Indiscretions - Part 2
Indiscretions - Part 2
Summary: JAG has a talk with Eve over recent incidents
Date: 27 ACH
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JAG Office Carina - Main Level

26 ACH 6735 Souls

This office is a rather plain affair with a pair of desks placed at right angles to one another in a corner of the room, with computer terminals on each desk, file cabinets, still new from the crates, sit along one wall, while in the middle of the room is a collection of four chairs. Finishing off the room is a new coffee maker sitting on a table near a sink with a collection of cups bearing the seal of the Battlestar Genesis on them.

Contents: Salin Eve

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At this particular moment, Salin is seated behind his desk in the Carina's JAG Headquarters. Unlike the offices on the Genesis and PAS, this office has that 'new' smell and almost everything within it looks to be in absolutely pristine condition. There's a folder on his desk, though it's currently closed and the Major seems to be simply waiting for someone to arrive.

There is a rap on the door, followed by an aide annoucing the arrival of Evelyn Sloan from the Genesis. She's dressed in her Blues, not a buckle or spit shine missed in her dressing. When she presents, she stands stiffly at attention, hand raised stiffly in salute.

The rap at the door draws Salin's attention and when the Lieutenant is shown in, Salin gives a nod of his head, in reponse to the salute, "At ease, Lieutenant." A hand lifts, motioning towards the chair before falling down to open the folder, "Come in and have a seat, please."

Eve ticks her fingers off her forehead, moving towards a seat and sinking into it what a rigidity to her body. Her eyes are rimmed in red, a show that she's recently endured a great deal of emotion, but she's currently keeping it in check. "Yes sir."

Salin's eyes shift downwards, looking at the file on his desk for a moment before they lift upwards, settling on Eve, "Seems you've recently gotten yourself a letter of reprimand, Lieutenant." He pauses for a moment, leaning back in his chair, "Care to give me your side of the story on what happened, exactly?"

Eve chews over words in her mouth, filtering them quickly in her brain before they pass over her tongue. "It happened exactly as its stated in the letter. I have nothing to say in my defense, sir. I was in the wrong, I am guilty of fraternization which impaired me in my given duties." Her tongue passes over lips suddenly dry.

There's a faint smile and Salin closes the file on his desk, though he leaves his hand atop it, fingers drumming against it ever so slightly, "Come on, Lieutenant. There's always more to it then what hits an NJP file." A pause and he's giving a nod, "But, let me rephrase. Why did you do it. Are you involved with the Sergeant?"

Eve places her feet shoulder width apart, elbows sinking into the meat of her thighs as she leans forward. Hands steeple together as she starts a slow breathing exercise. Its subtle, but its a vague exercise for not passing out cold. "No sir. It was a singular event, with the understanding it was to be a singular event. It happened three days after the holocaust, the 'why' of it seems petty now, but it was just for the emotional release and the physical benefits of an endorphine rush."

Listening intently, Salin gives a slow nod of his head, followed by a slight smile, "Hardly petty, Lieutenant. We all dealt with that news in different ways. Unfortunately, yours wasn't exactly the best course of action." Another pause and he's leaning forward, settling his elbows on the desk and steepling his fingers before him, "Should we be concerned with anything else popping up, Lieutenant, that might affect one of your 'cases'?"

Eve gives a confident shake of her head in the negative. "I have never before, nor do I intend to again, cross that line, sir. It was a momentary lapse in judgement that was cataclysmic in and of itself. And if you'll forgive me for saying…" She smiles, but its without mirth. "It wasn't worth it." The smile is quickly gone, just a fleeting thing of inner reflection.

The smile remains upon Salin's lips, no doubt a mask designed for 'clients'. Another nod is then offered, "No, I can't imagine it was worth it. A word of advice, Lieutenant. Next time, don't admit to sleeping with an enlisted or a patient. Especially one in which your trying to make a recommendation for. We're in hard times, at the moment, and we have no desire to charge people in issues like this. But, in a case such as this, you bring into question the objectivity of your recommendations and all future recommendations."

