In Confidence
In Confidence
Summary: Zaharis enlists Eve in the Regas mystery.
Date: 105 ACH
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Chief Medical Officers Office Genesis - Deck 13
105 ACH 23787 Souls

The office of the Chief Medical Officer is a small room, used mostly for consultations and review of sensitive patient materials than the paperwork of the Medical department, which goes through the Naval Administrative offices. Still somehow it has file cabinets along one wall stuffed full of papers, two chairs in front of a desk behind which a large leather chair is set. On the desk sits a computer terminal.
Sitting on the file cabinet is a Rod of Asclepius carved from two different types of wood. The rod is made from lighter wood, while the snake is darker. The eye of the snake is inlayed with tiny crystals so that it sparkles in the light. It stands on a smallish pedestal with a legend: Do no harm to thyself nor to others.

Zaharis is, predictably, at his desk and in his dark blue scrubs. His computer is on but the screensaver is floating around the dark screen. Facing the door, he has one arm folded on his desk, his thumb gently rubbing the bridge of his nose near where the lines of tight scarring begin.

Eve steps in crisply at his direction she entered, "Major Zaharis." She greets, even snaps off a pretty little salute to him. Her other hand is burdened with carrying files that look all nice and neat and prettily labeled.

"Lieutenant." Zaharis sits up a little more, returning salute and then letting his arm rest down. His eyes look slightly reddened when he looks up, though it might just be a freak trick of the lights in here. "How can I help you?"

Eve doesn't even flinch at the sight of her scarred boss, maybe she's been practicing at desensitizing herself. Who knows, maybe she stays up at night flipping through medical texts and finding the most gruesome photos she can. "I just had some reports I wanted to drop off. Numbers we're having of the support groups on the Carina, my final proposal for the movie night so it can be passed on to engineering. My reports of the pilots I've seen thus far who witnessed the suicide. Sir." If she notices his reddened eyes, she doesn't comment at the moment.

"Oh, good. Thank you." Zaharis reaches forward and grabs up some files of his own, clearing space for her to set things down. "Lieutenant Shem will likely want to talk to you about the suicide. Not about the witnesses but about the young man. How versed are you in psychoactive drugs?"

Eve slides the files down in the space he's alloted for them, a hint of a smile that seems purely obligatory. "If they are legal, I'd say I'm well educated. Before coming aboard the Genesis I took my yearly requalification test to make sure I was up to date in prescribable medicatons to control and treat mental afflictions and regulate a bodies' chemicals. If they're illegal or unconventional, I'd say I'm merely fair."

"We don't know if they were legal or not." Zaharis shakes his head, then pauses a second or two. "This, is, of course, confidential between yourself, me, and security. But we believe there may have been an outside influence in Lowes' suicide. Some kind of substance."

Eve motions towards one of the chairs infront of his desk, "May I, sir?" No, she no longer presumes anything when it comes to Zaharis.

Zaharis nods to one of the seats.

Eve lowers herself into it carefully, not one to plop anymore these days. Might have something to do with subtle rounding of her belly and the fact that uniforms are starting to look a mite uncomfortable. "You don't believe that Lowes' was merely depressed. Can we do a proper tox screen?"

"One's been done." Zaharis gently scratches the back of his hand and pushes his chair back, reaching over to pull his file drawer open. "It showed nothing. But there were post-mortem observations that suggested toxins had been present."

Someone is knocking at the door.

You hear shouting: Who is it?

From Sickbay you hear shouting: Lieutenant Shem. It's urgent.

You hear shouting: Come in.

Shem comes in from Sickbay.
Shem has arrived.

Eve is seated infront of Zaharis' desk, apparently awaiting some file or bit of news, because her face is screwed up in thought. Then Shem is making an appearance. Coincidence? She slips to her feet, expecting most likely to be dismissed.

Zaharis is sitting at his desk, with Eve across from him. He's just pulled a file marked 'Ensign Lowes' from his file cabinet, and is laying it on the desk for the psychiatrist. "Lieutenant." He nods to Shem. "Did you need to speak with me alone?"

Shem opens the door. He's escorted by a Marine behind him who's carrying a crimson foam container about the size of five stacked textbooks. A red on yellow biohazard logo is stamped on the side. The pair step through into the room, and the lieutenant shuts the door behind him. "No, sir," he answers. He salutes the pair, remaining some distance away from the desk. "The Carina thought we were thirsty, sent over some water samples."

