If You See Them
If You See Them
Summary: Regas visits the Triage Unit and asks a favor.
Date: 3 ACH - Nov 16 2008
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Emergency Triage Center Support Station PAS - Deck 2

3 ACH 3735 Souls

Emergency Triage Center is one of the optional deck layouts for the Science deck. Converting one of the larger lab areas into a field hospital for tending to large scale wounded, this area contains bed after bed after bed, each with it's own monitor hookup, privacy curtain, and power conduits. Every ten beds there is a small duty station with two chairs, a computer terminal storage locker and cabinets with medical supplies. Behind the duty stations are crash carts with emergency treatment gear directly on rolling carts designed for this purpose. The entire area holds a total of eighty beds and leads directly into a secondary area that is used for longer term care of less criticaly injured patients.


"You can stay here with her," Zaharis says to Manny, closing the chart and setting it in the crook of his arm. "There will be eight hours set aside with no visitors to be sure she gets some rest tonight. You can use that to get your bunk and everything set up, get ready to have her with you. Don't worry, Manny, we're going to take good care of her." The CMO is in his blue scrubs, standing with Manny and Reed near the middle of the long-term care room, next to a bed that holds a sleeping girl around eleven or twelve years old.

Manny tenses up when Sierra moves and she blinks and offers siftly. "Shh, Seesee…" She murmurs softly to the little girl. "I'm here." Then she looks back to Reed. "Hunh. Manny versus Manuella. Yes. I can see how that would be hard to put together." Is she being sarcastic? It is hard to tell, cuz her voice stays softly and she looks back to Zaharis. "Oh thank frak."

Reed nods to Manny, letting her have her snark. At this moment he looks to Zaharis and past him down the line of wounded, thoughts apparently elsewhere. Before taking in the latest visitor to this newest section of the station.

Zaharis gives Reed a slight look as he talks about how long it took due to the ID. "We do the best we can during busy times." He reaches down to put Sierra's chart back into its place.

Regas walks into the area and even though one of the nurses is about to say something, he raises a hand and wards her off. Hands behind his back now, he begins walking along the beds of the Triage unit. Apparently, he already hit Sickbay on the Genesis.

Manny just offers another tiny nod to both Reed and Zaharis, before making herself comfortable and preparing to stay by her daughter's side until she gets kicked out. Staring at her thoughtfully. - Life? Will never be the same, that's for sure.

Reed backs up a step, looking to Manny, "Congratulations, Manny. you're now one of the most fortunate women in the fleet." He turns and moves toward the Colonel, stopping in a similar pose to the man himself. This isn't the place to start saluting. "Sir."

Zaharis reaches up and pulls the curtain at Sierra's bed, not completely closing it but giving a little more privacy from the flood of medical personnel and patients that go through here. He steps away from Reed, about to move away when he also spots Regas. His hands fold behind his back, not interrupting but nodding to the Genesis' overlord.

"Reed," Regas returns, but he doesn't stop his walk. He also sees the CMO and nods to him, "Jesse." The man remains silent then, taking his time as he looks at the patients, also passing Manny and her little girl, which pauses him for a few moments.

Reed turns, moving a step behind Regas. As he pauses at Manny and Sierra, Reed volunteers, "We found her on the Carina, sir. The gods were kind in that."

"Sir." Zaharis replies back to Regas. As Reed explains Manny's situation, he reaches up to pull the blue and white surgical cap off his head, leaving his hair plastered to his head. Thing gets itchy.

"Good," is all the Colonel says and continues to move on. His voice remains quiet, subdued, but still fully in charge of this mess that has surrounded them. "See that everything that can be used is pulled off the sublight ships and stored. We'll make an accounting with supply officers tagging everything." He looks over to Zaharis now, "All medical stations they may have as well."

Reed moves with the Colonel, nodding, "We're prepared to receive everything pulled from the ships, sort it, log it, store it." He answers the order. "We have more than enough room, sir."

Zaharis nods to Regas, shifting to turn as they go past. "Medical's already aboard the Carina, sir. We'll have the others searched by the end of the day."

Regas knows this, but it keeps his mind working, "Get people working, I can't use a fleet full of apathetic crew. We mourn, we move on." He nods to Zaharis. Coming to the end of the beds, he stands before one where a young girl probably around five years is laying asleep. The small, stuffed doll is still tucked under her arm. His eyes drop down to the name on the end of the bed and it simply reads: 'Cami'. A long, drawn in breath is taken in before he turns back to Reed and Zaharis, "I'll be calling a meeting soon."

Reed nods to Regas, "People are working, sir, PAS is jumping right now. Our list of things to get done is mounting, and we're knocking them out as fast as possible." He looks to Regas. "I'm prepared for that meeting, sir, I have materials ready to present and have consulted with your XO on a few proposals and logistical/tactical information." Reed had to take drugs to get sleep, but he does look better now.

Zaharis doesn't look at the bed with the little girl in it. His focus remains on his superiors, nailed there. A slight nod. He doesn't give the long assurance that Reed does, just a quiet but iron-confident, "We're ready, sir."

Regas raises a hand and lays it on Reed's shoulder, "Good. Good." Even though the gut of the Colonel and the training prepares him for things like this, everyone goes through that shock and movements become automatic. Removing his hand, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a picture. It's of a dark-haired woman with beautiful dark eyes and a little two year old girl that is sitting in her lap. She looks just like the older female as they sit posed for the pic. The pic is handed off to Zaharis, "If you see either one of these two, let me know immediately." It's a longshot and he knows it.

Reed silences as Regas lays a hand on his shoulder. As the Colonel takes a picture from his pocket, his jaw muscles flare, and he swallows, looking at the images, then Zaharis, nodding in some unneeded approval of the action. He looks between the two men. "Aye, sir." He says. All he can do at this point is confirm the search, really. Helpless to further it.

"I'll put it up right now, sir." Zaharis tells Regas. Is he going to say 'don't worry, we'll find them'? Hell no. He just says the only thing he knows they can do. Picture glances at, he returns his hands behind his back before it becomes too obvious that they're shaking. "Is there anything else we can do for you right now?" That goes to both Regas and Reed.

"No. I'll see you both soon," Regas begins walking back down the row of beds. Even Brass needs some time to adjust, it seems. He doesn't pause too much longer, but continues until he makes his way out of the Triage unit and back into parts of the ship.

You head towards Medical Bay.

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