Ice Cream
Ice Cream
Summary: The Commander finds Rue eating ice cream and they call in Bayless for a chat. Rue and Regas finally get a kiss in without a Condition One.
Date: 87 ACH - 02/07/09
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Corridor 11E Genesis - Deck 11

87 ACH 23817 Souls

This corridor is an offshoot of the main one. The Command staff retain their quarters here. Low-lit halogen lights are along the corridor and a marine guard is always stationed outside the CO's quarters as well as roaming guard protecting this hallway in general.


Zephyr just shakes his head in silence as the little cooing sounds from Rue continue as they walk back to the central corridor. He manages to pry his eyes off the CAGs shapely backside, and glances down at his ever-faithful clipboard.

Rue is walking down the corridor, Zephyr not too far behind, with a cup of ice cream in her hands. Vanilla with chocolate chips. She's half in, half out of her flight suit. Also, she's making little happy noises as she eats. It's chocolate, damn it.

The Commander is coming up the corridor, rounding it and heading their way. Seeing those ahead, along with the CAG's ice cream, he does a slight pause. His eyes then shift over toward Zephyr and the clipboard.

Rue pauses when she spots the Commander. No, not even chocolate induced haze can hide that presence. She blinks, reaches up to wipe off a dab of vanilla from her chin, then smiles. "Commander Regas, sir. Is the Destiny back?"

As the young Lieutenant's eyes rise from the clipboard, their focus is grabbed once again by the half-undressed CAG. It takes less than a second for the word "Commander" to reach his ears, and his full attention is blasted from Rue straight onto Regas. "Commander Regas, sir" Zephyr echoes Rue.

A nod goes to the CAG, "Yes, she came in early this morning. I've got engineering over there now," Regas replies and notices the wipe of vanilla from her chin. He also notices the flightsuit, "I was just coming to see how you were doing, before I fell into a pile of paperwork again." His dark gaze shifts to the young CIC officer as he goes into full attention, "LTJG Zephyr," those dark eyes remain there, "Were you needing to see me?" Why else would be be in this corridor? Certainly not eyeing the CAG's backside!

"I had papers for Major Rue sir. And I believe I'll be having papers for you sir, once I get them from CIC. Most likely on Destiny's return" Zephyr answers briskly. Ugh, he so hopes Regas or Rue didn't notice his straying gaze.

"Good to hear, sir," Rue says, smile still there and if possible, even more genuine. "I stretched my legs earlier," she adds, motioning towards her suit, reaching down to start pulling said suit back up. "I didn't have any problems. As long as the doctor puts me at 100 percent, I think I'm ready for combat duty." If Rue noticed anything untoward about Zephyr's gaze, she isn't voicing anything of the sort.

Regas uhhuhs low in his throat. If the Commander had noticed, he'd be wearing the clipboard in some oral area. "You do that, Zephyr. While you are at it, you can round up Lt. Bayless. Ensign Dike and Major Rue and I will meet with them." He glances to the CAG again, just setting her all up for a meeting. Isn't he nice?

Zephyr nods. "Aye sir, Understood. Shall I send them to your Quarters sir?" he asks, then looks at Rue too.

"I was just on my way to find them, sir," Rue reassures the Commander, even as she zippers up the top half of her suit in a feat of agility, what with her ice cream cup being balanced in one hand and then the other. Ziiiiiip. She licks a finger and wipes a vanilla droplet off the left breast of her suit.

"Just let me know when you have them in the bullpen," Regas replies in that 'dismissal' voice. His gaze returns toward Rue, "On top of things as usual, Major." She did not play..wipe..lick. It's a good thing he is highly professional. "Dismissed, Jig." He says toward Zephyr, but keeps watching the CAG.

Zephyr stands to attention and nods in a quick salute. "Aye Commander. Major Rue" he says, nodding to her once before making his way back to CIC.

Zephyr leaves for Corridor 11A [S].

[Intercom] Pass the Word! Lt. Bayless and Ensign Dike to the CO's Quarters. Repeat, Lt. Bayless and Ensign Dike to the CO's Quarters.

Rue is standing straight by this point and relatively immaculate in her suit. The ice cream cup and it's spoon are held behind her back. "Debriefing?"

Regas motions to his quarters and the marine opens the hatch for them.

You head towards Commanding Officers Quarters.


Commanding Officers Quarters Genesis - Deck 11

87 ACH 23817 Souls

The CO's quarters are rather expansive. A large desk, small seating area, head and sleeping quarters are kept neat and tidy.


Rue comes in from Corridor 11E.

"You are not allowed to eat ice cream any longer," Regas states after having the hatch shut behind them. "Especially infront of boys." He could be joking. He could be. Honest.

