Lieutenant Jocasta Maru
Jocasta Maru
Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez as Jocasta Maru
Name: Jocasta Maru
Callsign: Jammer
AKA: Jo, Jojo
Age: 28
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Air Wing
Position: Ares Squadron Leader (Raptor ECO)
Rank: Lieutenant
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Aerelon
Actor: Michelle Rodriguez

Biographical Information


Jocasta Maru is a Lieutenant in the Colonial Navy, serving aboard the Battlestar Genesis as a Raptor co-pilot and electronic countermeasures officer. She is currently the leader of Ares Squadron. Prior to the Cylon Holocaust, she served with the Colonial Marine Corps and was stationed at the Scorpion Shipyards. Known as "Jojo" or "Jammer" to her friends, Jocasta's a hard-working, fun-loving, swill-drinking, and occasionally foul-mouthed woman with a heart of solid steel.


  • Comms
  • Computer Use
  • Firearms
  • Navigation
  • Protocol
  • Tactics
  • Smoking
  • Pyrotechnics

Distinguishing Features

  • Accent: Jocasta still hasn't lost the bur of her rough-hewn Aerelonian accent and it has a tendency to flood over her tongue in full force when she's had a little too much to drink. (Which happens all of just about never, but, still.)
  • Tattoos: She's earned a small collection of mostly Marine-related ink which she keeps on her right arm and bicep; old battalion and unit credos and crests as well as the Aerelon horns. She also has a small pair of wings done between her shoulder blades.

Pre IC History

Family & Childhood

Jocasta Maru comes from a long line of sturdy stock; a family full of salt miners and Marines as far back as anyone on Aerelon can remember. She was born the third child but the first daughter and named after her maternal grandmother, though she was more familiarly known as "Jojo" - if her parents ever shouted for "Jocasta" that usually meant she was in trouble. As she grew up, Jojo was proud to be a miner's daughter but not exceptionally interested in becoming a miner's wife. Instead, she opted to follow with family tradition and enlisted in the Colonial Marine Corps at 18.

Military Service


At first, everything seemed to go according to expectations. Jojo survived basic and boot and developed some real connections with the members of her class who stood alongside her at their graduation. She was initially stationed as a part of a new security detail for the Scorpion Shipyards in orbit over Scorpia. But, the longer she was around the flyers of the Navy's illustrious air wings, the more she began to envision herself as a starscreamer rather than a groundpounder. Not that there was anything wrong with being a Marine, of course, just that she felt inexplicably drawn to the ships. She wanted to fly! At 23, she requested a transfer to the Navy and taken off of active duty status in order to attend flight school and officer's training, much to her family's chagrin. Her parents were disappointed and her brothers, two of whom were also Marines, were merciless in their taunting. Her sisters, all of whom were younger than her, just seemed more sullen than anything else. It was going to be a long and lonely road…

Flight school was harder than she anticipated and she struggled to make the grade. Her flying chops did not come nearly so naturally as her running, jumping, climbing trees training in the Corps. She spent quite a few long nights studying up on techniques and tactics and utilizing every spare minute she could find in training simulators. In the end, she didn't quite have what it took to fly a Viper but her instructors recognized her drive and determination and ready skill with computer simulation and suggested that she consider becoming an Electronic Countermeasures Officer (ECO). Surprisingly, the more she considered this option, the more it appealed to her. She retrained her focus to playing co-pilot and tactician and soon found her niche. Upon graduation from officer's training, she requested assignment to a Battlestar and was summarily shipped off to Battlestar Genesis. She hopes to have the chance to prove to her family (and herself) that she's still a Maru to be proud of, even if she's not a miner or a Marine.

IC History


  • Jammer: Jocasta earned her callsign during a mission in which her formidable jamming skills caused a Cylon Basestar to experience targeting and weapons failure and essentially nuke itself. Good times.


