It's a Baby!
It's a Baby!
Summary: Sage meets more people on the Carina and finds out Asty is pregnant with Eli's child. Sorta.
Date: 57 ACH - 01/09/09
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Carina Park Carina - Central Square
57 ACH 23817 Souls

The main level of the Carina depicts a garden-like atmosphere with cobble-stoned walkways leading off to other areas. This ship is the pride of the Colony fleet. Set up as a training area and stadium for play-offs of the Colony Pyramid teams. - In the center square the colony flags fly with their Pyramid team labels.
Caprican Buccaneers, Picon Panthers, Aerelon Argonauts, Tauron Bulls, Aquarian Aces, Virgon Vultures, Sagittaron Hornets, Scorpia Stingers, Libris Daredevils, Gemenon Giants, Canceron Capitals and the Leonis Liberators. The flags surround a statue of the latest team who won. The C-Bucs Pyramid trophy stands proudly in the center.
Signs point down the cobblestone pathways to other places: Training, Housing, Hotel, Courts and Stadium.


Pep is on the path near Astyoche and tilts her head to the side. "And you, as well," she says, somewhat automatically. Pep's out of uniform, clearly off duty, heading back toward the escalators from the medical clinic.

Astyoche affords another smile to the younger woman and she starts to move on with her hands in her pockets, and her chin lowers again.

Sage is coming along the cobble-stoned area and heading toward the docking bay. The blonde curls hang down around her shoulders and bounce as she walks along. Seeing others along the way, she smiles in that direction.

Astyoche looks up again at the sound of approaching feet, catching the smile with her mismatched gaze, she smiles tiredly back her way and bows her head, "Miss." she offers softly. She gets thoughtful for a moment, trying to place the woman in white's face, it seems.

Pepper glances over toward Sage and offers a smile as well, dipping her head once. She doesn't seem to want to head toward the escalators, but does, slowly.

"Everyone looks so glum!" Sage chuckles at the two women, "We're alive. We have places to go, people to see. Make every day count."

Astyoche smiles a little more and bows her head again, "Oh, I'm grateful, miss… it's just been a long day." she replies, straightening out of her 'trying to be anonymous' stance.

"Sometimes hard to do when you've got things on your mind," Pep admits to Sage, a bit sheepishly. "But definitely a good reminder. What's new to laugh about today, anything?"

Sage does a little twirl and turn on the pathway, "It's just a wonderful day. It's great to be alive and to have found other people. We can all thank the Gods once more." She flashes that winning smile once more. "I'm sorry, I'm Sage. We haven't properly met, it seems."

Astyoche smiles a little awkwardly and replies, "I'm Astyoche, it's nice to meet you, miss Sage." Her head cants a little, "I've seen you around before, but I can't think of where…" To the other woman and looks back and says, "We've all got things to consider, miss, though, every day is another chance to set things straight." she offers.

Pepper grins at Sage and Astyoche, caught between staying and going. Staying wins. "Pepper Peters," she says by way of introduction. "Nice to meet you both."

Sage offers her hand to both women and when that little formality is overwith, she grins, "Aquarian Aces. We had a little showdown on Colonial day and kicked some marine butt." Putting a hand up to Pepper after, "Nothing against the military, but Snipershot deserved it after his boasting of going to get my jersey."

Astyoche accepts the hand with a reasonably firm shake, "Ah! There's where I saw you." Better reason for fame than her own, anyway. Another hand is offered to, "Pepper, pleasure to meet you, too."

Sage is standing in the square talking to Asty and Pepper.

Pepper laughs quietly at Sage, dipping her head, smile warm. "Hey, sometimes they deserve it."

"Definately," Sage looks around, "Are you two going to the Destiny?" An impish grin rising upward as she asks both of them. "Should be some good times over there."

Astyoche shakes her head with a rueful smile, "I'm afraid I have another shift in the morning, and I should be heading to be before too much longer." A glance between them, then, "Sounds like a good time, though."