Zaharis lifts his chin, brows quirking. He returns salute, almost absently. "Great. We'll need that taken to the lab. Ask for Lieutenant Menopolous and leave them with her. She's been readying chemical tests."

"Yes, sir," Shem confirms. He salutes again before opening the door and shunning the Marine out. The lieutenant closes it up behind him.

Shem leaves for Sickbay [o].
Shem has left.

Eve only wrinkles her nose slightly at the biohazard container, and once Shem has vacated post haste again, her attention turns back to Zaharis. "Is that what may be causing the headaches and nausea?" She asks cautiously, not wanting to overstep her bounds. But that's the likely reason why it requires an armed escort up to medical bay. She motions back to the seat she left in another 'may I?' gesture.

"We think so, yes. Not definitive yet." Zaharis pushes Lowes' file towards her and then folds his hands in front of his mouth as he rests his elbows on the desk. His dark eyes also watch the two go. He may not have hit 40 yet but lines have definitely deepened lately at the corners of his eyes and on his forehead.

Eve gives a little nod, reaching for the file and flipping it open. She starts skimming what was known about the Ensign Lowes, both in life and death. "Did you perform the autopsy?" She asks, apparently not having gotten to that part yet of the report.

Zaharis shakes his head, letting his arms fold on the desk as she reads. "Lt. Craven did the original autopsy. You'll see on page three the inconsistencies he found. The pupils and negative tox test, most notably." He pauses, frowning slightly. "The ensign was…in the words I have heard from engineering so far, quite a content young man. His behaviour directly before his suicide is something I'd like you to talk to Shem about. I haven't gotten an actual report yet but from word of mouth so far, his actions were…bizarre."

Eve flips to the appropriate page, reading it word for word and line by line instead of skimming it. The findings are short, afterall. Its a moment before she responds to the CMO. "I've been screening my patients more heavily for depression or suicidal thoughts, but if you think there was an outside factor.. smell of smoke on the fingertips. Dialated eyes. Not much to go on, sir. And one isolated instance, its going to be hard to prove foul play. Not that…well. Not my job." She mutters the last, then nods. "Nothing comes immediately to mind. But if I could borrow this. I can cross reference it with my texts."

Zaharis is silent for a while before he remarks, simply but with some weight behind it, "It's not an isolated incident."

The papers are forgotten in an instance, the folder practically dropped to her lap. There have been so many deaths lately, so many half stories from the CAG to pilots to the Commander himself. Eve swallows heavily as her eyes lift to Zaharis. "Who?" She clears her throat slightly, "If I may ask sir."

Zaharis regards her for a long moment. There are decisions being made behind his dark eyes, trust being assessed. He doesn't say anything as he turns away again, opening his file drawer. He slides a folder out of the back and opens it up, setting it down in front of her. Page three has identical findings to Lowes, with some other notes. And the name on the top reads: Commander Tarik Regas.

Eve can't help but draw in a sharp breath as she read and has to reread that name. Gods, that was an awful night, all the way around. Up until that very second she'd just assumed the man had had a heart attack with all the stressors that were being place on him. Once of which was her own doing. Her hand covers her mouth, as if aghast at the news that's just been dropped on her, but she retains her composure. "What do they have in common…" She wonders aloud, which sounds like just an exhale rather then consciously forming the words.

"The Commander took his own life with his service pistol," Zaharis says, even though it says so on the sheet. He clears his throat and folds his hands on the desk. "In the exact manner as the Ensign, putting it inside his mouth. Colonel Altair, who was with him at the time, said he had shown no sign whatsoever that he was about to do such a thing. Only a very sudden melancholia that was out of character for the Commander. The physical findings are identical. Dilated pupils and smoke, but no cigarette or cigar chemicals. The commander, though, had been observed smoking."

Eve knits her brow together, eyes dropping back to the pages she was offered, taking up a bit of his desk even if she has to set the files on top of other things to compare them. Concern is evident, but then so is her unmistakeable curiousity. Eve's always had a thing for puzzles, and now Zaharis has dropped this on her lap. Hell, she's even vying for medical with the little riddle nonsense to score them some coffee. "What about socially? Why get a Commander to commit suicide, then an Ensign? If this is foul play, there has to be a link. If there's no link that's even worse, then the murderer is a sociopath. Or our very own serial killer." She's not getting a kick out of this by any means, but there is a thrill to it.