"He was just being nice. It's not as if this has been an easy week," Rue responds in soft and even tones, perking an eyebrow at the man. She sets the cup and spoon down on one of the man's tables. A little spot of chaos in his ordinarily very tidy quarters. "He's a good officer. Sign on the dotted line and all that. By the regs."

"They are all nice," Regas responds and then smiles, "I was young once too." He eyes the ice cream, but he really doesn't have time to find out some things running through his head at the moment. Perching on the edge of his desk, he does watch her though, "I've received a memo from the Captain of the Destiny. It seems the attitude and blustering of some of our officers there, went a little overboard. I'll let you handle Bayless. I'll take care of Dike."

"Attitude and blustering?" Rue's perked eyebrow does a Spock. "Really." She moves over towards one of the chairs in front of said desk and slides into a seat. "I'd like to hear the full story. 'specially given the past history of the folks on the Destiny with the military. I'm sure they'd love any opportunity to drop us a peg."

Regas nods a little, shrugging. "It's their ship, they are in control of situations. I figure to get their side of things, but our Civilian population is a little on the fringe still. Being stuck with them for a few days, no doubt upset a few."

"I understand. If we're going to maintain cohesion in the fleet, we have to take their bitching seriously," Rue smiles crookedly and rolls her shoulders. "Perhaps it'd be better if I banned my officers from leave over there. It seems like it will cause more problems otherwise."

Regas rubs a finger along his goatee and nods, "It is an idea. That strip club is liable to cause more problems than it is worth for the recreational facilities it provides. That is up to you though, right now, we just want to keep things at an even keel."

"I'll consider it further, then," Rue says, bobbing her head once. "I'm planning on giving it a wide berth, myself. Seems to be the place where unsavory sorts of folks like to congregate. I'll stick to the sports bar on Carina."

"We'll go out soon," Regas says more quietly and then glances to the hatch.

Bayless comes in from Corridor 11E.

Rue has taken a seat in front of Regas' desk, while Regas is currently perched on the edge of said desk. There seems to be a lull in their conversation at the moment, the perfect time for Bayless to come in.

Regas unperches and moves around to his chair when the hatch opens and the LT enters. "Lieutenant, thank you for arriving so promptly," Sitting down, he lets the CAG do her thing here.

Bayless opens the hatch after a customary knock, dressed in her duty blues and her hair pulled back in a neat ponytail. She snaps off a salute to the two of them. "Lt. Rachael Bayless, reporting as ordered, sirs." At Regas' welcome, she nods once. "Of course, sir."

"Lieutenant, good to see you back home," Rue offers, straightening up in her seat and motioning towards the other seat in front of Regas' desk. "We're all here because of a memo received from the Captain of the Destiny this morning. Apparently, there was some friction between the civilians and the military during the recent incident and we're looking to find out more of what happened and correct where necessary… Can you share with us your account of what happened, especially regarding interactions between the military and civilians?"

Bayless nods. "Of course, sir." Speaking to the two of them, "I was in the club where the party was being held when the announcement came down that we had been separated from the Fleet. Upon hearing this news, as co-senior on scene with Lt. Maureen McKenzie of Hera, I instructed all military personnel in the room to remain calm, be mindful of their duties, but to bear in mind that we were guests aboard Destiny and to behave accordingly. We would offer our assistance to the crew, but would do so only with civilian assent or if danger to the ship and crew were imminent. Despite this, I can only describe the sentiment towards our presence aboard Destiny as barely tolerated, sirs. I'm regrettably aware of one physical altercation between a member of the Genesis crew and a member of Destiny's population, but the tension was palpable. That one incident aside, sirs, I can assure you that not one member of Genesis' crew that was aboard took one measure of offense towards Destiny's crew or residents."

Regas simply gives a slow nod to the explanations of what went on from the LT's view. His gaze moves to the CAG and then back to Bayless, remaining quiet.

Rue listens carefully, nodding at certain points as if to say go on, then finally asks, "Who did that incident involve… which member of Genesis' crew?"

Bayless says to Rue, "Ensign Leto, sir. She'd apparently punched a gentleman she'd…" It's clear she's not happy about this bit of the sentence. "…woken up in bed with the morning after the party."

Regas studies the LT with a dark look. "I see." The pen on his desk is picked up now and turned in his fingers. "Can we expect a report filed from this…gentleman?" He says that word lightly though.

Rue blinks once, jaw starting on it's way downward before being clamped tightly. A look to the side at Regas and she asks of Bayless, "And did you speak with Ensign Leto about this behavior yet?"

Bayless shakes her head to Regas. "I can't say with any certainty one way or the other, sir. I had only learned of it second-hand, and neither the assaulted party nor anyone else made punitive mention of the incident to either myself or Lt. McKenzie." She looks to Rue then. "It's the first item on my catch-up list since returning, sir."