Stepping in from the direction of the training areas, Lysander has a look of annoyance on his face as he makes his way forward. Still haven't noticed the present people as he moves towards his destination, wherever that might be at the moment.

Eli comes in from Docking Bay.
Eli has arrived.

Pepper laughs quietly, but looks wistful. "I'd love to," she admits. "However, I don't have the leave time at the moment. I'm needed back on Genesis. Someday, though. Someday I'll get to go over."

"Sorry to hear that, Miss," Sage tells Asty and then glances over to Pepper to see about her. She catches Lysander moving along with that annoyed look on his face, "Yo, Lice, someone steal your gymbag again?" Glancing back to Pepper, she nods. "Looking forward to it then. Not enough of you guys get out and just let go."

Astyoche smiles ruefully, but leaves it at that. Sentencing and all. She looks to Pepper again, about, perhaps to ask something, when Sage hails someone on approach and her attention turns that way.

Looking up as he hears someone speaking to him, Lysander narrows his eyes slightly as his gaze ends up on Sage. "It was you, wasn't it?" he remarks, shaking his head a little. "No, no just having a bad day. But we all have those, right?"

Walking into the area, is somebody that…nobody ever really gets to see in civilian clothing, but chewing on tiny sliver of…what could be wood? Who knows, if there were toothpicks, he/she'd be chewing on it, but this is Eli! Off the ship and walking along idly with her ballcap/truckers cap like hat pulled down a bit and one hand shoved in a pocket.

Salin comes in from Hotel Entrance.
Salin has arrived.

Sage shakes her head, "No, not me this time. And no you aren't allowed to have a bad day either. Everyone here is being glum and it brings down a persons inner chi. People don't see life as something wonderful. No matter what, we are still breathing and if we aren't tommorrow, then you would regret frittering away such a nice evening."

Astyoche sighs and shrugs her shoulders, amidst the slowly congealing group, her conversational options are few to start, though she tosses the man a tired little smile as Sage begins to affirm the positive-waves. She notices Eli in the distance, though the cap and plain clothes don't gel with the MP in her memory. She considers debating about being glum, as she's merely really frakkin' tired, but, she lets it go. Debates become arguments, then… well, she could do without the law coming upside her head again.

Pepper straightens, shaking herself out of her reverie, listening to those around her. "Frittering," she murmurs. "I haven't heard that word in ages," she says with a grin. "Ok, so how do we get over the bad day today? Anything we could do -now- to lighten the mood?"

Lysander shakes his head a bit at Sage's words, "If we aren't breathing tomorrow, I doubt any of us will have any regrets about what we did today." He then shrugs, offering a half-smile to both Sage and the others. "I hope you folks are enjoying your evening, though."

A soft whistling sound announces the arrival of Salin as he emerges from the atrium of the Pyr Hotel. Hands are clasped loosely behind his back, left within the right and as he steps out, he takes a quick look around befoer beginning to move further away from the hotel, no apparent destination in mind.

Sage raises her arms in the air and does a little turn again, laughing. "The Gods will ask how you felt. And then you'll say, "I was glum and thought the whole universe was against me." She stops the turn in front of Lysander with a small laugh and a sparkle of her eyes. Setting her hands on her hips, bopping her head a little bit as she hums a little tune. Then the whistling comes from the distance and the other person is all seen hiding under the ball cap. The girl is too friendly and waves to them. "Oh hello!" Recognizing Salin from Colonial day.

Eli slows down as he/she…well the usually uniform wearing individual is walking along and she glances to Astyoche, eyeing her with some concern and a faint glimmer of amusement in those icy eyes before she does stop chewing and lifts a hand in a vague greeting. She turns to start walking backwards before she notices Salin, eyes narrowing thoughtfully.

