Erik Nelson
Erik Nelson as Alistair James Holloway

Name: Alistair James Holloway
Callsign: N/A
AKA: James
Age: 37
Branch: Civilian
Faction: Civilian
Organization: None
Department: N/A
Position: Property Lawyer
Rank: N/A
Ship: Carina
Homeworld: Caprica
Actor: Erik Nelson


Alistair James Holloway (who goes by James in order to distinguish him from his father, also Alistair Holloway) is a property lawyer from Caprica. Rich, privileged, but insufferably polite and well mannered, he has always done exactly what was expected of him. As a junior partner in his father's law firm, Pike & Holloway, he met expectations and never acted in a way that could be considered 'too big for his britches' - the kind of guy that old ladies want to take home, and blessed with the sort of face that other men want to punch. On a cruise holiday on the Destiny when the attacks happened, he has since felt a little lost without work to do, and has been biding his time listening to music on his PDA and tending to the single bonsai he brought with him from his extensive collection back home. He really misses his bonsai trees.

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