"Good. Because you're in charge of that particular bit of damage control. Straighten her out. And make sure she realizes that if the man on the Destiny files charges, she can't hide behind her uniform," Rue replies, fingers laced over her stomach. "Understood?"

Regas gives his proverbial grunt at that point. "Lieutenant, when you are off this ship, you represent the Colonial Military. You represented the Genesis, while on the Destiny. Lt. McKenzie represented the Hera, but they were your people there, not hers. I hope to see better command out of you in the future. And since it seems your pilots have too much time on their hands," he indicates the CAG now, "I'm going to request that the CAG begin cross-training as quickly as possible. I want a list to both of us when you are done. You can send their reports of how they are working, to Major Rue. She slaps better than I do, if there is a problem."

Bayless shakes her head to both Rue and Regas. "Both orders understood and crystal clear, sirs."

"You read my mind, sir," Rue says with a bit of a smile at Regas. "In the meantime, spread the word. The Destiny is now considered off limits to all pilots. Clearly, if the animosity is part of the culture on that ship, there's no need to put you all in risk of enflaring it."

Regas simply nods once more and awaits for the CAG to dismiss or have a slapfest, either or he's prepared.

Bayless barely disguises a relieved smile at the news that Destiny's a ship she never gets to set foot aboard again. "Agreed and understood, sir. I'll pass the word."

"Dismissed," Rue says as she sketches a salute for Bayless.

Regas sketches one off too, "Lieutenant."

Bayless snaps a salute to the two of them, turns on her heel, and departs. Was that a relieved sigh? Nah.

Bayless leaves for Corridor 11E [O].

When the hatch closes, Rue starts to push to her feet. "She's learning on her feet pretty quickly…" she notes. "I try not to delve too deeply into my pilots affairs… but if the Lieutenant knew of Ensign Leto's indiscretion, what are the chances most of the Battlestar is being informed as we speak?"

Regas tosses the pen on the desk and leans back, glancing to Rue, "I'm afraid I'll be a little harder on Dike, she's got to remember she isn't the leader of things. But she ran right over your LT on that, from what I've received, since she came off that ship. On a better note though, the Sheriff helped the civvies get their equipment needed for the jump back." He nods to the CAG's assessment, "I'm sure of it, if she socked the guy, what did he do? We'll need to find out that as well." He rises up and walks around the desk stepping in a little closer, "Your ice cream is melting…"

"I like it drippy, sir," is Rue's evenly delivered answer. Then she says, "That does sound like a chain of command issue… with Ensign Dike. Although, if she was taking initiative because the others wouldn't, that's another." She sidles to the side and reclaims her ice cream. "I'm not surprised to hear about the Sheriff. She strikes me as an extraordinary person."

Regas reaches out a hand and pulls her back to him, ice cream and all, "Is that so?" His head dips down and his lips are just barely near hers. "If I get a condition red, I'm going to kill someone.." his lips move in for the delicacy at that point.

PFff, ice cream. Rue full-on kisses Regas on the lips, holding the ice cream in one hand off to the side and the other arm curled about the man for balance. "I thought you liked being in charge… Are you trying to tell me you don't get a thrill out of being called to the CIC?"

Regas allows part one of that kiss to be broken as she speaks and his arms go more fully around her, "I get a thrill out of watching you lick ice cream, madam," his lips go back to hers briefly and then a smaller one on her jaw where that ice cream was earlier. "When are you going to be back to a hundred percent?" He murmurs along her skin.

"I don't know," Rue says uncertainly, eyes closing. "It's hard to think about. Not the… act, just. I may not look it, but I'm mourning. All I want is to do my job and in my off hours be held." Blue eyes fluttering open, she says, "I'm not ready yet."

Regas raises his head and chuckles a little, "Silly girl, I meant so you can go out and enjoy an evening of dancing and dinner." He gives her a squeeze and then steps back, "I'm the old fashioned, remember? Small town. My mother would shoot me if I didn't marry the girl first."

"Oh," Rue says, sounding admonished, until she replies, "We're going to have to work on that." She puts on a sly smile and half-turns towards the door, "I wouldn't mind getting off Genesis for a few hours sometime this week? If I can fly, I can dance… or step on feet."

Regas watches her with mild amusement, "I'll try not to complain too much about my toes being stepped on." His hand comes up to fluff along her hair before she starts off to the hatch.

"And I'll try not to complain too much when it takes all my wiles to break with your quaint traditions, Farmboy." Rue winks, before turning to the hatch, opening it and stepping out.

Rue leaves for Corridor 11E [O].

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