"More important from our end is the how rather than the why," Zaharis replies, scratching his upper arm. "I do believe Regas is the centre of this. As for who would want to do such a thing…" He spreads his hands. "Lieutenant Shem is working on that. But what he needs from us is how it could have been accomplished, if it was 'accomplished'."

Eve gives a nervous little smile, unable to help herself from delving into the 'why' of it, as potential murder has to deal with the human psyche. "Yes of course. As I said, I'll start cross checking these findings with what I know of psychomanipulating drugs. You said the Commander was seen smoking, but there were not levels of nicotine in his system?"

"Yes." Zaharis nods. "A cheroot. We tested the butts we found in his quarters but came up with nothing. That, however, doesn't rule anything out, as if something was in that then whatever it was may have been smoked away."

Eve flips back through the pages, as if she feels like she's missing something. "But was there nicotine in the Cheroot?" She asks, still flipping back and forth between the two files, as if something should jump off the page at her.

"Yes, there was," Zaharis watches the pages as she flips. He knows the 'missing something' feeling. "But there was none in the Commander's system. Same as Lowes."

Eve shakes her head, 'missing something' has switched to 'that doesn't frakking make sense'. "So the lack of nicotine. Filtered out by the supposed mystery drug itself? Smell of smoke on the finger tips. But the Ensign didn't smoke at all." She shakes her head. "Is there anyone else? Or just these two?" She looks up as if there may another bomb to be dropped.

"Well." Zaharis frowns. "Lowes did smell of smoke. Lieutenant Shem's spoken to his bunkmate. I don't know what information he may have gotten from that." He draws a breath. "There's been no-one else. Not…yet."

Eve shakes her head, "But no butts found with the body, I mean? No packs of cigarettes? If that is the common link then…" She stops and smiles again, "I'm sorry, you don't need me rambling." She closes the two files she was offered, but doesn't move to take them yet, without his permission.

"I'm not sure what they found." Zaharis exhales quietly. "I'm authorising you to speak to Lt. Shem as one of the contact points for Medical on this. The other contact is me. None of this information goes outside the three of us, I'm sure I don't have to tell you that."

Eve gives a firm nod of her head in confirmation. "Yes sir, of course. Confidentiality." She knows it well. "I'll keep you frequently updated with any findings, and should you need me, I'll be nose deep in my books. May I?" She asks of the files, lifting them slightly. "I'll keep them under lock and key in my office when they're not in hand."

Zaharis glances down at the files. "These are my originals, but I'll copy them for you. You'll have them in hand within the hour."

Eve leaves them on the desk, patting them once or twice as if hesitant to leave them behind. But they're his originals. "Yes of course. I must say, I'm stumped on first blush." She sounds a bit forlorn that she can't immediately solve the puzzle and give Zaharis the answer in a pretty little bow.

"Yeah. Well," Zaharis says, a little wry, "We've been stumped for weeks, so don't feel bad." He gathers the precious files, gently closing the folders up.

With all this mess going on, and the Carina medical issues, its no wonder the CMO is red-eyed and looking a little older then his age. She shifts back to her feet with the aid of the chair, but at least she's not to the hand on the back and groaning stage of the pregnancy yet. Apparantly she's anticipating being dismissed, but she ventures. "Sir, I have a caffienated tea bag, if you'd like it. Its been used once, but could be steeped again…and I can't drink it…"

Zaharis glances at his mug, which has been pretty empty since the coffee dried up. He squares up the folders on his desk, the edges making soft tapping sounds. "That'd be nice of you, Lieutenant."

Eve gives a little dip of her head, "I'll have a nurse bring it over. Expect another knock in a moment or so." But she's not skedattling until she's dismissed, not taking any chances in raising his ire.

"Thanks." Zaharis stands up, files in hand, and nods to her. "Dismissed, El-Tee. I'll let Shem know to expect contact."

Eve kicks off another salute to Zaharis, a slight smile on her lips despite the gravity of the current situation. "Sir." She says softly, turning then for the hatch.

Zaharis is off for the copier once she's gone.

Eve leaves for Sickbay [o].
Eve has left.

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