Summary: Melia and Gaelan share a few quiet words over coffee.
Date: 1/17/09
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Roosters Nest (Obs Deck) Genesis - Deck 9
65 ACH 23817 Souls

The observation deck is at the fore of the ship. The viewport allows those who come here to relax and enjoy a little quiet time with opposite sex. When the ship is under Alert levels, the viewport has a steel shutter that automatically comes down over the viewport for protection of the glass. The seats here are single and double and set up like a theater. They are cushioned and some recline back for those quick naps.

Gaelan looks down to the letters after watching Kaly slip out. Fingers running over the hand written portion as he looks down to them there is a very slow sigh as he pulls them from the arm of the chair and stuff them next to his hip next to the chair's arm. Looking back out to the viewport he takes a slow sip, now the Major seems thoroughly distracted by the outside antics of space. So shiny and blinky!

Melia sneaks a sidelong glance at the Major after Kaly leaves, but doesn't say anything. She simply watches him for a moment, a small smile on her lips. His distraction doesn't bother her in the least. Instead of staring for too much longer, she turns her attention back outside again, wriggling to snuggle into her seat.

Gaelan lifts the mug up and slowly sips, not paying attention and the coffee mug tilts up higher than anticipated a splash of coffee escaping past his lips and on to his uniform. The Marine is quick as he calls out, "Frak!" He is quickly starting to brush at his uniform then he realizes some of the liquid got on the letters. Setting the mug down quickly he snatches up the letters trying to get the liquid off them so they won't get damaged.

Melia glances up and takes stock of the situation. She puts her mug aside and heads over to get napkins, returning with them a moment later. Rather than dabbing herself, as she almost does, she holds them out. "These might help," she says softly.

Gaelan blinks a few times as he looks to Melia and nods, quickly grabbing the napkins he has more of an interest in blotting at the letters as he mutters under his breath, "Frak.. Frak.. Frak…" Stopping long enough to look at the damage he just stares at the envelope, small coffee stains over the name and the Major is having little regard to the coffee on his uniform going through it's mating habits of the fabric.

One hand goes gently to Gae's shoulder. "Open the envelope and take the contents out," she says softly, gently. "Less damage that way. You can reseal the envelope later, if need be." Her tone is low and quiet, soothing.

Gaelan seems like a complete fish out of water with this situation. Grabbing at the envelope hurriedly he fumbles with the flap and pulls the letter out. Quickly spreading it out he sets it on the nearby chair. Looking back to the pile he fumbles through them quickly to see any others that may be effected. Right now it just appears the top most caught the initial splashes. A soft comment emerges in his rasped tone, "Thank you…"

Fingers brush lightly, briefly, against his cheek. "Now, your uniform," she tells him quietly. "Can't go into meetings with coffee stains, hmm?" There's a hint of amusement there, as if she's trying to lighten the mood.

Gaelan looks over to her and tilts his head a moment as if she is speaking gibberish. THen it dawns on him as he grabs the napkins and looks down to his uniform dabbing at it quickly as he just mutters in frustration, "Can't believe I frakkin' did that.." The dabbing slows as he looks from Melia to the letters then back to Melia. Yep, Marines and self-maintenance only go so far.

Mellie reaches out to separate the letters, carefully laying them out on the table. She dabs a bit at a couple stray droplettes of coffee, but otherwise doesn't mess with them too much. "Only a little coffee stain on one," she tells him with a soft smile. "And it was an accident, accidents happen, Major."

Gaelan sighs slowly as he looks to her, "I know.. but the letters.. they were loaned to me.. from her.. from Di.." his voice just cuts out as he closes his mouth. The dabbing stops as he just stares at the letters his voice far more sullen as he comments, "Letters… from.. Dion…" Seems the connection is slowly starting to fire in the Majors brain.

She doesn't ask. Even though she doesn't know, she simply listens, nodding. Reaching out, she brushes a napkin along the side of his coffee cup, wiping up the rest of the drips. "They're not destroyed," she murmurs.

Gaelan simply stares a faint sheen of glassed water forms on his eyes. A simple blink and yes the Marine eye duct does emit a tear that trails down his cheek. Just a single tear before his hand quickly moves up to rub over his closed eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose. A slow deep breath pulls in as he looks to Melia and just watches her. Not a single word is spoken as he seems to be searching for the right words to be said, but the eyes don't lie that the Major is definitely hurt.

Her thumb gently, tenderly, strokes the tear away and she looks over at him, head tilted to the side. She doesn't know, she doesn't understand the details, but she understands that it's there. There's not much she can say or do in this venue, so she does the only thing she can - fingertips rest against his cheek, lending him strength.

Gaelan eyes glance around the Observation Deck to see if there are any witnesses to his moment of weakness. A deep sharp breath as he reaches his hand up and gives her a slow squeeze, turning his head he kisses the palm and lowers it from his face. Finally looking to her he nods, "Dion is my youngest brother." The rasped tone seems a little strained but still controlled. His brow stitches together for a moment as if trying to redirect the feelings before looking to the spread out letter. Reaching down he picks up the letter looking at it a few moments but not reading the words he carefully and almost methodically folds the pages back together to be set back in the envelope.

For Mellie, that's all he needs to say. She dips her head, once, and drops her hand to his shoulder for a moment. There's a gentle squeeze and she's helping him gather the papers up, carefully folding each one to hand over to be tucked away again. "Will you be ok," she asks, voice soft, quiet.

Gaelan looks to Melia and nods slowly, "Yea.. I think I will be." Glancing to the letters he grabs the envelope with a heavy sigh and stuffs it back in the envelope. Gathering the letters he looks to her with a smile, "I just think I need to spend some time in my quarters and process it all. You know?" Stepping close to her he places his hand on the mug and quietly comments, "Thank you…"

She doesn't touch him again, just offers a soft, warm smile. "You're welcome," she says quietly. "More coffee before I retreat to my perch?"

Gaelan glances to the empty mug, his head shakes slowly as he looks to her and smiles weakly, "I will be ok. Thank you though." Looking towards the hatch then back to her, there is a simple smile and nod to her.

Melia glances around for a moment, then she kisses her fingertips and presses them to his cheek. One more soft smile, and she's darting off again, curling back up in her seat. Nothing to see here.

Gaelan smiles briefly to Melia at her action. Gathering his stuff he heads towards the hatch to the safety of his quarters and Marine Country.

Gaelan leaves for Corridor 9A [O].

Gaelan has left.

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