Summary: Shem has a chat with the new XO.
Date: 117 ACH - 03/10/2009
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Executive Officers Quarters Genesis - Deck 11

117 ACH 23777 Souls

The XO's quarters are nice, although not as large as the CO's quarters. A desk, small seating area, head and sleeping quarters are here along with anything else the XO may need for their living conditions.


Someone is knocking at the door.

You hear shouting: Enter!

Shem comes in from Corridor 11E.

Shem has arrived.

Petrakis is placing some books on a small shelf off to the side of her desk. She is still unpacking and trying to get her area in order. After shouting to the hatch, she places one more book and turns around, adjusting her jacket.

Shem enters and turns around to shut the hatch behind him. "Sir." He approaches the XO with a few steps, using the time to measure her up, and salutes.

Petrakis has an easy smile for the Lieutenant, and the salute is returned, "Good afternoon, Lieutenant, what can I help you with today? As you'll see I'm still getting settled in." A brush of her hand goes to some paperwork already piling on the desk. Which is piled with other things also.

"Yes, sir," Shem replies. He drops his hands to his side. "Have you been briefed about the Cylon agents?" He plays his expression close to the cuff, tightly.

Petrakis picks up a memo and a folder, flipping it open, she does a quick skimming. "I see a few things here. I'd prefer your briefing though, so I can get it straight from the person who has an eye and ear on this ship." She lays the folder aside and awaits the S2's words on this now.

Shem nods. "Yes, sir." He takes a moment to think about how to organize his information. "We first got wind of the Cylons possibly having human agents from the ships we found that had the mishap with the Battlestar Pegasus. Seems their crew was under that impression. Then we recovered a pair of twins from one of the civilian ships, one of them was proved trying to poison the civilian water supply. One of 'em had superhuman strength and ate a bullet without problem. They had to put up a manhunt to get both of them." He pauses.

Petrakis isn't too sure she likes the sound of that, there seems to be a female moment of asking questions. "Are you saying we can't kill them without marines wasting a lot of bullets?"

"Not a lot, sir, might just be a little more," Shem replies. "They were what I'm now calling type A's. Seems they can tolerate soft-tissue damage better than humans, but a bullet through the brain might be just as lethal. We just don't know a whole lot about their survivability, sir."

"Go on, Lieutenant, what do we know that we can work with. I don't like the idea that we may have these objects around the fleet itself. Not something we can find quickly and dispose of without a problem." Petrakis awaits the rest of this impending madness.

Shem nods. "Major Zaharis set up the classified lab down on thirteen to do some research on them. There was a Cylon attack within the month, a Heavy Raider slammed into exactly that spot, and it seems like they might've caused an explosion. Both of the agents were incinerated, nothing usuable. We're still looking into that, but so far we're working under the assumption that there might have been infiltration."

The new XO nods after a moment, "I won't assume you are taking all precautions necessary, I'm sure you are. It is the job of your department. Gathering all this information helps put us closer to keeping ourselves free of any more 'accidents'. Do you have some idea in mind to draw them out, if we do have any infiltrators on board?"

"Yes, sir, I do, and that's partly what I wanted to talk to you about," Shem answers.

Petrakis turns and picks up a box and takes it off one of the chairs, "Sit down, Lieutenant, I'd be glad to hear your ideas on this." Once that box is gone, she clears a few folders off another chair and takes a seat also.

Shem sits down and sits stiffly. He clears his throat. "Yes, sir. Do you want me to finish the briefing on the agents or go on to my suggestions?"

"Let's finish this briefing and then move to the rest," Petrakis offers the suggestion with a nod of her head.

"We opened up a classified file on the lab." Shem squares his shoulders. "Around that time, sir, there was an operation on a Colonial nuclear production facility. We encountered Cylons over there, and some of our Marines saw what we're calling type B and type C agents stacked row to row inside. We also encountered a type B that seemed to be commanding the Centurions. That's when we started the thinking that there are a bunch of agents that look the same of each type and that they may hold some type of leadership role."

Petrakis reaches for the memo that stated the types of cylons and she nods as he explains the types. Keeping silent this time, she listens as he talks and goes along with her cheatsheet.

Shem wets his lips and takes a slow breath. "And then, Commander Regas shot himself. A few days later, an Engineering ensign by the name of Lowes did the same. Both smelled like smoke, both didn't have the chemicals in their bloodstream of smokers. As you might know, sir, Commander Regas was a smoker. We tested his cigars and they seemed normal. Only recently did we find that Regas gave Lowes one of his cigars at a party held on the Destiny in appreciation of Engineering's fixing of their com systems. We think somebody may have supplied Regas with laced cigars that alter human behavior. Major Zaharis has told me that there's no chemical known to man that can do that, but I got a gut feeling that the Cylons have something special up their sleeve."

Petrakis offers another nod, "I knew the Commander from working under him. He kept his personal life pretty close to the chest." She feels her lips pull down now as she lets all that sink in, but doesn't comment and waits for the rest of this brick house to fall.

"Yes, sir," Shem replies. "Well, we believe now that the Commander's and Lowes's suicides were related, and that they weren't self-initiated. A type C attended this party, rubbed at least one person the wrong way."

Petrakis stiffens slightly at that information. The area along her jawline becomes a tad more stronger and the folder in her lap is closed, "Can we find this person..?" Object. Thing. She isn't sure what to call it.

Shem shakes his head. "That was the second part of what I wanted to talk to you about, sir. This guy could be anywhere in the fleet, and we can't put ourselves out there because we don't know how deep the infiltration goes."

"True enough, if they know the fleet personnel, then they know who we'd send. Who do you have in mind to find out where this cylon is for us?" Petrakis asks, meeting the S2's gaze now.

Shem meets the XO's attention firmly. "I don't know, sir," he answers, compounding it with a slight nod to emphasize the truth of what he's saying. He glances away before returning. "That's all we know about the agents, sir. Before we even think about going out into the fleet to look for these guys, I think we need to look at ourselves. I think it may be a good idea to stage a situation on this ship that would encourage an agent to make himself or herrself known."

"I like the way you think, Lieutenant," Petrakis nods to the last part of that, "I'm sure the Colonel will also. Come up with a plan and we'll see if we can smoke someone out of hiding."

"I already have a couple, sir," Shem suggests. "First one will involve Engineering and Weapons. A check of the ship's nuclear warheads, where there'll be a lot of traffic into and out of the storage areas."

Petrakis nods to the idea, "Probably one of the better places to start. What is the other idea?" She sits back, hands in her lap as she continues to listen.

Shem says, "Some type of computer maintenance."

"CIC?" The question is followed by a brow lift toward the S2.

"Systemic, sir," Shem replies. "Staged, various computer systems throughout the ship. The goal of both of these is to make a situation where it will be hard, but not impossible, for an agent to come away or plant something bad."

"Understood," atleast the new XO thinks so at the moment, "I'll speak with the Colonel on this, to which he feels would be the best way to go. I should have something from him by the end of the day and then you can forge ahead and see who we can find."

Shem nods. "Yes, sir, I'll wait for word from higher."

Petrakis rises up, "I'll let you know as soon as I do, Lieutenant. Thank you for bringing this to my attention so quickly."

Shem stands after Petrakis does. "Yes, sir." He salutes.

Petrakis returns the salute and then goes over to her computer area to clear a space and send out a memo to Salin.

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