Jogging Chat
Jogging Chat
Summary: Zephyr is on the treadmills in the gym, Meris too. They get a quick chat.
Date: 83 ACH
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BATTLESTAR GENESIS MUSH - Wednesday, February 04, 2009, 9:07 PM

Gymnasium Genesis - Deck 9
83 ACH 23817 Souls
Workout areas are abundant here along with benches and water dispensers. Running machines, rowing machines and lifting. There is a place for sparring with lockers that hold the equipment. Off this area, there is an athletics court and a pool.
---------------------< Condition Three --- Public Area >----------------------


The gym always has the few off-duty naval personnel doing their various workouts, or just hanging about and having a chat. The ambient clanging or humm of the machines don't seem to bother anyone much. Zephyr finds himself on one of the treadmill-machines, jogging his way into a decent sweat. Nothing too fast, but not slow either, his legs keeping up just nicely. It's been a while since he's worked out. Even so, his breath seems relatively steady still, and his sweats aren’t soaked. Yet.

Meris clomps in, ever noticeable. Mostly because she's got about six inches on even the taller crew members usually hanging about. She tugs the towel from around her neck, nodding a brief greeting towards Zephyr as she sets up the treadmill next to his. "G'day, mate."

Zephyr looks to the large woman, his eyebrows arching slightly as he huffs into a smile. "Hello" he greets simply, in between his breaths. Interesting, he doesn't break step. The woman is wearing sweats too, so much for Zephyr trying to figure out her rank. Like it matters here in the gym anyway. "How are you?" he manages to ask the question, continuing with his jogging. She is tall…

Meris nods amiably, punching the treadmill up to a slow jog. "Yeah, not bad, mate, not bad," she responds, feet beginning to thud down rhythmically. "You?"

The young officer just shrugs, or was that just the movement of his shoulders? "Not bad either I suppose…" he says as he continues his jogging. Zephyr then looks to the woman next to him, now also starting to jog. "Darian Zephyr, CIC" he says simply, giving a noticeable nod to the woman.

Meris lifts one massive hand in favour of offering it to shake, smiling faintly. "Nice to meet you, mate. Lance Corporal Hughes. Machine gunner," she adds. "So you've got the skinny on where we're going next, eh?"

Zephyr shakes the rather large hand as firmly as he dares to. "Lieutenant, Junior Grade. Nice to meet you Lance Corporal" he smiles in reply as presses a button with his other hand and slows down ever so slightly. He takes one end of the towel around his neck and pads the sweat off his brow. "Honestly Hughes, I'm not sure where we'll be going next…" he starts, shaking his head a little slowly, "…but we'll all be told in due time. Of that I'm sure" he grins.

"Aww, mate, what's the use in working up there if you don't have the goss, eh?" Meris shoots back with a grin, stepping up the pace of her treadmill a notch and turning her attention to keeping up the pace.

Zephyr chuckles softly as he continues his jog. "All I know is, we need to keep up supplies. Of anythings and everythings we -need-. So if we do move, then it'll only be because we need to find more supplies…" he explains. "Beyond that, I haven't got much info yet, and I have no idea how that death will affect it. Rest assured Hughes. We're keeping an eye out on as much as we can…"

"What death?" Meris asks, brows drawn together. "I didn't even know there was a mission on."

"Eh?" Zephyr blinks, "Oh sorry, I meant the news of that death on one of the Civvy ships. Forgot which one. I know they told the MPs about it or something…" The young officer continues his jogging, now decently soaking his top.

Meris nods slowly. "Oh, right… yeah, I dunno about that. I guess I'll find out about it later on, eh? What happened?"

Zephyr shakes his head. "They found a body of a young woman or so the rumours go. Speaking of rumours, any latest you've been hearing about the crew? I honestly am on duty so much I hardly hear much…"

Meris shrugs a shoulder, plodding away on the machine. "Yeah, I dunno, mate. Which crew? I mean, strewth, there's rumours about just about anyone if you listen hard enough, eh?"

Zephyr looks over to Meris with a grin. "True, true" His gaze lingers for a little before his head tilts slightly to one side. "How long have you been serving?" he asks.

Meris considers this for a moment. "Eh, about three years, mate, now. Two more years to go, then I'm out of here and back home."

Zephyr's lips part slightly as his eyebrows arch for a moment before his lips melt into a smile, eyes closing as he tilts his gaze towards the treadmill console. "Two more years eh? That's not too long then…" he says softly, "…what you planning to do when you…get back home?"

Meris jerks a thumb back over her shoulder. "Back to the farm, mate. Sheep's where it's at. Buy up some good stock, hire on a couple of hands to help out with the lambing and shearing, and we'll be heaps rich."

"Sheep?" comes the slightly surprised response. Zephyr's brow furrows in concentration, as if he's digging up something at the back of his mind. "Oh I have no idea, plenty of colonies would have sheep. So…which one are you from?" he asks in resignation of his own useless memory.

Meris grins at the question. "The gods' own planet, mate, Libris. You don't get finer sheep anywhere, eh?"

Zephyr ahhss with a big smile. "I guess not" he chuckles. The young man presses a few more buttons and the machine slows to a walk. "I'm from Picon myself…" he says off-handedly "…I guess nothing special like. A big, main, capital colony. I've always wondered what the outer colonies were like"

"A kid from the big city, eh?" Meris asks, briefly taking her towel up to wipe her forehead as she jogs. "I visited Picon once. It rained."

Zephyr lets out a decent laugh. "Aahhh yes…the rains…" he chuckles. "Yeah. I guess you could say I am. So when you next on duty?" he asks her, continuing his cool-down walk.

"About twenty minutes," Meris replies easily. "Light duties for now, mind. Took a bit of lead to the belly down on Leonis, so the docs reckon I should stay off the heavy work for a bit."

"And jogging like that is safe enough?" Zephyr asks, cocking one eyebrow. He grins and shakes the question away, "It doesn't matter, I think I'm due for shift, so I should get going and get myself cleaned up." he says as he stops the treadmill. "It was nice talking to you Hughes."

"Yeah, physio," Meris explains succinctly. "No worries, mate, I'll see you later, eh?"

Zephyr nods as he steps off the treadmill, drying his face with his towel. "See you around Lance Corporal" he calls as he walks towards the hatch back out to the corridor. "Stay safe!"

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