Judge Advocate General


JAG is laid out differently then most other departments. Where as other departments have a clear structure, JAG are considered 'Senior' or 'Junior' Partners and report directly to 'The Judge Advocate', typically a Colonel, Commander or Admiral back at Fleet JAG Head Quarters. With the destruction of the Colonies, JAG reports directly to Commander Salin and Lt Colonel Petrakis, Colonel Carter or any XO that can handle the situation. All lawyers, within the confines of JAG, are ranked basically by 'Senior' or 'Junior', regardless of their physical rank. It is quite possible for a Captain to be considered a Senior Partner, while a Major is considered a Junior Partner.

Legal Aides report and subordinate to all lawyers, Senior or Junior. Amongst the Legal Aides, regardless of rank, no one is subordinate to the other.

The CoC (Chain of Command) for JAG looks like this:

The Judge Advocate General
Colonel Salin Altair

The Assistant Judge Advocate General

Senior Partners - Judge Advocates
Lieutenant Karen Steiner <NPC>

Junior Partners - Judge Advocates
< None>

Legal Aides


Prosecutor's Office

Isabeau Aragon y Castile de Vargas, Esq. - Senior Civilian Attorney

Fleet Police

Defence Counsel


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