Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger as Jackson 'Jax' Miller
Name: Jackson 'Jax' Miller
Callsign: {$callsign}
AKA: Jax
Age: 29
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Air-Wing
Position: Raptor Pilot
Rank: Ensign
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Aquaria
Actor: Heath Ledger



Some people were just born to tinker, and ever since Jackson was a child he was constantly taking apart things only to see if he could put them back together again. Of course, natural aptitude can only go so far, and his family could only endure so many broken radios and other small appliances before they had to find a more creative outlet for his 'talents'. That's when Jackson in his early teens began hanging around a repair garage for shuttles and small craft, earning minor ducats learning how to turn a wrench and make things actually work the way they are supposed to.


  • Fixing Things
  • Breaking Things

Distinguishing Features

Easy smile which usually animates his entire face
Old tattoo on his left bicep of a sparrow in flight


Growing up, Jax had a sister four years his junior. Penelope, though he fondly refers to her as Penny. The age difference and the fact that his parents both worked two jobs and odd hours meant that the majority of the responsibility for raising her fell on his shoulders. They had the prototypical relationship, where he taught her how to cuss, spit and hit boys like him. He'd get her up for school on time, make sure she was fed, and she generally hung in his shadow while he worked at the local garage occasionally with his father.

The two of them were thick as theives, which made joining the military difficult when he turned eighteen. He always felt selfish at that decision, and likely still feels regret to this day about leaving her to fend for herself when she was fourteen. Every chance he got, he'd visit while on shore leave, just to check up on her. Regardless, she ended up pregnant at sixteen, and kicked out of their parents' home. There was a fall out between him and his folks, and he moved his sister into his one bedroom apartment he kept on Aquaria. He got the couch, when he was home, which suited him fine.

Military Service

The military was the perfect place for Jax, if only to give him access to bigger and better machinary. To work on Raptors and Vipers was a dream come true, and they give him three square meals and a bunk to boot. He enlisted as soon as he was old enough and the rest is history.

He's just turned 29, which means he's served for the colonial miltiary for 11 years and has attained the rank of specialist.

Quite recently, Jackson suddenly brought it upon himself to become a Raptor pilot, and join the rank of the commissioned officers on the Genesis. No one really knows his reasoning, but with determination and patience, he finally earned his wings on 140 ACH.

+++ Commendations

  • Meritorious service and valor in the line of duty following the Peerless incident. Hand in hand with him being promoted from Nugget to Ensign.


Right. Those. Maybe one of these days.

Rumored to have had a date with Meris, but that seems to have been a one time gig.

Had a coffee date with Bell.

Almost hooked up with Adelaide when she was in basic. Almost. Will history repeat itself?

Spends way too much time with Priest Karan.

  • His girls
  • Burying himself in work
  • A cold beer and lazy shore leave


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