First Day
First Day
Summary: Salin's first day earns him involvement in the Pandora Incident
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[Intercom] Ensign Peters' voice crackles onto the pager: "Captain Altair, please report to the Ward Room. Captain Altair to the Ward Room."

The Ward Room is quiet. At the table in center are two individuals: Major Fotilas and the other a young brunette Ensign that Salin may recognize as Peters - one of the CIC support officers. There are a few files sitting in front of them while the room smells of fresh coffee. A perculator sits to the side while both officers have a steaming mug.

After a touch of a delay, the Ward Room door opens, allowing Salin to be admitted. There's an attache case under his left arm and once he's within the room, there's a quick look around. The Ensign's not recognized, no doubt to the fact that he arrived on the supply ship not all that long ago. Then, his eyes settle upon Fotilas and he's coming to attention, "Sir." A moment's pause, long enough for that to be heard, "Ensign."

"Good afternoon, sir," are the first words and spoken by Ensign Peters. Soft tones and a face that says she is probably someone who has difficulty losing her high spirits. The Major, on the other hand, looks quite serious. "Captain Altair," the XO greets. "At ease. Welcome aboard. Please grab yourself a cup of coffee if you'd like and have a seat. You have your first case on board the Genesis and I'll tell you..its not pretty." The Major opens the folder sitting in front of him, picking up a small gold ballpoint pen and rolling it between his fingers. Right down to business, this officer doesn't seem one to waste time on pleasantries.

Relaxing somewhat, Salin moves furhter into the room and towards one of the seat's that's opposite Fotilas. His right hand reaches up, grabs the attache case and sets it lightly on the ground beside the chair before he slips into it. "Thank you, sir. And, I'm good for the moment." No doubt, in reference to the coffee. Reaching down, the case is opened and a small folder is withdrawn to be set atop the table. When that's opened, he withdraws a silver pen from within and then shifts his attention back to the XO, "What are the details, sir?"

Ensign Peters folds her hands into her lap and sits quietly. She has and knows her cues. Fotilas leans forward a bit and scans the file for a moment before starting. The man's gaze rises to meet Salin with the first word. "Consider this briefing to be Close Hold information… Five days ago, the Genesis commenced rescue operations on board the Pandora after receiving a distress call. Upon arrival, it became clear that it was not a standard fire or explosion. When our Marine Detachment, under the command of Captain Gaelan, arrived in CIC, they were met with..interesting opposition. The details of it I will leave for the Captain to explain as I believe second-hand information will not necessarily help you in your investigation." A pause. "A woman strapped with explosives engaged the Marines but did not detonate herself due to the quick actions of a Sergeant Cox. After an autopsy and examination it was discovered that not only was this woman not supposed to be aboard, but that she wasn't even who she claimed to be. She had stolen identification and dogtags and somehow - and this is still unclear - she managed to get access to explosives and weapons." He waits to see if there are any questions so far.

Salin doesn't shy away from the gaze, no doubt used to holding eye contact with a variety of different people and as the XO begins to explain the situation, the pen begins to move against the pad. Without looking, he's taking notes in the form of a mixture of letters and numbers, a shorthand of some sort. Then, there's a nod of his head, "Understood sir. As a side note, I'm going to need access to this woman's files." Then, he's falling quiet once more, the pen settling back against the pad as he waits for the XO to continue.

The Major's reply is quick. "Without a doubt, Captain." There is a quick nod to Peters and she slides a folder across the table to Salin. "After we discovered that the woman was not who she had claimed to be, Command ordered the review and confirmation of every survivor off the Pandora. I don't believe Captain Gaelan had finished yet when a Specialist Michael L. Doss reported to sickbay for some minor injuries." The file on the Specialist is passed over by Peters. "Lieutenant Reighner ran the man's fingerprints and they did not match to the ones the Fleet or Pandora have on file. Currently, he is being held in the Brig on the PAS Station with Captain Gaelan having been issued orders to have the man transferred here discreetly. We want to keep this information as under-the-DRADIS as possible. Any questions so far?"

Both files are taken with a nod to the Ensign, though Salin looks at neither at this time. A couple more notes are taken as he listens to Fotilas and then he's nodding his head again, "Interesting. Two individuals, neither whom they should be." Another quick note and this time, he circles it before shaking his head, "One question, sir. The Specialist in question. Has he been offically charged with anything? Or has he simply been detained on the suspicion of a crime, pending a full investigation?"