Astyoche peers for a moment at the becapped fellowess and she looks between the crowd with a softly spoken, "Excuse me." and a bow of her head before she approaches the currently unleaded MP, ignorant of the arrival of the late author of her fate. Still weary, her smile is somewhat warmer as she draws near, "Eli… I didn't recognize you at first. How are you?"

Pepper takes a slight step back as other people start to come into the area, her head tilting a little as she becomes an observer. But then, then she hears the whistling and looks around, eyes widening a bit. Then the smile blossoms as she sees Salin. One hand raises in greeting, the smile splitting her face from ear to ear.

The greeting called out from Sage catches Salin's attention and he's offering a smile as a hand lifts from behind his back to return the wave, "Hello." Then, eyes flit towards others and those that are looking, receive a smile and a nod, before they come to rest upon Pepper. She's offered a wave, followed by a warmer smile and after a moment, he's adjusting his movements to head in her general direction.

Lysander shakes his head a little, "If the Gods will talk with me, they'll get a few questions…" he mutters, shaking his head a bit. "Why so merry, then?" he asks, before he sees the new arrivals, offering them both a thoughtful nod.

"I'm usually merry, Lice. Just because you see me on the courts more than off." Sage nudges the Lice-man and head motions to the well-dressed man, "Something finally got her smiling anyway. Don't they look like they should be running across a field of clover?" She floats around in a circle with her hands out, "My love! My darling!" And she stops, "Then they smack into each other and fall over."

Eli chuckles softly, ducking her head almost sheepishly before offering a hint of a smile. "I'm okay…getting uh some…not Genesis air for now." She looks around slightly. "Didn't mean to uh, pull you away from folks or anything. Um. You look good." She coughs softly and shrugging. Eloquence is her middle name.

Astyoche shrugs a little, "Thanks. I'm getting used to the doubles by now…. it's unwinding that's the hard part." she replies to Eli, looking her over, "You're looking well, though, I'm glad." She looks back to the crowd, asiding, "We just bumped into each other, I think there's talk of hitting the Destiny." Back to the MP, "I've been worried, you weren't… great, last we spoke."

Pepper glances over at Lysander and Sage, eyes going huge. She looks, well, just a little baffled. They couldn't be talking about her and Salin, could they? Nah. Can't be. Her attention pops back to the JAG and the smile grows. "Evening, Major," she calls, once he's close enough.

There's a shadowed glance towards Sage and Lysander at the comments that are made and Salin allows a brow to accompany the look. Then, he's offering a soft laugh, followed by a brief shake of his head before he's returning his attention to Pepper. "Evening, Pepper. Decided to make your way off of the Genesis for a bit, I take it?"

"Ah well, it seems they are now pairing off," Sage glances up to Lysander, "Are you doing anything? No one seems to want to go have some fun on the Destiny. Unless you are still annoyed."

Eli just looks a bit uncertain before scratching the back of her head and then nodding slowly. "You've got to have some hobbies or something now, right?" Then she pauses at the question. "Um…I'm coping and dealing mostly, dude. Been catching shi-stuff I mean um. Ya know. My issues, had to go see a brain Doc..and not I'm knitting booties."

Lysander raises an eyebrow as he hears that, "I was planning on just having a quiet evening. Just relax a bit," he replies, after a couple moments.

Sage does a doubletake to Eli, when she hears that. Since she was actually listening. Knitting booties? The pyramid player brings up a smile, "Congratulations! It's nice to do that for whoever you knocked up." Well, she thinks Eli is a HE anyway. "Some guys are just, 'Whatever love, it was fun, tata." A glance goes back to Lysander, "Sounds like you. This is where Pixie is lucky. She has some crazy-assed boyfriend in Jarred." Her arms go out at her sides, "I must be doing something wrong. I mean, honestly, you are a guy. What is wrong with this body?" She steps back so he can get a good view. "I have fangirls, doctor fans, marine fans, and I sleep alone at night. I mean, what the frak? I gave up the serial killing, honest!"

