongoing investigation. Sir."

"JAG is not just a 'lawyer', they also represent the laws of the Colonies and the Military. Remember that. And your complaint is noted." Regas smooths his jacket, "You'll work with them and so will your MP's. I also better not hear of any beatings. When I know they happen. You'll get the information the right way and not like some back alley brawler."

Farkas quirks an eyebrow, but refrains from addressing the matter about what a lawyer is, instead he nods his head slowly and remains 'at ease' "I wont lay a hand upon them sir."

"All right," The Colonel seems somewhat satisfied, "I'm sure you'll be having a few more visitors," he then turns to take his leave from the cell block area.

Farkas watches the Colonel head off and then glances over towards the Camera here in the cell block before he returns to his training.

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