"Captain, they are just two that we know of. After seeing what happened over there and talking to people, I would gather there could have been as many as a dozen sabatuers and bombers. Possibly a lot more, though this is only speculation on my part." Fotilas looks deadly serious. "As for charges? Negative. We are detaining him as a security risk. Currently though he appears guilty of impersonating a member of the fleet. But the details are up to you. I just issued orders to Captain Gaelan to execute detailed searches of both the woman's and Specialist Doss' berthings on the Pandora." There's a long sigh. "Captain Altair, your orders are these: Coordinate your investigative efforts with Captain Gaelan and see what you can find out about both these individuals. As much as possible. For now, no formal charges are to be filed. If you deem it necessary I want you to approach Command Staff about it before taking action. But as it stands, conduct your investigation into these matters. Maintain contact with Captain Gaelan and report back to me and/or Colonel Regas when you have more information." The pen taps onto the file in front of him. "As for what happened on the Pandora, the only investigations you should be running are those that pertain to these two individuals. I do /not/ want a witch hunt for responsibility. That can come later. Are we clear?"

Salin's pen ceases it's activity on the notepad and he merely takes to listening. Finally, there's a slight nod of his head when the XO has finished, "I am not here for witch hunt's, Major. The evidence will speak the truth and I will follow where it leads." The mention of charges not being filed right now causes a brow to be lifted ever so slightly, "Noted and taken under advisement, sir. I will be contacting the Satelitte JAG Office on the station and requesting the officer there to report to Genesis for the time being, to assist with this. He or she can help liase between and ensure that communication is not hampered in any way, as well as assist with investigation. One of us will also be required to speak with the Specialist."

"Apologies for your surprise, Captain, but due to the nature of suicide bombers and what happened on the Pandora.. we can't risk anything just yet. But as I said, if circumstances change and you find it necessary, please see us." The Major lifts his cup of coffee, sipping as he nods. "Agreed. Just be sure that the PAS JAG council understands the need to keep this quiet. As for speaking with the Specialist, I agree there as well. But, Doss - or the man claiming to be him - is under heavy guard so you will need to work that out with Captain Gaelan. If he refuses access or disagrees, have him speak to me." Fotilas closes the file in front of him. "That's all I have for you, Captain. Do you have any further questions?"

Beginning to gather up the two files and his own folder, Salin sets about placing them within the attache case before he shakes his head slightly, "No questions at this time, Sir. If during the course of the investigation, something arises that I have need to question, I will bring it to your's and the Colonel's attention. As for the JAG aboard the PAS, she will be informed of the need to keep this quiet." There's a slight smile and the attache case is lifted up to be placed in his lap, so it can be sealed, "As for the Specialist, I do not believe that I will have an issue with the Captain."

The Major rises first and then the Ensign. "Glad to hear it. I regret that things have started so ugly here on the ship, Captain, but such is life. I'm sure the importance of getting to the bottom of this is obvious. Best of luck."

Rising from his seat only after the Major does, Salin gives another quick nod of his head, "It's what we're here for, sir. And, the importance is understand. JAG will begin looking into this immediately. I trust, Major, that should I require need of a Marine or two to assist with various investigative tasks, that I can count on your backing when I make the request to the Marine CO?" Hefting the attache case, it's placed back up under his arm.

The Major nods. "Captain Gaelan has orders to coordinate with you. I would prefer not to have to issue orders as specific as telling him to hand over some Marines, but I don't believe it will be necessary. My only condition is that physical interrogations not be conducted under any circumstances. At least not yet. Other than that, you have my backing." Fotilas glances to Peters who is looking back at him. "Now if you will excuse me Captain, I need to get back to CIC. Good day." A quick nod and the man moves for the hatch.

There's a slight bow of Salin's head, followed by a quick smile, "Rest assured, Major, that physical interrogations will not be conducted. Nor, can they be until such time as formal charges are levied. And then, there are a slew of other clauses that must be met. But, I am sure that neither of us have the time for that, at the moment." Coming back to attention, he offers another nod, "Of course, Major. Thank you for this brief and I will be sure to keep you informed as to what we find."

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