Astyoche laughs briefly, "I sleep." she says offhandedly, "Outside of spending an hour walking around or something, there really isn't time for me to do much of anything." She sighs a little, then, "I'm staying at the Pyr, though, if you ever need to talk on leave." As Sage pours in with the extrapolation from bootie-knitting, she blinks wide-eyed at her for a moment, then back to Eli. Ok, this could get awkward. Of course, it really goes south when she talks about serial killing, and her expression goes flat.

Pep's about to say something to Salin when Sage Solves the Mystery. Apparently the Loch Ness monster of the Genesis has just been spotted, or at least outed, or maybe…well, something. The poor Ensign's eyes go absolutely huge. Not only has the Sheriff Mystery been solved, the question answered, but the Sheriff is actually going to be a DADDY? Pep's attention bounces back and forth between Sage and Eli fairly rapidly.

There's that common lift of a brow again and Salin can't help but turn his attention back towards Sage to listen. Then, his gaze is sliding sidewards, scanning and when it comes to rest on Eli, a faint smile touchs upon his lips. A soft laugh is offered, followed almost immediately by. "Well, this will be interesting." Then, he's looking further to the side, spoting Astyoche, where his gaze rests in a curious glance before he's finally looking to Pepper to chuckle again.

Eli freezes up, eyebrows raising as she turns to just stare at Sage for a few moments. Then she just grins and subtly slips an arm around Asty's waist unless the woman moves away and she nods slowly to Sage, coughing softly. "…nothing uh…is wrong your body. Really. You're gorgeous and um, if I had knocked /you/ up, I'd have made you booties too. Um." She grins and laughs softly before looking away as she tries to get a straight face again.

Lysander blinks a few moments as he hears Sage's words, "There's absol…" He trails off as he hears Eli's words, and nods a bit, "That about sums it up, I'd say. Nothing's wrong with your body, really…" He goes silent again after that's been said.

Astyoche is encircled without initial objection, giving a brief blink and collecting herself, "You're certainly putting the dress to work." she offers. Perhaps doublechecking the Sheriff's state of mind, or realizing she's got an arm around her waist, she looks to Eli curiously.

Sage lets her gaze slip over to Eli and then to Asty as the arm goes around her. She's a girl, get over it. A small 'O' of her mouth and a little clap, "Miss Astyoche, you should have said something. No wonder you are so tired!" It's suddenly congratulations all around from the little sports freak. "Lice, isn't that wonderful? A boat full of babies! This is the most wonderful thing!"

Ok, Pepper's not ENTIRELY gullible - just young. She looks between Asty and Eli for a moment, then over to Sage, to Salin and back to Eli. There's actually an audible snap as her neck cracks from all the motion. Finally she looks back to Salin, moving a step closer, and leans up to murmur something quietly to him. Poor Salin just gives Pep an amused look and nods, once.

"A boat full of…" Lysander trails off for a few moments, just raising his eyebrows. "That's quite nice." He glances around at the others present, for a couple moments.

Eli just blinks slowly and looks to Astyoche and then back to Sage and then she just clears her throat several times. "…it is bad luck to talk about a baby before the second or third month." She offers with a straight face, looking up towards the…'sky' or where the sky would be for a few moments before looking back between everybody and just clearing her throat again. Words. Failing.

"Nonsense. That is seeing the bride in the dress before the wedding," Sage is just pleased as punch right now. "You take good care of her too. Don't let her stand too long in one place. It hurts the back so I'm told." A glance over to Lysander again and she shakes her head. "A total loss at manhood, Lice. Totally. Congratulate the man better than that." She grins to Pepper and Salin. "It's great, huh?"

Oh frak… It's getting deep. Ahem, "It's too early to be sure…" the woman says uncertainly, then looks between the lot. She should probably say something like, "I'm gonna kill you." or something, but given her history, that might not be the best course. Asty sighs and can already see the scuttlebutt gushing throughout the fleet on this one, "Does anyone need a bootie call?" Ah well, it's too late, and likely in good fun. Besides, it's not the worst thing anyone could say about her, right? Meanwhile, play it off.

