Adam Jonah

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford as Adam Agathon Jonah

Name: Adam Agathon Jonah
Callsign: n/a
AKA: n/a
Age: 32
Branch: Private Sector
Faction: Civilian
Organization: {$organization}
Department: n/a
Position: Private Entrepeneur
Rank: n/a
Ship: Nebula
Homeworld: Sagittaron
Actor: Harrison Ford

Early thirties, hair kept short, bad shirt, worse tie, rough leather trenchcoat. Adam Agathon Jonah has the look of a man that's lived his life in the shadier parts of the Colonies, eating noodles at streetcorners in the rain, being vigilant of all things around him. A crooked smirk and a scar on his chin, Jonah often stands around with his hands in his pockets, looking easy-going yet watchful at the same time. The kind of man you might run into at a sleezy bar on Tauron, a dark alley in Caprica City, or the black market of Sagittarion.

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