Isabeau Aragon de Castile y Vargas
Salma Heyak
Salma Heyak as Isabeau Aragon de Castile y Vargas
Name: Isabeau Aragon de Castile y Vargas
Callsign: None.
Age: 36
Branch: Legal
Faction: Civilian
Organization: {$organization}
Department: JAG
Position: Lawyer
Rank: None
Ship: Carina
Homeworld: Libris
Actor: Salma Heyak

Biographical Information


Isabeau hails from sunny Libris. The daughter of Manuel Aragon and Yvetta Castile de Vargas, she was a precocious child even from the beginning. The family was a large one, with six children divided into three sets of twins and Isabeau is one of the last pair. With four brothers and two sisters, the child grew to understand the value of rhetoric and presentation. Her father pegged her as 'lawyer material' early. The family scrimped and saved to be able to send her to Law School on Caprica. While not valedictorian of her class, she graduated in the top ten or so and seemed slated to go onto a career in Law on Caprica. Something made her change her mind and she joined the JAG office on her home colony of Libris. Her service there was exemplary and after attaining the rank of Lieutenant, her assignment was changed to the JAG office on PAS. After gaining the rank of Captain, she suddenly and without explaination left the military to take up civilian life.


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