Pep tilts her head to the side, contemplating the group. Finally, uncertainly - and she's not afraid to admit uncertainty - she offers to Asty and Eli, "Congratulations. May the gods bless the parents and child, or children, with health and happiness." When in doubt, go polite.

Lysander looks between the others for a few moments longer, before he offers Astyoche and Eli a bit of a smile, "Congratulations," he offers, before he looks over at Sage again, "What?"

Sage looks a little suprised when Asty says that. "Oh, I..thought you knew. I guess it is just good wishes then?" She clears her throat too and smiles, "No harm done, good luck to the both of you then." She does blink then at the other words and looks to Eli. That question must be for him. Stepping back, she picks up the wrist of Lysander and looks for a clock. "What time is it anyway?"

Eli just chuckles softly and shakes her head. "Knitting is theraputic anyhow, baby or no baby." She eyes Astyoche's stomach for a few moments, thoughtfully before eyeing Pepper and Sage, looking between the two with a quirk of an eyebrow. "Thanks heh." Then back to Astyoche. "See. I told ya, you looked good…I think they call it a glow." She is really REALLY good right now, cuz she's not falling over laughing as she just grins and ducks her head sheepishly and gives Lysander a chin-up.

Throughout the entire exchange, Salin can't help but offer another soft chuckle. He says nothing, though he does offer a slight bow of his head in Eli's direction, as well a wry grin.

Astyoche continues to try and pass things off, "Thank you." she offers with a slightly awkward smile, then sidelongs at Eli. Yeah, there'll be some talking, later. The moment passes, and she looks around the lot of them, curiously.

Pepper takes a step closer to Salin. She knows that something's Not Quite Right, but is absolutely damned if she can figure it out. Lips purse a little, then she reaches up to lightly place her fingertips on Salin's arm. "How long are you here for," she asks, voice quiet.

Turning his attention away from the group for the moment, Salin looks back over towards Pepper at her touch. His shoulders lift in a slight shrug. "Unknown. A few more hours or tomorrow morning at the latest. I have some business to attend to with Mister Fulton, so I may extend my stay to meet with him." There's a pause, followed by a quick smile, "And you?"

Lysander blinks as his wrist is being picked up, but doesn't do anything to get it loose. "Time?" he asks, shrugging a bit as he looks around for one of those clocks as well. "Not sure about that," he offers, after a few moments of pause.

Sage begins moving then, "I'm sure there are some Aerelon poppers waiting for me on the Destiny. Nice chatting with all of you," and off she goes, walking along the cobbled path, curls bouncing along her back.

Eli just chuckles softly and fingertips brush up Asty's spine with a small smile as she removes that arm from around the woman's waist, clasping her hands behind her back and nodding politely to all before narrowing her eyes thoughtfully before she looks back to Asty. "I'm really glad you don't have a knitting needle on you right now." Whatever that's supposed to mean. And okay yes, she's watching Sage walk away with a tilt of her head, but she can't help it.

Astyoche shivers with and slowly disentangles herself, lifting a hand, "Good night, Miss Sage." she offers, then gives a vieled look to Eli, "Just as well I suppose." she sighs. She clears her throat, then, "Were you headed any place in particular?"

Pepper gives Salin a bit of a wistful smile. "I've promised Uncle James dinner tomorrow or the next day. I have 48 hours of leave." It looks like she can use it, too. "I was at the clinic, verifying some numbers for the report."

There's a laugh and Salin is giving a slight shake of his head, "Unfortunately, my meeting with him isn't as relaxed. It seems that we have business and planning to discuss." Another smile and his shoulders lift in a casual shrug, "48 hours leave? I'm amazed you were able to get the Old Man to agree to that length of time. Care to a have drink before Fulton finds me and demands that we get down to business?"

You head towards Docking Bay.

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