Eve exhales slowly again, "I understand that sir. I do. But had I given that recommendation and not disclosed the situation. It later could have been admitted to by the gentlemen himself. And destroyed any efforts to get him proper help. Had the accusation come up, then, instead of now, sir…" She shakes her head. "I staked my career for the safety of the crew. If that was wrong, I won't apologize."

"Oh, I'm not questioning the logic behind it, Lieutenant. Took a fair amount of courage to admit what you did to your CO." Salin pulls his elbow's off the desk and settles back in his chair, leaning back and clasping his hands in his lap, "Now, tell me. How is it that you've come to the conclusion that the Sergeant is a threat to this crew?"

Eve works her jaw again, but she'll have to expect these sorts of questions, now that her ethics are compromised. "He escalated at an alarming rate. From trying to goad a civilian into a fight, to breaking the jaw of one pilot, Micah Saint Germain." Which, he's no doubt had to deal with. "Following the Cylon attack, as opposed to the normal reaction, the man showed signs of relief. He shows no remorse for his actions, lacks empathy for crew, and has poor behavioral control. I believe the only thing keeping him in check is the knowledge of what he can and can not get away with."

Listening intently, Salin offers only the faintest of 'hmms' to this, followed by another slight nod of his head, "I'm aware of several of his altercations, including the one with the pilot in question, as I investigated that. You're aware, that in several of the altercations, including the one with the pilot, that the Sergeant wasn't the agressor, correct?" Another pause and he's canting his head to the side, "He's a typical, old fashioned Marine that has no respect for anyone outside of the Marine Corps. That, I would think, hardly makes him a threat."

Eve gives a slow nod of her head, as if listening to all his words if not precisely agreeing with him. "If I could make you see him with my eyes, I would, Major. I realize my opinion of him is compromised. But I'm not suggesting the man be locked up and the key lost, I'm suggesting he get counselling, sir. If only for anger issues. Forgive me for not buying into the fact that Marines are incapable of common courtesy."

"Oh, most Marines are capable of common courtesy. There are just a few of them, who can not." There's a slight frown, followed by a slight shrug of his shoulders. "You can make me see him in your eyes, Lieutenant." Again, Salin begins to lean forward, giving only a slight nod of his head, "I want all your session logs and files of Sergeant Farkas, on my desk by tomorrow afternoon."

Eve makes a swipe at her face, dragging her hand over her lips. "There are none, sir. Sergeant Farkas was never a patient of mine. As you know, counselling sessions are voluntary unless ordered by a superior officer. He would never submit himself to a session without a directing hand. That's all this was about, Sir. Giving him the nudge to get his issues worked out before something really bad happened. There are no notes, no session logs."

There's an arch of a brow and Salin gives a soft chuckle, "How is it, then, that you came to the conclusion about Sergeant Farkas without so much as a session with him?" He pauses, a hand lifting to wave slightly, "I'm not a Pysche, but I would equate it to an investigation. Is it not difficult to make a recommendation without actually finding out the facts or conducting an interview?"

Eve tilts her head slightly, "I've spoken to him on several occasions without the pretense of formalities, sir. My suggestion was he gets an evaluation based off those observations, and that I was not qualified to give it. This is the beginning of this 'investigation', sir. Not the end."

"Very well. As you've been told, you're to have no contact with Sergeant Farkas, professionally. Whether or not you could keep your objectivity on this matter, is clouded. I'm going to want you to put in writing, what you've observed. From there, we will look into this matter." There's another nod of Salin's head and he's motioning towards the door, "I will keep in mind your recommendations, considering the circumstances."

Eve rises from her seat, saying curtly, "Thank you, sir." Assuming the motion towards the door is her dismissal, she moves briskly in that direction.

As Eve rises, Salin watches and before she can depart, he offers, "In future, Lieutenant, if you need a release or someone to speak with, professionally, our doors are always open. Like yours, conversations of a professional nature are privilaged."

Eve pauses in her departure, turning to study Salin's face for a moment, its just a brief assessment before she comments, "Thank you, sir. I'll keep that in mind."

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