  • 04 ACH: We Didn't Start the Fire / Smoking Hot
    • Jocasta gets acquainted with a few members of the Genesis air wing, including Orlando "Rabbit" Reeves, who finds out the hard way that the new Ensign is smoking hot. A subsequent mishap with a lighter and a bunk mattress earns Jocasta an acquaintance with Master Sergeant Farkas.
  • 05 ACH: Fire Bad / Nugget Zen
    • In the wake of her pyromanaical incident, Jocasta is called on the carpet by the CAG and the two discuss proper ball-busting protocol. Afterward, she stews in her own smoke in the observation lounge with a whole gaggle of flight school cronies and they all engage in a discussion about survival at the top of their lungs.
  • 08 ACH: Blood Work / Positive
    • Jocasta answers the call (along with nearly everyone else in what's left of the fleet) to give blood; Gods know they're all going to need it someday soon. An unusual test result on her blood screening, however, finds her back in the infirmary and facing her own mortality far sooner than she'd reckoned.
  • 09 ACH: Scintilla Narthicis
    • While Jocasta anxiously awaits the results of her second screening, she witnesses an interesting bit of interaction between a priest and a devotee.
  • 10 ACH: Generate Our Liberty / Space Complex - Marines
    • The mission and battle in and around the Taurus Space Complex. Jammer earns her callsign. Big badabooms all around.
  • 12 ACH: Punchline
    • Jojo meets Rhea Zimmermann and Nigel Stephanos and the three of them proceed to get sweaty together… in the gym. Pervs.
  • 14 ACH: Gars Gone Wild
    • An already tense scene on the observation deck is made all the more so upon Jocasta's arrival and she witnesses a Marine get what he's got coming to him — an escort to some mandatory time-off in the brig.
  • 17 ACH: Way to Go, Crow / Mandatory Meeting
    • Jocasta pays a visit to her ex-boyfriend, Micah St. Germaine, in the brig after he, too, tries to devour his own boot in front of a superior asshole officer. Commander Tarik Regas holds a mandatory meeting for all crew of the Genesis and while the fate of the few is doled out, the fate of the many is also addressed.
  • 19 ACH: Execution Marine-Style / Under the Table
    • The crew of the Genesis stand as witnesses to the execution of Corporal Bane Mercer (NPC) for treason; it isn't a sight Jocasta will soon forget. She and fellow pilot, Hektor Adrastos, climb their way into a bottle of ambrosia… and then under the table.
  • 27 ACH: Wait... What?!
    • Jojo exhibits ironic timing when she arrives in the gym at an uncanny moment during a conversation had between Executive Officer, Jameson Fotilas, and the acting head of Military Police, Eliza "Eli" Browne.
  • 31 ACH: Desperate Times - Air Wing / Desperate Times - PAS Evac and Sickbay
    • The Cylons manage to track down the Genesis and what's left of her protectorate fleet. The confrontation leads to heavy losses… which almost includes Ensign Jocasta Maru.
  • 35 ACH: Life of Eve - Part 2
    • Jocasta makes a cameo in the life of one Doctor Evelyn Sloan. It won't be the last time.
  • 44 ACH: The Maru Maneuver
    • After hearing about the executive order in regards to the 'punishment' for unwed mothers, Jocasta visits the JAG office in a comedic attempt to preemptively secure herself a husband — Major Salin Altair, the JAGman himself. She gets a date, minus wedding bells. Close enough.
  • 45 ACH: Oh Wingman, My Wingman / Scrap Metal
    • Jocasta endures more of Micah's very best impression of an asshole in the mess hall. Later, a salvage operation on the Persius turns up something violently unexpected and Jojo finds out just what it takes to turn on Specialist Nigel Stephanos.
  • 49 ACH: Bros Versus Hos / You're The Boss
    • It's Colonial Day! A pick-up game of Pyramid turns into a battle of the sexes which subsequently leads to sex. The women win all around — especially Jojo.
  • 52 ACH: Give No Quarter
    • A Raptor recon mission that was originally intended to be a search for tyllium turns into the precursor of a rescue mission as Jammer picks up the ghost of a signal from what appears to be more survivors marooned in space… or is it a Cylon trap?
  • 53 ACH: Abandoned
    • When the Genesis fleet jumps to play search and rescue of the soul raped and abandoned by the Pegasus, all hell breaks loose and Jammer watches helplessly as a massacre takes place aboard the freighter, Nebula.
  • 55 ACH: Tucking In / Recons And Rescues
    • Unable to sleep in the wake of what she's witnessed, Jocasta has a brief encounter with the newest nugget Raptor pilot, Kalypso, rescued from the abandoned fleet. Later that same day, the two fly together under Lieutenant Bayless's supervision and end up doing a little S & R during a micrometeor shower.
  • 57 ACH: Made of Fail
    • What might have been an attempt to make amends for previous poor behavior turns into a series of failures that culminate in a whole bunch of nothing except more distance to keep Jocasta and Micah from acting like human beings with each other.
  • 58 ACH: Fights and Misunderstandings
    • The Air Wing decides to have an interdepartmental fight night in order to get some pent up aggression out of their systems. Unfortunately, some of them just can't wait to get into the ring and a fight breaks out before everyone has a chance to get their licks in — including Jocasta.
  • 59 ACH: It's A Start
    • One of the inadvertent results of the failed fight night turns out to be a make-up session between Micah and Jocasta. Sort of.
  • 60 ACH: Red Planet - Surface / Red Planet - Underground
    • Jammer and Wide Load play taxi cab to a bunch of Marines on a scouting mission to the red planet surrounded by rings of tyllium and ice. Upon the discovery of a religiously significant site, a call is put out for any initiates of the Dionysiac mysteries and Jocasta comes forward to play stewardess to a God.
  • 62 ACH: Hedging Her Bets
    • Jocasta stops in to visit an ailing Micah Major and ends up playing the squeaky third wheel while she shares awkward visiting hours with young Ensign Pepper Peters.
  • 66 ACH: Smash and Grab - Marines
    • As part of the Raptor crew tapped to play taxi to a Marine contingent returning to Cylon-occupied Virgon in search of desperately needed supplies, Jammer becomes intimately acquainted with the hostile hospitality that patrolling squads of Cylon Centurions have to offer.
  • 67 ACH: Could Have Been Worse / Who Bears the Toll? / Sending Them Off
    • Jocasta shows off her shiny new war wound to Major Altair and then attends the memorial services for all of the pilots lost in the battle against the Cylons thus far. Following the memorial service, the air wing decides to get collectively drunk and remember the fallen.
  • 71 ACH: Numbers / Between Friends
    • Major Rue hates to count and lets her pilots know that she won't be doing it for them any more. Property damage ensues. When Jocasta and Salin finally get together for that overdue drink and a little conversation between friends, he lets her know that that's all they'll ever be. Her consolation prize is Caprican brandy.
  • 72 ACH: Visser Base - Recon
    • Jammer rides bitch for Wrongway as they engage in a little top secret Raptor recon and get debriefed by Major Carter.
  • 79 ACH: Visser Base - Base Raid
    • As a follow up to her recon, Jammer serves as Scorch's sidekick when they participate in the Hera's raid of the top secret Visser Base.
  • 82 ACH: Tactile Surreality
    • While brushing her teeth, Jocasta experiences a vivid moment of tactile surreality when she encounters a ghost of the past who turns out to be very much alive.
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